Peter Moore Says The Wii U Is “A Box That’s Out Of Sync” For EA’s Online Future

ea_logoOutspoken chief operating officer for EA, Peter Moore, is talking about the Wii U – and it’s in a less than favourable light. In an article on Games Industry he said that the Wii U feels like an “offline experience” as a “box that’s out of sync” which is, at the very least, troubling for EA’s future partnership with Nintendo. Currently, EA has no games in development for the Wii U, though they have said that they would develop games if a substantial user base existed. Here’s what Peter Moore had to say on the issue of the Wii U’s online engagement:

“We were there with four games for them [at launch]. It’s been a disappointment when you look at sell-through and, as a company, we have to be very judicious where we deploy our resources. The lack of online engagement that we see on Wii U [is troubling]. It’s so integral to what we do. They’re so small it’s hardly worth running the servers. It seems like a box that’s out of sync with the future of EA – which is one that gives a real social feel to our games. The Wii U feels like an offline experience right now.”


      1. It’s Nothing to do with the Power of the System Thebensanders its about the Wii U lack of online its missing so much No party chat no friend invites the 3ds is getting online on games and the wii u isnt BLAME NINTENDO

        1. You don’t own a Wii U do you? It has everything you just said, plus miiverse and a “skype” function. The online is very good on wii U, I am almsot always playing CoD Blops II or Injustice online when I play my wii u.

      2. Coming to think about it, he’s posting something that doesn’t seem to equal to trolling.

        Why are you mocking him and his mother?

        They seem to have nothing wrong with you, other than try to defend themselves from trolls like you.

        If they DID do wrong to you, you can’t fight fire with fire.

        IE, don’t insult hum back.

        It won’t do anything good.

    1. first it was because of orgin, then it was because frostbite 3 couldnt run on it, now its their online doesnt work… anybody play black ops 2, or Monster Hunter 3, the online works pretty damn good. EA is confused as to why they dont like nintendo…

    1. Let’s see –

      Fifa 13 – Horribly gimped no Ultimate team mode (the biggest feature in the game)

      Madden 13 – Horribly gimped and they admited it took 6 months to make

      Mass effect 3 – about 8 months late launched alongside the ME trilogy on other platforms for the same price which looked STUPID and insulting.

      Need for speed Most wanted U – Fair enough this was a ”good” port ok…. but the game was fucking 5 months late. Anyone who wanted the game already bought it on another platform before it was even announced for Wiiu.

      Now i’m no Professor or Doctor , but as you can see : these games had absolutely NO FUCKING chance of selling. Just like if they were released on another platform in the same way.

      EA has definitely not given the platform a fair chance and they can’t say anything about their game sales. Sonic all stars racing sold over 300 thou on Wiiu. Nuff said.

      1. It’s amazing how like 90% of all western third class empires are attacking our holy machine, including the Ubisoftians now…

        In the end we will still win and the west will kneel before our great games once more without the need of these powers…

        And it’s ironic how Sonyans and Xbots accuse our empire of playing it safe when all they get are games by the exact same companies with the exact same type of games…

        Who’s playing it safer some might wonder…

        1. Yep , at the end of the day Nintendo fans and Wii owners still have the BEST exclusives in the industry to look forward to. Nintendo haters can suck a dick whilst i’m playing Pikmin 3 in a couple of weeks.

          1. Indeed, it only takes one great Nintendo game for me to purchase a system…

            I cannot say that about games on any Sonyan or Xbot console ever…

          2. sony gets tales of xilia 1&2 and also get the two symphonia games remade!!!! also if those were on nintendo, they wouldnt make it west so dont bitch about it. nintendo is slipping. best exclusives???? im starting to go against that now, unless they can get more than their franchises.

            1. Best exclusives ? Smash bros , X , Mario Kart 8 , Tropical freeze , Pikmin 3 , 3D world , Bayonetta 2 , W101 , Sonic Lost world , Windwaker HD , Yoshi Yarn , SMT X FE. Nintendo has by far the best line up of exclusives.

              Ok , TLOU is one of the best games of the generation , but that doesn’t mean that Nintendo doesn’t have the best exclusives overall. Naughty dog are Amazing developers, But overall Nintendo’s exclusives dwarf Sony’s.

              1. they get way more games and exclusives, while nintendo makes us wait for games. yes they do have the best exclusives but they are feeling tired because they rely to much on the same franchises now.

