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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Players Can Visit The Official Nintendo Town


In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players can go to the Dream Suite – located on Main Street – to visit somebody else’s town. Nintendo recently uploaded its own town, which players can visit by walking toward the bed in the Dream Suite and then inputting a Dream Address. To dream of – or visit – the town of Nintendo, input this code: 5700 – 2038 – 6151. If you don’t have Animal Crossing: New Leaf yet, we highly recommend getting it, as displayed in our review of the game.

53 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Players Can Visit The Official Nintendo Town”

  1. Of course you need to input a code. Nintendo fails to deliver a fluid and playable online experience once again.

      1. I was thinking that same thing. This Adarazz is always saying negative stuff about Nintendo or putting someone down.

    1. How else would it work? You input the code because there are OTHER places you can visit. I really don’t see what the big deal is. πŸ’‹

      1. Fluid and playable solution one:
        A Button, or option: “go to Nintendo’s town”
        Fluid and playable solution two (this one is featured everywhere else but within Nintendo since 1992):
        Some way to browse towns marked as browsable by the mayor. Nintendo’s town is heavily stressed, making it easy to find.

        1. Sony and Microsoft’s experiences aren’t so fluid either.
          I mean, you have to search for their NAME!
          So much work… ;=;

    2. Grow up buddy. If your aim in life is to run about trolling forums then you need to re-assess your priorities,or you’ll end up delivering a fluid drive through window experience to the rest of us.

    3. This is not an Official Nintendo town. If it was…Like Reggie’s home in the HHA it would have just shown up because of a street pass. I also do think this is an official Nintendo town because the beach has nothing done at all with it. Nintendo would have coconut and banana trees everywhere. Even had fancy beach tile. This is still a great town.

    1. Yea and I wonder who made “Nintendo” town. (Don’t tell me it is Nintendo who made it. -_- )

        1. Yes, I do hope Nintendo town was made by the hands of God himself. Oh, Miyamoto please forgive my sinful ways…I received that iPhone as a B-Day gift! I didn’t mean to get addicted to its vast games, advanced features& badass apps all at low, low prices!

          1. To me, you’re more than a superior being – you’re my God, & I would never sin against you on purpose! I threw my KJ bible in the trash & replaced it w/manuals of games made just by you. I hope that’s enough to buy my salvation.

  2. This is actually a well-made town, established yet open paths, Mario & Luigi houses, super mushrooms that makes you grow, a bamboo forest, a park, and some real good custom patterns, especially the 3 princesses (Zelda, daisy, peach).

      1. I know.. me too. I haven’t done it yet, because the Dream Suit doesn’t “count” towards getting a perfect town. You need to do things like lamp posts, benches and stuff for it to count so Ive been holding back :/ πŸ’‹

  3. wtf is up wif gaeh shiet? nintndo needs to stop fukin makin u look liek babiez.. o wait u all play nintndo so u all are babiez

    1. I don’t see the need for you to come
      on this site and call other people “babiez.”… I mean how childish can you get, calling other people names? πŸ’‹

  4. I care abiut Nintendo. I’m trying to save from the dark pit they’re slipping into. Would you rather me and say, “Oh Nintendo! It’s okay you’ve gone to crap and are making no effort to get better!”?

    1. Well, I mean, you acted like inputting a code was like the worst thing in the entire world, when really it’s just how the game operates and most players find it hardly noticeable. You’re being extremely nitpicky to the point where it is Nintendo-bashing.

      1. Plus it’s free.Any other company would be charging us $ for this stuff.There is truly just no pleasing some people.

  5. Nintendo is not falling into a dark pit. They’re just temporarily stuck in a rut but mark my deku inspired words, they will be better than ever!

    1. The problem with Wii U games are that the good ones are not exclusive to the console, and people want to buy those games on the Xbox and Playstation for better online support. Until good exclusives-Zelda, F-Zero, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros,-are released, there will of course be low sales.

      …especially since the only good exclusive as of yet-New Super Mario Bros. U (well, Need For Speed Most Wanted U is also good, but it’s still a port with extra features) is just a re-hash of New Super Mario Bros. (Wii/2) with different levels. The DLC “New Super Luigi U”, which was recently released, may change that, as more hardcore gamers wanting a challenge will play it.

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