Nintendo Says That Bringing Their Games To Smartphones Etc Decreases Brand Value


Nintendo appears to be of the firm opinion that bringing its established franchises to both smartphones and tablets would ultimately decrease the overall value of the brand. Nintendo says that it is confident that sales performance of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are steadily improving. The company also believes that you can not get the true feel of Mario or a similar title on your smartphone and tablet device.

“Performance is temporarily getting better, you can’t get a true feel for Mario on smartphone or tablet, and this would also lead to a decrease in brand value over the long term.”


                    1. Can you at least try to improve your English? It is hard for us to understand what you trying to say.

  1. So many games on the smartphone and we don’t want to scroll down the list to find at least one decent game.

    1. it’s true there are so many good games on smartphones, but Nintendo is right, you don’t have the same experience, overall because of the absence of buttons. in a game console, you have physical buttons and you can control everything much better, but in your smartphone, if it’s a game that needs buttons and they are in the screen, it’s harder to make everything.

  2. The only way to play Nintendo games is on a Nintendo system :) It will always be that way :D

      1. This may sound bad but the big N needs their franchises to keep afloat, without them they will certainly fail. SNES and N64 would of failed, GameCube would of failed and as for the Wii… i don’t really know. Hell wouldn’t the industry be dead without their franchises?

        1. It doesn’t sound bad at all. In fact I agree, we all know Nintendo because of games like Pokemon, Mario, or TLOZelda because those games have a special place in old gamers hearts. When those old gamers show their kids/grand kids they make more and more Nintendo fans. I remember on Miiverse a guy said that he put headphones on his wife’s belly for his child to hear a Zelda song, I believe it was Zelda’s lullaby, and his baby would kick to the sound of it. Those people are what keep Nintendo going. And I don’t believe gaming would be a thing if it wasn’t for Nintendo, or atleast as famous. Filled to the brim of FPS games.. *Shudders*

    1. but then pachter will start saying that “nintendo will fail if they dont bring nintendo games to other devices” of course knowing that he is full of shit that will never happen and people will on day realize that nintendo is right and still is (on some aspects)

      1. I don’t think that day will come. People just believe everything what the media says.

        1. Same. Kid Icarus: Uprising is my favorite game of all time followed by many of Bowser’s: Inside Story.

          What’s yours if you don’t mind?

          1. My Top three favorite games are Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion. My favorite Non Nintendo games are Resident evil, the last of us and Star wars battlefront(easily blown away by Nintendo games though)

            1. Hmm… Tuff question. I’d have to say…… Gamecube. Yes Gamecube. It was an amazing underrated console all-around IMO. It was REALLY fun to play with friends. Basically, it was the Xbox 360 were I lived, everyone knew about it, and everyone wanted one.

              Isn’t your favorite console the gamecube as well? :d

                    1. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Nintendo more than ever, but I want them to bring back there old franchises. Not just Mario, and more Mario.

                    2. to me the wii u is a great dust collector, literally. like the other day i saw a whole lot of dust on the corner of my ceiling but…. it was over the stairs so there was no way anybody could get it. so then i grabbed the wii u game pad to control my wiidustforu. i turned it on and controlled the wii u with the wii u gamepad. i was using the wii controlled my wiidustforu to climb up the wall on the corner of my ceiling to get that dust. no other gaming system collects that much dust like the wii u!!!!!! its truly innovative!!!!! thanks nintendo!!!!!!

                    3. Wii U is too early for me to tell. Gamecube was my favorite console. After that N64.

              1. Yep. I’m biased towards it, i felt terrible one time because i yelled at a guy who said he disliked the GameCube on youtube. Atleast i got top comment :3

  3. the day Nintendo brings their titles to smartphones and tablets, that day I will be sure to say Nintendo is going to die soon
    Smartphone fags want to be able to have free Nintendo games(new ones) so the fucking cry over Nintendo

  4. Agreed. Ho the hell plays seriously on their phone or tablet. I only play 5 minutes sessions if i even bother to play that. On a consol i can play for hours no problem.

      1. He asked who plays “seriously” on their phones, which means playing hour long sessions if not longer. Learn to read, bud.

  5. It is really sad when Nintendo have to go on public and say this kind of things, because that just means that the majority of the community it is so bloody idiot that is in need to be told the obvious.

    Damn, now I am doing it, this thing is contagious, run for your life.

    1. Which one you rather have? A talking Gravy that ask how your day goes or a Gravy shower everyday for you?

      1. Because they can since gravy cannot laugh at all. I wish I can laugh though. Scratch that I don’t want to laugh since laughing can kill people.

    1. halos is microsoft franchise so they can bring them to any windows related things, nintendo is just gaming, they dont make phones, tv, etc. so of course they wont bring nintendo to something that isnt nintendo, sony is on the same boat as micro

        1. I own a windows phone.
          – $7 to start Halo assault
          – extra money to buy credits you use in game.
          – controls are “God Aweful” per many reviews.
          – An ok FPS otherwise.

          SO, Microsoft has used the Halo franchise to sell a game that does not control well on a phone, and nickels n dimes those who buy it (which isn’t that many.)

