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New Chat Application Hitting Japanese 3DS eShop Next Week

chat application japanLooks like there’s a new way to chat to your friends with your 3DS, and it’s heading to the Japanese eShop next week. Developed by The Location Inc. the colourful voice and text application named Minna no Oshaberi Chat will be available to download July 24 for 980 yen. The application features voice call support, which can connect to up to four people, while up to ten can communicate in other parts of the application. You can also send messages to another person by drawing different pictures or using images – similar to the Nintendo Letter Box/Swapnote feature on the 3DS. Minna no Oshaberi is currently only available in Japan.

23 thoughts on “New Chat Application Hitting Japanese 3DS eShop Next Week”

  1. They oughta put something like this on Wii U/3DS, but not as an aplication, more as an add-on that can be used ingame. Pretty muck like skype

    1. You’re all expecting multi-tasking functions FROM A PC to work ON A HANDHELD, which isn’t even that strong.

      And some are even expecting it to be free and CROSS-PLATFORM to top it off.


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  4. seems better than swapnote as this is like texting and you can see multiple responses in one thread. can u talk chat though through this app?
    I am interested.

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