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Kamiya Concerned The Wonderful 101’s Marketing Isn’t Enough

the_wonderful_101_castOutspoken Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has taken to Twitter to express his concerns over Nintendo’s current marketing for The Wonderful 101. Kamiya explains in a number of tweets to his fans that there are hardly any magazine previews and game stores currently lack the promotion because they’re unsure of the title’s details. He also says there are not enough advertisements to build relevant awareness of the game, and estimates, in terms of resources, that Platinum Games has all together spent one and a half times more than they did on the first Bayonetta. Kamiya, though, has stressed that he is not saying anything on behalf of Nintendo and their marketing, more that – in his own opinion – he’s frustrated at the lack of understanding that seems apparent for the game. Do you believe Nintendo is doing enough to raise awareness for The Wonderful 101? Let us know in the comments below.

154 thoughts on “Kamiya Concerned The Wonderful 101’s Marketing Isn’t Enough”

    1. I think if Nintendo wants to save money on advertising, they can rent a bi-plane for a couple of hours and drop flyers over popular cities in the us! They can also use a blimp in the shape of one of the W101 enemies? That would get my attention, and it would save Nintendo money…maybe!

    2. why would they when they had no games in the first half? better off saving that for the 2nd when they have a major release every month.

    1. If this does not stay exclusive to the WiiU, then they’ll just give in like the others… Ubisoft has turned, our once exclusive games are going multiplatform like ninja gaiden razor’s edge,ResidentEvilR, and deux ex anc rayman before release…

      1. Nintendo Commander

        I doubt they can because High Command has invested in both Bayonetta 2 and TW101 so they cannot do anything without Nintendo’s approval…

      2. This game is completely funded by Nintendo. It’s Nintendo’s game. Platinum Games are just making it. They can’t go multiplatform with it.

        1. Yeah. The very same Kamiya has a hilarious response ready about this whenever someone asks Platinum to release Bayonetta 2 on other platforms, something along these lines:

          “Nintendo is kind enough to fund the game, so ask them. If they say Bayonetta 2 is coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360, it will happen. While you’re at it ou may also want to ask for a PS3 Zelda.”

      3. Published by Nintendo, I don’t see Nintendo publishing these on other consoles, or paying the devs to make a port to the other systems. As far as marketing goes… I’d be worried too! Nintendo has put nothing into marketing the Wii U, up to this point, what they have done is stood on the ground that the “Wii” monicker would carry enough weight to make this sell, that’s why the marketing ball has been dropped by Nintendo. I was actually in GameStop 2 days ago and I was talking to one of the employees there and he told me the best story of consumer ignorance that I’ve heard in a long time. A man came in and bought a Wii U for his kids, he took it home and hooked it up, one of his sons had his wiimote and nunchuk out to play and the other had the gamepad to play, here’s the ignorance… They thought that one of the kids could play one game on the TV using the wiimote setup and the other could play a different game on the gamepad, but not just on the gamepad in his house, he and his son( with the gamepad) were going on a road trip and his son (and the father) thought they could take the gamepad with them in the car and play the whole console from anywhere! This type of stuff is why they need some marketing that defines what the Wii U does! They also need a large red piece of paper in the box that says “This is not a portable gaming console! Read the quick start guide you idiots!” Or something along those lines. I couldn’t help but laugh at the blatant ignorance of this and how marketing could really have helped this situation. I love my Wii U, but I know it’s limits.

        1. Your observations are very interesting, but that last part is what got me. No one actually knows the WiiU’s limit, there’s a time where you think you might know the limit to a certain device or category,but to that something might come along to surprise you. I love my WiiU, and i’ll keep looking forward to how much it grows in the future. :)

          1. Too much of the insides chips and what not are custom, so they only know what they can do on it, until they find something new and its like oh I can push this a little further.

            1. Yes! It’s too early, way too early to say wiiu has a limit, it hasn’t even reached a full year, the best thing to do is to wait and watch it grow and prosper. :)

              1. seriously. Like MK8 will be a second year game, and it looks as good as most of the stuff that we saw for the ps4 lineup. People really underestimate Nintendo.

      1. That’s close :), although i wouldn’t want them to have any doubts about their project in Nintendo’s hands, it shows trust.

