Japan: Mario & Luigi Is Number One And Wii U Sales Slide


This week’s Media Create sales are now in from Japan. The well-received Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for Nintendo 3DS has managed to claim the number one spot this week. Pikmin 3, which was number one last week, has slid down to third place. Wii U sales have also dropped this week from 22.199 last week to 14.280 units this week. The Nintendo 3DS  remains the best-selling console in Japan. Here’s the software and the hardware charts.

  1. [3DS] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
  2. [3DS] Yokai Watch
  3. [Wii U] Pikmin 3
  4. [3DS] Danball Senki W Super Custom
  5. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life
  6. [PS3] Earth Defense Force 2025
  7. [PSV] Toukiden
  8. [Wii U] New Super Luigi U
  9. [PSP] Toukiden
  10. [3DS] Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  1. Nintendo 3DS XL – 41,322 (29,594)
  2. Nintendo 3DS – 15,703 (13,841)
  3. PlayStation Vita – 14,392 (15,662)
  4. Wii U – 14,280 (22,199)
  5. PlayStation 3 – 11,413 (12,698)
  6. PSP – 5,719 (5,830)
  7. Wii – 1,463 (1,434)
  8. Xbox 360 – 420 (393)

182 thoughts on “Japan: Mario & Luigi Is Number One And Wii U Sales Slide”

          1. The PS3 and 360 has already been successful.

            The Wii U is new, but all it’s been useful for is for collecting dust.

                  1. Unless your profession is being a gamer, there’s a lot to do on the WiiU. So gtfo cos we don’t need your negativity or pessimism

                    1. Monster Hunter will keep you busy. Or try to finish Toki Tori 2. Oh wait, it must hurt your brain

                    2. Just stating the obvious.

                      If Monster hunter or Toki Tori 2 will keep people busy, then why is it selling so poorly?

                    3. Selling poorly is another question. Anyway, why do u care? Enjoy what you have or sell it and stop annoying

                    4. I can answer that. It is because it is also for the 3ds which is by far more popular both here and especially in Japan. it was also out first for it there so there is “no reason” for the Japanese people to buy the Wii U version. Here in the west there has been a lack of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate titles and the franchise isn’t even big here to start with.

                  2. I’m in no way trying to be rude to you, so don’t take this offensively.
                    You don’t speak for me. I can admit the Wii U has been so slow but if your patient (something this world heavily lacks) you get games like Earthbound(which has sure kept me busy and my Wii U undusted) ever since Pikimin 3 came out Its been doing so good in Japan I can’t imagine how well it will do in the US. And with a steady flow of good games for the next few months I’d say there is plenty reason to play Wii U.

                    1. I’ve respect your opinion, buuuut you’ve been trolled.

                      I’m getting a Wii U and I can’t wait :D

                    2. Whats funny this wasn’t the slowest Nintendo launch by far. N64 holds that crown cause for the first two month it only had Pilotwings 64 and Mario 64. In October it Wave Race. By Christmas I think it had like 5 or 6 games. The SNES as far games go didn’t really come into its own until the second year only have a handful of games, but the few games it did have such as F-Zero, Pilotwings, Super R-Type, Super Castlevania, and Actraiser…plus a few more. I think Wii U has had a pretty good launch for games so far, but yes spring and summer is slow. Its always slow…sometimes painfully.

                      And yes Nintendo owners buy third party games, when they are good and available. Its a myth that they don’t.

            1. You really don´t know what you´re talking about…
              1 – that guy is talking about WiiU being the #1 HOME console last week, which is true (the same goes for the previous week)
              2 – the WiiU already reached 1.000.000 units sold in Japan, in just 9 months, the Xbox360 took four years to reach that number.

