Japanese Gamers Respond To Miyamoto’s Claims


Shigeru Miyamoto angered a number of Japanese gamers when he said that they have a tendency to avoid western action titles as they found them too challenging. Miyamoto went on to say that he believes that American gamers enjoy a challenge and aren’t put off by difficult games. Japanese gamers took to 4Gamer to vent their frustrations at Miyamoto’s words. Here’s a sample of some of the gamers opinions on the matter.

“Yes, yes. It’s all the fault of the Japanese.”

“The reason they declined was because of idiots like this blaming everything on their customers.”

“It’s because they only know how to make games for children now.”

“Nintendo, the reason you’ve declined is because of your endless remakes, that’s all.”

“Certainly, you need perseverance to play on the Wii U. Holding that horribly heavy pad was just too much for me.”

“I suppose all this is why pay-to-win social games are all the rage now.”

“If you are a kid with no money but lots of free time taking your time on a difficult game makes sense, but if you are an adult with money but no free time the opposite is true.”

“Games recently are too simple. You should die if you make one slight mistake.”

“Who wants to play a game where if you miss one pixel on the screen it is an instant game over.”

“Now things are split between lots of casuals and a few hardcore gamers. You can’t meet their requirements at the same time.”

“The gaming audience has aged and no longer has time for the hassle of difficult action games.”

“People talk like difficulty determines how much fun a game is. It is the other way around really – a game has to be fun to make you keep playing and enjoying the challenge.”

“The real issue is not the difficulty but the level of effort you have to consider investing to overcome a given level of difficulty.”

“Japanese just get bored of them more easily.

“I seem to recall a lot of western games used to be very difficult. Then they got dumbed down and sold more as a result. Really I think the Japanese games aren’t selling because of a lack of ideas though.”

“Wait, if what he is saying about Japanese being quitters is true how come Monster Hunter is so popular still? Don’t overseas players moan about it being too difficult?”

“I don’t get him at all. He’s blaming the fact their action games sell like hot cakes in America but not in Japan on the Japanese? Blaming your customers is hardly a good business strategy…”

“Well, you rarely see western games so difficult nobody can complete them…”

“Gaming demographics just differ in the US and Japan, and the ones in the US tend to be more committed?”

“Games are supposed to be fun. Playing them needn’t be treated as an act of self-mortification.”

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    1. To be honest, it wasn’t really his fault that it got blown way out of proportion. This stuff happens all the time in the industry…

      1. ^This.
        Miyamoto never said Japanese gamers were “quitters.” He simply said he “believes” Japanese gamers don’t like Western games because they are more about being challenged, while Japanese gamers prefer a simpler experience. 💋

        1. I disagree with Miyamoto on this one… There are many many hard Japanese games…. Japanese gamers love JRPG’s do they not ? which are the games which require the most perseverance in the industry. Monster Hunter makes most western games difficulty look like Peanuts.

          A lot of western games are piss easy to finish also….

          1. LOLZ man, ya heard???
            Maybe, That bomb shit, but I think those people misinterpreted his words completely. Get money, then cash that check for me
            He never said, “Japanese players suck”. maybe they do not appreciate some games as much as in the west. only is his opinion, nothing more, Just let me give you real street shit, man ya heard??

          2. The only thing I can think of that he means by “Western Action games” is FPSs. Which are not hard, not nowadays. You di and you go back exactly 10 seconds and try again. Boo hoo.

            EVERYONE needs to make harder games. I can’t remember the last time any game challenged me in the slightest. It’s annoying.

            1. Agreed, this is the biggest problem I have with games today, 95% of all games today are too easy to be worth the money and the rest is barely challenging enough…

              If some can’t handle the difficulty, either learn or don’t buy it!

        2. what, i thought western audiences didnt enjoy challenges and that why japaneses developers dumb down a lot of signifigant rpgs in the 90s and didnt release mario 2 japan because it was too hard.. im confused.

