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Ubisoft Says ZombiU Wasn’t Profitable, No Plans For Sequel


Yves Guillemot, Chairman and CEO of Ubisoft, has revealed that Wii U exclusive ZombiU wasn’t profitable for the company. Guillemot says the game wasn’t even close to profitable so they chose to make Rayman Legends a multiplatform title. Guillemot went on to say that there are currently no plans, or any desire, to make a sequel to ZombiU.

Yves Guillemot, Chairman and CEO of Ubisoft, is typically one of the biggest proponents of new systems, but betting big on the Wii U didn’t work out well for the company. ZombiU, one of the most popular launch titles for the system with players, was not profitable, he says. Not even close. As such, he says, there are no plans (or even desire) for a sequel.

It was, in fact, because of that game’s performance that Ubisoft decided to make Rayman Legends a multiplatform game.

235 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says ZombiU Wasn’t Profitable, No Plans For Sequel”

  1. Let’s be honest, there were faults with the game. If it had a bit more refinement it would have been better, and it probably would have sold more.

    In any case, the refinements we’d like to see will never come to be. Oh well.

    1. I don’t think it would have sold more, simply because units didn’t sell much… I really liked the game though and thought it was one of the better games I have played

    2. There were glitches, but the Dev team was interactive and supported the game.

      This was because the WiiU install base has been shitty, and Nintendo did not get enough mature gamers to buy a WiiU along with the game…

      I blame Nintendo for me not getting a ZombiU sequal. >:(
      FUCK!!! (Wad I the only person who loved that game?)

      1. I loved the game also. I believe the Game has sold nearl 400K including bundle sales. Not bad for a game with a Metacritic in the 70’s. And the game wasn’t high budget not at all…. it took them 1 year to turn it from Killer freaks from out of space into ZombiU.

          1. 400K was really good considering circumstances.

            It sold 400K in EU and US alone on an installed base of 2M in those countries at the time.

            Ubisoft already said they were pleased with the sales with their Wiiu launch titles , so I think they are just being butthurt and damage controlling now.

            1. I dunno…as a gamer since 1986, I feel a bit disappointed on what the gaming world is turning into. Hopefully, Nintendo will keep trying to bring different experiences, as those are the reasons i’m sticking with them

                1. Agreed. All the 3rd party games I bought were quite boring: Batman, AC3, ME3, Need for Speed, Darksiders 2 was almost good

                2. Cugno of Destiny of Darkness of ecc.

                  I’m fine playing stuff with movie-like plots.
                  As long as I can PLAY them, you know.

                3. SOOOO true, I hate games now, just interactive movies (last of us, heavy rain, cod) were is the fantasy and fun into them, the reason there is videogames!!!

            2. seriously? it sold that much? that’s a lot for a 3rd party launch title. why the fuck is ubisoft just pulling reasons to not support the wii u out of there asses now? i thought the where better than that.oh and rayman origins barely scraped over 1 million sales with all three platforms combined, better not make another rayman.

              1. Yep. Did you know – Rayman Origins sold less than 100K on all platforms in its first month.

                But it sold continualy at a steady rate for about a year…

            3. ZombiU sold better than AC3 for Wii U. Over 400 000 games sold for under 4 million consoles are great sales. Nintendo just needs to get more people to buy console itself.

      2. And what is wierd is that Ubisoft already said they were happy with the sales of the Launch titles didn’t they ? I’m sure they did.

        1. So, the game sold 400k+ and wasn´t high-budget…I don´t get these guys…no love for the art anymore…Anyway, I loved the game

          1. I have been seeing through Ubifails bullshit since the Wii U Launch. People thought I was crazy and didn’t know what I was talking about. Now you people see for yourself they aren’t what they appeared to be. This whole time they were the biggest Wii U supporter was just a false smile they were hiding behind to get people to like them. Believe it or not Indie Devs are the new best thing. 3rd Party have all slipped. Capcom is still good with Nintendo look at the Monster Hunter exclusive contract Nintendo has.

      3. No, don’t blame Nintendo. It’s not their fault Boobisoft pushed out this shit game and charged out the ass for it despite it being a 7/10 at best.

        1. It was a very good game, no matter what you read on Metacritic. A true return to the genre; and actually sold very well in relation to the console. 1 in 8 Wii U owners have this game (approx.); which shows there just wasn’t enough Wii U’s out there. It was Nintendo’s fault.

    3. We should rewind to the launch of the PS3 and 360 and see how many third party games were profitable then (not many, if any at all).

      Publishers were happy to go with their sunk costs then (and killed dozens upon dozens of studios in the process), but as ever pull out at the first sign of trouble on Nintendo platforms.

