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Kamiya Would Like To Make Bayonetta 3 If Second Is A Success


Platinum Game designer Hideki Kamiya has told a fan on Twitter that he would like the opportunity to work on a third Bayonetta game, providing Bayonetta 2 is a success on Wii U. It basically boils down to whether the game sells on Wii U, if it does then Kamiya would be more than happy to make Bayonetta 3.

I hope so. RT @Patpadi1: if Bayonetta 2 going to be a hit would you think about it to make a third part ?

79 thoughts on “Kamiya Would Like To Make Bayonetta 3 If Second Is A Success”

    1. This is one of very few big 3rd party developers interested in creating exclusive Wii U games, so for the love of all that’s holy you guys: BUY THEIR GAMES!

      Platinum Games needs to continue to develop for Nintendo, it would really suck if they decide to go to other companies because we didn’t support them enough.

    2. SUPPORT WII U!!
      Thats what I always say!
      I put this in every comment I do, Videogame related OR NOT.
      I hope U guys would follow me and put the frase in every comment U do throughout the internet!!!

  1. I hope its a success too. By the time it releases, Wii U sales should be way up with all these first party titles finally releasing. I know im preordering and getting Bayo 2 day 1!

    1. I hope they also re-release the first one on the Wii U eShop since it is said it is a possibility.

      1. Same here… except those awful QTE moments. They were the only thing that spoilt it for me. My reactions aren’t the best, and upon failing those, my rank kept slipping…

  2. Every Wii U owner better buy this game!’ I want a 3rd Bayonetta! I want it! I want it! I want it! Bayonetta is SOOO Goooooood! 💋

  3. (Off topic) Do any of you guys know if the Wii U and 3DS is sold in Nigeria? My mom said that we’re going there and I still wanna play the Wii U and 3DS! (I was born here in Houston but my parents were born in Nigeria)

    1. They probably would sell them there. It should be available almost everywhere. But its more than likely very expensive over there. So yeah you should be able to find them there.

        1. But also remember to watch out for pirated games or fake consoles. There could be plenty of them. If you can’t manage find them in stores then your best option is to order them online.

            1. No worries, wow… This is the first time i helped someone on this site… Being nice for a change is not that bad.

    2. You can get a WiiU and 3DS easily in 54 of the 56 African countries easy. With Africa rapidly becoming the next big economic giant even walmart is in African countries. Pizza hut as well. Nintendo should easily dominate African nations due to famicom being a popular console in the eighties and ninties.

  4. I think it goes without saying, everyone would like a third Bayonetta game.

    I hope the second one is a success. I’ll be purchasing it for sure.

  5. I swear, any Wii U owner, that doesn’t support Platinum’s Wii U exclusives, is going to receive a torrent of abuse from me.

    It’s as I said a few days ago, Nintendo fans are the ones destroying Nintendo’s relationship with third-parties; by not supporting the exclusives. And instead ONLY buying first party games.

    Do your part! Support exclusive third-party titles! And help make Wii U a success!

    1. Anyone that doesn’t support Platinum full stop is stupid.

      Bayonetta, Vanquish, Mad World, Metal Gear Rising, Wonderful 101. Platinum Games are the tits.

      1. Don’t forget this guy who helped made Okami and viewtiful joe. Bayonetta needs strong support nintendo should put adds left and right for this game since they are funding it. I will gladly tell people to buy this game.Please nintendo fans BUY THIS FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!

  6. *looks at picture*

    Huh, wha?

    Yeah, sure Bayo 3, bring it on.

    Now i really want a Darkstalkers crossover with Bayonetta.

      1. Morrigan is welcomed for any game because Capcom won’t make a new Darkstalkers xD she just shows up in MvC

  7. MiiVerse is a place we can advertise Bayonetta 2 as gamers ourselves. Talk about easy marketing. Let’s help nintendo market even in places the didn’t know the had easy platforms to showcase. MiiVerse it is.

    1. I agree with you. I want everyone to run onto Miiverese and push the game out there word of mouth is a great tool.

  8. the game looks good so I’m going to get it. although I don’t feel like getting it cause I haven’t played the first one.

  9. And I would love to play B2 in the Wii U, but also I would love to play Bayonetta 1 on the Wii U before B2; Why Nintendo has not come to and agreement with sega about releasing Bayonetta 1 as an added bonus in Bayonetta 2 or put the game in the e shop?

    I assure, there are many people that are undecided about getting Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U because they buy a Wii and not an X Box 360 an thus, they do not play Bayonetta 1; if nintendo put out Bayonetta 1 before or at the same time that Bayonetta 2, the sales number of the second one will get bigger, bigger enough to make worth it the effort to make Bayonetta 1 run in the Wii U

  10. I would very much like to see the first Bayonetta on the Wii U maybe as a downloadable on the Bayonetta 3 game if they decided to make it. This would mean the Wii U will have all 3 Bayonetta games and it will make my Chin Beard Boner Rock hard… if I still had my beard..

  11. With the tremendous increase in sales for the Wii U many people with a Wii U will get this game no doubt. It looks good and ill definitely get this game.

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  14. all you mother f out there who own a wii u better F buy this game I don’t care if ya buy in eshop or need to ride a pony to get it . just get I don’t want this be an other darksider where 3 will never come in our life time

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