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Rayman Legends’ Director Criticizes The Wii U GamePad’s Resistive Touch Screen Tech


Rayman Legends will contain levels that are played by primarily using the Wii U GamePad‘s 6.2-inch touch screen. In-game character Murphy, for example, is entirely controlled via the touch screen. In many levels, the player guides Murphy, who must whack baddies, cut ropes and move platforms to help clear the path for other characters. Rayman Legends’ director, Michel Ancel, has criticized the Wii U GamePad’s resistive touch screen tech, saying that it doesn’t feel natural to play with a stylus, compared to playing on devices that support multi-touch gestures.

“To me, it’s not very natural to play with the stylus. I think most of the kids now are more comfortable with tablets, they use their fingers,” Ancel said, explaining that the developer had to do “some special developments to interpolate what the player is doing”, in order to make finger input on the GamePad accurate enough.

115 thoughts on “Rayman Legends’ Director Criticizes The Wii U GamePad’s Resistive Touch Screen Tech”

    1. Nintendo should of did both like what Samsung does to the note. It might cost more but will be beneficial in the future

        1. Yes. I remember this being a criticism back when it was first announced. The gamepad does feel very cheap and is old tech, when compared with… well… basically every other tablet out there. Still, it’s a compromise we had to make for the price of the console.

                1. you must be new here. How about you shut the fuck up with your “bitchy attitude ^_^)!!!!”. And seriously, who takes a picture of themselves as a gravatar? Stop picking on people or ill tell my mom and shell spank your ass and candy will come out just like in that episode of children’s hospital.

                2. With this logic, all tablets are essentially big 3DS’s. In which case, every tablet that is not 3D is shoddy overpriced old tech. And besides, name one tablet that comes close to the Wii U’s power. I can’t believe I’m actually wasting time on someone that obviously knows nothing about the Wii U…

          1. Exactly, if not the GamePad alone would sell for between $300 and $500. Didn’t work well for PS3 at it’s launch when the price of admission was too high.

        2. thing with capacitive digitizers is that they don’t work when any part of your palm or your fingers touches the surface

          not to mention that small capacitive touchscreens tend to be rather inaccurate

          1. and yes i’m aware the ps vita has an accurate capacitive screen which probably means they used a high quality one.. of course using such a screen would have driven the price of the wii U .. something people were already complaining about
            just think about it

        3. Please no, I like being able to draw on my 3DS when I am away from the Wacom. Capacitive screens are not precise enough and have horrible latency.

          1. Agreed! I like the fact that you can “press” on the screen which makes gaming a lot easier than capacitive screen, and the latency SUCKS on capacitive screens

      1. if they had done that the wii U would cost at least as much as the xbox one x_x

        combined inductive and capacitive screens are very expensive…

    2. Funny… I just read at Player Esscense how they didn’t include Smart Glass functionality for MS because it sucked ass, and was not even close to the responsiveness of the Gamepad… This is a Nintendo Fan site? hmmm. lol

    3. I read this article on and they NEVER accused this guy of “criticizing the Wii U Gamepad’s screen.” They just talked about how they had to modify some things to make it work better with fingers, that’s all. They never said anything “negative” about it. -__-

    1. Haha that’s true. I hate those back and forths.

      He does bring up a valid point though. It’s not just the multitouch. The touch screen isn’t as sensitive and effortless as the touchscreens we are used to today. It’s accurate and responsive but it would open so many possibilities if it was focused on being used with fingers.

  1. Ummmm i believe you can use your finger on the gamepad. Haven’t tried it on the game but everything else I can use my finger.

  2. No one gives a crap about the gimmicky touch elements. If you don’t want them there don’t put them in.

    1. He’s saying the technology is imprecise with the finger, not that he dislikes the stylus. He knows you can use your finger, but it wasn’t working well till they incorporated “some special developments”. Again, they could’ve not put the touch controls in a just shut up about it. I’ve played the demo and the Murphy sections are terrible.