          So if Nintendo made phones, and wanted to create a Game with shitty controls and micro-transactions (like, say if it was Zelda, you could buy rupees for real money)

          yeah… Not worth fucking with a mobile version.

    2. If that’s the case, where’s Sony’s comments on not putting their games on smartphones?

  6. 5 Things to do while you wait for Pikmin 3

    – Play EarthBound from VC (hours of gameplay equals about 4-5 days-with sleep)

    -Watch Pikmin 3 gameplay videos off youtube to keep yourself entertained/Hyped

    -Play past installments of the Pikmin series

    -Go to the GameStop demo spots and play Wii U game demos

    -Finally play a game that you don’t get tired of playing and can get into again and again to distract you

    1. Good thing I got Steam, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS. Animal Crossing is eating me alive though.

    2. Animal Crossing. That game sucks you into it’s own little world. I haven’t seen daylight in days.

      Just joking, but really I have been playing new leaf for at least 30 minutes each day.

  7. Well, I agree that putting Nintendo games on other platforms like smartphones diminishes their value, but not advertising them and delaying release hurts even more. Hintidy hint hint, Nintendo.

    1. Delaying isn’t really much of a problem (better that than putting out an unfinished game that requires multiple patches *ie Capcom*). Advertising though has been a major issues from the beginning. Why hasn’t the marketing team been fired yet for failing to do their job?

  8. if u wanna play nintendo games, jailbreak your devices, get emulators that support your device and get roms/iso’s to play the games, granted they have to support the device so to my knowledge i know nes, snes, n64 (some games), gb/c/a (some games) play on certain devices on certain emulators (for tablets and smartphones), no gcn, even the dolphin emu play some with horrible lag, that is if u have the best of the best gpu, graphics card and such but still. in short, stop asking nintendo to bring nintendo to non-nintendo devices, nintendo games belong on nintendo devices, no if, and, buts, exceptions or any “me want ninentdo on giant touch pad phone thing that is also smarter than me, herp-a-derpy-derp, derp”

  9. “This would also lead to a decrease in brand value over the long term.”: does this mean they think they would lost money in the long run or that the quality of the franchise would decrease? The latter isn’t an absolute at all. Just look at Rayman.

  10. Yeah, I agree with them.

    I can’t imagine you being able to play a game like Mario Galaxy on a tablet.

  11. They’re absolutely right. Have you tried playing Sonic or Mega Man on your iPhone? Unplayable shovelware. Nintendo knows that that’s where many people encounter a game for the first time, and they don’t want people to see Mario that way. They were too smart to do a motion-only Mario, and they’re too-smart to do a touch-only Mario.

  12. Mario Galaxy does seem like a big stretch for a tablet, but the 2-D platforms might work even if the controls aren’t quite as nice.

  13. There’s one good Sonic game and two good Rayman games for tablet/smartphone. Even though the controls aren’t as good as a traditional controller. They controls for those games aren’t horrible like most of the 2-D platforms

  14. Nintendo has their heads on the right place. As soon as I see a smar phone version of anything that brand is almost dead to me. I’m looking at you Mega Man and TWEWY.

  15. There are excellent casual games that work perfectly on tablets and smartphones and such. I think Nintendo could pull some some games such as the Brain Age series, or Puzzle League.
    But their core series need not apply.

  16. nintendo brings the shove in shovelware….. because they keep shoving it down everybody’s throats!!!!! carnival games??????? nooooooooo just go to tablets!!!!! please understand that we…. at nintendo bring the shove on shovelware.

  17. I totally agree 100%. Smartphones and tablets etc. SUCK for video games. Those types of games are just super casual garbage.

  18. Mobile gamin is joke. The reason N has been here long time is because their passion of creatin quality games. Look what happened to Sega when they stopped carin about quality and look where they are now when they have started to care about it again.

  19. It’s too simplistic a view. Does Google offering their services on other devices decrease the value of their brand? Nope. Should Nintendo port they’re major franchises? Nope. Should they find ways to extend their brand in other ways to take advantage of these platforms. Yes.

    1. You are looking at it from the wrong perspective….Google(Android) isn’t losing any value, the phones/devices are…Eg. Samsung running JB 4.3.x and costing like $500 and a Techno P7 running JB 4.3.x and costing $200 or less. which one do you think a an average person would pick?.

      Note Nintendo isn’t just a software company…

  20. Let me guess, some dumb ass Sonydrone wanted a Nintendo game on some Ipad and Nintendo is responding to it. I can’t believe people are this dumb to still ask Nintendo such stupid questions.

  21. Alright Nintendo. Here’s the deal… you make a cell phone that is branded by you and have it run Android 5.0 (key lime pie) and put your games on it. I have a design for it. It has all the buttons and a 5″ multi touch screen.

  22. I can’t believe people are still asking for Mario on their phones. Stop being stubborn and buy a 3DS, if you love video games it’s all worth it. REAL games, not some app shovel ware games.

  23. I hope Nintendo stay away from smartphones, having apps that give you game info is cool but please keep Mario, Pokemon and Zelda away from smartphones.

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