                1. Monolith Soft X, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, The Last Story, Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower…..I could go on…but no Nintendo is providing new franchises and old ones for the Wii and Wii U

                  1. you mean the 3 rainfall games noa wernt going to even bring over??? yeah all good games i bought them all, they could have a lot more games on that list if they fucking localized them!!! so in the end nintendo really hardly has nothing besides rehashing their franchises. they only care about their franchises. nintendo has way to many faults with them since the wii.

                    1. Someone’s behind the times.
                      They’ve stated they’re changing their policies since then to promote global releases and quicker localizations.
                      This is actually starting to show with the 3DS especially in Europe.
                      I have to say though.
                      NoA sits on their fucking asses all the damn time.
                      I swear to god they need to step it up.
                      And no, Nintendo’s faults are nothing of what you listed.
                      But I didn’t expect anything from the child throwing around the latest buzzwords to begin with.

                    2. So PS3 is getting the Symphonia games remade? Cool, but I completed them 100% on GameCube and Wii years ago, and you complain about Nintendo getting games late, fuck logic. Yeah, they are remakes, but after all they’re the same game with prettier sprites. So, yeah, “if those were on Nintendo”, kid, they were on Nintendo FIRST. ToS 2 came out on Wii on 2008, ToS came out on NGC on 2002 or 2003, don’t remember. About “rehashing franchises”, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me which are the best 360 and PS3’s exclusives? You’ll surely come off with Halo (8 Halo games in 11 years), Gears of War (4 in, like, 6-7 years?), God of War, Uncharted, Killzone…isn’t that like…rehashing a lot? Shut up kid.

                2. What’s feeling tired ? Pikmin , Donkey Kong , Smash bros , Mario Kart ? I don’t think so… 3D mario games aren’t tired either , but I do wish we had Galaxy 3 instead of 3D world…

                  1. fuck galaxy 3, thats the one game other than 3d world that i didnt want. talk about milking a franchise!!!! 3d world will be mre different pathetically even if not the 3d mario game we wanted. a huge 64 style one.

                    1. As someone mentioned the other day , 3D world is just to keep us busy until they make the true 3D mario on Wiiu. And I believe that is the case.

                  2. You’ve gotta admit, Nintendo are trying new things with the 3D Mario franchise. I admire that :)

                    1. Yeah. But if you asked me the question : Galaxy 3 or 3D world , I know which one I would choose.

                      3D world will be amazing , but it looks to be lacking the panache of a usual 3D Mario game….

                    2. Same here, but if 3D world is going to be anything like 3D land, then it will be amazing (hopefully).

                      Although I wish they just made the sequel for the 3DS and focused more on a true 3D Mario game for Wii U.

                    3. @Nintenward. 3D World IS the next true 3D Mario. There have been NO statements about 3D World just “tiding us over until a true 3D Mario comes out for Wii U” from EAD about that. Accept it and let’s move the hell on.

                3. Ignoring Nintendo said last week they are working on new franchises and perfer to announce thouse new IPs close to launch to avoid giving Sony plenty of time to copy.

            2. Tales Of Symphonia 1 and 2 HD on PS3 makes no fucking sense. ToS 1 was only in English on the Gamecube. ToS 2 was a Wii Exclusive. Should be on Wii U. Don’t know what the Fuck Namco was thinking.

      2. Exactly this^ If EA came out with a “*GOOD*” Wii U exclusive or at least a game that was released on Wii U at the same time as Xbox 360 and PS3 it probably would have sold well… 💋

        1. Definitely. If Need for speed would of been a launch title (which was fully possible if they put the effort in and made it sooner) then it probably would of sold about the same as Sonic racing did definitely. But as such it sold about 80K….

      3. Yeah, it was brilliant to launch ME3 at the same time as the trilogy and charge the same price.

        How did EA think that was actually going to work?
        (I did buy and enjoy ME3 quite a bit though :D )

        1. Same!!!! I liked ME3 on Wiiu (got it for a discount) but for others maybe less willing as me and you it was a no go.

  1. The Day worst company in America goes the THQ and VIGIL route, we shall be there, not even smiling just shaking our collective heads at their once held arrogance.

      1. EA’s exercise and party games ranked pretty high in metacritic, so I think that after Wii Fit U hits and everyone goes out and buys it, expect them to come out with a cheap imitation to try and reap in the rewards! EA is only in it for the money, they care nothing of their developers at all!