    2. Offtopic: You’re freakin’ beautiful.
      OnTopic: It is going to stay exclusive, Nintendo owns the IP itself. It’s a bit different with Bayonetta, the franchise is owned by Sega but Nintendo is financially supporting the game which is why this one also stays exclusive. :)

    3. There is no need to worry about it going muti-platform because the game is published by Nintendo. And I’m not really sure how to even advertise it. Maybe they should do little YouTube adds like little episodes.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      The Wonderful 101:

      A game where you control 101 heroes in a group each with their special abilities to overcome obsticles and enemies using the different heroes’ abilities…

      You do that by switching the heroes on the Gamepad when the time to use a hero’s special ability is needed…

      Harder than that it’s not…

      I believe I have explained it as good as possible…

      1. Indeed, I bet there are PLENTY of people who have been anticipated a new Pikmin since Pikmin 2. People will buy Pikmin, and W101 looks amazing too. I will be buying both at some time. All this game needs is some advertisement and people will buy it!

  1. No one knows what the hell the game is about! I still don’t know anymore about the game now than I did when I saw the first trailer! Who is this game for? What’s the rating? The media doesn’t give a shit about new Japanese ip’s that’s why gaming sites don’t care for it.

    1. Who gives a shit what the age rating of a game is? If it’s fun, play it. Don’t act like an immature 12 year old who only plays M-rated games to appear cool to his friends.

  2. Nintendo is always awful with their marketing unless it’s a big franchise like Mario. It sucks that this game might not sell for that reason. Nintendo is also guilty of this before countless times in the past heck just look at what happened to Custom Robo, all of them were phenomenal but Nintendo did nothing so sales suffered.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Even if they did, the west still does not care much…

      They only want CoD, Halo and Fifa etc etc…

      1. I’m not interested in any of the games you just mentioned. And I don’t think the west is that influential on weather a game will sell well worldwide.

      2. fifa? I don’t know anyone who plays fifa… unless your speaking of Europe, but I always categorize Europe as Europe, and the west as Canada, US, and Latin America.

    1. I think starting with Pikmin 3 that will change. I hope so anyway, once Pikmin 3 shows up, the Wii U will start to get some ads.

  3. nintendo somehow, dont advertise wii U at all, they focused in games at e3, but i c them a bit… down…

    Looks like they save money from marketing departments… lol

    But I wouldnt think of a wii U at this point, without w101 and pikmin 3.

    1. I think Nintendo skips tv commercials and banners because they want to focus into the online territory, but giving a shit about ur overall customers and keep them blind, will return back as a boomerang.

      I c only some japan commercials in some forums… but we are NOT JAPANese.

    2. So the Wii U Summer Tour, E3 game demos in Best Buy, and sponsoring the ITV’s coverage of the 2013 Tour De France isn’t marketing? Not to mention, it seems like Nintendo’s starting to get Wii U ads out in theaters?

      1. mywiiuhasnogames:(

        we dont have best buys in europe..
        nor do we have nintendo tours
        and most don’t care about the tour de france

        nintendo had one commercial that i know of, and it got banned lol cause they made it seem you could play all games on the gamepad

        1. Nintendo will do different things for different regions, and I don’t know what your talking about when you say one cares about it. The site reports viewership of about 3.5 BILLION people (I heard though it’s more like 1 billion, still huge) and that it’s estimated 15 million of people line up along the route itself. Don’t say such ignorant things.

      2. It’s marketing, and a really great start at that, but 6 months in, it just isn’t enough. PS4 has the stupid “Who are you to be anonymous” campaign, which is really making people look into it (although, straight out-tell them it is ps4 would work better…). I am not faulting Nintendo on anything else, just their marketing, which is bad… I have seen 2 Nintendo adds on tv… since launch… so they need to buy some network-time, and throw adds on all the youtubes, and the likes…

    3. They advertised it at launch. It wasn’t until February when I stopped seeing the ads. Why waste money advertising when their top franchises sell themselves.

  4. Lol. The people who keep skipping my questions are pussies. As soon as this artile went up I knew people were gonna start bashing Nintendo’s advertising or lack thereof, because its the easy way out for people who don’t know what they’re talking about. If your one of these people answer this question: Who are they gonna market it to?