      The concept of basing the potential sales of a 2D platformer like Rayman on the performance of a bloody zombie survival horror is just mind boggling.

      1. How many PS3 launch games were there? Not many. And a lot of devs and publishers gave the PS3 the cold shoulder for quite a few years because it wasn’t selling well and was difficult to develop for.

        Remember the whole, “PS3 has no games” thing?

        1. Did Ubisoft ever threaten to pull PS3 support when Haze bombed? They were the publisher of that game, if you remember.

          1. Not that I can recall. But they also didn’t make a sequel to Haze or any other exclusive titles on the PS3.

            Ubisoft isn’t pulling support for the Wii U. They have a good number of their big titles still coming out on the system. Just Dance, Assassin’s Creed, Watch_Dogs, Rayman, etc. They just aren’t making a sequel to ZombiU or any more exclusive games at the moment.

            1. What do you think “we’ll see how things are at Christmas and then take it from there” means? They’ve already announced their next wave of multiplatform games after those you listed, with no mention of the Wii U for those as yet.

              When Haze bombed, Ubisoft weren’t quoted as saying ‘well we’ll see how Assassin’s Creed does on the platform this holiday season and take it from there’, they just carried on making games.

              1. Dude…. It’s a business. Whether or not they are quoted in the media as saying that, they scrutinize all of their investments the same way. PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and so on.

                If they do not see any returns time after time on a system, of course they aren’t going to keep throwing money carelessly into it.

                Don’t let the media skew your thinking.

                1. Do you understand what the term ‘mind share’ means?

                  It’s bullshit corporate PR speak, but it’s somewhat relevant here. When you come out with negative statements, you create a negative mindset.

                  Whether they were reviewing PS3 development or not in 2007/08, they certainly didn’t go shouting from the rooftops about it, thus they didn’t do anything to foster a negative environment. The same was true of every major third party, and the PS3 eventually recovered from late 2009 onwards after the launch of the Slim, and plenty of those third parties had their sunk costs recovered after multiple releases.

                  Here, we have the negative mindset being created publicly, not privately, by several major players after a handful of releases. How do you think that helps the situation? Where is the sunk cost mentality now?

                  Now lets take their stance on the PS4/Xbone… They’re making all their games for those platforms because they expect their audience to go to those platforms because they’re making all their games for those platforms.

                  It’s cyclical thinking, which you rarely see with third parties and Nintendo. Instead it’s test games, left and right, and even when Nintendo gamers pass those tests (like RE4: Wii), all they get is scraps because the other games are too far along to suddenly port.

    1. Yeah. Especially how they’re investing in The Crew for them systems as well. That game, I bet, would cost 10x as much as ZombiU to develop.

              1. well….. i havnt bought it and i refused my brother from buying it. thats because the game is supposed to kind of suck and its just whack o mole with zombies. have like no weapons hardly or moves, and you hit each zombie with a paddle thing like 4 times a piece before they die. some people like it though but the majority hate it. it looked promising but didnt deliver, and thats a reason why not having a sequel sucks because i thing it could become a really great game, they just need to fix the problems. i would say pathetically rent it first, which i might do.

                  1. wtf….. im not going to buy a game that supposed to suck. i would rather play fatal frame 4, or eternal darkness 2. the game is to mixed and a lot of people say its bad. if it drops to 20$ ill buy it.

                    1. You have a teenager logic, I´m sorry for you…Unless you ARE a teenager. ‘Cos teens don’t think for themselves. They go for a trend, like sheep

                      1. no retard……. i just think the game looks like shit, it plays like shit and ive heard it was shit. trend??? no, i dont go for trends like a sheep. ive bought so many titles that are not mainstream more than them than what is. thats retarded. maybe when i TRY it ill change my mind but from what ive seen and heard im not going to buy it for what it costs.

                      2. Everyone I know that has played it, enjoyed it. Ignore the reviews, none of them are reliable.

                  2. Yeah it looks like they didn’t put much into this game. A sequel was well needed too so that they could fix all the problems and add a deep story to it and the sequel would have sold well in my opinion. The game got kind of bad reviews so I think that’s why people didn’t buy it. The sad part was that before this game released it was highly anticipated

                    1. no shit…. it sold good for launch and i would have bought it if it was as good as everybody was hoping. its their fault it could have easily hit over a million if they made a really solid game.

                      1. It’s weird because the other 3rd party devs are doing the same thing to the Wii U. They port half assed games to the Wii U then they say it didn’t sell well and that they won’t make any other game for it when it’s their fault. Ubisoft didn’t do much with this game and it doesn’t sell well and they say there’s no sequel when it’s their fault it didn’t sell well.

