Meet Mario And Luigi At The Nintendo World Store

luigi_and_marioEver wanted the chance to meet Mario and Luigi? Have you missed out on past gaming events where you could have chatted to the stars of Nintendo? Well, now’s your chance to do just that when they arrive at the Nintendo World Store between July 20 until August 18. Situated in New York, Manhattan at the Rockefeller Centre, the Nintendo World Store is giving you the chance to meet and greet both Mario and Luigi, and while you’re there you may as well play some of the newest 3DS and Wii U games. But just before Mario and Luigi arrive, the Nintendo World Store is hosting an Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fishing Tourney on July 19. Between 6pm and 8pm you can catch as many fish as you like and the biggest one receives a prize. Let us know if you’ll be attending either of the events in the comments below.


  1. Can i ask why their new WiiU game is a 4 player 3DS game rather than the successor to the highest rated game in history?

      1. The truthful answer was “we needed a quick buck and 3D Land sold well, so we piece this thing together, with awesome level design such as, red block, next to green block, next to cliff with grass block……CAT SUIT”

          1. I didn’t want like a SMG3, have a couple of “Galaxyesc” type levels thrown in, but do something really creative, the same level of creativity we got with Galaxy, and just amazing level design, and that was actually challenging! Not 3D Land, a game that’s only got a good rep because nothing was coming to 3DS at all. It’s the Gravity Rush of the 3DS library…

              1. With the Wii U it is possible, also having Mr. Shiggy with more ideas… it’s hard, but can happen.

        1. The game shows a little bit of new stuff, what with the Cat Suit and the clear pipes and all, but it’s not as imaginative as we had hoped. Then again, this IS just a sequal to a game on a different platform, so we get what we got.

          I can guess that Nintendo’s got some crazy new idea for the Mario franchise. You think they’ve done everything until they prove you wrong, like how I felt when they announced SMG.

          1. it doesn’t indeed.
            move list got dulled down as well,sm64 movelist <3so much freedom

    1. Great nickname, my friend. Are you excited for Final Fantasy XV? What do you think about characters looking like a teen emo band?

      1. Im excited about FFXV. Characters dont bother me that much as long as the game is good. I hope it has true villain like kefka on it lol.





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  5. Did anyone else ever notice that Luigi’s overalls are a darker shade of blue!?!? MIND BLOWN! 💏

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