Kickstarter Funded J-RPG Soul Saga To Hit Wii U

There’s another indie game about to hit the Wii U eShop after it successfully reached its Kickstarter funding goal today. Developed by Disaster Cake, Soul Saga – a story driven J-RPG which takes its inspiration from such games as Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire – is set to officially release on the Wii U and take advantage of the GamePad. The title amassed over $190,000 over the course of its funding, taking over $130,000 more than its original $60,000 goal. There’s no word on when Soul Saga will be released on the Wii U, but if you’re interested in finding more information about the game’s combat, story, and characters, make sure you take a look at their Kickstarter page. In the mean-time, check out the trailer above to see if it takes your fancy.


  1. its a disaster cake soul saga adventure!!!! will it sucks who knows!!!!! probably!!!!! what im kinda looking forward is that two brothers game.

    1. The game looks great and it has gained tons of money from Kickstarter! So it is bound to be fun. It reminds me of A Hat in Time. The more money an already good looking game gets on Kickstarter the greater it will be! 💋

  2. Ive been following this game for a while now. It will be my very first JRPG game I ever play!! So excited! I have played Fire Emblem Awakening and every single Polemon game, but those aren’t “technically” JRPG’s. 💋

    1. This isn’t really a JRPG either. The dev is in the United States. It’s inspired by JRPGs though.

      And yes Fire Emblem is a JRPG, along with many of the Pokemon handheld games.

      JRPG just means Japanese Role Playing Game.

  3. Everyone missed the 10-13 hour all-nighter livestreams he – Mike Gale, the one man show behind DisasterCake – put on the past few days on his twitch channel. He hang out with the 100+ something with us in the chat and as the countdown started it was like New Years all over again!

    Also, even though the Kickstarter is over, he’s set up a Paypal that will be open for the next 1-2 months if you missed the Kickstarter, so if you wanted to get in on any of the add-on rewards you still can!

  4. I’m torn:
    I want this game to succeed, but I seem to loathe the protagonist… If only he never talked…

    1. I hated this fucking game so much it burns. the single worse rpg I’ve ever played on any system. stupid ass story, retard characters, horrendous voice acting etc.

      1. did you actually finish it??? the only remotely good thing about it was the battle system and maybe a few tracks. the only reason i got it because the voices were funny a fuck and now i can sell it for much as i bought it so at least i didnt lose any money.

        1. yeah I finished it. it was painful but I made it through. I got rid of the game as fast as possible. and yeah the battle system and orb magic system were alright. everything else was just pure evil.

    2. Oh god I’m laughing so much right now. I love “Fear” “Pain” and “More Fear” :P

  5. Looks pretty good for an indie game. Don’t really like that it’s in episodes but whatever I guess. I will probably still get it.

    1. Each game will be fully fledged 15-20 hour experiences. Also, when a new episode is released, you’ll have the option to transfer over your items, armor, progress and such from the previous game so you can pick up right where you left off.

    1. Guess what game is already number 1 in japan pikmin 3 already sold over 100k cppies and super luigi u is 7th some1 send in a link to the guy who runs the site

      1. omg, you nintendo fans for real?
        its true what everyone says about you folk, weak minded fools.

  6. I will never buy this shit. Why Nintendo let them even release this kind of disgrace to jrpg genre on their system on first place? Damn, i would rather play aliens colonial mariners than this kind of shit lol.

  7. It looks interesting, but sometimes I see a Nintendo DS Engine graphics. I hope they improve that.

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