                        1. well sort of their fault, for one where were the advertisements!!!! also sadly this was the only 3rd party game that wast like a lazy ass port. no one is going to buy a shitty port of an old game for full price!!!! thats their excuse to why 3rd party games dont sell on nintendo!!!!!! thats bullshit, so when like wonderful 101 comes out and bayonetta hopefully nintendo advertises them and people buy them.

                1. I have it. Besides the game breaking glitches that have Fu Med my save file over 3 times and only 1
                  else weapon its good. But the game breaking glitches ruined the game.

          1. “I”even bought this JUST to support the friggen game… I haven’t even played it!!!!!!! 💋

              1. I don’t like Survival Horror :P I really ONLY bought the game to support Ubi and ZombiU. I was too hoping for a sequel (despite the fact that I wouldn’t actually play it :P) 💋

                1. I think you’ll like this one. Is nowhere near Resident Evil, and it feels more, how can I say…human. You’ll feel it like real for real ;)

        1. I think the reason it didn’t sell well is because the game wasn’t very good and was obviously rushed to get out by launch.

          1. It actually was pretty good it got a 9.5 I believe in Nintendo Power, thats a higher score than what NSMBU got, a 8 something so that means it was pretty decent. They said, “Good Game, Bad Name.”
            I hope they make a sequel to Super Princess Peach. That game was actually great.

        2. “This game that wasn’t that great didn’t sell well, therefore we thought it made sense to take a sequel to a well known acclaimed series of a completely different genre that was supposed to be exclusive as well and make it multiplat” They couldn’t sound any dumber if they tried.

        3. I think the reason it did’nt sell well is because people bought more safer bets on launch. I personally have’nt bought it yet because the game was £45 for ages; now that it has finally come down below £20 I will buy it.
          I think these big developers only make money in the first three months, so for many of them, unless the game is amazing, they are destined to lose money.
          Ubisofts games are always hit and miss so it’s no surprise that many people didnt take a risk.

          1. It was true “Survival Horror” Not the bullshit Resident Evil 5- present is. It’s NOT a shooter, it’s survival horror. If you like that genre, You’ll love it.

            1. RE4 isn’t survival horror either. >_> Its what caused 5-6 and the pos revelations to be made. People wanted more of the lame ass action movie Resident evil so that’s what they got.

          2. You think buying the game at £20 would make it profitable!? To profit on a game you need to buy it AT LAUNCH!💋

          1. If it wasn’t profitable than that just means they spent WAYYYY too mich making the game, because ZombiU still sold a crap load. 💋

            1. A bit over 400,000 is not a crap load. :/ Unfortunately, these games cost millions upon millions to develop, market, and manufacture. Even 1 million copies sold isn’t enough for these games to be profitable anymore these days. ;/

              Gotta be an indie dev or something.

        4. I love Zombi U. It’s one of a very select group of games that I haven’t sold. I don’t blame Ubi for not making a sequel though; I blame frikkin’ Nintendo fans for being unwilling to support a very good, exclusive third party game. They are the ones responsible for isolating Nintendo from other developers. I hope they’re proud…

          1. ^This

            For me it’s like the original Resident Evil – it’s not graphicall the best, nor is the gameplay or script/voice acting. But at its core it was a solid first person survival horror game with a great concept.

            However due to a low install base not too many people tried it due to various factors. A great shame Ubisoft wouldn’t even consider a second spin with a sequel that sorts the previous installments flaws in a couple years when the install base picks up.

            However I do understand EA and Ubisoft’s position. Maybe when the PS4 and XBO are released they’ll realise that sales for all consoles are sluggish on the first year, see that Nintendo are still alive and have a growing install base and change their minds and start bringing out next gen games for the system.

            1. Here are 3 guilty in order:
              Ubisoft for making a very lazy game
              The press for destroy all the hype with teir stupid rewievs
              And Nitendo fans for that reasons…lets be honest this game it wasnt sold very well on other platforms.

          2. ^ This. I am 100% behind you on this comment. Although I’d add, more the fault of Nintendo’s shitty strategy to get the WiiU adopted. A higher install base is needed to increase the percent of candidates for the survival horror genre. What a fucking shame, But I don’t blame Ubi either.

          3. Big 3 are overrated

            Im glad to see that not everybody here arent blind N fanboys. I agree with everything you said. I just have to face the cold truth that we will never get the SNES kinda 3rd party support anymore besides on their handhelds. Seems like Ps4+3ds is the best choice atm.

          4. I just had a realization. Why didn’t they push it onto the 3DS? The system has a LARGE fanbase already and we are lacking that one zombie game. The bottom screen could have the bag and you’d have easier acess to inventory and it’d be just amazing to push the 3ds to its limits! Plus it could’ve been Zombi3DS. What is Ubisoft thinking. I understand from a buisness view but why determine it only on the WiiU that isn’t exactly having the best start.

