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Sonic Lost World Dated For Europe


SEGA has confirmed that Sonic Lost World will launch in Europe on October 18th. The game will then be released in North America on October 22nd. Sonic fans in Japan will have to wait until the 24th of October to get their hands on the game. Sonic Lost World is being developed exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. You can watch the latest trailer for the game here.

19 thoughts on “Sonic Lost World Dated For Europe”

  1. Pikmin 3 oh Pikmin 3 you and your 93 % critic rating from Famitsu.
    Oh! how thee has sold 100 000 copies in two days.
    Oh! how the Japanese Gamers are exploring new lands with thee.
    Pikmin 3 Pikmin 3 you have silenced the critics, drones, bots, trolls, PC orcs and Ios Goblins.

    1. Day dreaming about Pikmin 3 as we speak :). My lady will have to be bought a rose for each of the first eight days of my getting of that game. In fact I shall order flower delivery for her for those eight days. Plus chocolates for every other day that very period. I love her, but I need to Pikminize every night those eight days.

    1. Probably 3DS, since there are more 3DSs than Wii Us. But who knows? Maybe that will change by October with W101 and Pikmin 3

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