Activision: “We’re Committed To Doing Everything We Can To Support The Wii U”


Activision announced last week that it’s planning to release six games on Wii U in the fall. The games include two Angry Birds titles, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Skylanders SWAP Force, SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge and Wipeout Create & Crash. To show how committed Activision is to supporting Nintendo’s latest console, the publisher’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, included the following statement in a recently released press release:

“As we have said before, we’re committed to doing everything we can to support the Wii U, which is why we’re excited to be bringing some of the most popular entertainment franchises in the world to the platform this year.”


  1. The only game I’m buying from that list is cod the other games don’t appeal to me.I hope there are games that aren’t. Dumb down and for youger kids.

  2. Deliver core experiences with all the content, or don’t bother.
    Wii U owners don’t want a repeat of how you handled your introduction of the Mass Effect franchise to the Wii U.

    1. I think I recall someone from Activision they’re having issues with Nintendo about getting the DLC online, can’t recall if they mentioned what those were though.

    2. They don’t even update BO2… There is lot’s of things that they should fix with update, but no… Activision only wants money, and WiiU hasn’t sold enough, so they will not care BO2 WiiU version…

  3. bringing stupid shit that no one wants to play. you call that committed. get real activision.

    1. Angry birds sold millions, Call of Duty is the highest selling annual franchise several years running, Skylanders has been a massive success for them, clearly people do want to play these games, even if you don’t.

      1. Did angry birds sale millions on consoles for 49.99 no it sold millions for under 10 bucks. Why not just release it on the eshop at the same price.

    2. CoD = A lot of people play that whether you like it or not
      Skylanders = Most popular kids game on the consoles and it will sale
      Spongebob = … Well that one is a pile of crap to be honest.

    3. Well if the knew anything about Activision… anything at all, you would know they are actually bringing their top franchises to the Wii U. 💋

  4. I don’t know but I do believe parents will buy those Wii U consoles for kid games. After all the gaming market is aimed at kids hence the kid games usually sell pretty well.

  5. I doubt Sponge Bob is a big gaming franchise in any way…

    Angry Birds sure but it is highly overrated but if Wii U gamers support it then fine…

    Bring your big titles then I will believe you…

      1. thats how youll get support, you have to support even the crap that come out, that way these pussy developers and Publishers that dont want to take a risk on a console will finaly see that the gamers will support it.

        if things keep going the same way, the Wii U will be the Wii all over again.

        1. Well I guess you’re right but not everybody has the money to buy games that do not appeal to them just to support them though…

  6. * sigh*…. More shovelware being released on the wii u. And if these games don’t sell well then activision may threaten to drop support for the console. The wii u needs more triple a titles, not skylanders and sponge bob crap

      1. Skylanders, Angry Birds AND CoD sell well. I am unsure about Spongebob, but it is a hugely popular cartoon so I wouldn’t be surprised if Spongebob videogames sold well too. 💋

  7. -sigh- don’t “Ubisoft” the U system please. And as eric sellers said, please bring dedicated gamer experiences with all content and future DLC.

  8. If only all game companies supported the Wii U in this same way. I give Activision two thumbs up for standing by Nintendo. I blame a lot of the poor Wii U sales on companies overlooking the Wii U. It’s their fault there isn’t a bigger fan base.

  9. If CoD Ghosts comes to wii u I hope they release DLC on it as well otherwise it’d be a let down

    1. a bundle of ghost with a pro controller and headset would be great for the holidays along with the WW bundle. two for two different ppl

    1. Deadpool isn’t a good game. It got pretty bad to mediocre scores, but I agree about Destiny! 💋

  10. I believe Destiny will come to WiiU, i have a feelin that its that kind of game that Nintendo wants to announce by themselfs through Nintendo Direct. I mean i could be wrong too, but it would be very stupid from Activision to not bring it to Wii U.

      1. That would be cool. But even though Destiny looks interestin i dont get my hopes up, remember its from western dev. Its so sad to see how lame western devs are year after year, for example rockstar brings gta games on shitty tablets but they havent announced anythin for 3ds. I mean i would love to play gta on the go with my best system ever. But no they are after casual tablet gamers and not hc handheld gamers which is sad, when gta is considered as one of those “hc” games lol, see the irony in this case?.

