Wii U Only Sold 179K Software Units Over 6 Months In The UK


The Wii U seems to have had a terrible six months in the United Kingdom. The console has only sold 179,000 units of software sold at retail so far this year. This means that the console has barely matched retail software sales for the ailing PlayStation Vita in the United Kingdom. Digital software sales wouldn’t propel the console much further. Thankfully, there’s a number of high-profile games coming out in the coming months so software and hardware sales figures should improve.


        1. The problem is advertising, or indeed complete lack thereof.

          recently two of my tech savvy friends came round to my flat and asked me what the hell that tablet looking controller was next to my tv. When i explained that the Wii U was a nintendo console that has been out for 8 months in the uk they were genuinely shocked.

          How are people supposed to buy something that they don’t even know exists? Its shocking.

  1. See this is what happens when you don’t make games for a system and expect Nintendo to come down and save the day…..AGAIN!

  2. I am from the UK and people believe the wii u is gay and for those who cant afford a PS3! I agree with them even though i have been a Nintendo fan for ages as the Wii u is just plain shit!!!

    1. Oh so that’s the problem? It’s gay…. So you hating on gay people? What if your best friend was gay, would you hate on him too?
      Or maybe you’re a kid because I haven’t heard someone use that “it’s gay” term in a while unless you’re a kid.

    2. Maybe he means gay as in Happy, and in the UK they hate being happy? they want a dreary misery in their life like a PS3…. which costs less then the Wii U…

    3. Wii U is more expensive than a PS3 right now AND a game console can’t be gay AND you are using the word “gay” as an insult which is very nasty and mean and I won’t forgive you for it. Also, your a troll not a Nintendofan…. 💋

      1. I always admire your efforts, but we must admit the WiiU is a weak console software-wise. Pretty much there are no games on it to play.

    1. Agreed, call the game Soccer Power: Manchester United then every brittish guy would buy a Wii U…

      1. Hahahaha true xD but the Aussie market isn’t much better. Over here FPS, Action and Sports are the most apealing genres. The only games people care about over here is cod,battlefield,halo,FIFA, Assassins creed and GTA. I guess the Aussie and UK market are similar but Nintendo is more respected here than the UK.

        1. That’s good to hear, I hope High Command invests more in Australia in the near future too…

          1. Do you want an idea of how much Nintendo invests in Australia? Just look at our club Nintendo, it’s a complete joke.

            1. I’m sure it is…

              My territory (Europe) isn’t exactly a main course either…

              Although I do think High Command can do much more in these regions, I think that the western gaming community should be less hostile aswell…

              Like they only want the same games over and over which is probably one reason to why we don’t send games over to the west…

  3. It’s crap, there are no in game trophies or achievements, many of the AAA titles miss the U out, the ones it has are even more Mario games (not great if you hate Mario) and over all the online side is dead.
    Give it an animal crossing game and watch it fly off the shelves. Also, introduce some kind of in game achievements like earning Nintendo Club Stars or extras for your mii.

    1. Trophies/Achievements are really not a big deal.

      They’re fine for post game content, but if you NEED achievements, the game isn’t worth buying.

      1. Nintendo did state, however, that they were planning to bring some sort of achievement system in the future. Perhaps it was meant to be in the summer update, but that was delayed.

          1. From what I’ve lived through, when Nintendo tries something new, they do it in an innovative and quality way. Look at their try at DLC; New Super Luigi U. One of the best attempts at DLC ever. So I don’t expect anything disastrous, I expect something rather fresh. And they did state that they will do something quite different from their competitors.

    2. I wonder what is so good about getting achievements? I have a 360 and i would get the achievements but until last year they actually made those points mean something. Those achievements/trophies are pretty useless. It just makes people feel good about themselves. Sony/microsoft fanboy: “oh wow i went around in a circle and got an achievement for it let me share it to my facebook and twitter account (Y)”

      Ubisoft made an achievement system for their own games on the wiiU called “uplay”. Use those points to get some added things in the game.

  4. I’m not a fan of Pikmin but I really hope Pikmin 3 sells and be’s the first game to pass 2 million sales. Because Nintendoland and NSMBU is the only games that passed a million? Just no

    1. Pikmin won’t sell consoles, its much lesser known than Mario and Zelda and doesn’t feel like a must have game.

      1. If it’s a good selling game, and gets enough publicity: which it is, then it WILL sell consoles. From what I’ve seen, it’s looking up to be an excellent game.

        1. first 2 games got a lot of publicity.
          They didnt sell that good, and certainly weren’t system sellers.

