Nintendo UK Is Going On Tour This Summer


Nintendo is giving families up and down the UK the opportunity to play the latest Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games at a series of events taking place throughout summer 2013. The Wii U Den tour and Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun will be visiting family friendly outdoor events from July to October and are the best place to play the latest Nintendo games as well as taking part in many other exciting Nintendo themed activities.

The Wii U Den Tour

The Wii U Den tour will be taking Nintendo’s latest home console on the road this summer, offering you the chance to experience the magic of Mario in HD and the innovative new GamePad controller and the entertainment, gameplay and social features that it offers first hand. Play up to 5 player co-op Mario in New Super Mario Bros. U, discover the world of LEGO® CITY Undercover, get involved in multiplayer mayhem inNintendo Land and even get to try out new games coming later this year! You will also be able to check out the entertainment applications that Wii U has to offer as well as Miiverse – a family friendly social network built around games and sharing gameplay experiences.

The Wii U Den tour will be visiting the following locations this summer:

  • Sunderland Air Show, Seaburn Park, Sunderland (27-28 July)
  • Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Ashton Court Estate, Bristol (8-11 August)
  • Eastbourne Airborne, King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne (15-18 August)
  • Clacton Air Show, Marine Parade West, Clacton-on-Sea (22–23 August)

Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun

The Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun will host a large number of Nintendo 3DS games for you to try including Mario Kart 7, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.,Luigi’s Mansion 2, LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins and LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey. During the summer you will be able to see for yourself that there really is something for everyone on Nintendo 3DS. There will be lots to do on the stand including multiplayer Mario Kart 7 races, ghost hunting in Luigi’s Mansion 2 and daily Animal Crossing: New Leaf tips and tricks to running a successful town. With competitions and prizes galore and a message board to leave your 3DSreasons head down to the stand to experience what Nintendo 3DS has to offer.

If you already own a Nintendo 3DS then make sure you bring your console along for a fun opportunity to meet many Nintendo fans via StreetPass and play games with those you’ve encountered; such as collecting more puzzle pieces.

The Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun will be coming to the following locations this summer:

  • Sunderland Air Show, Seaburn Park, Sunderland (27-28 July)
  • Nottingham Riverside Festival, Victoria Embankment, Nottingham (2-4 August)
  • Eastbourne Airborne, King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne (15-18 August)
  • Williamson Square (City Centre), William Square, Liverpool (22-25 August)
  • Bournemouth Air Festival, Bournemouth Sea Front, Bournemouth (29 August – 1 September)


    1. Uhh hello! i think nintendo should relese a new home consal in the uk because thay dont like wii u and they shud call it nintendo Ukay? that way it apeels 2 the uk peeple with “uk” in the name and nintendo shud make it 4k resolutoin with prety grafics!

      1. Seriously? Wow… In Australia we don’t get much Nintendo love but we still manage to get at least some nintendo events.. I think it depends if your country has a Nintendo branch eg: Nintendo America, Nintendo UK, Nintendo Australia(sucks).

        1. Well Sweden used to have Club Nintendo until 2006 or so then they closed it because people became basically Xbots and Sonyans everywhere…

          Nintendo Drones are not easy to find nowadays and thus I must keep fighting for the glory of fun…

          However they do sometimes in GAME retail stores do something a bit special now and then but nothing that is considered something near the stuff the US or UK gets…

    1. Not really. This soiunds like shit. They bring LOADS of 3DS games but they only bring 2 OLD wiiu games ? why aren’t they bringing Zelda , Pikmin , Mario 3D world , Sonic and all that stuff ?

      NSMBU and Lego city…. bring some new stuff ffs.

    1. I was just about to say that! I didn’t think that the Independence vote was till next year? Guess I was wrong Nintendo……

        1. They should probably specify that they mean a couple of events far south, at events which you have to pay to get into in general.

  1. Well, that’s bloody useless… 4 Wii U events, and all of them are at bloody airshows.

  2. And the marketing just keeps getting better! And guys were whining about NIntendo not doing anything in Europe. Well how’s this! KEEP IT GOING NINTY!! =)

  3. i went to the one in nottingham its was amazing i came second place in the mario kart 7 tordoment

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