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Zelda-esque Puzzle Adventure Title Ittle Dew Coming To Wii U

A brand new puzzle adventure title is set to battle its way onto the Wii U. Developed by Ludosity – who brought Alien Chaos 3D to the Nintendo 3DS – Ittle Dew strikes a similar chord to The Legend of Zelda titles. Playing as protagonist ‘Ittle Dew’, you take to different areas to discover the land’s secrets, treasure and to battle a whole load of monsters.

With only three weapons to choose from, the game encourages you to find as many combinations as possible in order to complete a level. It also gives you the ability to speed run through various areas, with additional short-cuts to each level, and an online leader board to spur you on to ultimate victory. Ittle Dew – which is already available on PC – is set to release in late Fall or Winter this year for Wii U. Make sure you check out the gameplay trailer above, as well as their website, to see if this is a title that interests you.

27 thoughts on “Zelda-esque Puzzle Adventure Title Ittle Dew Coming To Wii U”

  1. Aw, I thought that the article was about an actual LoZ game until I clicked on it. It still looks like a decently fun game though. If it gets a retail release then I will pick it up

  2. Woohoo! The more eshop games the better, especially if they don’t look half bad. Ittle Dew appears like it’ll be fun. đź’‹

  3. “wow! look at all this total crap”

    Is what i thought when i saw this, But it doesn’t look so bad.

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