  2. Bahahaha “We were there with 4 games at launch” Yes, you were with two multiplat sports games that no one in their right mind would buy a WiiU for in the first place, A NFS game a month after the other versions, and the Mass Effect 3 which had already been out since that March while you were releasing a 3 game bundle on other platforms. EA never gave a shit about the WiiU simple as that.

    1. i would have bought ME trilogy on day one would have also gotten ME3 again on the wii u if it had all the dlc. Already have me 2 and me 3 on xbox.

      These companies are waiting to see the epic failure of nintendo which wouldn’t happen

  3. The problem was most games at launch (including non-EA games) were ports of games released months ago, were bad ports, or were just bad games. Fifa 13 lacked an online mode, ME3 came out before, and Madden is Madden. I don’t know what this guy means by “four games.”
    And that’s just EA right there.

    1. Oh Need for Speed. Launch window game, technically. That was the only decent one, but I don’t even like those games. For me, those are arcade games I can play for two Chuck E. Cheese coins.

        1. Yeah, something tells me you can’t drive 120 mph while bashing into police cars very long in real life.

  4. Well if they made good games for the wii U, they may have done better. lol. I don’t like buying the same games over and over again.

  5. What a bald-faced lie. MiiVerse is a wonderful experience full of people.

    We should stop giving audience for EA to even spout off like this.

  6. “We were there with four games for them [at launch]”… Yea, old ports of games that alot of gamers ALREADY have on other platforms. Geez, why do you still wonder that the sales were low? “A real social feeling to our games”… So you want to bring players together and let them enjoy a friendly game? Fair enough, but thats something Nintendo’s done for ages, except not online, but in real life.

  7. “Unprecedented partnership” in action folks.

    I think that 3rd parties like EA are just upset that Nintendo gamers aren’t as inclined to eat their half-baked shit because they know what decent games are, and even if we did munch on the stool samples they gave us, their no guarantee that they’d treat the system any better anyway.

    I’m beginning to really hope for another videogame crash with Nintendo and the indies weathering it.

        1. Listen, that’s exactly how I was with Wii when the 3rd party shaft it. But as I see the Wii U as being more powerful and capable than 360/PS3 as these guys don’t want to realize no matter how much the truth hurts, they’re intentionally shafting Nintendo again not over Wii U specs or install base. But its because the fanboyism makes em who they are. Xbox One will launch the same way with little install base thanks to their DRM mess. Even the PS3 started the same way but did that stop them developing games for it? No. They only have an issue with Nintendo running their business the way they wanted to be as a family-oriented company. That’s way they’re spending more time demolishing Nintendo. They seriously don’t want them around anymore.

          I’m staying with Nintendo this time and will not leave them again because the 3rd party only wants to make them a joke.

    1. well to be positive the shit u is already better than the sega shiturn…… i want to get one and smash it with a sludge hammer.

    1. Whythe hate i dont see lies detected. If you have a wii u you already know that the online thing is crap

      1. Huh? Well I like the Wii U’s online, I don’t have shit tons of little kids messaging me raging at me, or random fucktwats trying to sell me something or look at some whores lopsided tits, just a clean, understandable online service that doesn’t cost a penny. I would like Nintendo to do something similar to PS Plus, maybe throw us a few good VC titles per month for a reasonable fee, other than that, it’s just a very standard online service, which might I add is in its infancy, so many people are so eager to write Nintendo off, to the point it almost makes you wonder if they have an agenda, and if they even know the system was released less than a year ago.

        Remember the Vita? Yeah, what about the 3DS? Eventually we’ll see more support, hell I hope so at least, it’d be a shame for the Wii U to tank, I’d have to be eternally sadface :(


        1. hahaha! whats with the random “PENIS” at the end? It caught me offguard, because you had a very intellectual style going on and then BAM!.. penis. Out of no where lol! 💋

      2. Are you serious? I picked the Wii u deluxe up on Sunday, with two pro controllers, new super mario bros u and preordered, wind waker hd and pikmin, and im blown away at how much I’m usually no miiverse, art is a really strong thing I’m good at, and I’m loving how’s there’s communities based on games and series, you can chat with, go on Wii u chat, its like, facebook, Twitter, Skype and Wii u had a foursome, and its so smooth and runs great, I can’t wait for the future games that will be released, haters like you should shut the fuck up because you need to experience all of Wii u to full grasp its potential.

