Ubisoft Gives French President A Wii U And Games


French President François Hollande had the opportunity to visit Japan last month.  Hollande was there to check out fifteen french companies who are operating in the country who had staged an exhibition to show off both their products and their services. French company Ubisoft was among those presenting and they prepared a booth to show off Rabbids Land on the Wii U. Unfortunately, Hollande didn’t have the time to check out the game so the company gave him a Wii U console and a copy of Rabbids Land, Assassin’s Creed III and Just Dance 4.

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      1. i find it hard to imagine hollande playing just dance in his livingroom

        but what’s more surprising is that they chose to present a wii u

        1. Is either give them a family console or a console that’s been linked with some of the worst American crimes even if it just lies of the media.

            1. I think he was talking about the Xbox one, which originally had features some would call “draconic”.

          1. eh other consoles have family games aswell

            i’m just curious why they specifically chose the wii U when they’ve been moaning about sales the whole time

            they could have picked a PS4 or a PS3

              1. well, it turns out it not even coming out. This guy pitched it to Nintendo back in 07, and well, Nintendo Refuse.

                although im disappointed that Nintendo said no, I agree with the decision. Link doesnt have a voice, and a movie would most definitely need one.

                1. But then if link had a voice we’d all complain about how bad it is. I don’t think the world needs a Zelda movie yet. I feel like no matter who worked on it, it wouldn’t do the games justice.

      2. I don’t get your question.

        The “list” of games are Ubisoft games that they gave the president along with the Wii U.

        <.< What's not to get?

        1. Ubisoft are patriot’s! Not giving there president a Xbox means that secrets of the state dar safe :P

      1. You should get the code in the email. If you got $5 and you are Canadian then it is a common problem. Since it is $96.xx US. There is a lot of pissed Canadian Wii U owners out there.

    1. France is already invaded. In europe, the country with the most nintendo games sold is France.

      1. I find the to be a bit stupid by High Command that the EU territory Main Base is in Germany but we almost never hear anything from there except when our excellent allied, The Shin’en Tribe announces great news…

            1. Only those who thinks they are the best in the world…

              That goes to every single group/culture/nation etc etc in this insignificant world…

          1. So, everyone who is not in the same page with you about things, is either a nazi and/or a jihadist?
            Well, at least you got to play the nazi card, congratulations, you win.

        1. @adsfg
          typical shit talking by a clueless retard, Muslims are not invading no where, if you are too stupid, and believe all the propaganda bullshit America and Israel spoon feed you, then their is no hope left for you. seriously why bring Muslims into it? yes it is commonly known that their is allot of Muslims in France, and Europe, but this is mostly because allot of people, not just in Europe, but the whole world over are reverting back, and becoming Muslims, they have seen the truth, if you fail to that’s your problem, its narrow minded subliminally controlled idiots like you who are the problem in the world, not the majority of the 1.57 billion peaceful Muslims of the earth!

          I hate how retards like you and @nintendo commander spread hate and misinformation on the internet, Muslims are not invading shit. in fact its the west who are constantly creating wars, and invading countries with no just cause, and instead for oil, FACT!! get a life you losers, i am a Muslim and i take offence to idiots like you who spread shit about my religion, do some research and learn the facts, instead of regurgitating the rubbish you have been suckling from Satan’s nipple! turn off the news and tv, and research Islam your self with a open mind!!

    2. ubisoft was like “we feel so sorry for nintendo, let’s atleast give the president a wii u so someone knows it exists”.

  1. I think they should have gave him Black ops 2 for the Wii U. Then ghosts could come out later and he could get that too. Those are much better games.

    In all seriousness, what if he doesn’t like it and makes a public announcement saying, “I declare that the Wii U sucks”.

    1. Why would ubisoft give away other developers games, when the point is to show their own company ;)

  2. Should of gave him ZombiU. That game kicks a lot of ass regardless of a blatent lack of polish.

    If you have or are ever getting a Wiiu , play ZombiU! You won’t regret it.

    1. ZombiU was/is one of my favorite zombie games ever. The survival horror genre is alive again.

  3. So, sickr, when are you gonna post the story about the Zelda movie pitch from 2007 I sent in yesterday? It had a teaser and everything. Surely that’s a much more interesting story.

    1. Because sickr doesnt like ‘band waggoning’ off hundresds of other sites, posting news we already knew yestesrday.

  4. So, they gave him a WiiU and 3 old games, two of which can be found on ps3 and 360. Wow, that’s like Obama giving dvds to the British prime minister. I wonder if Nintendo will send the president a copy of pikmin 3. That would be cool.

  5. Excellent…

    Giving your Reality Realm Leader in France a Wii U Ubisoftians is a very respectful gesture for our Empire…

    France must continue to be one of our Empire’s greatest territories in the future to repel any possible Xbot assault…

    Let’s see if I can make Bergsala give a Wii U to our next Swedish Reality Realm Leader…

  6. Rabbids Land, Assassin’s Creed III and Just Dance 4. Nice selection of games. Oh wait, that’s because they’re the only games available leleleloealoelaoeloealoeahahahahaha hahaha ahahahahaha please understand we print money ohoeheheehehe

    1. Cme back when you know what impregnated means then tell the joke again how you try to do it in the first place.

  7. Even when we do nothing from our empire’s front, nintendo keeps winning. The Ubisoftians are a puzzling bunch. Knowing very well that Pikmin 3 has ignited the WiiU revolution and sales growth, the crawl back into the nintendo good books by giving their president a WiiU :). Someone at Sony and Microsoft is mad as we type :).

    1. I can’t wait to the day High Command Falcon Punches the living N out of the Xbots…

      Crawling and withering like the Atarians, yes, what a lovely future…

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