    2. He is completely wrong, the bottom line is, Japanese games are usually more challenging, like the rpg’s, etc,with complex game systems, and mechanics! and which mostly require allot of strategies, instead of just hack and slashing! its western gamers who love their shooters, which are infinitely easier then most Japanese rpg’s and action games, like bayonetta, mgs rising, this along with all the other rubbish nintendo has been saying proves how out of touch they really are, WTF happened to them? they used to be so ahead of the curve, with technology innovations, and game play mechanics, nowadays they are just plain lazy, and rehash,recycling penny pincher’s, seriously, why have they not given us early wii u adopters and supporters a ambassadors program yet?

      It would cost next to nothing for them to give us virtual console games, and e shop games, they lied to us, plain and simple, they had lack lustre third party support even though promising the world to us, they had constant delays of first party soft ware, even though they promised that they had learned from the 3ds launch, and that they would not be repeating the same mistakes, yet they still did, and so why have they not given us some freebies? for me, a hard core gamer, who supports all platforms, and who bought a wii u day 1, for over £350 in the uk, it was like a massive slap in the face, to see the wii u being sold in the uk for £150 after only 6 months, and this is Nintendo’s fault, simple. they didn’t promote the console at all, and had no killer apps ready for launch, and so the console was not selling enough, and this forced the retailers to cut the price to get rid of inventory.

      And so i blame nintendo for this, no game pad proof of concept, no launch window games, which launched on time, hardly any first and third party support, and all this after nintendo promised us the fans, that they have learned from their mistakes, they obviously haven’t, and so i hold nintendo management at fault, iwata, reggie, they all need to be fired, they have made the same mistakes, every generation, again and again, and think giving us empty apologies will fix it, it wont, not for people like me who have been gaming over 30yrs and own and game on all platforms, nintendo is taking the piss, its the management and the Nintendrone’s who are at fault, plain and simple!

      I hate all the new age nintendo fan boys, who have been only gaming 10yrs or less, and so have no clue what nintendo used to be like, how they were once, the industry leaders, and not just followers, and who are now light years behind with being competitive!! instead of talking so much shit nintendo, buck your ideas up, and fix all the fundamental problems your company has, you still loyal fans like me, but who are tired of all the B.S, show us you care about the core gamers again, instead of focusing so much on the casuals!!!

      1. YES!!!!! SOME ONE GETS IT!!!!!!! everything you just said, listen to this guy with the mario avatar!!!!! dang you seem cool, over 3o years, thats experience talking guys, hes not lying.

        1. Um thanks for calling me out? I typically ignore you because I think it would be pointless to argue with a mentally handicapped person which I believe you are because of how poor your grammar and comments are. I mean a couple of mistakes is fine but damn you really need to go to school or something. All of your comments are you “attempting” to be a troll or pretending to be some guy from Eternal Darkness. Seriously? You need to get over yourself. Go hop on the short bus and ride off to special education school where you belong and then attempt to call me out when your comments actually make sense. Until then, have a good day.

            1. The way you word things makes it impossible to understand what you truly mean. Really? I’m the tool? Look at the pot calling the kettle black. Look anyways I’m going back to what I was doing earlier and ignoring your comments because frankly I don’t give two craps about your opinion or care to decipher what seems to be your version of English. If English is not your first language please use google translate to express what you mean. Until then have a good day! :)

                1. You honestly think it’s worse than yours? Well looks like you are on your last resort because you said that mentioning someone’s grammar is used as a last resort. Anyways I’m done bullshitting with you. Just going to leave this here for you since this is what you remind me of:

                    1. I wasn’t indicating you’re fat. I was just referencing how much you like to bash the Wii U. Btw who the fuck do you think I am? If you have truly seen me than you will be awfully thin to be thinner than me. Like seriously you would have to be anorexic.

          1. also pious was a joke, if you werent stupid enough to know it and the way you are insulting me just isnt doing you any good, it just shows me that you are a stupid pathetic nintendo sheep

            1. Even though I said that Pious was you “attempting” to be a troll? You still think I didn’t know you were joking? Okay then. Also your logic is so dumb: Since I asked if you had a mental handicap that makes me a Nintendo sheep? You do realize that I call Nintendo out on their bullshit moves don’t you? Why don’t you scroll down near to the end of the comments and check it out. I’m not a drone, I’m a gamer. I support companies when they make good decisions and rant when they make bad ones. It’s called being a consumer not a fanboy. Chill out.