          1. Because they were newer games and and gamecube had a small install base. We don’t know what will happen with the game until it launches

  5. Uhh. This isn’t anything surprising. Those sales mostly came from Monster Hunter and LEGO City, and even THOSE weren’t major title releases. Besides, they both had alternative versions on the 3DS. Once Wii U gets games, it will sell units. This is simple.

  6. Well, Europe in general isn’t exactly Nintendo’s “strength” market and with the Wii U struggling at the moment, this really doesn’t come as a surprise.

  7. Just buy the WiiU for the games you want….WWHD, DKTF, MK8, X, Bayo2, W101, Pikmin 3, Sonic LW, Wii Party U, Wii fit U, Mario 3dWorld, Watch dogs, Ass Creed 4, Splinter Cell and of course tons of Indie games. I’m very excited for their line-up, but I dont think I can buy them all ;_; I’m super pumped for Pikmin 3 in 11 days!

      1. Fearow fea row row Fearow fear Fearow Fearow FEAR! (that game is amazing, too bad it isn’t a Pii U exclusive! PC is the DEFFINITIVE VERSION WOOH)

        1. A Hat in Time will certainly be better on the Wii U. Also, I think A Hat in Time will be at least a Wii U CONSOLE exclusive! Which is pretty cool!..Then again the game is getting sommuch hype. I would’nt be surprised if the PS4 and Xbox One got the game so the creator could make more
          money… 💋

  8. Game and Wario, Lego City, Monster Hunter. Numbers seem appropriate for those 3 games + some other 3rd party non exclusives and price drops.
    Sales will most definitely rise in Q3 and Q4 though.

  9. Could be worse, but when the UK’s main gaming media outlets are actually American ones, can you really be surprised?

  10. Being from the UK, I have absolutely NO idea what sells here, aside from maybe Football games. I do get the impression that gamers here can be especially juvenile though, and will punt for games that seem more “mature” over anything else.

    What Nintendo need to do is more of what they are doing already; getting games out and into people’s hands so they’ll be more interested in the Wii U.

  11. I just saw that on Nintendo’s youtube channel a new great-looking commercial for Pikmin 3 got uploaded…Might this finally be the start of, you know, a thing called advertisement :o

  12. they should be ashamed of themselves, only outselling ps2 and psp1..fkn pathetic.
    I love nintendo, but this outcome is just a deserved one…and completely to blame on themselves.

  13. its funny the uk is a market is quite odd, it basically loves Fifa and Cod and quite frankly Fifa and Cod are better on the other consoles. My brother played the Wii U the other day and really likes it but Fifa and Cod are his games at the moment. He wont buy one unless Fifa is released on it up to standard. But when Metroid comes out he will change his mind he loves Metroid.

    But what some other points said earlier what has really come out on the console to make you buy it, Nintendo have got over the teething problems. By the end of this year and the next should be good times for the console as the games will be there and GTA will make it so noone wants to buy the PS4 and XB1. I will buy one of them just not this year as i need something to justify it.

  14. Nintendo didn’t make awesome unique original games that sell the system, New Super Mario Bros U isn’t really different from NSMB Wii, and Nintendo Land doesn’t have the appeal they were looking for, I think if you could actually play Mario chase as Mario and every Mini game as the actual Nintendo character and not just your Mii wearing their characters close, it might be more appealing.

  15. This is no surprise. The console has nothing that appeals to the majority of my fellow UK gamers. That, and advertising is non-existent here. I haven’t seen a single ad since the launch.

    1. Quite. They seem to have neglected the fact that The Last of Us and two cute 3DS games are on top. Yes… we only buy CoD and Fifa… riiiiiiight.

  16. Nintendo haven’t made a decent console since the snes. The wii u can’t compete with the graphics power of Sony and Microsoft. They need to do what sega did years ago and scrap their shit consoles and just make games. But the problem with that is they only make shit mario games. It must be embarrassing to admit that your best racing game is mario cart. Your best sports game is mario at the Olympics. Your best action game is super mario land. Rip Nintendo your days are numbered come November 2013

    1. what are you talking about in the last 8 years the big N has brought out 4 consoles Wii ( number one system ) DS ( number one hand held system ) 3DS ( number one hand held system ) and the wii U which is not doing to well ?? as for the wii u we will have to see if it picks up or not ??? then you say about the games mario kart was one of the biggest selling games of last gen ( wii xbox 360 ps3 )

      I am glad the wii u is out it gives people a choice if they want a games system that has free online and is back wards compatible with last gen

      not to mention that when the xbox was revealed people could not wait to go over to ps4 or wii u

      The wii u is a great system it just needs the games and there are some great ones on the way just give it a bit more time you’ll see

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