Mario Kart 8 Is Apparently Coming In April 2014


A recent newsletter from Nintendo Europe states that the fantastic Mario Kart 8 for Wii U will be coming in April 2014. Nintendo hasn’t said when gamers should expect the game, only giving out a tentative 2014 release date. Hopefully there won’t be a drought between Super Mario 3D World, which is due to be released in December, and Mario Kart 8 in April.


    1. This is a joke the wiiu isnt really getting very far and all there good games come out next year. Pull your socks up nintendo.

      1. Not really, some of their best games are out this year such as Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101 and Super Mario 3D World.

    1. The gameplay looked amazing and it’s being released in a year? Imagine how it would be then.

    2. Nintendo’s body was not ready for the transition to high definition (in terms of development time)… that being said , we’re all cursing how pikmin has taken two E3’s to launch but I bet you it’s some incredibly polished HD work of art. CAN’T WAIT.

      less than a month till UK launch of Pikmin 3… been waiting 10 years AHHH , who has a Flux capacitor ?

      1. I may have one in my shed. I can’t wait as well, can I have your Nintendo ID so we can talk about Pikmin 3 when it does come out? Ever since I played Pikmin I knew how golden the franchises was. Time to warm-up your brain because the strategy game coming soon!

      2. Yes. All the games look and will be phenomenal.
        But they may swell just told Sony, “Take your time, we’re going to be sure you establish your new console before we try to make a real attempt at selling HD consoles.”

    3. Agreed.
      I guess when they announced the WiiU, they decided not to actually start working on the games until close to launch.

      I guess it would have been silly to actually start working on games when they had early design models a year before WiiU launched. They really got cocky with Wii, and thought WiiU was going to sell itself with Nintendo Land.

      for those that are all, “Well Nintendo was giving 3rd party s chance to sell,” Yeah, OK, well that’s not working, and obviously there was NO FUCKING BACKUP PLAN. Not to mention Nintendo’s own games getting bumped out of the launch window.

      “What, you want them to launch a game prematurely?” No. I want Nintendo to have had the foresight to begin developing games with enough lead time to avoid this cluster fuck.

      Part of me really wouldn’t mind If Nintendo went handheld only. That’s kinda what it’s felt like for the last few years anyway.
      With the exception of Xenoblade, I was getting tired of Wii’s outdated graphics. I will say, I personally loved Skyward sword, but it was developed with last Gen graphics, and looks like shit when played on my WiiU a d large HD display… Which is depressing because I wanted to finish hero mode.

      I’m glad the Wii made them so much money, and that the 3DS took off, cause you know they’re burnin through some cash to scurry their way out of this clusterfuck.
      they rode the Wii wagon TOO LONG, WiiU was not only launched TOO LATE, but with poor fucking software strategy. I hope they take enough of a dive to have some common sense and reality shoved sideways up their ass.

      Sorry for the lengthy rant. Believe it or not, I love Nintendo.

      1. Lol! Funny how some members here despise people when you say something bad yet reasonable about Nintendo. Yet you see Nintendo themselves have been APOLOGIZING for their mistakes…

      2. I agree with you for the most part except for Nintendo going handheld only. I think they need to remain in the console races in order to keep pushing the envelope in fields other than graphics (something tells me that the successor to Wii U will be extremely innovative and cool). But you are right. Iwata has managed to fuck up two launches in a row of very nice pieces of hardward and just send them out with no games because he was cocky with how well Wii and DS did. I truly don’t think he ever learned his lesson and he should have been jumping on the asses of EAD and whoever else to make as many first party software titles from the get go of the Wii U to have some ready throughout the first year of the Wii U’s life but instead we are stuck in a drought because their foresight is awful. Iwata needed to launch Wii U with either Super Mario 3D World or Tropical Freeze at launch with Pikmin 3 and have Mario Kart 8 ready to go by this holiday season. New Super Mario Bros. U is a great game but unnecessary so I wish that EAD spent their time working on 3D World and had that ready for launch.I also wish Iwata would have hammered it home with third party developers to get their content onto Wii U and support the system like they do the PS360 and now the PS4 and Xbone. Well I can only hope that things improve down the road……

  1. UHHH! Well, as long as it is NOT RUSHED, and it is fun as they all usually tend to be. I hope they include Quick Run or as it is known in other MK games, Vs. Mode with bots. It was a shame it was not in MK7.

