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Miyamoto Says He Is Thinking About Adding DLC For Pikmin 3


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with Japanese publication, Itoi. Miyamoto accidentally let slip that the team are considering adding additional content to Pikmin 3, presumably in the form of DLC. He said that they are thinking about adding new missions and maps to the game little by little.

“So, using the internet [the team] thinks it’d like to add new missions and maps to the game little by little.”

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87 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says He Is Thinking About Adding DLC For Pikmin 3”

      1. It’s a response to the ridiculous sales the game’s had. This game is moving consoles and they rightfully want to capitalise. If we get the option of more levels, then good for us.

        1. Pikmin sold a lot of copies the first 2 days.. a little more then pikmin1 and less then pikmin2… there is nothing “ridiculous” about the sales they have had, and as usual will prolly end up @ a mill copies sold.

          A game like for example battlefield, sells like 5 million in its first week..yes pikmin3 was “ridiculous” for WiiU numbers..but don’t kid yourselve

    1. Yep! I’m actually really looking forward to this. Although it would never happen but technically they could add online multiplayer through DLC which would be cool.

  1. I don’t know about this…

    I don’t like it if Pikmin 3 would feel like an purposeless game after you complete the game and then add new missions to it…

    If they are in a way that makes sense adapting to the story aftermath or make some “Spin-Off” missions within the main game mission then fine…

    1. The “we might add” means that the game is complete without DLC. This is how every company should think! (EA, I’m looking at you!)

    1. I never understand the hate that people throw at paid DLC. Once the game has been released, you are not entitled to any further content, similarly, if extra content is released for a price, you do not have to purchase it. so really, there is nothing to be so adamantly against the idea.

    1. Why does it have to be that cheap? Because you don’t want to spend $5 we should only get costume packs? You’re not going to get quality DLC for $.50.

      1. False. A Studio could make a DLC that is basically a whole new game, like New Super Luigi U and charge $1 only. If you care more about pleasing your fans and not about money, money, money then it should be done. Make money from the game, not add on material. Nintendo has the money to do free DLC. Infact didnt Iwata say all 1st party DLC would be free like 2 years ago?

        1. Dude. Don’t be stupid. Life ain’t a free ride. Dunno why people expect free stuff. They have to pay people to make the DLC just like any other video game.

  2. he should. that way he can show sakurai that DLC is needed for SSB because not doing it and cutting characters out is a big mistake.

    1. Sakurai is guy that adds nothing but content to his games ssb especially. Character tends to piss off gamers. The game will be on two different platforms so it would have some issues with dlc. A game like pikmin could benefit from dlc because its not as long as ssb.

      1. Yeah but SSB dlc for both platforms could be compatible like For Example: Say he releases DLC for 8-bit and 16-bit character skins (for all that apply) or just new characters in general. that could work cross platform. then DLC for different maps wouldn’t due to how he said wiiU will feature home platofrm related maps while 3DS will feature handheld. SSB DLC won’t make or break the game but it will make it better. like with Fire Emblem Awakening

        1. I believe sakurai said no to anything costume related(possible character customize still unknown)I if there were anything costume related he said it would be in the game, but he has not confirmed anything like that in game yet. character dlc is something personal i’m against because to me it makes the game feel incomplete and occasional it doesn’t add anything the character they put in could be crap and you may never play it. Though its Sakurai choice not mine or anybodies.

          1. Yeah but if you’re the type of guy to play every character regardless of how good or bad they are, then this would be a godsend. I personally tried to give every character in brawl a fair share of time (although I admit I have way more Luigi games and way less Metaknight and Ike games).

      2. MH3U is on 2 different platforms, DLC works great. So are pretty much every DLC made for multiplats ever aswell.

    2. You all know that SSB is a played out formula and the only way to keep it interesting is to add a shit load of online content like better matchmaking, more online modes like subspace emissary and level sharing but we all know none of that is going to happen. Its just a repeat of brawl with mega man added.

  3. I wish Nintendo would add more downloadable content to all there games. I think you get more value out of a game if you can buy additional content. I would love them to keep adding to Super Mario Bros U. Super Luigi U has made me spend a lot more time with the game. So do it Nintendo!

  4. Would you guys stfu and stop complaining. The DLC is for people who’ve completed and done everything in the game and want more out of their game. If you feel like not paying for it, then don’t. Let other people who like more content to their game enjoy it. Also, don’t complain that the content could’ve been in the game for the beginning, because the game has been in development for a long time now, so they’ve had all the time to add as much as they can. In addition, the DLC won’t probably come out until weeks or months after the game has been out, so it’s not like they’ve been working on DLC at the same time as developing the game.