            2. So why is it still outselling the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Japan then?

              Its looking like the Xbox 360 is the Number 1 vacuum cleaner in Japanese stores ;)

        1. It sure is SWEEPING up the competition! The Vita SUCKS compared to the Wii U! Wii U is DUSTING up for good and awesome game releases… I’ll escort myself out

        2. Don’t forget to clean the dust vents with a tooth rush… Remember, scrub GENTLY, then blow in the exit-port. (over a trash can so the dust doesn’t get back on the ground)

    1. i suspect it will contribute to sales over time though so that while the wii U may not sell heaps from now on it may at least sell more on average than before

      i guess we will know more next week
      if the sales of the wii U slide down to old levels then i guess it can be said that pikmin 3 has no measurable effect on sales

    2. Nintendo titles works differently than most titles released today in that they sells over time instand of only being popular and good selling for a couple of weeks (which is why most companies are worried sich if their games doesn’t sell 4 mil in a couple of weeks). It will be fine and keep selling systems for long enough until Super Mario 3d world and all the other goodies hits the shelves.

      1. Even tough some Nintendo Games do that, pikmin has never done that I really doubt this version will change that, proof of that is that the sales of the system decreased. Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and others can sell for a long time, but pikmin?, I would love to be wrong, but I don’t think it sells that much.

        1. of course sales of the system decreased… they can’t stay as high as on day one of the release.. they’re still higher than they were before the pikmin release tho

    3. Read the whole damn thing. Pikmin has given the wiiu a huge boost but because the writhers from this site are starving and in need of money they put that stupid headline.

      1. Voice of reason, as always you set the Tone for calm and wise observation. Indeed Pikmin 3 has optimized the WiiU engine for wonderful performance. Here on out it shall be selling at a steady pace with games like Pikmin sticking around with the nintendo marathon race type of sales. Selling steadily as fads like Crysis 3 and dead space 3 tapper off in spates of one to two weeks. Next week I expect Pikmin 3 still to be in the top ten but critics shall ignore that.

  1. Shame on the Wii U front, but oh well. Not all doom and gloom though. The sales figures will most likely increase once another highly-anticipated game is released.

    3DS on the other hand? Always good, even if some of us somewhat expect it.

    1. How is that shame, it is selling well, Mario and Luigi are out on the 3DS do not for a second forget who those two brothers are. The each have the strength of He-man in the video game realm. WiiU is just perfect. Pikmin 3 is a catalyst to start a climb :) smile.

        1. As was Nintendo Commander’s highly strategised and explained post last week. Pikmin 3 is a catalyst of things to come. It propelled the WiiU up because great games sell consoles. Look up at that least as well, there is a game called Mario and Luigi rpg on the 3DS. In fact the WiiU is beyond great fending off falling off completely going up against competition like that. With that said Pikmin 3 and Luigi’s WiiU DLC are still in the too 10. Now onwards it’s smooth sailing and occasional drafts :).

            1. Like the funny Chris Tucker says in the movie Rush Hour 3:

              “He’s my brother from another mother”…

            2. Anubis I like you, your comments keep my nintendo rationale circuits in symphonious operational order. You are a cool commenter when not led a little of course by the Sony community that also love nintendo.

      1. I’m being realistic. The Wii U will climb again once another highly-anticipated game is released. I expect that to be The Wonderful 101, but in truth, any game will do as long as it’s met with the same level of expectation. It’s a shame Pikmin 3 isn’t the system seller people were expecting it to be, but this is just in Japan, it may be different in the other two markets.

        Read my post again, and all will be fine.

        1. I’m not sure who you mean by saying that people thought Pikmin 3 would be a big system seller but personally it was only the ignition of things to come…

        2. If you think The Wonderful 101 will sell alot of systems you are likely wrong. I have seen no hype whatsoever about that game anywhere beside this page and the Nintendo direct. I bet most people do not even know about it.

            1. Thing is, Pikmin is a long awaited sequel for a famous franchise so people knew about it and was hyped for it. I have read hype about that game on pretty many places around the net. Not much about 101 though.