      1. What sucked about it ? *insert overblown blue shell comment here*

        It’s an amazing game, you can even turn blueshells off in communities…

        1. Blue shells , Blue shells , BLUE SHELLS , the most annoying stupid thing yet funny thing Nintendo ever invented .

          1. The Troll shell! I personally like em , I like Using them and I find the frustration that comes with them amusing lol.

        2. Agreed. And I hope they bring back the two player per kart option that was in Double Dash…
          I loved the whole “Snowspeeder” game play. It probably won’t be in MK8, but I miss double dash! D:

          1. Double dash was awesome , easily one of the best MK’s and I would love to see Double dash 2 or something like that one day.

            1. I would love to see Double Dash on the Wii U virtual console, but Nintendo is being stubborn as always.

              1. Yes , that would be amazing. It’s perfect for Virtual console and would sell TONS and TONS.

      2. I thought MK3D (MK7) had the BEST controls of any Mario Kart to date. Yeah, there are a lot of Blue Shells in it, but one of the strategies is to use the bottom screen to see who has what item, and then if someone gets a blue shell, you need to gauge what course of action you’re going to take. I found it to be quite fun! And it is most certainly my favorite Mario Kart. :)

  2. The HD..The HD!! Wario looks fucking beautiful!!
    ..In the ugly sort of way.
    Can’t wait to play as him!

    1. You managed to make me laugh with this comment, you win a banana(in the getting spun-out sort of way)

          1. please understand that nintendo is irrelevant till 2014. oh wait i apologize i mean fuck you nintendo fans!!!!! it doesnt even matter because you will eat up anything even my shitty job running nintendo!!!!!

            1. I know. I hope Wii U falls flat on it’s face and fails so Nintendo learns it’s lesson and Iwata get FIRED! Even if he Wii U sells well it will still be irrelevant to core gamers and developers because of it’s gimmicky controller and terrible specs. Nintendo should go back and make a console like their first four. NES/SNES/N64/GameCube all had great games, great graphics, AND NO SHITTY CASH-IN GIMMICK CONTROLLER!

              1. yeah that pretty much it. their is too many words of shit towards of iwata, i dont even know where to start. he fucking is a piece of shit and i cant believe how stupid the fan boys are to defend him.

                1. Yeah you losers with no life hve been wishing the same shit for EONS!!! LMAO!!! GO TO A SONY PAGE AND NEVER RETURN LOL!!! Yall are a bunch of lame ass kids get a life lol! Dont you realize how transparent your delusions are? Losers. Keep wishing n waiting!

              2. both n64 and NGC were failures, and Wii got great games, it just you don’t give a shit about them (:

                1. no they wernt, but the sales, sffu!!!!!! the wii was a huge fail in the most important things. n64 was one of the best nintendo consoles and gcn is 100 times better than the wii was. the wii had xenoblade, thats it. almost everything else was garbage.

                1. Then continue to support a screwed up company. idiot. Encourage Nintendo to play if safe and not even try.

                  1. Instead of being some stubborn child how about you message them about the whole thing. You sound like a child pouting because you can’t get a toy.

              3. Though none of them had the same controller it was always something new to adapt to. don’t think that Nintendo need to learn anything it’s the gamers who needs to play more variety of games in that console or developers won’t make games for it. as for iwata i dont care

                1. People in general forgot what videogames are about, Fun. Remember the Arcade, there was very few controller schemes or even controllers that are actually even the same.