        1. Yes, it is pathetic indeed…

          I think that western gamers are so corrupted by mainstream society that if they say Nintendo is for children then they agree without having the brains to think for themselves…

          GTA could work on Wii U, we don’t mind less “graphics” than the other ports aslong as it doesn’t look like they didn’t bother to make it as good as possible…

    1. PS4 gets exclusive DLC for Destiny we should also get a special DLC if it comes to Wii U. Better come to Wii U though.

  11. “We’re committed to doing everything we can to support Wii U.”
    “So you’ll be publishing high-quality, original games exclusive to the console?”
    “I said everything we CAN do. When have you ever seen us do that?”
    “Um… Pitfall…?”

    1. Im sry to tell you this but activision rarely do exclusives so I’m more happy with this support than with what ea is doing.

      1. This isn’t real support at all. Its a lie masked by EA’s same pathetic lie they made right after E3 2012. All that shovelware crap that already exists everywhere else for s cheaper price, no Black Ops 2 support like DLC and possibly COD: Ghosts is not convincing us like if we’re THAT stupid to believe what they say.

        1. Lets be realistic apart of this games activision dosnt have much else. The only games we are missing is Diablo 3 and destiny and I’m sure Destiny will come. No pun intended.

  12. Ghosts is honestly the only one I’m interested in. If Destiny comes too, then Activision get a level of awesome in my book.

    1. I’m not very fond of CoD but if Ghosts is done properly on our sacred console then I might just give it a go someday…

      But yes they will receive my respect if they bring Destiny…

    2. Hrm. That is if they don’t intentionally gimp Destiny with no real support and no DLC like they did with Black Ops 2.

      1. Destiny is a online only game don’t bringing dlc for those tips of games could kill it before it launchs.

      2. Bungie wouldn’t gimp their own game for the Wii U. Most of Bungie are Nintendo fans.

  13. none of these games appeal to me, in fact i dont think ive ever bought a game made by activision

  14. Diablo 3 on wiiu would have worked better for the sole reason that you could have gotten all the powers for quick use on the pad compared to the other versions. That alone would have made the game gold.

  15. You know…it’s funny. We all wanted 3rd party support. Finally we get one company rather their games are crap to you all or “kiddy”, you bitch about them getting off…accept for Ghost.


    You guys make no sence on why we finally got 3rd party support rather what you see is good or not. Be happy we even get a bone tossed to the wii u…”shovelware” or not!

    What I’m trying to say is, you guys bitched for third parties…we get one finally…then your all like:

    Are you all sure your on the right level here? Seeing that you wanted 3rd party support and then be “DERP” by bitching all because of what they are bringing? Not a smart move guys…focus. Shovelware is still games, shovelware is also backbone support to the wii u.

    1. shovelware is also a waste of time and resources that could have been spent on a better quality game

        1. If they did the same to the Xbots and Sonyans that would be one thing but they only give us shovelware games on our consoles while they do their best for everybody else just because they only care about graphics and money…

          Capcom, 2004 – Resident Evil 4

          That’s how commited evrryone should be when making games for our Empire…

          We don’t accept useless products no matter how cheap they are…

          1. *puts hands in my pockets with myback turned* Well, I tried defending your asses Activision. Better do something to fix this activision. I suggest when you got new ideas, bring it to all systems with unique controls like the wii u pad able to scope or something.

  16. Bring back the snes pitfall on vc or a HD remake and the 3d pitfall. I did loved both. I been thinking of why do Microsoft is so quick to abandon his ips even though they where great like voodoo Vince and that cat game(forgot the Jane of the game but it was a platformer).

        1. If you mean the retards that are saying that 5.5g of ram is not enough well yes but in reality no.

            1. Has a company they still have money problems has a studio I think they are still very strong.

        2. Sony has a huge financial issue. They have been bleeding money for along time now.

          1. They’ll be fine. Nintendo fans have been saying they’ll go bankrupt for years. AND THEY HAVENT.

  17. Activision, you’re just another fucking sad publisher pulling off the “EA” 180′ BS games on Nintendo instead of actually having your developers make the games for Wii U and treating them fairly.