              I might just be the one looking in the wrong places, but I find it highely unlikely to sell because alot of people are unsure of it and it will probably not sell alot of consoles. I will probably buy it, I do not hate on it. Just trying to be down to earth.

            2. Uh??? It is selling a lot of systems. The only time a home console beats the six digits is during launch.

  2. This is great news. A great catalyst is Pikmin 3 as we told you. Nintendo commander and I correctly placed the WiiU sales between 15000 and 12000 units for this week. The 3DS sold close to 70000 units in one week. Wow! Talk about not wanting anyone to taste spot UNO 3DS. WiiU best selling home console :). With 2 games in the top 10 list smiles abound :).

    1. Indeed we did comrade…

      Let’s see after 2 weeks more if my second prediction about the Wii U I said a few days ago:

      That the Wii U should be above 10.000 units for atleast 3 weeks.

      I hope that it exceeds my calculation…

      And great news to the Xbots!

      The Xbox 360 sold 6,4% more!

      But wait, that’s in Micro Cosmos terms…

        1. I’m sure that the only 2 Master Chiefs stationed in Japan became so desperate that they handed out free copies of their games which only about 0,000033% of the population actually cared enough to grab one and push their Micro Cosmos sales by 6,4%…

  3. I’m pretty sure there were 420 Xbox 360s sold in Japan this week because you’d have to be high to buy one if you lived there… :D

    1. I know right? Is the PSVita not suppose to be competing with the original 3DS at the least. Really, even the original ugly-butt blue 3DS is obliterating the Vita, and the Sony brigade was all over the spike of four months ago. Forgetting nintendo has games like Animal crossing new leaf, that surprised even me. There is no Mario in that baby and it still out sells everything.

      Hold on! Where is the last of us on that list, Sony I give them that made a 96% Famitsu garnered effort. Mario and Luigi choking Pikmin 3 to third place beautiful. Nintendo is smiling :).

      1. The Last of Us slipped below the 10th place. Apparentely, it´s too”western-centered” to please big japanese audiences. But for a western game, it made pretty well there.

  4. Well, the Wii U still sold more than the PS3 (and the 360, but I can’t really count 360 sales in Japan because they barely sell)
    Pikmin helped the Wii U a lot, now let’s wait for Wind Waker, Sonic, Mario and DK until the end of the year. Maybe Wonderful 101 too.

    1. The Wii U *should* be selling more than the PS3. The PS3 is a 7 year old system and the bulk of its sales out of the way..

      It’s about time that the Wii U does better. It’s just a shame that the drop from last week to this week was as much as it is.

  5. 3DS obliterating everything. Relegating the PSVita to home console numbers. Look at all the Sony damage control front trying to distract us from commenting on our beloved handheld.

    Question to you Sonyans, what happened to the noise and nonsense of 2011, when the Vita was on tv touted as the 3DS killer, the game changer? Game changer indeed. Changed into a PS4 pro controller ROTFLMAO!

    1. The Sonyans should be glad that the PS Vita isn’t beimg canceled as it would have been recycled as spare parts and as energy source for our Wii U Gamepad battery rechargers…

      1. They might have to cancel and recycle the Vita or at the least make it Cheap. Since China opened up it’s policies on importing foreign consoles; with registration rules that favor nintendo. We might need parts to make more 3DSs, plus a second WiiU controller when the two controller pad games arrive :).

        1. I think the Dragon Empire is still in progress about the console ban…

          But indeed, we need parts for our glorious Gamepads…

          1. China stated that console manufacturers have to register with the relevant ministry. That also they should adhere to respecting family structures and china’s sovereignity. Who do we know is good at respecting people and what makes people happy with Great entertainment. Nintendo. Therefore nintendo will do very well in China if they avoid sending nintendo tree house to china LOL.

        2. The Vita isn’t going to be cancelled and it will find its own success just like the PSP did. You don’t need 3DS numbers to be a success. The 3DS is just a monster. I doubt Sony has any ambitions of selling as much as that does. It’s pretty much not possible for them.