  8. And close on the heels of this development we have the following News Flash…

    EA has been out of sync with consumer demands and expectations for nearly 10 years straight…. it’s a new record!

  9. **Taking a tour through videogame land**
    “…and on your right you can see the wild EA crapping on the Nintendo”
    **Everyone turns away**
    “Nothing to see here folks, just EA being crappy…” 💋

  10. Well when you don’t put your best foot forward all the way, what the hell do you expect?

    The bare minimum is rarely satisfactory and those games proved it, EA.

  11. “An offline experience,” YES

    Give me more of those, I like those a lot, offline all the way please.

  12. They feel so proud about those 4 games…

    They’ve said it now 3 times in less than 2 weeks…

    I wouldn’t touch any of those even if my life depended on it…

    How about you release a great 100% put your hearts in game first on the Wii U for once and then ports to the rest and see if that makes a difference…

      1. Maybe but they lost hundreds of thousand potential customers with their betrayal…

        They lost mine anyway…

        1. That’s the publishers fault, not the developers. You can still enjoy the game, just buy it used off of Ebay after a few months of its release, that way you get a good game, and Ubisoft gets jack,.



      1. Indeed, our desires and intelligence are way higher than the rest…

        After all, we created ourselves first aswell so we are more evolved…

    1. I wonder if they’re aware that gamers prefer an offline game? Yeah, they probably are aware of that, but are trying to alienate us so that they can push the standard of games to a more online and always connected experience, because they know that if everyone’s online, they can make the most money from us that way.

      1. Speak for yourself. I would much rather play game with friends online. Sure I like a single player game every once in awhile, but Nintendo doesn’t make many depth games, most are party type games and are perfect for online.

  13. I don’t want a “social feel” in my video games. I play them to get the hell away from reality, so I don’t appreciate that people that I don’t know and want nothing to do with keeps intruding on my privacy when I’m playing.

    1. As with most gamers these days. They can keep their social shit to their fucking selves, DO NOT WANT.

    2. Agreed, games are supposed to take you to an imaginary place and make you imagine things yourself aswell…

      That’s why I hope they don’t go over the edge with Miiverse…

      Miiverse is the perfect fit for those who wants the social aspect and for those that does not…

      That’s why all these realistic games bores me out…

      And why Nintendo is the first choice forever…

      1. Miiverse is garbage….come on. I got banned for saying the VC was crap and calling the Nintendo defense force that jumped down my throat delusional.Literally the words crap and delusional got me banned. That and the fact that I wasn’t praising their every move. I have been platinum for as long as I can remember. I’m ready to throw in the towel with these guys……

        1. Although I don’t agree that Miiverse is crap…

          I do agree that they are way overprotectice…

          They have to relieve the restrictions a bit…

          Do people complain on Miiverse at all about this?…

          1. You can’t complain on miiverse. You get banned. Anything negative gets deleted by the mods. If you keep.going they ban you. This is the problem. Nintendo exists in an alternate reality called headinthesandville.

              1. Ya thanks. Tell high command to get it the fuck together. Please and thank you………

            1. That was just about Miiverse…

              I’m more dissapointed in the VC right now…

              But hopefully they release GBA and GCN games later on…

  14. Well, the WiiU does feel like an offline console, and w/o Miiverse it would be very bland. Even with Miiverse I really dont feel connected. Nintendo wants people to play locally so that Nintendo can save $, they really are that cheap. Nintendo gamers don’t have many online games to choose from but to have these games as bare as they are concerning online, maybe Nintendo gamers are just not interested in competitive gaming OR they are unaware of what they are missing, since Wii was not very online friendly. One thing is clear though, there seems to be only a handfull of core gamers on WiiU.


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  16. Soooo, basically what I have been saying along time. No DRM riddled mess and no ability to have it, means no EA.

    And a new day and yet another EA comment smearing the Wii U.

  17. The last time I was in a online public room, the first thing I literally heard was the N word. I think I prefer a offline experience.

    1. Either I’ve been really lucky with my four years of online experience with PS3 or You’ve been really unlucky (or played on an Xbox which I have no experience of).