            1. Yeah that’s a great point. No idea why they didn’t bother with this idea. They probably would’ve gotten better sales then.

          5. Alls considered, the game still sold half a million units on a console with only 3 million adopters. I don’t see any air of being ‘unwilling to support’ there.

          6. I was excited for it when it was killer freaks from outer space, but I don’t like Zombie games, and I’m not into survival horror, so I was disappointed with the shift cause I loved the designs and more comical action I saw in Killer Freaks. Honestly, it sold to like 10-20% of the initial install base, and for a niche genre like this, that’s really good. Rayman would’ve done much better hitting in the middle of a game drought in a genre that most gamers will play happily, and it’s a known, popular, trusted franchise and not a new IP. Rayman probably would’ve sold double ZombiU, at least. They may have made the right call, from a business perspective, but they definitely didn’t have a good reason for it. And ZombiU was a launch system exclusive, the budget should’ve been tight on it. If it wasn’t that’s Ubisoft’s own fault. I’m sorry I wasn’t interested in the game, if I was I would’ve gotten it. I got NG:3RE and Darksiders 2 and AC3. The only one of those that didn’t hook me was AC3, so I guess Ubisoft just isn’t my gaming company

        5. I think Ubisoft is lying. ZombiU was probably the second or 3rd best selling Wii U game at launch and Wii U sold 3 million at launch

          1. Maybe…. It was a good game, one I only rented, but would play again even though I beat it… Felt bad I fucked some of it up and I liked the idea that once your dead, you couldn’t reset it or anything… oh well… maybe they’ll come around if the system picks up some steam

        6. It finally went on sale in the states at gamestop for30.I decided to buy to see what all the hype was about and was severely dissapointed.The aiming was terrible,movement was slow and plotting.Respawning was a head scratcher.Objectives were difficult to understand.meh,I got game and wario and couldn’t be happier

          1. Ok. So you didn’t play.
            Thanks for trying. Everything you said proves you play FPS (Aiming, respawning, etc)
            You used a fucking bat. I had no problem aiming, and you always start as a new guy, in the SAME SPOT when you die… How the hell did it confuse you that a new survivor always wakes up in the bunker?

            1. Dude. Calm down. The guy just said his opinion. He said he BOUGHT the game AND game and wario. Him complaining about the control isn’t him being a FPS maniac. Don’t put words in his mouth man. Like drake from drake and josh, “Woah, take it easy man.”

            2. I bought this game because its one of the only decent fps on wiiu.Its a decent game just not for me.Why do you care if I like the game or not? Opinions are like assholes,everyones got one.This game isnt the end all, be all..Get over yourself

        7. I guess they haven’t reach the breakeven sale yet. I would expect the digital copies will improve the sales.

          1. It’s only 15$ used at gamestop now.So they have made about all $ their going to make.I love buying used game cheap but I am starting to see how it hurt’s the dev’s.Nintendo’s first party games are the only ones that retain any real value year after year.I am playing the last of us and it is great.But I will trade it in for around 40$ after it beat it. Because if in a year I want to play it again it will cost 15$ used.

            1. That is a interesting point and probably the reasons why developers want to put out digital copies. Also Microsoft wanted to bring used games sale to the developers in the first place on Xbox One. We need some some kind of agreement between developers and gamers.

              It either hurting us or the developers. Kinda a tradeoff eh?

        8. Sure. Making a business strategy regard to Rayman Legends based on ZombiU is full of sense.

          Mostly because they are the same type of game, and are intended to be purchased by the same type of consumer.

          1. Thats what I’m saying! I mean think about it. You think Nintendo fans will play more of Rayman Legends? Or ZombiU?…. Ubisoft will be like “Oh guess we were wrong. Rayman Legends actually sold a substantially larger amount of copies on the Wii U than Xbox 360 and PS3..” -__- 💋

              1. Sound like you start to doubt Nintendo and the Wii U.

                Yea I kinda have a drought with my Wii U until the holiday I guess. Good thing I enjoy playing VC games because that is the only thing I using my Wii U for.

                1. My opinions on Nintendo haven’t changed. The Wii U isn’t doing too well by industry standards right now, but I expect that to change going into 2014. Nintendo has been in the business a long time; They will be able to turn it around. It may not be a generation as profitable as the last for Nintendo, but it will still find its own success.

                  I never expected full third-party support on the Wii U and I never expected *most* multiplatform games to sell the most on the Wii U either. What’s more, I never expected launch games to do superlative numbers. That’s just unrealistic in this day and age.