      1. Because the comic nerds are gonna get this game to 1million+ sold right? That was a shitty answer.

    1. Well, the point you’re trying to make is that the Wii U isn’t selling very well. Which ignores the 3.5million consoles already sold, and also ignores every gamer in the world that doesn’t own a Wii U.

      Both of which are markets to advertise this and other games too.

      I know what your point is, but it’s not actually valid if you think about it. Marketing is always directed at everyone its applicable to. In this case, that’s everyone, because people who already own a Wii U will likely have some interest in this game. And people who don’t own a Wii U may also have interest in the game, because it looks really good.

      But you weren’t looking for an actual answer, so just go ahead and ignore this.

      1. Who are they gonna advertise the game to? The media doesn’t care because its only appealing to a niche market. No one knows enough about the game. Quit being a jackass and actually answer my question next time.

    2. I think I see where you’re trying to come from but you’re off. I think what you mean to say is that was it the right time to market? Look people, Nintendo’s lack of marketing in the first half of the year was justified. Due to being rushed, the Wii U was unstable and in need of updates (we still have a summer update on the way too apparently)

      and Nintendo had no significant software. NSMBU will sell throughout Wii U’s life but are people really going to drop $300 JUST for that? Speaking of which, Nintendo also didn’t market much because they were hoping third parties could carry the console for the first half of the year and keep Nintendo from having to advertise and alienate “hardcore” gamers (i.e. PS and XB fans who like mature games) but that didn’t work. But now Nintendo’s getting back to basics. They are sponsoring the Tour de France coverage, getting ads out in theaters if what I hear is true, and have launched the Wii U Summer Tour in America along with the Best Buy events. They’re also getting demos out for new games. My local Best Buy had a demo for Game and Wario. And they’ve already gotten into marketing Pikmin 3 and NSLU in Japan:

      And they’re doing special deals for those games. Now of course, Nintendo must push even more. We need non-horrific commercials for America and demos on eShop would be a boon. The Gamestop kiosks also need help and they need ads that specifically address that the Wii U isn’t an add on. But clearly Nintendo is kicking it up, now that they have software coming, and the advertising will only increase.

    3. The reason people skipped your question is because it wasn’t a specific question.

      Question: Who are they going to market to?
      Answer: The world.

      Basically he’s saying how can we sell a ton of games on the Wii U. My problem is I go to a gaming site and there are no Wii U system or game ads I think as fans we can get Nintendo to change this if we email bomb them. I. Sent them. A email about about the world tour they used to do and now there

    4. People that have yet to buy the console! But they need a better commercial that showcases more games being played on the console, and shows someone switching to off TV play and walking around their house with just the gamepad! Show people its capabilities!

    5. easy- people who have owned Nintendo consoles before (with their name alone, plus Zelda, Mario, and Pikmin), hopefully to more “hardcore” (I hate labeling them that, because really, shooting things doesn’t make one hardcore) gamers, with other titles from ubisoft, Bayonetta, stuff like that… and really, you don’t need to advertise to a specific group as they do need to START ADVERTISING!

  5. This is a something that has got developers and publishers conserned since the down of time. This is barely news.

      1. I don’t mean it that way. What I was meaning that this is the consern of every developer even sure sellers have this though.

  6. Advertising for Wonderful 101 will help explain the need for the Gamepad. Nintendo needs to advertise Wonderful 101 and Wii U.

  7. I understand this dude’s concerns, namely that it’s a new IP, but give Nintendo some time. I’ve noticed that Nintendo rarely promotes a game more than 4 weeks in advance outside of the Internet. Prior to the game’s launch it certainly will need print, TV ads, and demos to pull through. But I have faith that Nintendo will do this. Even during the Wii U’s drought, Nintendo promoted Lego City Undercover. And they’re getting Game and Wario demos out, at least in Best Buy. And as for this game, it seems like Nintendo has already stepped up promotion. At least in Japan, you’ll be able to get them for 10% off in the first week it’s on shelves:

    1. mywiiuhasnogames:(

      so most people have 4 weeks to decide to buy a wiiu + w101? =/

      1 Nintendo Land 2M+
      2 New Super Mario Bros. U 1.9-2M
      3 ZombiU 0.5M

      as awesome as this game is gonna be, chances are its going to bomb =(

      1. Hey. I said normally. Nintendo could surprise us and it’s coming out a time with little competition. I could picture them keeping up the advertising even after it launches and at least in Japan they’ve already given people incentive to buy it when it launches. Speaking of which, it’ll be riding the slight increase in momentum that Pikmin 3 generates. I should also point out that even during the drought, the did some events where you could demo this game. And as for those games you listed, Nintendo Land and ZombiU aren’t even system sellers. As for NSMBU, it really didn’t have anything to set itself apart from the Wii game on the surface, and many still think the Wii U is an add on.