        1. Pretty much ,they know they can’t compete with nintendo’s handhelds. vita has hardware sells of little over 5 million since nearly two years sinced it launched. I like some games on the vita but sony isn’t really supporting it that much.

  6. I thought Nintendo haters said next week Pikmin 3 would be out of top 10? Plus Mario and Luigi and Yoshi are stringer IPs than Pikmin is. So it make sense. Wii U sales are actually still looking good for one heavy hitter.

  7. Where is your doom and gloom now haters? The wiiu should not be getting this numbers if what the analyst said was true and the ps4 and xbone where realy the future of gaming.

    1. If the Xboxone is trailing the WiiU and PS4 in the US, Europe, Israel-Africa, Middle east and greater Asia, I do not know how abismally it shall do in Japan after 2 months. Initially it might sell well in Japan, then people their will remember it is related to the xbox360 and DRM lol.

      1. By the time the Xbox Done is released in Japan, the Wii U would have games like Pikmin 3, SM3DW, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, TW101, DKCTF, WWHD, SMTxFE, Watch Dogs, Batman, Rayman Legends and possibly some of the unannounced games Lord Iwata mentioned a few weeks ago plus a potential revelation of the new Zelda…

        All that will happen before that abomination is released in Japan…

        Then all the other 99,999966% pf the population will ask themselves:

        “What in the name of the holy N is an Xbox One?!”…

        1. Xbots like Vonscrontum used to bash the WiiU even the 3DS ignoring the real reason trolls and Sony drones frequent mynintendonews. Sony fans know their true gaming genius to copy and battle with is nintendo. Nintendo makes grand wonders in games and machines. They also sales in all regions. Now that the WiiU is ranking as a above average success, Sony knows nintendo is but a game away from pushing the WiiU into 3DS great games territory. 3D Mario world and Donkey Kong country tropical freeze are all age and gender entertainment wonders even haters know this :). Let us enjoy Nintendo it is a link to the past, an ocarina to the present and Xeno to the future.

    1. They will spend $ 1 billion to come out third this generation again lol. Microsoft’s backward thinking logic is flawless lol. PS4 and WiiU shall be battling in all regions I now see.

    2. It already is for the 360 buyers lol. I got tons of friends on 360 and the messages I receive from them is ” this my psn tag ad me cause I’m not getting back and ill be saving for a ps4 ” lol.

      1. Yeah, it is surely looking bleacer for Microsoft than it needed to do. If they could just have shutted their cakehole and done a servey or something before even seriously thinking about doing such a drastical thing as always online.

        1. The Microsoft Realm leader’s egos are so off the charts, which is one reason to why they pulled this DRM garbage and expected gamers to embrace it like vultures to a carcass…

          Soon their Xbox 360 will be off the charts too but in a slightly different way…

          1. Indeed, but Nintendo was there once back in the days too aswell remember? Which is how the PlayStation brand was both born and fed quality third party exclusives

            1. Well the difference is that as ours was our biggest mistake ever, losing our Nintendomination forever, the Xbots not only lost the confidence from gamers but they systematically and intentionally wants to go against human rights aslong as they gain resources…

              So to sum up:

              Nintendo: High Command’s mistake.

              Microsoft: Violation of human rights and ethics.

            1. That’s one big reason…

              I love the fact that many Sonyan soldiers are signing it to screw them over…

        1. Ignoring that Nintendo consoles are built like Toyotas. Unlike Xboxes. But since Xbox is not Nintendo you don’t mind buying the same box 4 times and not bring it up a lot on blogs. Yet if Nintendo consoles broke like Boxes, you would bring it up and complain.

  8. I’m buying Pikmin 3 for sure, I will be downloading this right away. I’m not sure about the W101 it looks good but there has been a lot of mixed comments about the controls being kind of goofy. So I am going to wait and see what the reviews say when it comes out.

