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Ancel Says Wii U Challenges Are Related To Making The Console Message Clear


Prolific developer Michel Ancel firmly believes that Nintendo need to make the message clearer to consumers about their latest console, Wii U. Ancel says that it’s difficult to convey what’s special about the system and this is partly Nintendo’s fault. He says that it will take time for consumers to see the benefits of the system and it’s the risk you take when you create a genuinely innovative product. He concluded by saying that some things simply take a while to catch on.

“The thing with the Wii U is that is not easy for the mass market to understand what’s cool inside of it.”

“I see it at home, when people say ‘look, we have that console, it has a touch screen (which looks like a big smartphone or a tablet)’ … and people don’t directly connect all these things as a system and see the fun… it takes time… That is the risk when you innovate: perhaps people are not as fast as you.””

62 thoughts on “Ancel Says Wii U Challenges Are Related To Making The Console Message Clear”

    1. Why U mad, I see you finally recovered from the awesome news of Pikmin being number 1 in japan and moving consoles :). What Pikmin did, and is doing is called being real number 1.

  1. Nintendo should show off the Pro Controller more… and advertise more… since the Gamepad isn’t translating as well as Wii motion controls did.

  2. I think he is right. Nintendo just needs to show off what the Wiiu can do to gaming, and how it is beneficial to even hardcore gamers. We’ve already seen what a good game can do to increase the sales of the Wiiu, now it is just time for Nintendo to show that to the mainstream public.

  3. So, he knows Ubisoft kind of fucked up totally Rayman for Wii U, and now is trying to shift any and all fault towards Nintendo?

    Just stop bitching and let things go on to their tracks.

    1. Rayman Origins sold better in PS3/360 hahaha

      why would they bother with making th game Wii U exclusive if a fucking Dora the Explorer game outsold the Wii version of Origins?

  4. People who didn’t like Wii will hate Wii U because of the same reasons. The think they will be forced to derp around with a new gimmicky controller. I personally like the gamepad though.

    1. I agree and that is one of the most reasons why some of the console gamers are switching over to PC gaming. PC games are cheaper in generally after all.

  5. Commenters acting like Pikmin 3 is not advertising the console correctly lol. Ubisoft Pikmin 3 is a million times better than your Rayman legends. A game that could have moved consoles like Pikmin 3 is doing. Now they play the shift game like the didn’t cause part of the largest drought.

  6. Its the games that will sell it to people. Pikmin 3 managed to do it so will other games like,Zelda,DK,Sonic,Mario,W101 etc. It has been just the lack of killer exclusives why the thing hasnt sold. Meanwhile 3DS has destroyed all gamin platforms on the market, Microshit keeps raping RARE and Sony doesnt know that they have handheld system of their own.

    1. “Sony doesnt know that they have handheld system of their own.” Dead_________________________________at that comment hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    2. I’ve used a Vita before and it’s a great piece of hardware it’s just to god damn expensive. I’m pretty sure it’s the price of a Ps3

  7. Hey Prolific developer Michel Ancel, a gaming personified’s Pikmin 3 sold more than half its Japanese software merchandise in two days. While your evil bosses delayed your rayman legends and made it Multiplat. Guess what? your game cannot match the brilliance of the Pikmin Series.

    1. Guess what? He probably doesnt give a shit. You want to catch his attention used that twittering machine app thingy and follow him.

  8. Nintendo just isn’t making the system a must have console. Before E3 this year, I was sure Nintendo was going to show off some awesome games, and the “3D mario” was going to be something awesome! But No, I was insanely dissapointed. Its not the message, its the games, The Wii ] doesn’t have ANY must have titles yet, it has really good titles, but no system sellers yet like the original Mario was to the NES, like Pokemon was to the Gameboy, and like Halo was to Xbox. Nintendo can do it,they are already doing it with the 3DS, The 3DS is simply amzing and I am overwhelmed by the constant stream of great games coming to it! And to top it off, a pokemon game is fi nally coming to it! This needs to start happening on the Wii U soon

  9. i also dont understand why they dont talk about the broswer! the Wii U browser is fantastic! not only does it load faster than my Kindle Fire and iPad, but it’s really awesome to be able to browse the web using all of the joysticks and buttons on the gamepad. you dont even really need the touch screen since you can use the d-pad to quickly jump to each clickable icon on the screen. the browser is one of the hidden gems of the system!

    1. Its ok cus we’ll be playing it on our ps4 im sure a lot of wiiu owners will own both systems so have fun being stuck to one and being a troll fag…lol

      1. lol
        name calling child is name calling child.
        its ok, stick with your nintendo branded electronic nanny.

              1. Fyi Mad Max gonna look like shit compare to what naughty dog has in store for there new game on ps4. Last of Us was Good! :)

    2. You do know now that the PS4 has to fend off the WiiU right? Japan has been taken over by the wiiU and 3DS. how is your Vita by the way?

      1. i found your box diapers, nintendo president stole them and was going to sell them to you as a unique experience, please understand. lol.
        retarded goof, and obvious child.

    1. Their first party softwares probably the only reason i bought one, its just collecting dust now but not for long until i get pikmin 3, at least i have walking dead for ps3 to hold me over til then..

    2. Ignore ps4playa if you want an opinion that actually makes sense here you go.
      You can look forward to the the amazing first part titles coming out at the end and beginning of this year and next, Gamepad features awesome things like Miiverse and the eShop which really do grab my attention. Miiverse is filled to the brim with art, beautiful art at that, as well as continuos updates to Nintendo things, can be used as a Tv controller, etc.. Really it’s all your opinion but so far I’ve been very happy with my purchase. But I hope you get what you like.

      1. Yeah, the artwork of some people are just wonderful, probably gonna turn my wiiu back on and see whats going on in miiverse.

        1. Even though I agree that the Wii U isn’t a good system YET, Consoles collect dust whether you play them or not, I don’t play my PS3 often, it collects dust until I vaccum it, I play my Xbox 360 daily, it collects dust, until I vaccum it, you can only use that phrase for handhelds since the are actually being moved around.

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