                  Nintendo’s strong suit consists of their intellectual properties. Once the bigger games that people have been waiting on hit the Wii U, it will sell systems and game sales will increase on the system.

            1. Actually, my bet is 360 and PS3 Rayman Legends versions will outsold the Wii U version – see what happened to Rayman Origins. But you made a point when said that a 2D platform is something the Nintendo core gamers want. This is exactly what a Ninty gamer looks for, and due the absence of big hitters during the Wii U window launch, Rayman Legends would do very, very well.

              At least on Wii U, Rayman Legends will have strong competitors by September/the rest of 2013 to deal with.

              But time will tell whether Ubi did the right choice making Rayman Legends going multiplat.

        9. Big 3 are overrated

          And there you have it. This is what happens when you dont support 3rd parties. Thank you all ” I only buy Nintendo games” thank you very much! Seems like Wii u will be just another N only console. Ps4+3ds combo ftw.

                    1. Big 3 are overrated

                      Ofcourse i keep playin them sadly its not possible on wii u just like it isnt possible to play ffxv on wii u, but hey you got your denpa men right? hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!! Well atleast there is still 3ds and ps4 for those who want more variety from their games.

                      1. Derp…variety…derp…shooters…action shooters…rpg shooters…side-scrolling shooters…movie shooters derp

        10. Why would ubisoft do anything but multiplatform? An exclusive zombie shooter on a Nintendo system? I would’nt bet my money on that. Rayman have a better chance I think.

        11. I don’t own a WiiU but I would’ve bought this game. Although, from what I’ve seen before, the game didn’t have a deep plot to it, but attempted to. Then you have the weapons from which I saw, the better being the bat. I believe I saw a walkthrough of a guy JUST using the bat. The game really does/did have potential. They just need to think more outside the box. The game’s sequel should’ve dealt more on the story since they already established a backstory. All in all I’d Give it an 7.5/10 with the minus being lack of intuitive weapon choices and lackluster story except for a few details. Still looks like a good game nonetheless.

          1. how do you rate a game you didn’t play… Story was all right… just short… it was a good intro…. we need a sequel, so this sucks

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        13. I bought it on launch and while I did NOT love it, it was a great launch game. It got WAY too hard of criticism. I love how Ubisoft supports new systems with games, anybody notice they are always there with games day one for new systems, that takes guts to do and I respect that. Sounds like simple business decisions and their part.

          I blame weak marketing on Wii U struggles, it wasn’t presented as different enough from the Wii for everyday gamers nor did it appeal to hardcore gamers at all.

          At this point I only play mine when I need to use off screen play, that WILL change once this years holiday arrives and more desirable games are out.

          1. I mean… PS3, etc…. usually new systems have better graphics and new tech… what else should they do?
            I don’t even use the off screen play, but whatever… Ubisoft is hit or miss… ZombiU was way better than assassin’s Creed, which has terrible controls and mechanics… and Arkham city is great, and it is only too bad that it came out so far after the other versions, because the Gamepad is legit in that game

        14. First, I wish they released this information oh idk… MONTHS ago!! Second, why would a survival horror game sell better than a cartoony platformer on a NINTENDO system? and Third, Ubisoft’s ZombiU was criticized for many things that could be greatly improved upon with a sequel. So why would they not even consider one? It would surely be more successful than the first… Ubisoft logic=0 right now. 💋

          1. You are just describing red steel. Red steel 2 was AMAZING they fixed everything they got the controllers right. And dint sell as well. And at the time they released the sequel wii had a lot of audience. So this may explain why theyre not risking another failure. Lets hope they get zombiu2 on ps4 someday.

            1. You know whats funny… I bought Redsteel and loved it. I did NOT even know there was a Redsteel 2 until you just told me. So I think the problem was that they didn’t market it well….or at all… 💋

              1. Are you kidding me, Red Steel was garbage.
                Red steel 2 is one of the wii games ever. U need toget it. Its amaizing

        15. Wow ubisoft are you kidding me? This was probably the only ubisoft game I actually liked and was looking forward to a sequel. That’s dissapointing to hear, first no f zero now this? Well…at least Last of Us multiplayer is a refreshing experience.

        16. FUCK MY LIFE, why its so hard to be a Nintendo fan. Everyday its just bad news. I was rlly waiting for Zombiu2 was really excited since the dev team had ideas and shit for the game.

        17. Oh no! You mean we aren’t going to get a sequel to this completely original and totally not generic game?! But there aren’t enough zombie-themed games out there. Don’t do this to us, Ubisoft :(((((((

          Hah, yeah right.

