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Kickstarter 2D Action RPG Project Sweat Could Come To Wii U


Project Sweat, a 2D Action RPG that claims to blend an addictive, challenging & fast pace combat system in a seamless multi-layered environment, could come to Wii U. The development team originally wanted the game to come to Windows, Mac and Linux. The indie game is inspired by high-profile titles such as Ninja Gaiden: Black & Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike and Suikoden 1-2 & Chrono Cross. The team would now like to bring the game to Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and possibly handhelds  Project Sweat has raised £849 of its £25,000 goal and currently has twenty-seven days to go. You can check out the Project Sweat Kickstarter, here.

Thanks, Iceazeama

62 thoughts on “Kickstarter 2D Action RPG Project Sweat Could Come To Wii U”

      1. Lets see…my favorite games would be TWEWY, Galaxy, Xenoblade, Kingdom Hearts 1&2, sonic generations, Pokemon MD explorers of sky, GOW3, Halo 3, AC2, Borderlands 2, paper Mario TYD, Simpsons Hit & run, LBP2, mother 3, Firered, infamous 2, DBZ BT3, Wind waker, FF9, Double Dash, Crash Bandicoot, The legend of Spyro and Uncharted 3. And franchises I want to see revived would be star fox, F zero and Mother/Earthbound

    1. The flow of RPGs coming to the Wii U is very impressive. The e-shop is shaping up well and poised to get a lot of gems. Once one of these indie developers harnesses the power and pure connectivity of MiiVerse others shall make it a priority to spruce and refine their games as well. Things are good my friends. Soon they shall be great in e-shop land :).

  1. Holy shit! Another oversexualized Japanese game? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY YOU THERMODYNAMIC MIRACLE OF INSPIRATION


    Do I have to pay every time I want a game to come to Wii U? I mean for fucks sakes.

    1. You’ll spend less overall than you would buying a $60 game, and if you do spend more than that, you’ll usually get some pretty decent swag as compensation.
      Check out Cryamore, as well, btw.

    2. I haven’t donated a single cent to any of these Kickstarter projects and yet they keep getting funded!- Works for me :P

  3. if this keeps on going with ninty inviting all indie devs to the party, I reckon the WiiU will quietly steal the show this gen..!

  4. “Ninja Gaiden: Black & Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike and Suikoden 1-2 & Chrono Cross”

    1. Good game
    2. AMAZING game
    3. Don’t know
    4. Maaaaan, FUCK Chrono Cross….

      1. Xbot? I own more Nintendo products then you even know exist. Also, what you consider little gems, most people would call shovelware.

        1. Quit bitching about more games coming to the Wii U. Have you seen any game play? I doubt you have, at least the Wii U is getting more content. You’re pathetic.

            1. I’ll say it again, quit bitching about the games. You’re incompetent aren’t you? You haven’t seen any of this game yet.

              1. ^ Here is someone that needs to remove his grasp on his penis and grasp the fact that this game is shovel-ware.

        2. Then be happy start up developers are getting love from ninty. RAREWARE was once a small developer as well. Enjoy gaming, ‘THE WORLD OF GOO’ was also an indie project that is a masterpiece.

          1. If you remember, there are about 1000 small Tribes ready to develop for our Empire…

            If we could mold these tribes into our image…

            Imagine hundreds of Rare/Retro Studios type of companies all exclusively making games for our holy machines!

            1. Your vision is splendicious Commander of the Nintendo kind. We shall be battling and getting great indie gems on the Wii U, 3DS and PS4, as the xbots are converted to Gamers on these wonderful consoles of ours. While the VCR Betamax is dwindling and subjugating indies to forced publisher clauses. Yes these we shall mold into the next Brownie brown ( now 1-up studios ), level 5 and the next RAREWARE-HudsonSoft.

            2. If that is the case, great. More realistically though, they will create thier games for WiiU and if they become popular they will sell out to MS and Sony later on. Most of these indie devs are just looking for a quick buck. Put some tities on the cover and people will buy it no matter how shitty the game is.

              1. It’s all up to High Command, if they secure the best of these tribes, they can be assimilated just like Rare and Retro Studios…

                Like the game A Hat in Time, clearly such a tribe creating a game by being inspired by our own Wind Waker is a must have allied…

                1. That game looks good and worthy of investment, this game(thread is about) is not, you can tell just from the artwork shown, they are trying to sell the game by using bewbz.

  5. Sounds interesting and to hear people ALREADY bitching about this game being “shovelware” pisses me off. The Wii U gets more games and we get more bitchers.

    1. Greetings there most glorious and astound Nintendo commander. We that support creativity and all people on this planet. I want every young gamer starting out on nintendo consoles with imaginative creations like adventure island 1 2 3 and 4. Also varying genres such as the 3DS provides, games that leave a mark of fulfillment and happiness like Chronotrigger or the secret of mana. Thanks for the link fellow warrior from Sweden.

      1. Greetings indeed Gamer…

        Absolutely, the new generation of gamers, specially the younger ones need to start with the real type of games that promotes the 4 pillars of Nintendo’s values…

        Fun,Creativity,Innovation and Quality…

        Those Xbots really fears us now considering they attacked our Best Buy demo grounds and now are attacking our motto…

            1. So you were on neogaf and saw that as well. Their trip to best buy backfired dearly. Smart gamers are we and consumers have heard of the drm Microsoft xboxVCR. So even non gamers shunned them lol.

              1. What a wonderful response they got, hopefully most are not easily fooled by the Xbot’s withdrawal about DRM and so on…

                I bet they would spy on you no matter what they say…

                Just in recent days the European Union found microphones etc etc in the meeting halls placed by the US goverment…

                Why should anyone trust any big american company that has ties with their goverment…

                But some people ar ejsut ignorant and believes in anything blindly…

  6. hopefully it doesn’t suck balls. these fucking indie devs better put effort into their games if they want people to pay for the shit to be made.

  7. So I take it that most of the Wii U’s software is going to be kickstarter RPGs? Interesting….(not that kickstarter RPGs are bad or anyting, just found it curious)

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