      2. Yes that is exactly what I have been wanting Nintendo to do. They need to go back to the era of the Super Nintendo and actually give a damn about how the industry evolves with games and not just gameplay. Some of my favorite games were Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid and they all pushed the envelope for their generation. Nintendo got the absolute best of the third party back then with having Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc. being exclusive to their platforms. Their biggest mistake ever was losing Sony as a partner to make a disc based system and switching over to a European company and making a cartridge based system. That made them lose Final Fantasy VII and also caused them to create their biggest rival. They deserved the beating they got with the Gamecube but I do believe they redeemed themselves with me at least with the Wii. I have over 60+ amazing Wii titles that are fun to play by myself as well as with friends. With that being said it’s still not that competitive of a machine and did it’s own unique thing while missing out on some key titles. The Wii U…..yeah let’s not getting started on that just yet. I have a little bit of hope for the system but Nintendo fucked up another launch again. That is practically inexcusable.

    3. I question the validity of any of these comments.Because anyone that would go on a gaming website to comment cant possibly be a casual gamer..

    4. nintendo is probably not in the position to make these statements. the wii u is currently still a failure and they have no third party support.

    1. Japanese: small penors AND bad arm musculature… you know, I’ve learned something today.

      1. DUDE. I’m 25 and I’m weak. So weak that I think that 25 pounds is heavy and I think the gamepad isn’t heavy at all. Your argument is invalid.

    2. “Holding that horribly heavy pad was just too much for me.” Proves Miyamotos point on Japanese gamers

    3. These people are really stupid, and really should commit suicide, when you was saying this, he is talking generally , obviously there is going to be a minority of people that likes hard games and vice versa

        1. exactly what i was thinking, agree with you,what is it with people over the internet who don’t think before they say things, they argue and tell people to die over pieces fo plastic, Jesus what has the world come to? get a life you losers!!!

          1. they should die, because they are being stupid, when people say something like this, they are speaking about the majority, and then the minority gets butt hurt.

    1. I see shit like this on 4chan all the time. The english trans always sound exactly like that.

    2. Next, they should make an “article” about our response to the Japanese gamers response to Miyamoto’s statement

      1. Just so long as your response makes it into the article about our response to the Japanese gamer’s response to Miyamoto’s statement.

  1. Damn, not a good idea to piss off gamers Miyamoto. Can’t wait to the damage control for this.

    1. The Japanese gamers are blowing this out of proportion. Plus, most of their “come backs” make no sense. For example. The Gamepad is NOT too heavy to hold. -__- 💋

  2. Isn’t Nintendo’s primary goal to have video games played by anyone? Why would Miyamoto say such a thing?… You dun goofed, Miyamoto.

    1. This article left off a lot of what he said.

      “The issue is that Japanese who cannot overcome the level of difficulty in an action game no longer want to play them. This perception then spreads to all games as a whole, and people avoid them because they see them as difficult.”

      “In the case of America, there are a lot more people who enjoy a challenge and will stick with it for you and try to overcome the initial hurdle. Yes, it’s action games which really demand a certain level of skill. Right, some players just enjoy playing, some prefer to finish it, and some prefer greater challenge. People looking for a challenge will dismiss an easily cleared game as “easy.” But by making things too difficult, the people who just want to play get driven off. I always wanted to accommodate both types.”

      From what I got, he pretty much said what we all know. Japanese don’t like games to be as hard as “westerners” do. Point in case, look at DMC 3. Everyone in the “West” bitched about how easy DMC 2 was (and that it sucked) and they made a Japanese version and a “western” version. The “western” version was hard as fuk. But, there are plenty of games in Japan that do the opposite. This entire article is dumb as hell. It’s worded strangely.

  3. None of the comments are from Japanese gamers. Unlike Americans when a Japanese wants his voice to be hear they do it with there wallets instead of forums.

  4. Casual gamers play very specific games, easy to play, and easy to learn.
    Core gamers will play anything, but most rules follow that it has a more in depth game mechanics, takes more of your time, and has a difficulty progression or is difficult from the get go.

    Both cannot exist in the same space. Some games can compromise and find an inbetween, but it’s normally at the expense of the core gamer, one reason why i think The Last of Us is overrated is it becomes too simple and basic in order to welcome casual players, making a game too casual and simple wont turn off a core player completely, but making a casual game more core will turn off a casual player immediately because “i dont get it! It’s too hard! Im bored!”.