          1. I have to kindly disagree. The Zombie genre is getting ridiculous yes, but this game had a mechanic that was refreshing and a fresh breath of air. The whole “if you get killed, find your past self and get the items” was pretty good in the game. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% original but you shoulsnt write it off so easily.

        18. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          I didn’t get this because it got crap reviews. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t like to waste money on games I’m not going to enjoy.

          1. You shouldn’t always trust reviews. I generally watch walkthroughs and see if I spot any glitches, broken game mechanics, the story, and the gameplay. This way, I can see how it is and not always trust the words on a screen.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              I don’t always trust reviews, but I also listened to people who played the game. One friend said it was trash, and others said you could just use the cricket bat the whole time. Broken game mechanic right there.

              1. Exactly. I rather have a close friend telling me about it or watch a walkthrough and judge myself. The cricket bat is the only real weapon you need sadly so the “survival” element was almost completely taken away. Ubisoft needs to understand that instead of giving up, to retry and get this abandoned IP a revival. Its for the best now that they are going to be just pushing AC year after year now and Ubisoft are going to end up becoming stale after Watch_Dogs.

                1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                  Not only that, I feel like people are getting over zombies. It’s always a new thing that people are thinking will end us. World War III/nuclear war, robots becoming self-aware, wide-spread disease, apes evolving lol, and zombies. Zombies are losing their grip, so it’s now or never to make ZombiU. No one will want anything to do with zombies in a couple of years.

        19. I’m sorry, but the survival horror genre has never been insanely popular. The Walking Dead by Tell Tale had just won GOTY. I’m sure that was hard to compete with. On top of that, we’re coming off of a huge Zombie craze, and people are tired of seeing them. Also, the game was called ZombiU. I hate to say this, but that kind of name doesn’t scream, “I have to buy this!” I’m not saying Nintendo doesn’t take any blame, but they certainly don’t deserve the entirety of it.

        20. Crap.. this is really pissing mee off . I really liked Zombi U .. im seriusly thinking of trading in my wii u for ps 4 now if nintendo dont get their shit togeather now :/

          1. Just hold off for a little bit longer. The WiiU will catch up sooner. If everyone traded in their 3DS when it got rough, then we wouldn’t have all the amazing games we have now. The only thing that you as a consumer can do, is support these third party developers so they can get back on their feet with the WiiU despite all the negative they are doing.

        21. The game was a B at best. Ubisoft should shut up. They messed up with Rayman legends now they want to hide tail. Following in the footsteps of EA. Nintendo should never let third parties launch their system ever again. Bunch of ungreatful leeching DRM punks modern third parties are.

        22. ofcourse it wasn’t profitable. It was barely a game. Pretty shallow experience. Not only that, but this game started off as something else, then halfway through development got switched into a zombie game. Who knows how much money was wasted in that transition. They expected a profit from this sink hole of a project?

        23. In all fairness, while I liked Zombi U, it wasn’t the best made game. The graphics weren’t that great, some glitches, etc. Therefore, with Ubisoft selling a half million copies on a game that didn’t look like they put a significant amount of resources into it is impressive in my opinion. In fact, Ubisoft said that they rushed Zombi U to have it ready at launch. Considering that Rayman Legends looked like they invested a significant amount of time and money, they should’ve released it for the Wii U when it was scheduled. Everyone wanted to play that game, especially since it was scheduled to come out during the Wii U game drought. I would’ve purchased it on day one just your have something to play regardless of reviews. I believe alot of Wii U owners would’ve done the same. But to have it come out during the same time frame as Grand theft Auto and other titles, was a bad decision in my opinion. Legends for me is at the bottom of the list now, as I imagine it will be for most players. I’ll eventually get it, but I’ll wait till I can get it at a bargain price like $20 or less.

        24. Some people don’t like zombie games with jump scares.
          Did they think they were going to sell 2 million units or something?

        25. Considering that this game isn’t very accessible, I figured demand would be low compared to games like Assassin’s Creed III. Or maybe next-gen development costs outweighed income from sales.

        26. The press went well out of its way to destroy this game. They HATED a pretty good Zombie game. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t an unplayable mess like professional reviewers would have you believe.

        27. So what they are saying is they expected a M-Rated game to sell really well to what was a small user base which would mostly be families at Christmas time who bought it. And they should hold back the family friendly game which would sell units and software, so it could come out later on the system, while does have a large user base, most of which is more into mature games.

          Is anyone in the game industry actually still looking at marketing trends anymore? They could have been so much smarter about this. When you fail in business don’t look for a scapegoat own up to your mess.

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        29. I don’t know, Ubi executives these days have this art of contradicting each other so perfected that I wouldn’t be surprised if Xavier Poix announced ZombiX & ZombiY to be released in october for 3DS.

