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Chibi Robo Announced For The Japanese 3DS

Announced in a special Japanese Nintendo Direct comes the cute as a button Nintendo 3DS game Chibi Robo Real Life Action. Those of you familiar with the house cleaning robot will know that he started out his life back in the GameCube era in 2005 with Chibi Robo! Plug Into Adventure! The aim of the title was to clean the household to accumulate “happy points”, but each action within the game would deplete your battery life, so in order to keep playing you’d have to plug in your little robot for some extra juice.

Chibi Robo Real Life Action – see the trailer above – incorporates the same ideas of the original but with an extra twist that focusses solely on the 3DS camera. Taking pictures of household items such as slippers, baseballs and a book will allow Chibi Robo to interact with the object in different ways. Once scanned into the 3DS system, Chibi Robo collects these items and puts them away in a special museum named ‘Nostaljunk’. There’s plenty of other aspects to the game, though, as you can play mini-games and interact with contests to unlock print designs for a Wii U or Yen card. Knowing that its GameCube version reached the West back in 2006, would you like to see Chibi Robo Real Life Action on your 3DS? The game is out now on the Japanese eShop.

33 thoughts on “Chibi Robo Announced For The Japanese 3DS”

  1. Wow! I didn’t think they would make another Chibi-Robo game. Side note: How about a Custom Robo game for the 3DS!

  2. Augmented reality finally has a function in a real game, I can’t wait! Maybe Smash Bros. 3DS will let you take pictures of your room and desktop to let you reenact the opening credits of SSB64 on your very own desk.

  3. Ehh… I’d love to see a new Chibi-Robo game… but not this. The GCN one had a charming story but this seems more like a casual app.

    Now, a Wii U version more akin to the GCN would be nice… especially with some gamepad experimenting.

    1. This looks extremely innovative and cool. Hope it comes to West (It 99% will in its own time….)

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  5. I remember playing the demo in Walmart back when this came out! I never got a chance to actually get it. I’d definitely love to see this come to America though, here’s to hoping it makes it over here!

  6. PLEEAAAAASSSEE!! release this in Europe NINTENDO these sort of games will shut up all the people who claim you dont innovate and who knows this sort of thing might blindside everyone and become a sales break out just like that curious and very japanese game Animal Crossing did for the DS & 3DS

    oh and please release the original Chibi Robo on the Wiiu VC

  7. I played this back on the game cube when I got it for X-mas. I got so many hours of game play out of this. I never played the Nintendo ds version but i hope this version succeeds the game cube version well.

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  9. This is pretty cool, would be sweet if Non-Specific Action Figure made a cameo in the game, make snese since the toys in the original were alive ala Toy Story.

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