  9. Now where are the people telling me I the sales would explode a week later and that I was an idiot when I said that 22k WiiU sales in the last week were anything but good ? There, now you can see it with your own eyes. 22k was the highest the WiiU could score with such a major title like Pikmin 3. Disappointing, nothing but disappointing. Now tell me again how the WiiU has good chances to “win” the next generation, please tell me how it does with sales like this. Silly, silly fanboys. (:
    I feel really sorry to see Nintendo doing this bad with a home console since I’ve been a Nintendo fan for nearly two decades (though that’s just what they get if they think relying on gimmicks all the time will save them) but I’m enjoying seeing fanboys suffer.

    1. Ignoring what Gamer and Nintendo Commander said earlier. What’s really sad is how you Sony drones have short turn memory. Clearly you forgot the 2013 games Nintendo showed at their Mini Direct. Yet you want to play dumb and acting like Pikmin 3 is the only game Wii U is going to get. And ignoring that Nintendo sold over 5 million software titles beating Sony, Cap com and Microsoft.

      1. Also ignoring that Pikmin 3 only lost to two Nintendo titles so far. If it wasn’t for those 2 3DS titles it would have still been No.1. Have a seat! After all what game can beat Mario?

      2. Did you seriously just call me a Sony drone. Excuse me for a few minutes while I go laughing my fucking ass off. How can one be so damn stupid, I don’t get it. I have in no way expressed any kind of opinion towards Sony, actually, I said I’ve been a Nintendo fan for nearly 2 decades and then you seriously walk up to me and call me a Sony drone. Seriously, there is no way for me to understand what’s going on in your head.
        Next thing, I have in no way implied that Pikmin 3 was the only major title, did I ? No, I did not, so I have, once again, no idea where you have pulled that out of.
        Third thing, I was talking about Nintendo’s most recent home console, the WiiU. I did not say a word concerning the 3DS. Now go check the charts again and see how many of those 5 million software titles actually were WiiU titles.
        And the thing about the titles shown in the Nintendo Direct sessions… Did we see anything entirely new ? No, we did not. All we saw were remakes and sequels to already existing franchises. How about Nintendo gives us, I don’t know, something new ??? Not saying all of the titles were bad but it’s starting to get really boring to see the same things over and over and over and over again. But as you said in your following comment, what can beat Mario ? Unfortunately, not much. Regardless of their quality, they sell good, which I personally find quite sad.

        1. I love Mario game first of all. I cant think of one that was of poor quality. Second Nintendo is releasing new games. X and W101 are both new games. On the wii we just had Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandoras Tower. Bayonetta 2 is only the second game in the series. So it’s not like its been done a lot. All consoles want to have developed franchises on them. How many Halo games have we had now, How many Uncharted games were released on just the PS3? Pikmin is only the third in the series. This is only the 4th smash bros game and that is over the life of 4 consoles. I think Nintendo abuses there franchises much less than other publishers. They just have a lot of franchises to work with.

          1. New Super Mario Bros. 2 was low quality, if you ask me. It’s basically NSMB just with 723885230582839053x more coins.
            And when speaking of new franchises, I meant franchises developed by Nintendo themselves, first party titles for short. Maybe I didn’t make it obvious enough in my previous posts, I apologize.
            So yes, X and Bayonetta aren’t first party titles, as far as I know.
            Same goes for Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.
            You’re right about Uncharted but unlike Nintendo, Sony develops entirely new 1st party titles constantly while working with already existing ones. Sometimes they don’t become franchises but yea. Just look at the recent first party titles they have announced. Nintendo on the other hand has been using the same franchises for 20-30 years now. Is it that bad that fans want new things every now and then ?
            So I don’t really agree with you when you say Nintendo abuses their franchises less than other companies, but I am glad that you can talk with me normally, unlike other people.