                  Core Gamer=Computer Gamer=Boring

              4. To bad it won’t :/ Wii U is either going to be the dominant console, or the 2nd best. The only console falling flat on its face is Xbox One.

                1. You sure about that? Despite what the internet says I predict that Xbox One will be successful saleswise. Microsoft got the money to play dirty. Some people can’t think for themselves and because of that, Microsoft will tell them how to think. If Nintendo doesn’t make a huge impact this holiday given the arrival of 2 new consoles, it will hurt them. I feel they will somehow turn it around though despite the odds.

            2. I have a feeling you will be buying almost every game coming out this year, and will come back on here and say you love Nintendo. I’m calling it now.

              1. He’s fickle, a few weeks ago he said he loves Nintendo, now he is hating on them…

              2. And if the reply was for me , I DO LOVE NINTENDO , here , I told you now before the end of the year , just because I said that Nintendo makes some terrible mistakes doesnt mean I hate them . I mean really , how can I hate the company who got me into gaming , zelda oot being my first game

  3. To comfirm what some have already said, our Leader did say “Spring 2014” so this is expected…

    And with these unannounced games I’m sure there won’t be a significant long drought from august and beyond…

    1. …could someone explain what drought means in this context? does it mean that there aren’t enough games to satisfy Wii U owners?

      1. Yup. I never once felt like this with the wii. Heck i still play my wii way more than the wii u.

      2. No , it means there are no games at all in a time period , like what happened to the wii u in January and February .

      3. In this context it basically means that very impatient gamers that do not get to buy a new game after ler’s say 1 week of no releases, they suddenly feel as if there s nothing to play anymore and starts complaining…

        Sure there were some periods during January and so on that didn’t have any Nintendo related games that were released but some just expects games to be released every day…

        Why people buy a game only to never touch it again after completion is beyond me…

        But starting August, the “drought” of Nintendo’s power will end…

        1. Well, Lego City isnt my cup of tea and I already have NFS on other formats, so… it would have been a dry spring if it wasnt for my 3ds.

          1. Perhaps but not everyone can by 1 game every weak or month…

            Some have to save up just to buy 1 game at all because of this pathetic garbage of an economy…

            So to those gamers, the drought or monsun seasons are irrelevant if you do not have the money…

            Which is one reason to why gamers should be more humble and patient and most of all lucky that they do not exist in the badlands of economy…

            1. Well, its not really about that. Its more about Nintendo providing a certain service to gain costumers. And the drought made Wii U to loose its momentum. Even if there are gamers who only can afford a game every year (i doubt they would use their money on so trivial things then) they would too benefit from a bigger library of games to choose from. We all would.

              1. I agree that this drought should have never occurred, but Pikmin 3 will be the start of the great games we’ve been waiting for. Hell there’s so many good games coming out this year alone I’ll only be able to afford three, lol.

                1. From aug-dec you could easily buy 2-3 quality games per month and I think that gamers will look back to 2013 as a good year for Nintendo games.

        2. I understand that I am one of those “Impatient gamers.” I admit to that.

          I don’t want a new game ever two weeks, but I buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo Games. Some 3rd party. Is great, but I want Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, … WiiU has had some VERY fun and beautiful games released, but they are dragging their ass.

          1. Well, not if you look at both Wii U and 3DS. There have been a lot of amazing titles from Nintendo this year.

    1. … That’s a tough question, I know. It doesn’t appear they’re changing anything…

      1. LOL! Let’s see Mario kart game with innovation and changes or some generic racing game that feels the same. I think Mario Kart has my vote.

        1. When I saw Mario Kart 8, it caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting the graphics to looks so amazing, and the zero gravity aspect made me automatically sold on this game.

          1. Yeah agreed, this will be the first “major” system seller. Pikmin 3 and such games coming this year will be minor. In my opinion, anyways. We’ll see!

            1. Pikmin 3 is the game I’m most excited for this year :D

              Hopefully those games coming out later this year, will get the Wii U’s selling exponentially.