  8. I keep pretty current on games, and while I’m aware of this title, I have no idea what it really is, what gameplay is like, or if it’s for me.

  9. I agree with Kamiya. Nintendo is not advertizing it enough. This is a new IP and a very promising one for that matter. I haven’t seen any previews of it yet on big video game websites.

      1. No, he just doesn’t want to “blame” Nintendo, because they are like partners right now. Nintendo is in charge of marketing the Wonderful 101. If it isn’t marketed enough than it IS Nintendo’s fault whether this guy says it or not. All he did was make it aware that the Wonderful 101 hasn’t had much marketing. 💋

  10. Big three are overrated

    I was so excited when i saw it as project p-100 first time and ive been waiting this game since then. It is such a shame that it isnt marketed enough, because this game looks promising and platinum games deserves a lot more recognition, they are simply the best devs out there. I hope that this game and Platinum are gonna do good. Respect, respect for these devs.

  11. Right now, with the WiiU’s current climate, and the low install base, I would also be worried. It’s the perfect setup for a great game to sell poorly.

    We also heard it was a short game. So they need to market the hell out of why to buy a short game on a system that’s flying with two engines out. (Bomber plane metaphor)

    Honestly, I’ve really lost alot of the Romance I had with the system… It’s like, “OK, we understand each other now, I forgive you, but let’s take a break, OK?”

    Then after I was let down by Wario Ware, I’m just not buying shit until I see what people post on Miiverse for a few weeks.

    The 3DS, Nintendo pulled out FAST, when they found out they fucked up, it was Ambassidor Program, free VC games, Zelda OoT 3D…. They WANTED me back, and I’m totally in love with my 3DS now.

    With WiiU, the commitment to right the ship is all Lip-service. Just delayed titles, maybe 2 – 3 that I give a shit about before Christmas?

    This is one of my last negative comments. I’m just going to stop commenting, or keep it simple, but I think Nintendo took a great idea (I LOVE the game pad) and just left it to rot until people either stopped caring, or had gotten over their disappointment and moved on with their life. (me)

  12. Even Kamiya knows this game isn’t going to sell much. All the fanboys think this game is going to save the Wii U when it is a game that is hardly known. The only ones that know about this game are the Nintendo fanboys.

  13. Love ya Nintendo, but lets be real. Your marketing has sucked entirely since the release(even months building up to the release) of the Wii U. They really need to do something about that.

  14. Well, I’m looking forward to it and I think the big sites should marked it more, too. Blah blah wee need new IP’s blah blah not talking about w101= stupid blah blah

  15. Unfortuntly, Platinum seems to be cursed to never have good sales.

    But Nintendo should advertise it.

  16. You know? I haven’t thought about it too much. But, I think he is right. I haven’t really seen any advertisement on the Wonderful 101. Ive only heard about it being at E3. Where are the Wonderful 101 T.V commercials? Youtube commercials, freaking BILLBOARDS!? I mean c’mon Nintendo. You didn’t advertise the Wii U and it was bad for you. You have to A.D.V.E.R.T.I.S.E everything! 💋

    1. We should help them out ….some of us know how to make great trailers why not spread the word. .I’m definitely going to try I want more exposure this game is going to rock!

  17. Fuck nintendo im so tired of you thats why i got a ps3 yesterday. And theonly reason im not selling my wii u is because of bayo and w101.

    1. You should of bought both anyway….

      Well you have some catch up to do

      I recommend:
      The Last of Us
      Infamous 1 and 2
      Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time and the HD collection
      Shadow of the Colossus

      That’s just a starting point.

      1. I have okami on my wii, and shadow of the colossus on my ps2 they both amazing games. Im looking into infamous, uncharted and the last of us. Thanks for ur recommendation ill be checkin journey later.

