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Pikmin 3 Includes Worldwide Leaderboards, Outputs At 1080p


The Japanese box-art for Pikmin 3 has surfaced online and it clearly states that the game features worldwide leaderboards so you can see just how well you’re doing against other Pikmin 3 players. The box also says that the long-awaited game outputs at 1080p, but renders in 720p. Here’s the information that is shown on the back of the Japanese Pikmin 3 retail box.

  • Outputs in 1080p – Renders in 720p
  • Nintendo Network: Online Rankings, Miiverse functionality
  • Controller compatibility: GamePad, Wiimote+Nunchuck, Pro Controller
  • Sound: 5.1
  • White & Purple Pikmin relegated to multiplayer mode only

Thanks, Ahmad


102 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Includes Worldwide Leaderboards, Outputs At 1080p”

          1. You really can’t guess why? The WiiU would need that extra power kick to be able to do so, unfortunately.

            1. It’s not just a question of power. Making a console game render at a higher resolution also means having to work on higher-resolution assets, thus increasing workload, and possibly having to sacrifice other visual aspects to achieve it.

              We already know Wind Waker HD and Super Smash Bros. run at 1080p (the latter also at 60fps), so it’s certainly not impossible to achieve on the system.

              1. No you can use any size asset and still render it at 1080p while looking the same, if not better, than rendered at 720p.

              2. Depends on how graphically intensive the game… Wind Waker and Smash isn’t very demanding, hence they can run at full speed in 1080p.

                Pikmin 3 on the other hand is pretty demanding… A better question is Pikmin 3 in 60 fps or 30?

            2. not necessarily true.. they run it at 720p because it gives a more realistic feel to the character models and textures…. i am in college for game art and took a rendering course already sooo…. yea …

            3. the actual reason would probably be the early dev kits they used
              afaik most of the upcoming nintendo games were announced as rendering in 1080p so the power is there apparently

            4. no, they are having Mario kart and smash running at 1080p, 60 fps. The reason why is because this was originally going to be a launch game, and they were aiming for 720p for all the launch games. since, they have stated that all first party games will now aim for 1080p, 60fps, but they delayed this so much. they still had the assets, so they couldn’t really up the res at this point. (at least, I am guessing this is why. it makes the most sense.)

            5. Thats not the problem at all, Wind Waker has been completely redone, the entire ocean is being rendered all at once, it has shaders, bloom etc. etc. and they said it was all being rendered in 1080p. Not every game NEEDS to be 1080p just because the system can do it -.-

      1. lol, why u mad defeated himself!, when he showed this site what a sad loser he is. After all, in the act of attentively posting crap with the frequency he does, he must surely have nothing better to do in his life.

    1. Purple and White Pikmin could only be found underground. Pikmin 3 must not go to underground levels which would explain why we can’t use White or Purple Pikmin in the story mode. It isn’t a big deal, because we can still ise them in the multiplayer!! We can also use OLIMAR in multiplayer too!!! So excited!!!! 💋

      1. There are underground cave levels in pikmin 3, they have shown videos of the stage with little bioluminescent plants all ove the place. Either way its still gonna be fun!

        1. They showed caves, but I don’t think they are “underground.” They look more like caves you find in mountains above ground. IDK for sure, I doubt I have seen all the footage… 💋

          1. There are underground caves where time stops and there are caves that are extensions to the above ground levels.

      2. RIP purples and whites in story mode.
        Anyways, I’m really interested in seeing how Olimar factors into story mode. I will enjoy him in multiplayer mode, though.

      3. I believe it’s local multiplayer only. 90% of the customers wont even know that there even are white and purple pikmin available to use.

      4. aren’t the rock Pikmin basically purple Pikmin anyway? they are heavy, and powerful, just like them…

        1. No. Rock Pikmin weigh the same as normal Pikmin. They have more strength, but they cannot latch onto enemies. Also Rock Pikmin cannot stun enemies like Purple Pikmin.

    2. Somehow I think designing puzzles around 7 different Pikmin types would be kind of a cluster-fuck. Its cool that they’re in the game at all. T_T

    1. Well it will be rendered in 720p and upscaled to 1080p. Not bad but not the best solution. I hoped for full-hd game :\

      1. it was supposed to be a launch game, that is why it is only in 720p. since launch, they have upped their expectations, and now all first party games should run at 1080p, 60fps (from what they have expressed desire in, no solid “this is exactly what will be”). seeing that they made all of the art for 720p upping the resolution wouldn’t look very good.

  1. Sounds nice enough, but to say I’m disappointed by the removal of the white and purple pikmin would be a monumental understatement :/

    That aside, I’m also not particularly interested in leaderboards. I don’t want to know that other people are doing better!

    1. I’m pretty disappointed too. I wanted a rock/purple combo, oh well… I like the leaderboard thing though.

      1. I don’t understand how you lot aren’t happy; Purple Pikmin and Rock Pikmin have their similarities in terms of power. There would be complaints on said similarities and would not hesitate to blame Nintendo for the monotony… again.