    Bringing shovel ware crap to eShop that everybody already has on other mobile devices years ago at a ripoff price and porting a gimped Black Ops 2 & possibly COD: Ghosts with no real advertisement, no Elite integration, no tournaments, 16 players max and most importantly of all: NO FUCKING DLCs IS NOT SUPPORTING NINTENDO!

    Who in the living hell are you trying to fool? Nintendo fans isn’t THAT retarded so stop treating the Nintendo platform/fans like a third wheel damn it. Its getting old and beyond its pathetic level. More pathetic than all of online fanboy trolls combined trash talking about something that either they never tried before, incredibly ignorant to call it “childish” (look in the fucking mirror then if you really wanna know “childish”) or just jealous of Nintendo embarrassing the hell out of the last gen with their weaker console against two powerful ones.

    And the 3rd party jackasses wonder why your sales are low on Nintendo Wii U? THIS IS THE REASON plus your games are weak ports (just like the Wii days) and there’s no advertisement about it to get attention which is key for better sales. Get with the freaking program and start supporting Wii U 110% with real AAA games RIGHT NOW and then maybe you’re see more support from us. But right now, this article just screams “Kiss my ass” out of every breathing Nintendo Wii U owner/fans out there.

        1. According to your statement you praised our Empire and attacked the rest…

          So I was not being sarcastic…

  18. well at least this means more games, and skylanders looks really fun actually. As long as Nintendo makes money I guess i’m happy, would like them to bring some other games to the wii u as well though.

  19. Support from Activision is a start, I mean I love Angry birds but its getting repitive as well as CoD, but support from Activision is a start, its not great but its a start nonetheless, however as the Wii U evolves with new hardware, games, and updates, soon will the 3rd party support, but this is war, consoles wars anyway, so its up to all of us Nintendites to fight back when Sony bring their PS4 super weapon to the show, so now we wait for more support

  20. i see a lot of comments about these games being for kids.
    fucking retarded sheep jummping a mile high over shovelware.
    good for you nintindo pussies, you get all the best stuff, NOT, lol.

    1. So all third party titles that being on wiiu and also is going on the other systems are kiddie games too? COD, Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin Creed, Resident Evil, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, etc.

    2. You talk about kiddie? You’re the one acting like a child going onto a website and talking shit to people you don’t know. Totally unprovoked I might add. Perhaps you should play these kiddie games, as you are obviously extremely immature.

      1. No wait, I don’t think you read the articals, you just try to make everyone’s life a living hell, don’t you. Your so blind that your getting the same dam thing on whatever system you play. Or are you mad bwecause we all get something gwood and the poor wittle baby named gppmba is not hwappy. “How that piss tastes gppmba”?

  21. Activision is a huge company if they get support then more publishers will feel more confident in supporting the wii U because if even Activision isn’t supported then that will scare off other developers.

  22. It off all of these only 2 are great titles the rest are shovelware titles, then these companies complain that their product doesn’t sell on Nintendo consoles. Wind waker is being re released and will most definitely sell more than these games….third party needs to step up their game

  23. I personally think they should make a new Tony Hawk game and release it for Wii U, but not a motion-controlled game. A normal, remote-controlled TH game like the ones where you could create and customize your own character from scratch, create skate parks, and all of that. A good story would also help.

    It may also help if they make a Crash Bandicoot game, but…that’s an argument for another day.

  24. You know I’m glad to hear this and read things like this, but where is te DLC for CoD:BLOPS2 on Wii U?! If you’re so committed, then why not commit resources to giving us that extra content that everyone else has?! Come on!

  25. Not what I would call a deep commitment to Nintendo’s core audience, but glad to see support regardless.

      1. “My Body Is Ready.” Was quoted in the first Destiny Vidoc. Bungie are fans of Nintendo. If PC gets Destiny, Wii U will get Destiny. Fuck off Anonymous.

  26. They should put Crash Bandicoot and Company in Skylanders and I can Dream Destiny would come to Wii U.

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