      1. I like the Murfy sections and I prefer using a stylus over my finger, less smudges on the screen that way.

        1. Nobody should be using their fingers, I hate it when people touch my gamepad screen with their fingers.

          1. Seriously. My little brother is always eating and he leaves food residue all over my dad’s gamepad. I won’t let that runt touch my gamepad, let alone the screen.

        2. Agree. Besides, you get a bit too much resistance when swiping your finger on the Gamepad screen.
          But I like the touchscreen. It might not be the best screen on the market, but it’s very responsive (typed from the gamepad itself lol).

      2. I’m the opposite; even though I didn’t like the murphy sections as much, I never had a problem controlling them with my finger.
        There’s really no issue for digit-users here.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      “…the developer had to do “some special developments to interpolate what the player is doing”, in order to make finger input on the GamePad accurate enough.”

      The reason why we can is because they did this.

      I don’t like the stylus either. Nintendo should’ve dropped it after the DS and Wii era. But they kept it for 3DS/Wii U. I have high expectations for the NEXT gen lol.

      1. Thats because you are stupid and this site is the biggest trash since ign. He actually was bashing the Xbox smart glass no the wiiu pad.

      2. Oh, heh… didn’t read that part… (I don’t remember seeing it earlier….)

        I think that the stylus is fine for the 3DS. The screen is too small for fingers, and you would only really be able to use it with your fingernail, which is uncomfortable and scratches the screen. And for the Wii U, I believe the idea is “you can use your finger, but also, for precise touches you can use the pen.”

        If the Wii U didn’t come with a Stylus I’m sure that everyone would complain about how it doesn’t have one, and then buy a pen they could use with it.

    2. i never once used the styles for the challenge levels with murphy, seriously what is it with today’s developers? they are so lazy, and complain and bitch just because they have to do a little extra work, sheesh i am getting fed up of all these lazy ass devs, who cant be bothered to do a little extra work to make a experience better, whatever they done, the touch control’s with a finger worked awesome, in fact i always use my finger on my game pad, oh lord that sounded so wrong didn’t it? lol either way i use the stylus when browsing the web online, and for minute inputs, other wise the finger response is fine, Michel Ancel DealWtihIT!!!!!! if you don’t like touch controls, don’t use it, simple, but i can understand he is expressing his opinion about nintendo not using the same touch technology we all so commonly use in our smart phones, it just takes way less effort, also i would have loved dual touch control’s, bummer hey?

      1. Can i say dual touch are not needed as you always have one hand on anologue stick or buttons ect on a dedicated console with anologue’s and buttons you simply don’t require dual touch never…..???

      1. Plus i remember not too long ago devs praising the touch screen on how sensitive it is ect and there is almost zero latency from GAMEPAD to TV which makes for a faster response time than say a tablet linked to a console ect……

  3. I get where he’s coming from.
    Personally using my finger it worked fine to me, but i prefer using the stylus solely because my hand wont get in the way, i can see the screen easier.

  4. I prefer a stylus anyway over finger swipe.. as u can tell my fingers misdpell words with finger swipes

  5. Misleading title… he’s not criticizing the tech… he’s criticizing the stylus… HOW DO YOU CONFUSE A PLASTIC STICK WITH THE ENTIRE CONTROLLER?

    1. He’s criticising the hole touch screen. He thinks it’s not sensitive enough for fingers, which forces you to use the stylus. Seriously no one read the whole second part:

      “the developer had to do “some special developments to interpolate what the player is doing”, in order to make finger input on the GamePad accurate enough.”

      That is a criticism of the touch screen itself.

  6. Can Nintendo implement multi-touch via an update? Or would it require new hardware? No way they’ll make new hardware just for that. Wii U Gamepad Plus… awful.

    1. And this article might cause people to stay away from buying a Wii U because of misinformation. Is this a dedicated Nintendo news site or what?

    1. Also, the game pad works just fine with fingers.
      I’ve been doing so since I got the system with zero issues, so this news story really isn’t a story at all.

      1. Agreed. This article needs to be updated. This is my “go to” site for quick Nintendo news but damn…very irresponsible journalism. I would be more pissed off if it was intentional to get more clicks.