        30. It is now apparent to me and many other here that NINTENDO must go it alone this gen its going to be a rocky ride but i have faith in NINTENDO’s big releases pushing the Wii U format into profit(and thats all that really matters people) 3rd parties just have a NINTENDO bias. If you dont believe me where were EA & UBISOFT with there insults and thinly veiled swipes when the PS3 was dead on arrival oh yeah they kept there mouth shut. They can get away with insulting NINTENDO because of its fanbase generally not really liking there games i genuinely dont want them on the Wii U format now or any NINTENDO system ever again to be honest it’s after going too far with these publishers it’s bigger than just “saving the Wii U now” it’s about pride and i hope they slowly drift from our shore called NINTENDO and NEVER.. COME.. BACK.. the 3DS has proved we can survive without 3rd parties and for all the perceived flaws of the N64 and GAMECUBE NINTENDO made literally hundreds of millions of dollars off of them(whilst there handhelds made them billions of dollars) thanks to sensible engineering of said hardware and low cost software development that still provided tens of hours of entertainment per title like SUNSHINE, WIND WAKER, OCARINA OF TIME, LYLAT WARS, F-ZERO X, PAPER MARIO, MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH, MARIO 64, MAJORAS MASK, SMASH BROS. & MELEE and all the great fostering of nobodys internationaly into AAA studios like RETRO and RARE and all of the titles associated with them lets all realize we dont need 3rd parties i repeat WE… DONT… NEED… THIRD… PARTIES… lets all move on now shall

          the Lark

        31. lol
          sony wins.
          there will be nothing left in the developers room by the end of the year for poor little nintendo and its rehashes.
          sony wins.

        32. If they do make a sequel, it will be multiplatform… on Xbox One and PS4, and have pause screens for menus…

        33. i hate you yves, what did u expect, its a new IP and u have to buy a new console….u cant expect 3 million sales. you can stick your rayman in your a…nobody will grab your rayman when watchdogs and gta is around the corner.

        34. 400k sales. Bare bones budget and team. Rushed to meet launch. Promoted as much as even possible and more sales were pretty much impossible. And yet they are not pleased? Gaming industry my ass! They finally make a GREAT concept we havent seen in years and now they dont want to make the sequel and make it one of the best games of this new generation? REALLY?

        35. It was an alright game but it looked less polished than should have been expected. There was a chintzy quality to the game… been there done that. The only difference was the use of the gamepad.
          They expected to sell gazillions on a new IP on a new system?
          Rayman Legends can suck my balls… don’t care for the character anyway.
          And just like that… Ubisoft is a company I will probably think secondly before buying their games, just to spite them.

        36. to be honest.. it wasn’t that great either

          it had some very good ideas but their execution was nothing other than shoddy in many cases…

          1. forgot to add:

            ubisoft shouldn’t have completely revamped the game 1 year prior to launch.. classic ubisoft move.. would probably have turned out to be a great game otherwise

        37. This is totally bs. Ubisoft it’s trying to talk for everyone else in the Dev Team.
          I remember a lot of news about the dev team, they want and have a lot of ideas for a sequel. So it’s more the CEO opinion, nothing more. The “desire” is there, but muted, by that CEO asshole.

          1. it was also his (guillemont’s) fuck up for having the game overhauled completely just 1 year prior to launch (game was supposed to be killer freaks from outer space if you recall that from e3 2011)… but does he take responsibility? nah.. he blames it on the platform
            it’s quite hilarious when you think about it

        38. So, ZombiU apparently doesn’t do well, and the publishers say they’re disappointing; it’s instantly a pile of shit?

        39. Zombi U and Batman Arkam City were the better games. That is too bad that there might be no sequel. But i see people doing that “i hate you Ubi and i would never support your company again mentality.” Makes me laugh. So immature.

        40. I haven’t bought it because its review scores were so low, I think that is the reason it didn’t sell, nothing to do with Wii U per se.

        41. This actually doesn’t surprise me in the least. I was interested in Zombi U in the beginning. That is, until I discovered it was a first-person game instead of 3rd-person like Resident Evil 4.

        42. bah!, come on Ubisoft, almost every Wii U owner has Zombi U, knowing that this game wasn’t perfect, there is a lot of people asking for a better sequel, don’t act like EA, ubisoft.

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        44. I loved Zombi U. What a shame. This is the reason Nintendo lost me as a consumer. Now all they do is kiddie games that I’m not interested in. All the babies only buy their baby games. Zombi U is an awesome game, but there no audience on Wii U for it.