  5. I think it is more the matter of, instead of developing an entire sequel, use the same base program and add content without having us wait for a whole new game in 3 years… this way, you could see more additions within approx. a year… like Luigi U DLC

  6. this is a fine idea.Ign reviewed this game at 8.8. saying one of its flaws was how short it was to complete 10 hrs or so. Dlc would give this game further replay value to those that have no one to play bingo battle with.Hell i payed 20 $for luigi dlc,why not for this pikmin masterpiece?

    1. I wish those who rate games would reevaluate their ratings based on DLC the game is given or bugs that has been fixed. If Pikmin 3 becomes substantially longer with the DLC than the rating should change to say… a 9.5/10 instead of an 8… 💋

    2. That review was horse shit. I’ve since talked to other reviewers on their forums and they said that to actually complete the game 100% with everything is around 18-24 hours, they said if you beat it in 10 you did the bare minimum and that isn’t even including playing any multiplayer or co-op.

      I don’t trust IGN after that one, they ran through it and decided it was short, what do you expect?

  7. I’m going with what Nintendo Commander said. I believe that DLC should be available to use (not purchase) after you’ve beaten the game. In that sense, the DLC can be used to create a post-story mode or a new game plus mode.

    1. They should add an Olimar DLC spinoff. Where Olimar goes to the planet just like the three new characters do only he is in search of treasure and he lands in a completely different location. Maybe at some point he meets up with the three or maybe at some point in his story he catches up to the three just as they completed their mission and are flying away in their ship. 💋

      1. omg thats exactly what i was thinking…but instead of JUST olimar,since louie is already in pikmin 3 (yush i spoiled it louie is in pikmin 3) they could Make Louie,Olimar,and the President (The President you play as in Pikmin 2) all playable characters,make it a bit harder and add purple and white pikmin candypop buds,so the 3 character gameplay wouldn’t be ruined due to a lack of characters,since there are 3 playable characters from Pikmin 2!

    2. I never understand the hate that people throw at paid DLC. Once the game has been released, you are not entitled to any further content, similarly, if extra content is released for a price, you do not have to purchase it. so really, there is nothing to be so adamantly against the idea.

      1. I have a few points to why I’m against most DLC…

        1. On many occassions the DLC feels as if they could have included it on the final product.

        2. If DLC where to be made for multiplayer/online games then it would ruin the balance between gamers around the world where some have the advantage while others do not, similar to the F2P games.

        3. As time passes, games will likely become shorter due to the extra resources companies can gain from DLC that would most likely have been a part of the real game to begin with…

        And I will no longer see any purpose of buying games at full price if they would become half as long as games from today and before…

  8. Does this game allow three player or just Two Player Multiplayer? That would be awesome if two people could split the main screen then a third person have the game pad.

  9. “Presumably in the form of DLC.”

    So as of now, we’re not sure if this additional content would be paid DLC, SpotPass content, or content added through a patch/update.

  10. Nintendo has handled DLC better than any company IMO. they dont release half-assed games then release DLC patches to complete them (like most games) they genuinely due it to increase the games re-play value and to add more content. If nintendo keeps embarrassing DLC this way then who knows maybe other games will have DLC like mario kart DLC for course(s) from older games, Zelda add-on dungeno missions to advance the stories between gaps in development, or something they allready hit the ball out the park with the Luigi NSMBWiiU DLC. just my opinion

    1. I think you may be confused, most games actually have great dlc and only a few companies exploit the dlc trend.

      Example of a small list of games with some great DLC.

      Mass effect
      Dragon Age
      Red dead Redemption
      La Noire

      1. FALSE. COD exploits dlc when making online stages AND weapons And preorder bonuses which later sell as dlc. DLC has no purpose other than money-grabbing.Day one dlc is for foolish consumer dogs

  11. Give me DLC that greatly expands the game after the original campaign and enables Purple and White Pikmin in the main campaign and it will be a day one purchase for me. Especially if it is DLC that is Pikmin 3 as Dragon Age Origin Awakenings was to the original Dragon Age.

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  13. It would be great if they added some leader boards to Nintendo land and allowed you to play the games online.

  14. Great news, Nintendo. Really looking forward to it. Online multiplayer dlc should be the first thing you add.

  15. I think the idea of Pikmin in the setting of the real world is cool, that picture of Pikmin next to a battery is cool.

  16. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    So, after delaying the game for 5+ months, they’re now thinking of adding new missions as DLC instead of content on the disc? What the heck, Miyamoto?

    1. People don’t know how to behave themselves online so I doubt the experience would be enjoyable with random people.

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