    2. Honestly after reading that, yeah he had negative to say about xbox smartglass but this isn’t a microsoft website. The part talking about the wii u’s screen was in that link so I don’t really see the issue with this article since it adheeds to being strictly about nintendo and what this person said about it.

      1. The article could have been more balanced is what i am saying. How many times has this site posted an article that doesn’t relate to Nintendo? Lots of times. When they say a certain game is NOT coming to Wii U for example, then they should not post it here? Since it does not concern Wii U anyway and fans will never get to play the game on the console. Rayman was a Wii U exclusive and touchscreen controller is the primary selling point of the system i nwhich competitors are trying to copy. That in itself corresponds to fans deserving to gain access to the ENTIRE picture.

    3. And yet Microsoft is using that as a 2nd selling point of the Xbox One…. its funny how the Wii U is weaker yet its gamepad is more responsive than a normal android/iOS tablet using Smart Glass XD

  7. No way, I hate capacitive touch screens, I don’t like my Samsung Galaxy, I should have bought a cellphone with a full qwerty keyboard… damn fat capacitive stylus… I prefer pressure sensitive surface with better stylus. They should have kept the different pressure sensitive screen from the DS.

  8. Last time I heard him saying anything about the Wii U Gamepad and Rayman in general was that everyone thought that the game was a perfect match for the Gamepad and Wii U…

    The Ubisoftians went from pro Nintendo to becoming Xbot Zealots…

  9. I think they left capacitive touch screen out for several more years. Probably when a new 3ds model and a new Wii U model(with more GB etc) comes out, they will include a capacitive touch screen with a special stylus.

  10. The stylus gives way to more technicity in the gameplay than a finger control could. You can use the touchscreen both ways in the Murphy’s Dungeon levels of the Challenge App, but if you want to perfect your run, you will absolutely always end up using the stylus, simply because it’s more precise.

    What he’s saying is basically that he prefers using a trackpad than a mouse on a computer. He can, everyone’s entitled to their taste and opinion on the matter, but you will never master Starcraft using the trackpad.






    there is no law forcing you to use a sylus and to try to say splotching a finger beats a stylus the guys fucking deluded…..



    1. I use my fingers when playing games and typing on internet. I use stylish very seldom. Playing Raymond Legends with my fingers when character is running I think is more accurate compared to a tablet. I have to cut ropes and lift platforms at the last second in order for character to continue running. I think the GamePad is my favorite video gaming controller. If Nintendo added more technology, it would cost more because they have to also focus on making it lite enough to hold. No one can hold a heavy ass smart glass for hours.

  13. best thing about the screen on the gamepad is it doesnt freeze, well too me anyway, unlike all my tablets and phones

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  15. I don’t see an issue here. Ancel states that he finds his finger input a little imprecise on a resistive touchscreen. It’s not exactly “news”. However, finetuning the code so that it works is something I want to see more of. It means the dev team is clearly working hard at optimising their code and making further adjustments to make the Wii U version ‘the definitive’ version.

    If it makes for a better game, I’m all for it.

  16. I read this article on and they NEVER accused this guy of “criticizing the Wii U Gamepad’s screen.” They just talked about how they had to modify some things to make it work better with fingers, that’s all. They never said anything “negative” about it. -__-

  17. I think this comment of his being misunderstood. He was talking about what he perceived as a problem on how to best play the game and explaining his solution. I wouldn’t call it a criticism so much as someone say hey look we can up with a great solution to take the gameplay better.

    1. And that is why I said the article should have included the xbox comment that Michel Ancel gave as it put the Wii U touchscreen as a better option for Rayman Legends rather than just singling out his critcism about the gamepad. It should have been more balanced.

      1. Some people here doesn’t even kwn a Wii U and if they read this incomplete article, they would shy away from buying the console thinking that the gamepad is no good.

      2. Yeah, I saw you comment and get what you mean. At the same time this guy just seems like a designer just trying to figure out the solution to create the best game possible, at least in his mind. I don’t even think its really a criticism of the system, since all systems have limitations. There would never be a need for new consoles if they didn’t.

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  19. This coming from a guy whose company alienated Rayman Legends fans?

    Already loosing interest in the game already. That’s sad.

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