  18. its alright the adverts for nintendo stuff here in the UK are obnoxious families/friends that come across fake

    1. They really are. Nintendo really needs to scrap the “happy families in a white room” advertising. It has failed to attract the non-gamer to Wii U and actually puts OFF core gamers.

  19. Kamiya is a great character. I follow him on twitter and he never fails to make me smile. He has a sort of… gritty edge, that I think adult gamers find appealing. And yes, I share his concerns. Platinum’s amazing games are exactly what WiiU needs right now in order to bring more gamers on board. Nintendo should market the hell out of them!

      1. They have plenty of money to advertise all three. Its purely their reluctance to do so which is bothering me…

  20. I think that most people who own a wii u will consider his game. The reason I have so few wii u games is not that there are no games I am interested in, its that the ones I am interested in don’t feel like they are worth $60.00. If a developer wants to sell me a game for $60.00, It better be worth it. I plan on waiting till I see a few reviews on the game to see If I want to buy it. I see so many developers that are afraid of people not buying their games because not enough people own the console. The marketing may be part of the issue, but really the main problem is that they are selling games for full price when they are not worth all that much. The wonderful 101 looks like it could likely be worth that money, but they don’t do an awesome job, I’m not buying the game, and I doubt many others are until there is a price drop.

  21. Agree with Kamiya. From all the games out there, The Wonderful 101 seems to be the one with less ads and commercials. I know that Nintendo has to worry about not only the Wii U but ALSO the 3DS marketing, but come on, what would it cost to make a simple, but nice and cool ad for W101?

    Since the game focuses a lot on stuff based on comics, they should make a commercial with people dressed as superheroes or something. See? Not that hard to think of a funny commercial for that game!

  22. To be honest, I still don’t know much about this game… Nintendo really need to step up the advertisement for not just this, but for the Wii U in general.

  23. Does it have any online multiplayer features? No? That’s kind of a big feature for western gamers, hard to get excited for a non-mario multiplayer game if it doesn’t have online. Even harder to get your friends over nightly to play some local multiplayer if they don’t know what the franchise is.

    1. yeah but its the most cheesiest rubbish ive ever seen as tv adverts, and thats saying something as thats the majority of UK adverts

  24. we should go to nintendo’s youtube channel and ask them if we could ad the game (or any games) free of charge of course cuz we dont wanna be greedy, im willing to ad the game, maybe not like the commercials but somehow mention the game and with footage.

  25. I think only the most blind of fanboys can actually insist, right now, that Nintendo’s marketing is up to par, so it’s a given that TW101 isn’t getting the media attention it deserves.
    This gen, Marketing seems to be Nintendo’s biggest crutch. If they solve that, things should pick up relatively quickly.

    1. Nintendo’s marketing for the Wii U and its games sucks ass. They need to freaking step it up big time!

      1. and i agree with you, nintendo is basically half-assing their ad for wii u, if they really want it to succeed then either they should step up or let us take care of it as it will cost them nothing for letting us ad their stuff

  26. is this a joke!!!!! their marketing is fucking shit!!!! advertise this bitch nintendo!!!!! aaahhhhh come on, you get an exclusive game from platinum and your not even going to advertise it!!!!! yeah see if they ever want to make a game for your console again, and they’re like your only supporters. your going to be a greedy bitch like always though and screw it up.

  27. I can understand this, however it’ll be fine. Once were closer to launch it should get advertised. However even my EB Games doesnt have it in their system yet so I cant pre-order it!!! 2 months away yet Destiny, MK8, Smash Bros can be pre-ordered and there next year…Even Windwaker HD isnt in their system.

  28. its a day one buy…soo i think every wii u owner gonna grab this lol its the only game in august afaik

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  31. Hey everyone, just looked into the Wii U Summer Tour. Right now, it’s in Mall of America and Navy Pier, and apparently, the Wonderful 101 has been added to the games that can be demoed…..this guy needs to chill out.

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    1. Doctor Gonzo the Troll… if you think Nintendo is lame, why the hell are you here in the first place? Nintendo is one of best video game company in the world… and PlatinumGames is one of the best video game developers in the world. And besides… The Wonderful 101 isn’t gonna be another Okami.

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