Call Of Duty: Ghosts Featured In Official Nintendo Magazine

call of duty ghosts

We still don’t know for sure whether or not the next instalment of the popular Call of Duty franchise will be coming to Wii U. Interestingly the Official Nintendo Magazine has written a feature about the game in the latest edition of the publication. Could this mean that we will be seeing Call of Duty :Ghosts on the Wii U? Or is it just speculation on their part?

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          1. Wow… Yet the Xbox One was found in the bin because he had second thoughts of stealing that.

          2. They also did not the Xbox 360 so your point is… plus the guy commenting is a bigot who either does have or did not try buy any games for it

    1. please…. dont. i go to the comment section to read other people’s intellectual comments or opinions, not something like this.

    2. The Wii U is powerful that Xbox 360 and PS3 but we really do not care we play because love the games on it #DealWithIt

  1. 30 coins per VC download til midnight tonight!!!! I’m getting Yoshi, Megaman X, Super Ghosts and Gobs?…90 coin for 16 bucks.

  2. the ghosts are real…… no shit mother fucker!!!!!! nice one actishitsion. what the fuck is this game going to be like, not only is their a dog (that is groundbreaking) but their is fucking ghosts and they are real!!!!!! nice teaser!!!!! im so excited that the ghosts are real!!!!!

      1. so infinity shit and trecrap then, who cares. these games are the shit icinf of the cake to top of a shitty company that publishes skylanders, cod, money whores that milk everything in one generation.

  3. so many CoD’s came to Nintendo consoles, and just too many rumours that this one will come. It obviously will come to Wii U. I just hope it better be good, not just a 360 port

    1. I actually loved what they did with BO2 on Wii U. Off-TV Play on Gamepad, seeing the whole map on gamepad when you’re using the TV, and being able to view and pick your classes by touching the touchscreen.

  4. I’m getting this for PS4 but it would be nice to see it on Wii U because online on the Wii U on Black Ops 2 is so much better, less moaning 4 year olds and less bitching people who cry when you shoot them.

    1. Cuz ninty is waiting for another nintento direct where they going to announce new games.

  5. After reading about how Activision treated the original founders of Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare, I am not interested in Call of Duty or Activision games at all.

  6. I hope so i am one of the 0.01 who got the game. I still play the shit out of the game *cross fingers*

  7. As much as I am not a fan of CoD, I sure hope this game comes to Wii U. Cause the Wii U needs any and all 3rd party games. Especially the ones that generate hype like this. 💋

    1. Call of duty sells like hell, and im sure that it if comes, Wii U will sell as well. Not to mention, Wii U’s gameplay style is much more beneficial.

  8. Well, good for us who enjoy COD games; though I’d prefer Battlefield 4, I guess this one will make a good replacement :)

  9. Um….. Yay? Honestly, DLC. C’mon, we’re still waiting. It’s just a Wii port with updated graphics now, so if you’re going to release this on Wii U, they BETTER have the DLC ready, it’s not worth it anyway, but at least show off some support.

    1. I’ve been playing COD for this whole generation on my Wii… So missing any DLC is part of the routine *laughing with sadness*. The only good thing about not getting DLC is we have one less purchase for the year *still laughs with sadness*. Though it’s really disappointing to see that lack of support… At least give us the same Wiimote settings from MW3 Wii and the Cyborg camo!

  10. Zombie mode is the only reason why i play BO2 on wii u. If this doesnt have Zombie mode then i dont give flying shit about it.

  11. I’m betting on it not coming out for the Wii U.
    If it does, it’ll be late.
    And in either case above, the Wii U won’t be getting most of the DLC.
    It’s just not something I would put past Activision to do. Certain third party devs are really doing a crap-tastic job on Wii U games lately. Laziness is pretty obvious.

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  13. I’m pretty sure this new cod will suck bad. Ghost = stealth. Stealth + Campers = no fun.

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