    Unfortunately, in particular with Mario and Zelda, they chose to side with the casual gamer….
    That’s why every post Mario Galaxy game has been “fine” but never amazing, and every post Twilight Princess Zelda game has held your hand like a mother fucker and been so stripped down its a joke.

    Another difference with Japanese and Western gamers is that Japanese people are always on the train and their culture is way more uptight. Can’t just sit and relax and play a game at home at any time. Most of their spare time is spent travelling, that’s why handheld games sell way more (even though 30+ minute Monster Hunter fights make no sense being on the 3DS…)

    Nintendo needs to satisfy both sides of the market, rather than dumbing all our games down for the stupid, the impatient and the busy.

      1. pikmin 3 looks fun and is targeting the hardcore, and along with dk. wonderful 101 is good for 3rd party along bayonetta and sonic. X i’m sure to be great as well as well as ssb4

    1. I wouldn’t say Zelda is completely casual, because casual gamers don’t pick that up. Or at least the majority of casual gamers I see here in the U.S. The casuals here flock towards CoD, Fifa, Halo, and GTA, or iOS/Android games.
      Zelda has been holding our hands a bit but it still doesn’t really appeal to the casual IMO.

      1. Exactly, that’s the issue.
        They’re making their games too easy and hand holdy, and just linear, and sucking the life and fun out of them to make them more accessable for people who don’t buy them anyway.

        It’s stupid.

        1. But I think it was Sakurai who said recently that they’re not doing that with SSB4. They know almost no casuals have the Wii U. They’ve kinda lost their casual audience after the Wii. So SSB4 will be more like Melee than Brawl.

          Hopefully this means they’ll apply this to their other games, like Mario Kart and Zelda. I have high hopes for the upcoming HD Zelda.

          And on Mario Kart: way too easy. MKWii was a joke, and 7 only got a little bit better.

          1. Well, the color scheme they’re using for SSB4 is definitely closer to Melee than Brawl.

          2. actually sakurai said he would take aspects of both Melee and Brawl to make the new SSB4, meaning it wont completely be casual, but its not going to be melee either.

        2. The west makes their game too easy as well some times, but yes nintendo could step it up in some areas, luigi u, dk, x, and pikmin are some good steps to take

  5. What’s the point of making a news article which only sets out to compile troll comments… It’s not news at all.

    1. Specialy since they came after the translation. Japanese don’t need to wait for the English version.

  6. “Who wants to play a game where if you miss one pixel on the screen it is an instant game over.”

    Explain how “I wanna be the… (guy)” are so popular. Or those “the impossible game”

    “It’s because they only know how to make games for children now.”

    Really dude? then your FPS full of zombies and apocalyptic events are for grown people? I see kids playing COD all day here as well as grown people playing and enjoying Nintendo games, explain that.

    1. Gamers of today:
      The young ones play “Adult” games.
      The old ones play “Kid” games.

    1. That’s the only smart thing they said up there. The rest was garbage, none of it made sense either lol “Who wants to hold that heavy controller” just idiotic.

    2. yeah but he never blamed his customers, it was simply a wider statement about japanese gamers

  7. and the world was set on fire after miyamoto spoke lol but seriously nintendo without japan u are a ghost and yes i have a wii u and 3ds and ive ben gaming since 86 im just speaking my mind here

  8. Miyamoto messed up big time. This just proves that Nintendo needs new leadership. New CEO is needed, someone who wouldn’t let him say this. Nintendo is out of touch.

    1. nah fuck them, i’m sick of PR, i’m sick of reggie saying things nice when all he atn to do is to flip them off, that’s why i like better indie developers, they don’t give a fuck, and aren’t controlled by PR

    2. Miyamoto tactifully said this to awaken them to the strategic Pikmin 3. Now they have to buy it to prove the do not rage quit lol.

  9. It’s quite ironic how many Japanese are getting butthurt from this, considering that most of these “hardcore gamers” usually don’t even care about Nintendo products anymore.