            1. All of those titles are being published by Nintendo, so they are the ones backing them. I feel that is them pushing new franchises as well. I mean next level games did Luigis Mansion for Nintendo and they are a outside developer but I would still consider it a Nintendo game. Most publishers use outside developers to make games correct?

            2. Ignoring Super Mario bros came out before HD and all other technology existed so of course the game looks like crap 25 years later. Now if it was on made for Wii U, that a problem ex Nintendo fan.

              1. I said New Super Mario Bros., learn to read.
                And I have no idea what that second sentence is supposed to mean, talk to me again after gaining some grammar skills.

        2. Ignoring that Nintendo sold over 5 million games wii, Wii U 3DS and more. Also ignoring that Wii U is too new and doesn’t have enough heavy hitters to compare to 3DS. After what good is comparing before DK TF, 3D Mario, Smah Bros or even Starfox. Useless yet you want to play dumb acting like Pikmin 3 is the only game Wii U is going to get. Ignoring Wii U will be around 6 years with more games to outsell PS4. Drones have short memory.

          1. I have no idea what you are trying to tell me with this post nor what you are trying to achieve. Therefore, I’ll just advice you to read all of my comments again and tell you once more that you are a lunatic while shaking my head to your absolute stupidity.

            1. You’re the stupid one in ignoring they announced Wii u getting new IPS, bored with sam:e franchises yet saticfied with true crime 5 and COD games And other fps. Also ignoring that you are tired of a Nintendo direct showing nonew games yet ignoring that Nintendo announced more unannounced 3rd party tittles and working on an all new Ip. And lastly you act like Wii u sales are going to stay the same and yet you have all this evidence. You remind me of the people Moses set free. The slaves were getting free food and water and they had to wait 40 years. At the end of the day only 2 people with faith made it to the promise land. Yet you act like Pikmin 3 is the only game for Wii u. What’s worse youdon’t even know how it’ll sell globally or if their was a shortage of pikmin 3 in Japan.

              1. You act like Nintendo only made Wii u and ignoring the 5 million games that sold on other consoles. If Nintendo sold well on previous consoles, wouldn’t you know better that during your 8 months they are working on games at their R&D? As for a rush launch? I doubt it now. The Wii u maybe less powerful than Ps4, but those 3 cores and the GPU were made to be difficult to decode. How much more powerful is one Wii u core over one ps4 core? How is the relationship between the CPU and GPU? After 8 months a professionals still don’t know 100% of the Wii U? That’s a damn shame.

                1. -Did I say anything negative about the other consoles ? No, I did not. Please, do everyone a favour and learn to read.
                  -When talking about rushing the console out of the door, I didn’t mean it hardware-wise. I was talking about software. Look how long we had to wait until they actually started releasing new first party titles. Pikmin 3 was supposed to be a launch title. Did it end up being a launch title ? No. How long did we have to wait ? Eight months. Sorry but eight months are anything but short in this respect.
                  -I did not say anything concerning the power the of the WiiU and therefore I didn’t compare it to the PlayStation 4. To be precise, I didn’t mention the Playstation 4 at all, besides telling you a billion times that I am not talking about the Playstation 4 here. Oh look, a billion and one times.

              2. What the fuck are you talking about, seriously.
                -Where did I say I enjoy CoD ? Or FPS games at all ? Right, nowhere. So I’ll repeat myself: Stop putting words in my mouth.
                -1 new franchise in I don’t know how many years wOoOoOoOoOw good job Nintendo
                -Nowhere have I talked about 3rd party titles. And if 1st party titles can’t save it, do you think 3rd party titles can ? Look back at Nintendo’s console past and see how many 3rd party titles were actually successful on any of their console since the DS.
                -How do I act like the WiiU sales are going to stay the same ? The only thing I did was to point out how Pikmin 3, the biggest first party title released since the launch of the WiiU, failed miserably in pushing the sales.
                -Moses ??? Really ???
                -Why would there be a shortage for Pikmin 3 ??? And you don’t really think Pikmin will sell better somewhere else than in Japan, do you ? Besides, I didn’t talk about the sales of Pikmin, I’ve been talking about the bad sales of the WiiU.
                Once more have you failed to make any valid points. Sad, sad.

