Morrisons (4th Largest UK Supermarket) Has Also Stopped Selling Wii U


Morrisons, the fourth biggest supermarket in the United Kingdom, has joined Asda and has announced that it has stopped selling Nintendo’s latest home console, Wii U. Asda says that when it cut the price of Wii U by £100 three weeks ago, it resulted in just 250 extra console sales compared with the week previously. Amazon also discounted the console and only saw a further 667 console sales. The worry now is that other major UK retailers will follow suit to make way for more shelf space for the upcoming Xbox One and PS4.


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    1. Just wait until the holiday. I think it is too early for them to discontinue the Wii U right now.

      1. I agree with you there. I still say it is too early. I think everybody should wait until after the holiday to see what consoles are selling well. PS4 and Xbox One will sell no doubt in the launch period but the question is will it continue sell?

          1. And..? They sold those things in other stores as well. Not getting it at a supermarket didn’t change its sales, just it’s location.

                1. Did you read the Sony CEO statements that they need to make a profit in the first year and maintain it?

                  1. Wait did he really say that? How many units they need to sell to make a profit? That is a huge risk!

    1. Xbox One has been doomed since way before launch, so no worry! PS4 is the Wii U’s only competitor.

      1. lol! Whenever someone says Nintendo consoles/games are selling well they say “Selling like hotcakes.” I see it on every gaming related news site. I know what it means, but it is just kinda funny that a LOT of people use that phrase when talking about Nintendo (specifically) selling well.

  1. Shit, It seems like EVERYONE wants the Wii U to die. Nintendo, you should’ve waited until your games were finished.

    1. Oh No! A “Supermarket” isn’t stocking Wii U’s!!! Whatever will the UK do? How will they find their console of choice now?…maybe they’ll go to a VIDEO GAME STORE!!!???

      1. Yeah, but it’s kind of like advertisement. People will notice the Wii U more in a store that you pretty much HAVE to go to and let’s admit it, the Wii U needs as much advertisement as it can get.

    2. EXACTLY, nintendo rushed out the wii u and for what? they had NOTHING ready for it, and so the loyal fans who bought on launch day like me, felt like nintendo took the piss, not even 6 months after i paid over £350 for mine, i saw it in uk for £150, that is disgusting, and you cant blame the retailers lowering the price to shift inventory, since no one is buying the damn thing, and its mainly because nintendo thought the casual gamers from the wii days would buy wii u just because they included a touch screen, but this was wrong, they are not loyal to anything and just follow fads, which the wii was, and now have moved onto smart phones, and so what’s left?

      The core gamers, but most of us know that the wii u for a console released at the end of 2012 is not even up to spec with a 7 yr old PS3, LMAO, we need games, and games which the core gamers will buy systems for, we don’t even have a game pad proof of concept yet, and this alone proves nintendo is having trouble finding valid ways to implement the game pad!

      That expense would have been better off spending beefing up the wii u more, adding a hard drive, a Ethernet port, a blue ray codec, a Dolby codec, a pro controller and wii motion plus and nunchuck in every sku, and most important, GAMES GAMES AND MORE GAMES!!

      i said just the other day that having asda not stock wii u consoles is a very bad sign, and i said most likely other retailers would follow them and lo and behold now these guys are not, and i bet the rest will follow soon!! oh nintendo when wil you wake up and serve the core gamers once again?????

  2. I should not comment, cause I’m no Brit myself. But still, I think this doesn’t change the key for the future of Wii U.

    It was, it is, and it will be a matter of GAMES. Whether Nintendo is able to provide gamers with enough interesting titles or not. They started way too slow with Wii U, they have recognised that themselves.

    But if they speed up on time -and I do think they are-, there’ll be no problem at all for Wii U. Stores will get new stocks, consumers will regain trust in Nintendo’s view…

  3. Beginning of the end? Because this could lead to other non-specialist game stores dropping it as well

  4. It’s a super market……
    I’m curious on why they sell consoles of the only reason going to the Super market it’s to pick up Hot Pockets and Ice Cream

  5. wow, im not a nintendo pessimist, but im starting to wonder about wii u, i keep telling myself it will get better…nintendo, idk anymore, how long before u start marketing this thing for real, why is there no mk 8 this holiday, why arent you effectively garnering 3rd party support, i want to be optimistic dang it but ur making it hard!

    1. Gotta wait til after Christmas, my friend. If the Wii U isn’t doing better by then, THAN it is time to worry. After Christmas you have to wait til Spring of 2014. If Super Smash Bros.4 and Mario Kart doesn’t shift major Wii U consoles THAN the Wii U will probably be officially doomed :'(

  6. My local Morisons has NEVER sold WiiU, they stock PS3 and Xbox360, a ton of crappy PC games and even PS2 games, I did ONCE see a copy of New Super Mario Bros U on the shelf for a while, but that’s it… *shrugs*

    1. Also, another note, the Wii U on Amazon has gone up to £250 for the Deluxe pack and £200 for the Basic; which was what it launched at.