    So it’s okay to mock up a company on the internet and call it weak compared to the others, but when they blame these exact people for being quitters, tables get turned and they start to give a damn about Nintendo?

    Talk about hypocrisy!

  10. the funny thing is that, miyamoto never said, we are in trouble because of japanese being quitters, he just told his thoughts about the japanese gamers

  11. lol these Japanese gamers are idiots, they completely misinterpreted what miyamato was pointing out. dumbass japanese!!

  12. “Who wants to play a game where if you miss one pixel on the screen it is an instant game over.”
    Oh yey, someone else who hates Mario. <3

  13. Are these real comments? They sound a little stupid to be japanese responses. And i don’t think miyamoto was trying to insult them. He thinks they like easy games because they are less stressful take animal crossing, its calm, no hard goals to do, u take own pace and time but its over all peaceful. He knows they like hard games, its just he thinks they like peaceful games a bit more

    1. Your right. They sound like the typical comments seen on My Nintendo News. That’s is when commenters aren’t too busy arguing over who’s “First” and over who’s junk is bigger.

  14. “I don’t get him at all. He’s blaming the fact their action games sell like hot cakes in America but not in Japan on the Japanese?”

    The stupidity of these people. Of course he blames it on you. You’re Japanese and you don’t buy it, but people in America do buy it. Who else fault could it be?

  15. OMG i give so much more respect for Miyamoto and Nintendo as whole after he said this. Seriously Miyamoto showed that he has balls to say what he thinks and i fuckin agree with him in a way. Im not sayin that japanese games are easy and western games hard but japanese people are so fuckin biased, they always overlook western games even if they are good ones then they praise shit stuff like FFXIII. Miyamoto is so awesome!!!!!! Miyamoto and Inafune should work together on some project. Its cool that they are after all interested in western gamers thats why they probably localize good japanes titles like Dq,BDFF,Xenoblade,MH etc. Iwata wouldnt ever say things like that because he doesnt have balls. And fuck you Japanes gamers people here love MH games because of challenge!!!!!Miyamoto is the BOSS!!!!!!

      1. Yeah they dont even appreciate Metroid,Starfox and F-zero games which i find quite sad, probably because of challenge.

  16. I have nothing against any other country who likes gaming but these people are all stupid. The only smart thing that was said out of all this was
    “Blaming your customers is hardly a good business strategy…”

  17. Love all these ‘Japanese’ gamers who are using terms found only in western gamers

  18. This whole thing is stupid. Maybe, what Miyamoto said was not true, but there must be SOME reason why the Japanese gamers don’t typically buy Western developed games. There are some dev teams in the West that are really talented. 💋

      1. If anyone should be pissed, it would be the United States. I live in the U.S and I don’t hate Japan so I don’t know why they’d hate us! 💋

  19. Are those comments really written by japanese gamers? They sound like they’re written by american gamers.

      1. Which is funny because Japanese Americans shouldn’t count… Only the ones living in Japan should count. I’m thinking the majority of Japanese Americans live in the U.S.💋

  20. WOW!! some guy said that the wiiu gamepad was too heavy for him…LOL , he probably isn’t eating enough rice XD

  21. > “Games recently are too simple. You should die if you make one slight mistake.”

    Yes, yes… Go and play some more Touhou already or any other danmaku if you think that games today are too easy. Maybe you’ll come back and say “danmakus are too hard” and will prefer the difficulty of today’s games instead.

    Personally I enjoy a game when there’s a nice blend between hard and fairness. Makes it challenging but still fun.

  22. The Genius of Miyamoto. Now these guys have to prove they can complete a strategic game like Pikmin 3. Never knew the Japanese would also react. I am loving this. Yes Miyamoto revive the fire of passion nintendo is famously known for.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if sickr typed all these himself then posted it for hits. That’s how he rolls.

  23. Miyamoto, that’s a really stupid thing to say. Take this as an opportunity to listen to your fans instead of making endless remakes and rehashes……..

  24. I don’t get why he even said it. From my experience Japanese games tend to be way harder than westernized games. I feel like Nintendo’s games are only easy because they are marketed to younger audiences (not saying that you have to be kid if you play Nintendo, but you can’t deny that basically all of their first party titles from the past decade have been catered for young audiences aside from Metroid and occasionally Zelda)

  25. Just make the games harder, so that people are FORCED to play them like that. They will get used to it (just like in the Nes/SNes days) An easy mode for beginners should be there, though. I am against a ‘hard mode’; the game should be designed with a challenge and difficulty curve in mind.