    2. I was going to add a slew of words to disclaim your comment, but jtz as always has summed it up amicably. 5.01 million or so software packages sold by nintendo alone in Japan. Also educating you that of the millions Namco Bandai, Capcom and gang sold, part of those sales, no, a lot of them were on nintendo consoles.

      Anonymous Pikmin is a niche great 92.5 to 93 % Famitsu rated game that propelled the WiiU above a handheld marvel the PSVita in Japan. Sold a marvelous number of WiiU’s in 2 weeks. 2 of the WiiU’s games are at number 3 and 7. Quality games might I add. A catalyst helps propel a chemical substance or fight to a threshold and beyond. What Pikmin 3 did surprised even we the nintendo faithful. So your spin cycle is set to FLUFF it won’t work. You should have gone to the bedding setting for tumble dry and focused on the xbox 360 Japanese sales and the fate of the aptly named handheld the Vitanic.

      1. And how many of those 5 million software units sold were WiiU games ? Sorry, but those numbers show the big the success of the 3DS which I have not criticized in any way. I am talking about the WiiU here.
        The rating of Pikmin doesn’t change the fact that it failed to gain a decent position as a WiiU system seller. Besides, I have not said in any way that Pikmin 3 was a bad game, so I’m not quite sure why you brought up the Famitsu rating now. Nor do I understand why you brought up the Vita, because the Vita sales aren’t really any good either, so it’s basically the least to expect that a title like Pikmin 3 should at least be able to make the WiiU beat the Vita in respects of sales.
        And what marvelous number are you exactly talking about ? The WiiU merely managed to reach 22k sales in the week of Pikmin 3’s launch. That’s anything but marvelous. How many sales does the 3DS get when major titles are released ? Right, around 50k-60k.
        2 of the WiiU’s titles are in the charts… I would expect more from a supposedly next gen console. Just shows the lack of quality titles it has, it’s been almost a year since its launch. And besides, the title that’s on number 8 (number 7 is a Vita title so I guess you’re talking about NSLU which is on number 8) is NOT a quality title. It’s basically a DLC. A DLC that lets us play NSMBU as Luigi, basically. Yes, it adds levels and stuff but that is anything but a quality title, if you ask me.
        Bringing up the Japanese Xbox sales at this situation is entirely irrelevant, I don’t know what you are trying to achieve with that but I can tell you that whatever it is is not working. Same goes for the Vita, which by the way has been selling more than the WiiU or nearly as much most of the time. So by bashing the Vita, you are also bashing the WiiU. Congratulations.

        1. Ignoring that Wii U has been out 8 months with 2 exclusives how would it make 5 million software sales. Yet you want to play dumb in acting like the 3DS is not owned by Nintendo.

          1. Ignoring that 8 months is a damn long time. The WiiU is just another example that Nintendo loves to rush their consoles out of the door. They did the same with the 3DS but at least they managed to bring it on the right track, which can’t be said about the WiiU yet. 8 months since launch and they managed to bring a decent 1st party title out just now. They thought they’d be on the safe side with NSMBU as a launch title, yet didn’t they think of the following months.
            And again you prove how much of a stupid idiot you are. You are talking like those 5 million software sales were achieved by the WiiU only. Sorry to tell you but WiiU softwarte barely had any part in those 5 million sales you lunatic. It was the 3DS that achieved them.
            And where exactly did I say the 3DS isn’t owned by Nintendo ? Stop putting words in my mouth. All you do is pull bullshit out of your ass. How about making some valid points and try proving me wrong ? Ignoring you can’t because you exactly know that I’m right.

            1. Proving you wrong? Your talking like the idiot in acting like 3DS ain’t owned by Nintendo. I support 3DS and Wii u. Its Nintendo. I know Wii u will pick up unlike you in acting like Pi min 3 is all Wii u will get to last 7 years.

