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Fire Emblem Inspired Kickstarter Project Liege Adds Wii U Stretch Goal

The Wii U already has a long list of indie projects scheduled for the future, so it’s no surprise that yet another Kickstarter project is looking to lengthen it. RPG title Liege is hoping to come to the Wii U eShop, and its recent update has confirmed Nintendo’s approval, but it just needs a little extra boost to secure it on the home console.

Inspired by Fire Emblem and chess, Coda Games’ Liege is a tactical role-playing game based in a fantasy Kingdom. After the Royal family are mysteriously plunged into a never-ending slumber, the Kingdom of Liege is planted head-first into a civil war. Currently, the project has successfully reached its $15,000 goal and will be funded on July 28. But with over $46,000 raised, the game’s developer John Rhee has added a Wii U stretch goal for the final four days.

In his recent update, Rhee says the Wii U version would need to hit $48,000 to see its development, but an additional $3,000 – to mark a $51,000 total – would provide extra support on the console. He also mentions the Wii U version would be released later than its original PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. Make sure you check out the gameplay introduction above to see if you’re interested, and if so, you can back the project here.

“Since the approval came later in our campaign, the Wii U release will happen a little after the release for our other platforms. This is to ensure we don’t delay our current schedule by adding the Wii U onto our list.”  –John Rhee, Coda Games

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17 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Inspired Kickstarter Project Liege Adds Wii U Stretch Goal”

  1. They price should also be half off the other version due to delayed release. Nintendo and indies are rocking this here eighth generation.

  2. 1. Can’t even hear this guys commentary over the music
    2. He doesn’t even sound enthusiastic about his own game so why should we.
    3. Good luck, because you won’t have too much support if you don’t make it sound like it is a “must have” in your library.

    1. I know right! I was thinking the exact same thing while watching the video. The other thing is that the game looks awful and I know it’s early alpha but it’s barely presentable so at this point he shouldn’t even try kickstarting the game until he get’s more done.

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  4. Stretch goal… fuck you.
    Though I dont like Kickstarters “fund our project so we can make more money out of your money, and you get couple hour game to play with”.
    If I wanted to invest, I would rather invest on stocks and such.

  5. I like how there are more games being made thanks to Kickstarter…but I can’t find myself to be interested in this one given that the guy developing it doesn’t even sound interested either…
    Plus, seeing it described as ”Fire Emblem Inspired”, I’m bound to end up comparing it to FE and be disapointed.

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