  26. What a bunch of fucking whiners. He wasn’t blaming them for anything. Merely offering his opinion on why HE thinks western games don’t sell well. The logic that Nintendo is “failing” because Japanese people don’t buy western games is restated. WTF is wrong with these people?

  27. It seems half of these guys didn’t even grasp the idea of what Miyamoto said.
    And yes, he is right, look at the numbers of the Metroid Prime Trilogy in the west and in Japan, they get pissed at a simple, true fact, their market is not interested in hardcore games.
    Most audiences are sick of dumbed-down gameplay, of having easy-ass bosses in Zelda or linear stories in Tales because all these companies do is pander to the fucking Japanese and their damn interests, and we have to take it, so in the fucking end what games should be is harder, not easier.

  28. “Holding that horribly heavy pad was just too much for me.”
    Wait… did I really read that? It’s not heavy at all. This guy is probably 5 years old. Or a Sony drone.
    But then again, Japanese gamers insulting Miyamoto for expressing his opinion?

    1. Exactly, shit’s barely heavier than a PS3 controller, and weights about as much as an XBOX controller, the GamePad actually feels very light just because it’s sheer size conveys something completely different.

  29. @ Angelixshadow Now that I’ll agree with you on. The so called hard core gamers think that shooting peoples heads off, or killing zombies, and playing crappy sports games and not playing games for everyone are their “gods”. In truth to me, they ain’t shit. I said it once before and I’ll say it again and again…”true (hardcore) gamers play all” and I’m not talking about on the same system, I mean as many games and consoles rather for the young kids like Mario Party to adults like gears of war or street fighter. Those to me say “Nintendo is for kids”, or “those kiddie games are for kids”, or some other random bullshit like what (It’s me) says…”sony wins”. Anyone like that are not true gamers to me and should realize their errors for thinking that what they play means nothing to real gamers and learn to have fun with all games. On Street Fighter x Tekken, I had a few B ranks or C+ ranks ask me because I was a D rank to a D+ rank ask me “why not have my rank higher because I was so good at how I fight”? I simple said, “what’s the point of rank when it gives you nothing but tell you how good you are? For me, it’s all about the fun of it, not the rank, not the fights…I enjoy fighting but the reason why is because I have fun messing you guys up and even if I lose, I’m still having fun…period”. Dam, this is more words I’ve spoken since I was pummeling a few C ranks on that game. :p

  30. Once again, people are reading more into something than there actually is. They’re making a big deal out of something that Miyamoto meant nothing by.

  31. The JP gamers bring up some good points. American fledgling gamers at young ages apparently lack even the skill to complete level 1 in original super mario bros. They need to dumb it down on the remakes also. They’ve to let the focus on casuals fall a bit so they can focus more on habitual gamers.

  32. I dont get that picture why it has ice climbers and pit on it? those werent created by miyamoto (correct me if im wrong). Anyway Miyamoto is ice cold!!!!!!! And thats awesome!

  33. those motherfuckers have a point. nintendo needs to stop focusing on damn kids and start focusing on gamers.

    1. The so called hard core gamers think that shooting peoples heads off, or killing zombies, and playing crappy sports games and not playing games for everyone are their “gods”. In truth to me, they ain’t shit. I said it once before and I’ll say it again and again…”true (hardcore) gamers play all” and I’m not talking about on the same system, I mean as many games and consoles rather for the young kids like Mario Party to adults like gears of war or street fighter. Those to me say “Nintendo is for kids”, or “those kiddie games are for kids”, or some other random bullshit like what (It’s me) says…”sony wins”. Anyone like that are not true gamers to me and should realize their errors for thinking that what they play means nothing to real gamers and learn to have fun with all games. That includes all gamers!!!

  34. If action games don’t sell as well to a Japanese audience while they sell better to a western audience, I would of course site the demographic differences as the reason for that. I’m hard-pressed to think of other reasons why a given population would be disinterested in playing or finishing a given game genre, personally.