              1. for nintendo this year it would have to be dkctf for me. that game will be hard and fun and if it is neither of those somehow…… fuck you nintendo.

                1. True. I don’t know the last time Nintendo made a challenging game, but hopefully that game will satisfy.

                2. I thought DKCR was a tough game? I heard it was pretty hard. That’s my second most anticipated game of the year.

                    1. Well if our message went across to them, they will start to make the pro controller support every game. Let’s hope, they could just do a patch too.

  4. The same month as Mario Kart Wii. I think it’s fine, but only if there are some good games between January and March. Otherwise, It should be launched early.

  5. wow well only 10months to wait thn…………………………………………………

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  7. Its not too late to delay 3D Mario World to add online. Unless they can do it in 6 months so it want affect launch.

  8. If mario kart 8 is released in April, then wouldn’t smash bros. be released in the summer? You know, so sales could be healthy for both games.

    1. That would probably be a good plan. Let us enjoy each mega hit title before releasing the other. We’ll see!

  9. We really wanted to release mario kart 8 in the spring, but you will hear more news at E3 2014…

    welcome to E3 2014, we have good news, you will get to see one screen shot of zelda u, and we are now making metroid u, and here is a new video of mario kart 8, mario kart 8 will be avalible to buy Autumn 2014, and smash bros spring 2015, thankyou.

    1. Zelda u was supposed to be shown at this year’s e3, ill better it will be shown this year, since they usually do a direct focussed one a game close to its release, they’ll probably show it in the wind waker hd direct

      1. don’t believe everything nintendo tells you, they only tell you that, to keep a satisfied smile on your face…

  10. Good! Can’t wait. Hopefully this will still be a big system seller even though it is after the holiday season rush.

  11. Please understand sony drones, that Nintendo fans LOVE the way you can only play your shitty CGI Cutscene games 1-2 times before it goes back to gamestop for less than half what you paid!!! lol. Also the way we still have classics that never needed to get sold, and still hold up today!!! Losers cry n bitch some more you shallow lil girl boys, WAAAA WAAAA WAAAA! LOL

  12. my friend told me that mario kart wii is good enough, and there is no need to get a wii u, and a new mario kart game, just to play more mario kart.

  13. The worst part about games being delayed and/or taking FOREVER to come out is that it can eventually lead to the games getting cancelled altogether. Maybe not Mario Kart 8, but that’s what happened with Earthbound 64 back in the day. I’ll never forget my disappointment when that happened. I never got over it.

    1. Earth bound 64 sounds like a hidden Gen that if released as mother 4, every nintendo fanboy/girl would lose their collective minds :).

  14. Please critics have been praying for nintendo’s downfall since the early 90’s. Shit aint going to happen. If 3DS is any indication history is meant to repeat itself.

  15. Any predictions on when Smash Bros will release? I’m thinking that they’re going to say it will be out Q2 2014, but will be delayed to Q3 or 4.

    1. Well both the PS4 and Xbox One will be out in November so even if Nintendo release Mario Kart 8 in December it wouldn’t make much of a difference… oh wait it would…. Xbox One isn’t real…. Nope your right, they should have released in December.

  16. PS4 has a camera, so does the xboxone, both are built with similar PC architecture. The have the same basic controller design. The more powerful one is a $100 cheaper. The will have basically the same third party games.

    Now here is my question, what’s is the draw to differentiate the two consoles? How is an everyday person going to know what two get? Obvious choice is PS4, but what wow factor do they bring this generation. My 3DS and Wii U, change the dynamics of gaming upon switching both consoles on. 3DS, Wii U it is, PS4 when funds permit.

  17. Alba and Sickr, over the weekends. Could you pen down wonderful articles about nintendo games we would like to play as gamers. Franchises that have been forgotten, also the beautiful history and future of nintendo. That way we are not stuck with two articles from Friday to Monday. Thank you in advance.

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