Nintendo Sold The Most Software In Japan For First Half Of Year


Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has published the software sales by company for the first half of 2013. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo has topped the list with an incredible 5.19 million. Following behind the Kyoto based company is Namco Bandai which saw software sales of 3.48 million. Here’s the software sales by company and also for individual formats.

  1. Nintendo – 5.19 million
  2. Namco Bandai – 3.48 million
  3. Square Enix – 2.06 million
  4. Konami – 1.20 million
  5. Capcom – 1.12 million


  1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 1.37 million
  2. Dragon Quest VII – 1.21 million
  3. Tomodachi Collection – 1.20 million

Wii U

  1. New Super Mario Bros. U – 140,000
  2. Nintendo Land – 110,000
  3. Dragon Quest X – 70,000


  1. Taiko Drum Master – 190,000
  2. Mario Party 9 – 50,000
  3. Wii Sports Resort – 40,000


  1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – 440,000
  2. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 – 390,000
  3. Dynasty Warriors 7 – 320,000

PS Vita

  1. Soul Sacrifice – 180,000
  2. Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus – 130,000
  3. Toukiden – 120,000


  1. Sword Art Online Infinity Moment – 190,000
  2. Pro Baseball Spirits 2013 – 150,000
  3. Summon Night 5 – 120,000


  1. The 4th highest selling game, MGR:Revengeance.

    Yes! I’m glad it was at least successful xD the game is crazy fun.

  2. Didn’t Nintendo haters say Nintendo is doomed? Also anyone know how Pikmin 3 on its first full week? What’s taking so long to get that info. Before Wii U Harvey hitters hit that info sometimes came on Tuesdays. Now all of a sudden journalist isn’t releasing it as rapidlysince Wii U is doing good.

    1. Heavy* rapidly* since* smart phones!! My Wii U has less errors when typing than Android does!!!

      1. Lastly if FPS are the best, then why did Animal crossing do better than Halo or Kill zone? In fact why is Animal crossing outselling Resident Evil, BF3 and whatever other rehashed fps there is

    2. This. Though I enjoy their compliant silence. The world needs Nintendo, not the Capitalism though…Capitalism needs industry, technology, not art. But the response of Nintendo is artistic value over dick-measuring. Nintendo FTW

    3. jtz, Sickr, Alba, shadowbutterfly are waiting for us to soak in this information first. It is good for their site to let a great article as this saturate then publish the weekly numbers of Japan. I have been up early today waiting foe those numbers :).

  3. Oh my god, look at those WiiU figures… :( Getting our ass kicked by the Vita. That’s just fucking depressing.

    1. The Vita is a portable system, that alone would make it sell more than a console.
      (…plus it has Persona 4 Golden…)

    2. The Wii U is just lingering behind a bit, the PS Vita is not “kicking our ass” at all…

      It would be totally different if the Wii U sold 300 units like the Xbox 260 in Japan while The PS Vita sold 55.000…

                  1. I’ve been Dark Pit on this site before. I will need to do a little research before I go full “Anubis”.

      1. Xbox260 I see what you did there lol. Jadedry bones stop being dramatic. The WiiU has been fine all year. Over 5 million sold in Japan alone for software :) nintendo is smiling. The Wii is still moving software :). WiiU is on the rise with Pikmin 3 being the catalyst. Stick holders chill.

        1. I’m freaking out and scared!! The world is ending and I haven’t got to play Pikmin yet!! D:

      2. Yeah, yeah, so comparing it to the Vita was silly.
        WiiU and Wii software sales look pretty damned similar…

        Nice to see the 3DS going strong though.

        1. Am happy you have realized that the Wii is still a nintendo console. It and the WiiU are sharing a nice harmonious family relationship. The Japanese don’t abandon their compatriots. Thus the wii is selling well and that Taiko drum master. Now I want that localized, it has been up their for months. I shall google it’s form :).

        2. Indeed, hopefully starting from Friday this week, the Wii U begins its Nintendomination like the 3DS is doing…

          I think what’s more ad is the fact that PSP games still sell more than the Vita ones…

          But hardware wise I think the Vita is finally taking over…

  4. *Angry, damaged, damage-controlling fanboys rush to their keyboards to hate*
    (‘This [Sobs] doesn’t mean AAAANYTHING!!!!!!’)
    (‘This can’t last b-because it goes against my LOOOOOOGICKCK!!!!!!!!’)

    1. According to Nintendo haters the more graphics the better it sales. Yet aren’t Wii, Wii U and 3DS less powerful than their rivals? So why did Nintendo sell the most software?

      1. Probably because they realise that once you beat a single player games on those systems, the replay value decreases significantly unlike many Nintendo games that have great replay value like Metroid Prime and Ocarina of Time…

        And many are probably getting bored with FPS games in general…

      2. If graphics made sells, the Psvita would be kicking the 3ds’s ass right now. But it isn’t. It’s just a perfect example that games triumph over hardware.

    1. Why didn’t Sony come in top 5? Isn’t the PS3 most powerful in last generation? According to Nintendo haters, Sony should have sold over 6 million software since its games spits out the best visuals and has a ton of rehashed FPS according to Nintendo haters. So why didn’t you Sony Drones by ALlllllllllll those FPS games so that Xbox and Sony could breach 5.6 million software in sales? Why aren’t you drones buying y’all games to beat Nintendo?

      1. 1)These are sales for Japan where FPS games don’t do that well.

        2)Sony’s first party titles don’t do as well sales wise except for a few key franchises.

        3)Other than the 3DS, the top software sales were on the PS3, Vita, and PSP. They just were mainly through third-parties.

    1. Ignoring the 3DS is the best selling console and ignoring that Nintendo sold over five million units. Have a seat!

        1. Ignoring that YOU’RE a pain in the ass and no one like you for going on My Nintendo News making a complete FOOL of yourself. Go to sleep, hater!

  5. Nintendo is best. I just keep on playin with my 3DS all the time and the end of the year looks very bright for Wii u too.

  6. “Playing, and smiling… hears hater’s comotion, laughs… dusts off his sandals, shuts the door… Continues to play happily. Realizes there are other consoles… doesn’t give one single nut fuck”…

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