        1. They have a lot of similarities, but then again, can rock pikmin lift like purple? That and can rock pikmin daze an enemy like purple(not sure yet). I at least wanted the white in, they had some unique abilities. But yeah in the end it doesn’t matter.

        1. There are 7.1 (7 speakers) is the latest so far and it is out right now. Don’t ask me if Wii U support 7.1 because I would not know. The worst can happen is that Wii U use 5.1 feature for 7 speakers.

    1. No because Batman AC, AC III, Ninja Gaiden, Injustice, and many others are in fact 1080p. IF you statment was “So basically, like EVERY Nintendo game on the Wii U so far” then you will be 100% correct

      1. None of those games are rendered at 1080p. However they are native 720p, something that is actually more advanced than most people think. So it’s still; good to get an upscale to 1080p.

        However Wind Waker, Smash Bros and Mario Kart are the first Wii U games to natively render in 1080p at 60 frames a second. Something a 360 or a PS3 could never do.

        1. Actually there are a few PS3/360 games that are native 1080p. They tend to be 2D based or graphically simplistic but they do exist. I believe Rayman Origins was native 1080p

        2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was also 1080p but whatever. My point it, the Wii U upscales everything regardless so it will always display in 1080p no matter what. This is not a Pikmin 3-specific thing.

        3. For what i know, mario kart 8 will be 720p rendered and then upscaled… i hope i’m wrong of course.

    1. Um just like how every current gen console mostly renders BELOW HD and is upscaled to 720p? Yeah thousands of PS/360 games suck <_<

      1. He said resolution upscaling sucks not the games that do it. Stop being an overly sensitive nintendo fanboy. You’re making the the good fans look bad.

  2. Outputs in 1080p but renders in 720p? What does that even mean? Does it mean that the game is actually native 720p but can go to 1080p if you have a Full HD TV?

    1. Usually games on current gen especially are rendered below 720p, and are outputted or displayed at 720p. And I *think* sometimes games can be locked at 720p.

      Games, especially Wii U games can be rendered natively at 720p, which means they can output upscaled at 1080p.

      Nearly all Wii U games output at 1080p. They are just rendered at 720p. Which is why its amazing for games like Wind Waker top be natively rendered at 1080p

    2. @anonymous it means the game at the core engine level, renders the graphics at 720p, so the game is native 720p and will always look and perform better in that resolution, as that was the res the game was built around!
      However, people who have a 1080p tv, obviously for them, their tv has more pixels available,and so the wii u will basically fill in the blanks and up-scale the image to fit to the 1080p screen, and use all the pixels, this in most cases is worse for the game, since the overall image clarity is effected, and so becomes sightly blurry!

      But not in all cases, some 1080p up-scaled games actually look great, as will most of the wii u games!
      I called it people, i said it, after everyone was banging on about how all the e3 2013 games of Nintendo’s were 1080p 60fps blah blah, i siad it then, they are using trick of wording! just cos all games were said to be full hd 1080p, that didnt mean they were all natively rendered in 1080p!

      A native rendered 1080p game looks light years better then a 720p game, not that 720p looks bad,look at PS3 this gen!
      PS3 this gen did not have a hardware scaler, meaning it did not have a scaling chip built in like the 360 did,in the 360s case it was the ANA chip, hence why allot of games on 360 can output at 1080p, even though this is not true 1080p!
      just like the wii u, it is rendering the graphics at 720p and then up-scaling it to 1080p for your tv, because outputting in 720p on a 1080p tv, will mean your tv will have to scale up the image, and this can take time depending on the tv, and how good the on board scaling is, my sony bravia for instance has a fantastic scaler, which is one of the reasons why retro games and 720p games still look awesome!

      Anyway its better for the console or source output device to do the scaling up, because the time it takes for your tv to do it, can increase input lag, ALL HDTVS HAVE INPUT LAG!! THIS IS FACT!! some are less, which are the better ones, some have more! that’s why allot of hdtv’s have a game mode, this basically cuts out all the extra processing jazz modern tvs come with, so that your getting the raw image from the source, that way it wont increase input lag!
      Anyway wii u doing the scaling is a good thing, and most likely all the games at E3 minus smash bros since it is not a graphically intensive game, basically all the games which run on a 2d axis should be native 1080p at 60fps!
      while games like pikmin, bayonetta, and 3d mario most likely should be native rendered at 720p and up-scalable to 1080p!

      Which people is fine, there is nothing wrong with it,PS3 Has given us lots of sexy games at 720p, with no hardware scaler, instead they had to create a software based scaler, to scale games up, its why allot of games only run in 720p the native resolution of said game, while on xbox 360 its capable to run the same game at 1080p! for instance mass effect 3, on wii u and 360,i believe it can output at 1080p up-scaled while on PS3 720p is the only output option!
      Either way having the wii u output games to this calibre so early on, and at 1080p albeit up-scaled, its still impressive since its at the golden frame rate of 60fps!!! imagine in year 2, or 3 or 4!! we should get more and more native 1080p at 60fps!