    However, it is likely true that in trying to cater to what is perceived to be the more casual climate in Japan, Nintendo has made their games a bit too easy to be palatable to outside audiences. I would guess this is pretty frustrating for a company that makes games if their domestic sales drop off based on the difficulty of the game alone, if that is the trend that Nintendo is seeing with games on their systems.

  35. I think he means that more from a marketing perspective, that American’s generally find “hardcore” action games more appealing than something considered casual.

  36. According to Miyamoto, I’m a Japanese gamer (even though I am Norwegian).

    Still, it’s not that I don’t enjoy games that are difficult. It’s just that I don’t like playing difficult games that are frustrating and not fun BECAUSE they are difficult. For example, I quit the Ratchet & Clank games because I didn’t find the challenging gameplay fun at all. However the opposite is true for some other games, like the first Kingdom Hearts, which is a brutally challenging game, but I beat that because I was so invested in the gameplay mechanics and overall found it to be a lot of fun despite the challenge. That’s how a good challenge is supposed to be done. I also enjoy some of the more recent non-Nintendo platformers out right now, like Rayman Origins and Super Meat Boy, which don’t have frustrating life systems and game over screen, but still sport challenging level designs. That’s how it all should be done.

    1. Hey I know you on Youtube! I’m subbed to you! Oh and KH1 was so freakin hard but KH2 was way too easy. Don’t know why they made it easier.

  37. As much as I admire Miyamoto’s legendary work over the years, he should take his criticism into account carefully before uttering something else out. This is now gonna hurt Nintendo’s standpoint and chances of redeeming Wii U even more.

    Miyamoto, now is the time to rectify your harsh and biased statement with a public apology. Let’s review this: You’re blaming your own people for not liking a difficult game when truth be told, coming from a big Nintendo fan since the 90s, its only because of two factors: 1. Your games isn’t as popular in Japan as it use to be & 2. Your more recent games are starting to look like cut/copy/pastes of previous titles like New Mario Bros. and now Mario 3D and its beginning to bore the gamers. Take the time to review your company’s direction for the 2nd time and maybe you’ll find some thorns that needs plucking.

    1. No it won’t.

      3D Mario isn’t “boring” anyone, other than butthurt SM64/Sunshune hypocrities who want their gameplays to be copy/pasted into the next 3D Mario. Your comparison is shit, and i’d appriciate it if you were banned off this site to ever speak such nonsense over butthurt Japanese gamers getting their jimmies riled over a stupid statement from Miyamoto.

      Idiots i swear…

  38. Basically, nothing new.

    The truth is, games nowadays are quite easy in comparison to the games most of us grew up on, and by that, I hope those that remember playing those insanely difficult games on the SNES, Megadrive, and so forth. By insanely difficult, I’m talking “Fuck off Nintendo Hard” ala Battletoads et al.

  39. Really? So he said one thing, they’re that mad? If Miyamoto said North American players are quitters I really wouldn’t give a shit.

  40. If Miyamoto get fired…Thats mean there’ll be no more Mario, Zelda, and etc games because Miyamoto’s whom made these series- Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, and etc. Im not pretty know about Miyamoto’s creations, But I only knew Mario mostly, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon <- bit know some. Just say that for whom think Miyamoto will be fired.

    1. Yes, Miyamoto has created them but there will still be more Mario and zeldas because they both have new directors and Nintendo owns the rights to these characters not Miyamoto.

  41. These cockless angry fucks are what I like to call TROLLS – and Xbox fanboys.

    There’s nothing stopping me from playing Black Ops II, then maybe a few hours of New Leaf, Super Mario Bros U, Halo 4, Super Mario Land 3D, Gravity Rush, Sonic, Megaman, Ni No Kuni, Shin Megami Tensei titles, ect..

    There’s a KICKASS variety of games and difficulties for everyone among all platforms.