  10. Yes we will have to see how the xbox one and ps4 do. You will be able to buy a new console just so you can play the exact same games you could have played on your old one.

    1. That would be the case if I bought the WiiU- Oh, nevermind, the WiiU doesn’t even get titles the Wii does.
      Besides, I have not expressed any kind of opinion towards the Xbox One or Playstation 4.

      1. Why on earth would Wii U owners want a Wii U game that is on Wii? Ignoring that Wii U games plays Wii games unlike PS4. And lastly ignoring that Wind Waker is coming to Wii U from wii I mean Gamecube. So there sill no room to talk in that area when it comes to titles.

        1. Because they would be better on the WiiU maybe ???
          And why would the PS4 play Wii games ? If at all, it would be playing PS3 games, which it unfortunately doesn’t.
          And I don’t understand what Windwaker has to do with this but okay, continue spitting your senseless bullshit.

            1. I was trying to show you that you have to work on your grammar because if you write that phrase as you did, it would mean that you are saying the Playstation 4 is not able to play Wii games while the WiiU is. But I guess your brain was too slow to catch that.

          1. Ignoring the ports on NFS U and it looks better on Wii u than PS3 and look how that sold. Man you got a short term memory.

    1. Trust me Sony drone and troll logic will ignore that glaring beautiful truth :). Thanks for pointing out that it is great to know nintendo gamers still exist in masses even when most simply just let greatness speak for itself. Do comment more from time to time, the newer generation needs to know the value of a true artistic master piece such as Ocarina of time and Xenoblade Chronicles :).

      1. Indeed, the new generation of Nintendo Drones have to lead our Empire into the future…

        A few chosen ones might end up as the new High Command, others will become Commanders as myself and others today retire one day…

        Yes, the future looks great!

      2. Sony drone… /laughs
        Because everyone who criticizes Nintendo in any way is automatically a Sony drone, right ? Silly little fanboy (:

    2. And how many WiiU’s were sold ? 14k. Truly a number to be proud of, especially after the release of a game as “anticipated” as Pikmin 3.

  11. Mario&luigi is in the right place such an awesome game it is. 3DS keeps on rolling microshit is “relevant” as always lol.

    3DS,Vita,Wiiu and Ps4 FTW

    1. Nintendo fans would remeber you. Not sure about sonydrones. Mini direct was shown last week and someone is already forgetting Wii U’s promising titles.

  12. Pikmin is a great franchise and I love it but I do realize it is not one of there biggest franchises. You cant expect it to move the same amount of Consoles that Mario Kart, Smash Bros, or a 3d mario game would. Hopefully the game sells well so we don’t have to wait forever for the next one in the franchise though.

  13. Haha. 8/10 of the top 10 games are Nintendo. The other 2/10 are the same game just on PSP and Vita…lol

  14. Like I predicted, and as was obvious; there’s the small dip in sales again.
    It’ll likely go through quite a few more until advertisements really pick up.

    Hey! I just realized that I did a better job than Pachter at being an analyst.XD [Not that that's hard to do, mind...]

  15. Urgh! If only we could borrow some of those 3DS sales and share them with the Wii U. Anyways this is a pretty massive drop from last week but at least it’s not as bad as it was. I’m really happy to see Mario and Luigi: Dream Team at the top as well as some Wii U titles in that list. Not too bad of a week but not great.

  16. Pikmin 3 isn’t even on of Nintendo’s biggest franchises so I don’t know why people expect blockbuster sales from it. 3DS still has more to offer than Wii U so of course it’s selling better. Pikmin 3 is definitely helping to lessen the Wii U drought. When the rest of the fall line up is out, it’s safe to say Wii U will appeal to more people.

  17. Wii U is looking to be the best selling console so far, that’s really good and I’m glad to see the Vita is finally outselling the PSP for once.

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