        1. I have seen Pikmin 3 in person at the Nintendo World Store during E3. It looks pretty amazing and the texture don’t look blurry at all like they do in the Youtube videos. I am not sure if they had 720p screens or 1080p screens, but it was on the main 3 units near the stairs, which are pretty nice TVs.

      1. Very well said. But it was also confirmed that Bayonetta 2 is 1080p and 60fps natively. That is very impressive for a system that only uses 33watts of power.

      2. Someone who speaks with sense. About time really.

        Of course, Pikmin 3 only needs 720p (it was originally a launch window game, which Nintendo specifically said would all be 720p anyway). The likes of Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 et al will be 1080p native. It’s not a question on whether the Wii U can do it at such a low power consumption, it’s a question on when developers would start to put in the extra effort. There are some games already that render natively at 1080p just fine, and some that just don’t need it.

        For all other graphics whores, just wait until the PS4 and XO launch. You’ll see more spit and polish, and the Wii U will be able to handle the graphical shift just fine without lagging behind. It has a GPGPU powerful enough to handle the shift, therein lies what one needs.

    1. Pikmin is known for their realistic visuals so it really matters. At this point, Nintendo so be up to date when it come to graphics.

      1. If the GameCube only output 480p and it looked great imagine now 720 1080 blah blah the game will look crisp and great

    1. If you have a 1080p TV, it renders the game at a smaller resolution than your TV has, so it upscales it, thus not making the graphics as pretty as they would have been if it had entered in 1080p.

  3. I think it’s just the Wii U game drought that’s making me interested in this.

    I played the first game and didn’t like it at all. Which was almost 100% down to the time limit. The time restrictions seem to have been eased with this one, but I’m still not sure.

    A demo would be nice.

    Think I’ll probably save my money for The Wonderful 101 though.

    1. I’ve never tried pikmin before,so a demo would be awesome. The WiiU’s eshop needs more demos.

      1. You both would like the second one. The second one doesn’t have a time limit. But the time makes the game more challenging. I beat the game with every piece on day 27/28 before. It’s not too overly difficult. This one is just going to be even better, you should consider this.

        1. Wow, day 27/28. You people are pathetic. There’s no reason for Pikmin 1 to take more than like 15 days. I usually do it in 11/12. If anything, Pikmin should have a -more- challenging time limit. But I know they won’t do that.

          1. I was proving a point, pro gamer man. The game isn’t difficult, and your insult wasn’t needed. Go show off your “skills” somewhere else.

  4. Good that they put the Purple Pikmin relegated to multiplayer mode only, those bastards make the game so broken.

    1. More of development limits. They NEED this game out as soon as possible. Nintendo didn’t anticipate the development times for HD, and expected the game to be out on launch.

  5. Confirmed 1080p games for the WiiU: WWHD+30fps, Rayman legends+60fps, Smash bros.+60fps. I’m not sure about Mario Kart, but I think I heard it would be 1080p too, but considering they are aiming for 60fps in 2-player Splitscreen I cant really believe that :/

  6. why do people compare wii u to 360 ok if that’s the case than im gana compare gamecube and ps2 and xbox to wii u ps4 and the ONE because you know what they all have in common a fuckin controller some games and a console. STFU about this resolution shit.

  7. I don’t understand what “Outputs at 1080p-Renders at 720p” means? Does that mean that it is 1080 graphics, but looks like 720 graphics for some reason? 💋

    1. Yo bro resolution doesnt have nothing to do with graphics. Yo it means that if ya have Sony bravia 42″ full hd ledtv it upscales that 720p to 1080p to fit in it.

      1. Oh cool! I have a Sony HD T.V(i have no idea what kind) so maybe it will make Pikmin 3 look supes awesome!!! 💋

        1. The game itself is native 720p, but it can be upscales to 1080p if your TV supports it. It’s similar to the Wii emulation on the WiiU, Wii games can also be upscales to higher resolutions and look somewhat ”crisper”.

  8. Anyonde one knows how to setup 5.1 on Wii U? I´ve sound system but when I select Surround sound on the options nothing happens

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  11. sickr.. why add “outputs in 1080p” to the title? just to confuse people? a game that’s being rendered at 720p being upscaled to 1080p is nothing special… the xbox 360 did that.. and even if it wasn’t then the TV would take care of the upscaling.. why i ask.. why?!

  12. I’m glad the white and purple pikmin are in it. But it sucks that they’re only in multi-player modes. This means that I’ll never see them, because I never play multi-player modes.

  13. It really isn’t a big deal. The game is still going to look beautiful rendered in 720p. Pikmin 3 looks like a very hardware intensive game, so you shouldn’t expect a 1080p rendered game like this so soon in the Wii U’s life. If a Pikmin 4 were to come out on the Wii U later on, it would most likely be rendered 1080p. Especially is PIkmin 3 sells well. I think the developers wanted to focus more on getting the game out, instead of delaying the game even more just because they wanted to have it rendered in 1080p.

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