          How I miss when they had Rare(Goldeneye,Perfect Dark, Conker), Silicon Knights(Eternal Darkness), Left Field(Excitebike64), Factor 5 (Rogue Squadron games), etc. All this awesome studios used to make games for the ones of us who aren’t interested in the Mario and whatnot games. But Nintendo decided to sell all these studios, they only kept Retro but they put them to work on a kiddie game (Donkey Kong). Nintendo forgot about us who want to play something different.
          If it wasn’t for “Operation Rainfall”, games like Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower would have never been released in the West. Nintendo clearly knows that it’s audience only buys baby games. If it wasn’t for Operation Rainfall this games would have never been released in the West.

          You lost me Nintendo, I was a loyal Nintendo gamer. I’m moving on to where I can play the type of games that I like. I’m more interested in Ubisoft’s “The Division” and “The Crew” than in anything Nintendo showed at E3. Nintendo is out of touch.

          1. Your lost , oh by way nintendo didn’t really own rare they had stock but mirosoft bought most of the stock from investors and nintendo would have no say with the company. Donkey kong is kids game? Yea most kids i know can’t beat dk country 1-4. Plus donkey kong is a hard core nintendo platformer. mario’s platformers are more casual(expect some 3d mario games) plus mario is nintendo’s big guns why wouldn’t a company use character like mario when they have the chance to get more sells. Mario is just for everyone donkey kong has fan base but its not as big as mario’s. Donkey kong games don’t get made all that much and there are like 8 donkey kong games staring dk. Metriod is cool but it needs a break after prime 3 and other m they need to take a break and fix the gameplay a bit. Metriod needs to capture the atmosphere of fusion, prime and super again. Plus retro wanted to work on dk again because they had lots of left over ideas, and they stated they do have some ideas they want to do and use. they worked on three metriods they need a little break from it. Nintendo makes games that anyone can love, anyone can relive and play again and anyone can play. Sony(though i do like them) and mirosoftdon’t really try for everyone they just aim for small groups and their games and characters don’t last forever.

            1. i wouldn’t go so far as to call mario galaxy more casual.. it’s just as hard as most of the DK games

              1. I said some 3d mario gaxley is hard but i was mostly talking about 64 mission for each star was not all that hard but a good gamei still play it today

          2. ” I’m moving on to where I can play the type of games that I like. I’m more interested in Ubisoft’s “The Division” and “The Crew” than in anything Nintendo showed at E3. Nintendo is out of touch.”

            nintendo is making the same type of games they’ve been making for the past 25 years Oo
            are you sure you were a fan of the nintendo games? or did you just like the 3rd party titles they had on their consoles? nintendos style hasn’t changed… someone who actually calls them baby games, which they clearly aren’t
            -*especially* not DK, only an idiot would claim that-
            obviously never enjoyed them

            also to blame THIS on nintendo is utter bullshit.. ubisoft screwed up by releasing a rushed game like zombiU which was meant to turn out utterly different just one year before… they complete changed it and screwed it up in the process

            1. Zombi u was rushed by ubisoft they should have waited a month more or so to add polish to the game and they even stated they were focusing on gameplay but they rushed it and didn’t help the game. I bought the game to show support for third party.

              1. that game needed more than a month if you ask me

                in regards to quality many of the assets should have been completely scrapped and redone and the gameplay also needed quite a few tweaks

                it had some very good ideas but those were mostly ruined by the unfinished state it had been in…

                to this day i don’t understand why they didn’t just go through with killer freaks from outer space…. might have turned out great.. and it wouldn’t have been as rushed

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          1. it’s just ubisoft finally showing their real face again… past are their claims of being a “great supporter” of the wii U which they haven’t really been ever since they pulled off that shit with rayman legends…
            they’re back to their old opportunistic selves i guess blaming their own screwups on whoever is fitting… usually it’s the customer, this time it’s nintendo

        46. thenintendoreviewer

          NO! There was so much untapped potential with this game! A sequel would’ve been a great chance to give Zombi U everything it should’ve had in the first place. Yet Ubi chooses to give up on it. Sad =(

        47. I didn’t get to buy a lot of games on launch and I been having some issues with buying one. I’m making a list of games to buy each month and I want to buy both Pikmin 3 and ZombiU. I’ll support Ubisoft this time because alot of people likes ZombiU and I was actually very excited by it’s trailers. Shame that the game didn’t received a good score.

        48. ZombiU wasnt profitable for my eye graphically, but still liked the game, although not as bad as walking dead

        49. Damn. I was really hoping for a more polished sequel to the game. It was very good and deserved the 9 that Nintendo Power gave it. ZombiU and The Last of Us are doing what the Resident Evil team should have been doing all along by making a survival horror game. The irony is that Capcom made RE5+6 trying to compete with western style games but in the end it was the western companies that made the true survival horror experiences.

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