          1. I know that what I mean is that they must know of probably a incoming unannounced third or first party game.

  7. The people from UK that comments here have never see a wiiu on those stores. So are we realy sure they are doing g what they say they do or are they looking for cheap promotion saying that they are not going to sell wiiu even though they have never sold one?

  8. I am going to be laughing at all these conglomerates this Christmas, when Nintendo is prevailing with WiiUs and the are clamouring to have WiiUs restocked.

    1. Aswell as I will do…

      We don’t need these Level 4 Ouya G-14 Supermarkets selling our machines…

      I buy from REAL Level 1 Nintendo R Us Electronic Markets to get my dose of Nintendo games…

      1. I look it up in Google but I can’t find “Level 1 Nintendo R Us Electronic Markets” on the map. Is there a secret shops for Nintendo games?

            1. Indeed, it feels good doesn’t it?…

              I also buy from Level 2 Nintendo/Sony M-13 Retailers as I most often prefer physical copies…

  9. OMIGOSH MORRISON STOPS STOCKING WII U’S!!!! I mean who even gets a Wii u from a supermarket anyway?? Just go to game.

  10. The morrisons I shop at doesnt even stock new 3ds releses and ive never seen the wii u there. Its still in tesco game and hmv along with amazon itll be fine while it has them

    1. Indeed, these Alanis Morrisettes cannot understand the brilliant top secret plans High Command have had ever since the Wii U was in the blueprint stages…

      1. At the least these Alanis Morrisette stores are better than the Divas SONY Taylor swift and Microsoft Rhianna pop tweeter birds lol.

        1. I thought the Sonyans only had that Trainstation wherever it was and the Xbots had this X-Factor show with equally false singing Xbots…

  11. I am kinda shocked to know that the UK shops for video game stuff mainly at a supermarket lol!!! Don’t they have an actual VIDEO GAME STORE??? Or something that specializes in electronics at the very least?

    1. Didnt ye hear SONY are special and the savour of gaming with there system thats near identical to the universally loathe XBOX ONE

      The Lark

  12. Jesus this is like a bloodbath, everyone wants a piece of NINTENDO come on guys spring a Zelda Wii U NINTENDO direct on us shut up the naysayers i have faith but stupid people dont

    The Lark

  13. In related news McDonalds have stopped selling Fish + Chips while Coca Cola has dropped the Alcohol Sales.

    In other words. Morrisons Never did sell the Wii U to start with. So it’s not like they’re getting rid of it.

  14. Wtf is ppl thinking the wii u is fucking awesome and is also unique n are the first to make a control with a screen on it eat that sony n Microsoft.

  15. I’ve heard that the only place you see Wii U’s in the UK is gaming shops. It has no presence in any supermarkets

  16. I’m from Portugal and here they (the stores) haven’t advertised properly the WiiU. They put the games next to the Wii ones and expect to sell a new console? In one of the biggest vg shops there’s barely information for reserving the new PS and none for the new Xbox. I’m buying games from Amazon Uk so I’m helping UK sales eheh

  17. I am starting to be really piss off about this Nintendo bashing. Those retailers did make a very good job @ NOT displaying the Wii U. On the top of that for some weird reasons in UK (where I live) the Wii U was already dead way before the release.

    The initial retail price was ridiculous in the first place and the cut price arrived at the end when those retailer need to empty their stock.

    This latter matter confirm that people (like me) want the wii U (even if Nintendo did a very bad job @ marketing the console) but are not ready to pay more than £200. Cause so far I know those retailers don’t have any Wii U since the price cut. Even more ridiculous, the same retailer rapidly increase their price since it starts to sell. I dare someone to find me a Wii U premium @ £200 now. It was just a very short price cut but did not stay for long hence why those comment are just plain stupid.

    I firmly believe that if those retailers order an additional 1 million units and keep the price of the premium @ £200 the Wii U will sell. If the media?financial/analyst and retailer believe Sony or Microsoft will do way better than wait for the deception cause £400 a console with no backward compatibility…. no way.

  18. Nintendo needs to do something fast and soon. Don’t make me buy a console that’ll possibly have anti-used games features, online drm, and lack of backwards compatibility aka the PS4 and XBone.

  19. Did not even know they sold them it is like asda when i have gone into thier shops i have never seen ever selling them. I think the bad sales with these companies in not understanding the gaming market and not pushing the stock they have got

  20. You idiots wii u is over just let it r.i.p
    You do know that asda is owned by Walmart right? the big USA chain… if the story read Walmart had dropped the wii u would u still feel the same? Well it might have well have lol
    do r.i.p wii u atleast it had a good death with all the ££££ donated to its illness now dig a hole and say goodbye hahaha

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