  18. If they want to give a “real social feel” to their games, What the hell do they think Miiverse is about?!

  19. lol old ports/games nobody is interested in them and they are wondering nobody is playing online -.- FU EA

  20. What? I give up…..why are all western third parties so stupid and arrogant? I know the financial situation of game development is difficult right now, but come on, you first need investment to get your money back! A tree doesnt grow apples until after a few years of hard watering! (sorry if that sentence didnt make sense, but I was too lazy to look the words up :P)

  21. Most of you already made the important point, that EA released either shoddy or out-of-date ports. They lost their right to moan out poor sales the moment they decided to take gamers for fools. And I don’t know what they’re on about, saying that WiiU feels like an offline console… it is designed to be always online! Connected to wara wara, Miiverse, in game use of the internet, Wii U chat, automatic updating. It’s just more nonsense from EA staff.

  22. funny.. when i read that i was thinking “EA has been out of sync with their customers for a while”

  23. all of ea’s games at launch were garbage ports and they expected high sales hahaha. clown devs are hilarious.

  24. EA you helped make the Wii U’s online you idiots. Just cause it doesnt have microtransactions you flap your lips. Wii U has a bigger fanbase then PS4 and Xbox One.

  25. Ha! It all makes sense now!
    EA is going to try to push into leading the way to all digital, and Nintendo isn’t currently supporting that push, so they lower support!
    That figures.

  26. I dont understand this article .. I have over 340 hours played MH3U online on my Wii U and over 45 hours plaed online of Injustice. WTF is wrong with this fucking company.

  27. Screw EA, they want to stick it to Nintendo because Iwata said in regards to used games sales depleting new game sales, “make better games so people don’t want to trade them in.” That was a slight at EA, which was awesome.

  28. Meh, what else you have to say EA? you say clearly that your four games were selling decently, and now you are saying that you are disappointed about their sales? give me a break you douchebags, you are just acting like a girl in her period.

  29. If I recall, didn’t EA REMOVE most of those online capabilities themselves? Nintendo really shouldn’t let them continue to make games for their hardware, because they keep on butchering their games, and then blaming it on Nintendo. Heck, they made their games that look great on the 360, somehow look worse on the Wii U… how do you manage to do that? I seriously think EA might be trying to run a smear campaign. good thing it’s only EA and not a company that matters, or is well liked.

  30. To be fair, EA’s online future is one I couldn’t give a damn about. Nintendo told them to take a hike in relation to Origin, so they can indeed, take a hike.

    Also, four EA games, two of which were lazy ports, one that was released with no real rhyme, reason or direction, and one that to be fair, a British developer towed the line and was half decent, isn’t enough of a reason to allow them to chirp. Until they release a full library of non-gimped, full-value games that aren’t half-assed jobs in which five year old’s could do better using crayons and a block of chalk, only then will they have overall permission to chirp.

    EA’s rhetoric is a tired and sorry one, and let’s be honest, while some of their games are good, their business practices and PR stints need to be dramatically changed. I can’t see that happening any time soon.

  31. I’m going to laugh when they try the same garbage with the ps4 and xbox. lol. It won’t work there iether.

  32. I don’t understand: how is the WiiU an offline experience? It’s got the capability to be a very fun online console, if it is an offline experience that’s because the producers of the game WANT it to be an offline experience. I just find EA’s comments a pathetic excuse for their lack of support. It’s not like if I ever cared, anyway, but it sucks for the people who do. People should just leave their prejudisms and the neverending competence and just play games for fun :)

    Just skip to 1:53 and listen to the rest of the video.

    This man’s speech basically debunks all of these stupid fanboy arguments.

    As for the article, I’ve learned not to listen to Western developers since it’s almost impossible to tell what’s paid for and what isn’t. It’s best to just play what you like and form your own opinion.
    Sonytendo for me, forever and always~

  34. EA will keep up with the anti-Wii U rhetoric because they’re still mad that Origins isn’t on Nintendo’s console. That’s what it’s about.

  35. What, the 4 games that had already been released on other consoles that no one wasn’t going to buy cause they already had them? Good one EA.

  36. EA has lost their right to complain about games not selling if they only put effort into one game for that thing, and that was Need For Speed.
    Everything else was a bad port.

    Release some games and treat all the versions equally.
    Then we’ll talk.

    1. I guess Nintendo wasnt willing to implement Online Passes,
      so EA went to ps4 and xb1, which both can have used game drm at publishers discretion.

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