Stylish Pikmin Tote Bag Now On US Club Nintendo


Nintendo of America has updated its Club Nintendo rewards with this stylish Pikmin tote bag for 400 coins. The tote bag carries everything you need—just like your favourite Pikmin—and it easily holds up to 20 pounds. Perfect for fruit and other treasures, this natural canvas bag is woven from a cotton-poly blend, and it’s made in the U.S.A.

  • Features a colorful Pikmin squad design
  • Easy to carry with a comfortable 24-inch loop handle
  • Holds your favorite games, books, and more—measures 15” x 13” with a generous 6” base

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.


  1. Hmmm…not the greatest prize on the market to say the least. The price isn’t bad, but I think I’ll save the coins for something else

  2. Hey Nintendo! MAKE A CD SOUNDTRACK OF PIKMIN 3 FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN CLUB NINTENDO! I miss those CD Soundtracks Nintendo used to make back during the days of the Power Supplies Catalogs of Nintendo Power.

              1. LAWL! I got Pikmin 3 over a week ago, am now bored of it and it sits on a shelf all day everyday. I got platinum medals in every mission, so until a new update (or even better, dlc!!) comes out, it will remain un-used.

    1. Me too, **major spoiler alert** to north America, you’ve been warned, wat do youthink the comet was, I predict it character 4 the guywho was cut out of the final game

      1. Are you two who already beat satisfied with game. Give us your thoughts? Is it long in length. Don’t give me spoilers just what you think of the game.

        1. Its great, but when you compare to its predecessors it lacks, especially in length, I got through the game in 11 hours with all the fruit and other stuff which I won’t give away, bingo battle and mission mode are fun too, but all in all its a must have for any owner, also it was really linear, which I’m starting to hate, and was hoping pikmin didn’t go into the same faint as mario and zeldaare in, cough cough, Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy.

        2. It feels little short from story mode if that secret code doesn’t make game longer somehow. Great game all around and enjoyed it a lot. I would give it maybe 8.5 or 9.0. (because it’s little short and i had some problems with controls)

    1. Great game, tho its awfully short, but if you try to 100% complete you’ll get tons of replay value, the graphic looks strumming and look great even when on the gamepad, the bosses are great to, very well designed, I have to say tho it doesn’t beat pikmin 1 or 2 its still a great game for what it is, is give it an 8.5 out 10

    1. I loled at it too, and I agree with you. Something besides this women bad would be great. However if I do get it, I’ll just put my controllers in it or something..

      1. Yea, thats a good use. I just wish CN would return those epic super star messenger bags. I missed out on those and I regret not buying one.

  3. Club Nintendo USA is out of half it’s shit. Come on Nintendo. Restock.
    I actually kinda like the Pikmin Tote. I got two of them. One for me to carry my gaming shit in when going to a friends, and one for a friend of mine.

  4. I wish we Europeans would get some nice stuff too. Not only is the European Club Nintendo shop expensive as shit, we also usually get crappy stuff only. Not to forget that new things get added every 3235616565 years.
    Lucky Americans.

    1. So Pikmin 3 is fun do I assume it is shorter than even Pikmin1? Pikmin 2 was long as hell. That sort of sucks. Unless it is because Pikmin3 is the only game out and since it lacks games all Wii U owners are doing is playing that only game trying to experience your Wii U and its first full potential game.

  5. man what happened nintendo…this post isnt deserving to be called a news…..nintendo was once the definition of video games but now barely even manages to compete against other companies….nintendo is eating dust behind …..nintendo’s problems arent on the games that they make but their arrogant approach on video games in general…. nintendo always wants to be unique,always wants to innovate….well I say fuck that, just look at microsoft and sony, they copy paste every shit yet they are so successful at blowing nintendo out of the water….nintendo please stop thinking that way join the trend and make a fucking console powerhouse next gen, this way youll never worry about developers fucking you around like a whore…(my opinion dont be offended)

  6. This is awesome and i’m a guy. I would totally rock this tote bag. Back to my tony little’s gazelle work out.

  7. A TOTE!?? No man, unless he’s queer as all get out, can carry this thing around without looking like a flaming homo. I’ll pass. NOA has absolute JUNK for their Club Nintendo customers! It’s almost not even worth the time going on there and registering products and doing surveys.

  8. want nintendo club points and animal crossing new leaf and other games thn sub my channel to be in with a chance. i do regular monthly give aways mainly games.

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