New Pokémon X & Y Details, Next CoroCoro Issue Will Contain Big Scoop

Pokemon_X_Pokemon_Y_logoJapanese publication CoroCoro magazine has released new details for the Pokémon X & Y games due for worldwide release October 12. There’s a whole wealth of information which has been reported by Serebii, which includes the name of the evil team, new features to the Player Search System (PSS), confirmation of the Pokémon types for the legendaries, as well as an onslaught of other juicy details for the highly anticipated title. CoroCoro’s next issue – due out August 12 – has said in its teaser that it will contain the biggest scoop of the century. Let us know what you think that might be in the comments section below. Meanwhile, check out the bullet points below for the juicy details and the various scans here.

  • Xerneas is Fairy-type, has the ability “Fairy Aura” which powers up Fairy-type moves. Also has a special move named Geo Control.
  • Yveltal is Dark/Flying. with an ability named “Dark Aura” which powers up Dark-type moves. Death Wing is its special move.
  • Pancham’s evolution is Goronda – a Fighting/Dark-type. It is 2.1m tall, 136kg in weight. Its ability is Iron Fist and also comes with the move Hammer Arm from its new method of evolution.
  • The Squids are called Maika – the Rotation Pokémon – has a move called Turn Over which reverses stat changes.
    Is 0.4m tall and 3.5kg in weight.
  • Its evolution Karamanero – the Reversal Pokémon – has Suction Cups.
    Is 1.5m tall and 47kg in weight. 
  • Both are Dark/Psychic-type.
  • The pink bird is called Shushup – Fairy-type, named the Perfume Pokémon, 0.2m tall and 0.5kg in weight and has the ability of “Healer”. It knows the move AromaTherapy, and is exclusive to Pokémon Y.
  • The puff ball is called Peroppafu – Fairy-type. It has a new ability called “Sweet Pale” which prevents your allies from falling asleep. A Cotton Candy Pokémon, is 0.4m tall 3.5kg in weight. It has the new move Drain Kiss, and is exclusive to Pokémon X.
  • The recently named Honedge (sword-like Pokemon) has the ability “No Guard”.
  • Clauncher is exclusive to Pokémon X, while Skrelp is exclusive to Pokémon Y
  • Shitoron is a new gym leader and has robot arms, there’s also another gym leader called Zakuro.
  • The professor is called Purataanu and will occasionally battle you.
  • The evil team is called Team Flair/Flare, with money-oriented goals.
  • The PSS has several new features; first is the HoloCaster, which gives the latest news on the Pokémon Global Link, without needing access. This has – what is called – a “Happy Sign”, which lets you see feelings/actions of friends. There are special O Powers – which work akin to Pass Powers – and you can use and receive these from other players. Miracle Trade works in combination with the Global Trade Station and allows for trades with people from around the world.

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  1. I never understood the appeal of pokemon games. I always saw it more as kids game.

    1. Is for everyone (adults and Kids), trust me, this game is full as fuck of strategy and thinking, this is why is very popular.

      1. lol i agree ^^ the funny part is even with all the stradegy and thinking in the game, regular playing pokemon players are like
        “man this is so easy, my vaporeon just koed your flareon with a critical hit of +100 now i’mma leavel up!”

        none regular pokemon players
        “how the heck is water week to grass?” (heard that to many times XD)

    2. Play Pokemon! There’s so much variety with all the different Pokemon you can get! For example you can get a team of Pokemon that could make the journey hard for you, easy for you, or just in between! Plus just the feel of exploring around the whole region makes me so happy! :D

    3. The game’s looks are deceiving. The content and gameplay are what you should be focusing on, especially as a gamer.

  2. I like the way you literally copied and pasted the text from Serebii without even editing it to make more sense without the magazine scans or anything.

  3. The professor battles you? That’s… Dude that’s… FUCKING AWESOME!!!! And fucking finally a Psychic/Dark type! I’ve always wanted Psychic/Dark type! Fuck yeah!

      1. Oh, Mamma Jynx! If I wasn’t already “with” you. I’d SOOOO get with this new Professor guy! RRrrrrAAAArrrr! 💏

  4. Pokmon is illegal on the world

    make me some cake or i have a



  5. I’d like to know the differences between X and Y soon. I think they will reveal these facts around the release date, when all new Pokémon are revealed, too. Still don’t know which version I want to buy.

    1. I definitely want X, because Xerneas is the first Fairy legendary and he looks sooo awesome. But, Y has some of the cooler exclusive Pokemon like Skrelp and Shushup :( I guess I’ll just have to get both! 💋

  6. HoloCaster? I think there should have been a different name for that… Aside from that, the rest of this news just gets me more hyped for the release of X and Y!

  7. Team flare sounds more classy than the other evil teams, but they still won’t be taking money off me, I’ll be taking it off them when they lose to me!

  8. When I was a kid we didn’t want to know everything about a game before it came out we played it had fun and pulled out some link cables…what’s wrong with you kids nowadays

  9. So basically it’s more Fairy-type Pokemon, two new gym leaders (the one with the robot arms most likely a Steel-type trainer) and the name of the evil organization which will get their asses kicked by a newbie 10 year old trainer.

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