    I thought I was the fat American, no life loser, who sat on my ass 24/7 bitching about everything – this just goes to show you Japanese gamers are even more pathetic than ME! HAH HAH

  42. Nintendo why in the fuck do you keep doing this? You are in no position to keep on getting bad PR. Serioulsy WTF?!!! First it was with the Let’s Play videos and then you had to revoke that. Then it was the streaming of the EVO tournament which you had to revoke again. And now you just pissed off your biggest market. What in the fuck is your logic? I respect Miyamoto as a game maker but he makes a lot of dumbass decisions such as this. With the shape of the Wii U right now can you really afford to piss of the Japanese market? Yeah didn’t think so. Time for some new management I think and knock Miyamoto down strictly to a game maker and leave him out of the business spotlight. Don’t let him do anymore interviews like this and please get someone at the helm that actually gives a fuck about the fans of Nintendo and won’t fuck up launches and screw over the core gamer in favor of the casual market. Yes it’s nice that Nintendo innovates but they need to do that as well as cater to core gamers.

    1. Its just like what microsoft did with xbox1 drm reversal. They appeared as heroes to some.

  43. only a wimp or someone with final stages of cancer WOULD CALL GAMEPAD HEAVY



    1. People are full of shit when speaking of the Gamepad. It hasn’t impressed me yet with what it can do, but do say its heavy or uncomfortable is a flat out LIE. It is easily the most comfortable controller I have ever used. And it is certainly not heavy, and I am just a 115 pound, 5’7, 29 year old white dude. It is very light, and I’ve played lego city til 6 in the morning when I was on that game and even after playing HOURS straight, there was no uncomfortability whatsoever. So people who say extended use is uncomfortable are also full of it. If you have trouble with the gamepad, you probably can’t even lift those useless 2 pound weights that girls use to work out with.

  44. How do U prove these “Japanese” gamers are really Japanese & not just some random fat, white, basement-dwelling, weeaboo loser w/multi- accounts that was nerve strucked upon his wife: Japan being insulted by another Jap & then went crazy w/his keyboard?

  45. These people are mistaken, and Miyamoto is mostly right. He’s not blaming consumers per-se, though he is touching on the fact that he’s making games easier for the Japanese market in general in addition to today’s youth. He finished by saying he wants to appeal to both, the reasoning behind it (being the way Japan plays) is a opinion-based statistic.

  46. I don’t care what Miyamoto says at this point, he is ignorant, and thinks whatever he does is gold, whether its Mario, or Steel Diver.

  47. The games need to be twice as hard Lord Miyamoto!

    I love everything else High Command does with the games but the difficulty is just way too easy!

  48. My God, just look at that troll face!XD
    Seriously, though; I think his opinion is being misrepresented here; surely he couldn’t have been referencing the entirety of Japanese gamers in general.
    There’s probably some sort of small sample data sheet that he used to form this opinion off of. One formed of a very small amount of Japanese gamers compared to the total number of them that are actually out there.

  49. This just shows that japanese commenters are just as bad as american. Forgive the man for stating his opinion based off of who is buying what.

  50. Wait a second…didn’t us americans get a completely different, easy version of Super Mario Brothers 2 because we couldn’t handle the difficulty of the real version? The one the Japanese got?

  51. And these quotes are different from the usual Nintendo Hate how? Just give them any reason, and trolls will troll.

  52. What he said wasn’t wrong, the MAJORITY of japanese gamers don’t play certain types of games. Shooters do very badly in Japan, just look at sales of the XBOX in Japan where shooters are it’s main games. All this proves is that he upset a small vocal minority of Japanese that would like to play different games. He never said they didn’t exist, just that they are rare.

  53. Look, MARIO WII is hard as hell. Sliding off walls/pipes so you can jump off walls/pipes, have to lay to tilt to move things, shake to fly with that propeller, SIMPLE MY ASS! There is NOTHING SIMPLE about the “NEW SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Wii” Remakes are one thing but complete change of a classic game made into a tilt, shake, throw your Wiimote at your Wii when it causes you to die because of being a pixel off!!! I officially hate Nintendo now. I now only will buy games for this system that does not require you to swing your arms from side to side to do the Mario…. games …. I will not even think about the ZELDA GAMES. I bet I have to swing my arms around too in order to kill a Octorock. This is why Microsoft won with the Kinect at least I have better motion control. And do not even get me started on the PS3. Jeez. I guess in order for me to play NSMBW I have to cheat………. I loath any motion controller that don’t use 3-d Camera motion detection……. Bleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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