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Iwata Hopes To Reveal Zelda Wii U In The Not-Too-Distant Future


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stated that the company hopes to reveal the next iteration of the Zelda franchise on Wii U in the not-too-distant future. Iwata stressed that Nintendo is concentrating on developing and marketing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for Wii U. Presumably once that is it out-of-the-way then they will be ready and able to show off the new Zelda title for Wii U.

“It is true that Mr Aonuma’s team has been working on a new Zelda title for the Wii U. But the only announcement we have at this time of software which will soon become available is WindWaker HD. But they are actually working on an exclusive new Wii U title in the Zelda franchise and I hope in the not-too-distant future, we will be able to make the relevant announcement.”

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73 thoughts on “Iwata Hopes To Reveal Zelda Wii U In The Not-Too-Distant Future”

          1. I think they’re just holding off until after WW HD is released. They don’t want people looking past one game to the next and hurt sales needlessly. Miyamoto did say they almost showed it at E3 which suggests it’s ready to show. Be patient, it won’t be much longer.

        1. hopefully they wont wait for some shitty gaming convention to announce it and they’ll just tell us in a nintendo direct

          1. As much as I love Nintendo Directs they need to advertise this on something everyone will see not just us hardcore fans. Super bowl commercial would be brilliant.

            1. I dont watch the Superbowl. I dont watch any sports infact. So no, everyone wont see it. Sports nuts want EA’s Sports games not Zelda. Im not going to watch hours of football for a Zelda commercial. Nintendo Directs are for the gamers.

              1. I don’t watch the Super bowl either but way more people will see the super bowl than a Nintendo Direct. Nintendo Direct is only good for Nintendo fans that will most likely buy Nintendo games anyways. This has been the problem all along, Nintendo is only advertising to current fans and they need to reach the non-fan base. Also there is nothing on TV or internet that everyone will see but I do know that I don’t watch the Super bowl but I will take the time to search youtube for the superbowl commercials. So tell me if you really believe more people watch Nintendo Direct than the Superbowl which we know isn’t true. But I will say I hate sport games as well. Either way the point I was trying to make is Nintendo Directs are mostly watched by current fans. I watched every one of them but my friends didn’t because they aren’t fans and they are the ones Nintendo needs to reach out to.

              1. Will the N-Dub Nation spread the word of the holy N on youtube?…

                Pikmin 3, TW101 and so forth…

                    1. They already were aiming for a 2014 launch. Unless the typical 1 year Zelda delay happens it’s coming 2014. Probably around Holiday 2014 it can compete with Halo 5.

                  1. I love how Nintendo is remaking Wind Waker to keep us patient for the new Zelda. I kind of wish Sakurai had Sora and Namco Bandai remake Melee to keep us waiting for Smash Bros 4… but that’s asking a bit much being that Sakurai is already completely stressed out.

                  2. I hope they don’t reveal it in October. I think after Christmas is a good time so people can buy Wind Waker HD for two months then people will react in the way they did for Twilight Princess when the new one is announced.

                  3. I really hope it’s not too linear as skyward sword or have the same art style. I want to be shocked like I was with the twilight princess reveal.

                    1. The art style will different from what most people would expect, Mr Aonuma stated sometime at e3. We could see a High detail link, cell shaded or something like kingdom hearts 3. We won’t know until they show it but i’m pretty sure it will shock everyone

                      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                        It will probably be like how Link is in the Mega Man CGI trailer for SSB4. That would be epic.

                        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                          Exactly my thoughts. It will probably be used in November to compete with MS and Sony while giving people a reason to buy it for Christmas. And even then it might be just a teaser or a one minute trailer.

                          1. Its in a state that could have been shown off at E3. Miyamoto said they could have revealed it but chose not to.

                        2. Anyone want a Cave of Ordeals in the new Zelda? If there is one, I want it to be a challenge! Hugs to every one of you!

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                        4. (Fear Fear Fearoooooooow!)
                          I’m guessing In a October-November ND, which will also provide info on other already announced 2014 release wii u games and maybe some others.

                          Also, I noticed there be very little talk bout the new Art Academy…

                          1. Zelda games tend to get shown off a year before release; I’d wager at an E3 reveal, and launch in 2015.

                        5. Lol Nintendo should shutup about Zelda and think it through clearly they havent got the idea yet so fuck it stop talking about it hype the games that are coming out like Mario and Donkey Kong maybe even the Wii Party thing stop talking about 2014

                        6. I think they will be revealing it at the last Nintendo Direct of 2013. Probably as the last game shown on the Direct, as a “surprise”

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                        8. They should reveal this before WindWaker HD and announce a playable demo with that release. If that doesn’t sell systems I don’t know what will.

                        9. So far, as far as trailers and gameplay videos go, I’m pretty disappointed in A Link to the Worlds. However, I’m sure they’ll go all out on this one.
                          Can’t wait to see a trailer!

                          1. all those vídeos and trailers and yet you failed to know the name , a link between worlds, are u sure u looked those videos?

                          2. I hope it looks like Twilight Princess or like the Zelda Wii U demo we saw at the unveiling of the Wii U!! 💋

                            1. I don’t want it to TP because it hasn’t age well i rather have a link similar to the one in smash bros so that game ages well. Plus tp lacked color because it was trying to bring a dark atmosphere but it didn’t turn out all that well. Minda and Zant made the game fun for me, not to say it wasn’t fun but after a while it got dull. I think this art style would work wonders with zelda.

                              1. It is too bad they couldn’t have it done within at least one year of launch of Wii U, but Windwaker HD is cool. I hope to still get a Majora Mask on 3DS too and I can’t wait for Link Between Worlds.

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