New Super Luigi U Competition Announced On Miiverse

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Takemoto, the director behind the New Super Luigi U downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U, has announced a competition for New Super Luigi U Miiverse users. The competition requires you to collect the least amount of coins in New Super Luigi U. Clearly this isn’t going to be an easy competition, but I wish everyone who enters lots of luck.

Hello! This is Takemoto, the New SUPER LUIGI U game director. If you’ve finished the game already, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can now travel to a secret island and check out your game records. What I want to see is a screenshot of that showing how many coins you picked up in New SUPER LUIGI U! Let’s make it a competition! …but there’s a twist. The winner is the one who has the LEAST amount of coins. I’m accepting entries until 18th August. If you want to enter, just attach your screenshot to a comment on this post. What’s the lowest coin total? Is it possible to complete the game without picking up any coins? If so, has anyone managed it? I look forward to finding out the answers! Good luck, everyone!

Thanks, LisaScott



  1. Nice article Miss.Scott…

    Hopefully thousands of Nintendo Drones participate…

  2. Hey I’m hoping you can post this at some point because we need to try to spread the word, Ghostlight have said on their blog that they will release Devil Survivor 2 in Europe if they can get 1800 preorders on their site in a month.

    1. You can screenshot using Miiverse. Just click the homebutton, go to Miiverse, click comment or post somewhere, and then click the “attach screenshot” button in the upper right corner.

  3. They should do this more often with all Ninty games and utilize Miiverse more. Good job Nintendo!

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