The Factory Responsible For Wii U eDram Set To Close Within 2-3 Years


Semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics has announced that it is to close four semiconductor plants in Japan within 2-3 years. The problem is one of the closing factories was responsible for manufacturing the Wii U Embedded DRAM. Nintendo was responsible for more than half of the load of the factory at peak times, but due to slow sales of the console the company made the plant run at a loss. There’s a possibility that this will have a large impact on Wii U production in the years to come.

Update: Nintendo previously announced that they’ll use TSMC to produce the eDram parts from now on.

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  1. I’m not so sure, the company would have been paid before hand by Nintendo, seems like the higher ups of the owning company are just closing it down to save some money.

  2. Lets see how we can fit doom and gloom into every fucking article.

    1. Well, its not their fault, its the truth, and is important to know. There isn’t much good news about the wii U to tell anyways. It’s not doing well. I don’t want to be negative, but there isn’t much positive going on for the Wii U right now, lack of games, lack of sales, lack of support. Everyone I know is either selling their Wii Us or regretting their purchases. Nintendo needs to do something about this. Soon!

      1. False, Everyone who owns a Wii U loves the SYSTEM. Yeah, lack of games is an issue which ends today Pikmin 3 is now out everywhere. But nobody that has a Wii U hates the system itself lol. Except trolls on Miiverse.

        1. i have a wii u and im truly disappointed with it, i felt that i went a generation behind and not to next gen not in terms of hardware but in terms of features. nintendo needs ot fix that asap.

        2. aside from the slow system ui and “playstation one graphics” (im looking at u nintendo haters and also if wii u has psone graphics, explain the graphics for smash bros? dont have any? guess you guys just hate nintendo with a passion is the only reason) tell me what is it that you hate about the wii u and also no “no games” allowed either, have none? then i just explained in my parenthesis so come back when you have a legit reason. i dont hate the console, just that nintendo should’ve released it about now instead of 12/xx/12 then the launch would be better. and yes there aernt many wii u games but im content with some great vc games like earthbound and super metroid

      2. to be honest i’ve been hearing of a lot of people who do lament the lack of games on the wii U but who don’t regret buying it after all.. either way why should they considering that nintendo is sure to deliver quality games to the console come what may

        also this news isn’t really negative.. 2-3 years is plenty of time to find a new manufacturer .. it’s not like there’s only one manufacturer on earth that’s able to fit GPU/CPU plus embedded DRAM on a die^^

        who knows.. maybe once sales pick up nintendo can make an even better deal and lower production costs

    2. + ∞

      As if Nintendo can’t plan for something 2-3 years down the road. What an idiotic, non-story.

    1. It’s not intentional. There’s just more negative news surrounding the Wii U than there is positive. I’m always on the lookout for positive news stories.

      1. Thankfully many loyal Nintendo fans try to stay as positive as possible…

        I will not admit defeat until Lord Iwata declares it to be so…

        1. Yes, it’s simply a case of remaining as positive as possible. We’ve got some incredible games coming out on Wii U in the coming months. That’s all I’m bothered about.

          1. Indeed, I can’t wait to play Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and Smash Brothers etc etc…

            I just wish I had more resources to spend right now…

            1. Same here. I’m waiting for the titles to come out. I don’t care if it takes time. Like what Miyamoto says “A delayed game is usually a good game. A rushed game is always a bad game”.

      2. is anyone able to explain to me why exactly this news is negative for nintendo? i mean sure.. having to close down a fab is bad news for the owner of that fab .. but why should this faze nintendo?

    2. You rather have fairy tales spewed to you than truth that can make you mature.

      Yeah, you should just mature.

  3. things are looking quite grim for wiiu. still have hope though. can’t let that worthless piece of dog shit pachter be right.

  4. Have patience, withing a year every hater will be proven wrong just like they were with the Wii and 3DS…

    If by some possibility the Wii U fails, I will officially blame High Command for their lack of aggressive marketing…

    1. I would blame blame Nintendo for 3 things. 1 the marketing, barely anyone I know, knows about the Wii U. Second, The games, while good games are coming, none of them are super fresh and awesome, they have been done before, and third, I would also like to blame them for not making the Wii U more appealing to 3rd party devs. 3rd party is important.

      1. The first one I agree the second I agree a little but the third one is a lame scuse. Not being strong has the others dosnt Nintendo did not try to make it avoid platform for third party.

      2. The first point I think basicaly High Command, Nintendo fans and haters actually agree upon without a doubt…

        Second point I agree to some extent, specially for not using the Gamepad in unique ways but in the other hand many would complain if they did so there would be no big difference…

        When it comes to these Third Class Empires, I don’t think it’s because of the “lower” power the Wii U has compared to the other 2 that is the problem…

        The Ubisoftians did a good job with ZombiU but that’s it…

        I’d like to find out whether it was our Empire or them that decided to bring all these “old” games to the console like ME3, Batman and so on which barely helped the Wii U…

        I also think that putting too much confidence on NSMBU was one of the biggest mistakes along with the badly presented Nintendoland at E3 2012…

  5. That’s it, Wii U is fucking doomed….. At least I’d be able to enjoy the cool games it has.

    Wii U
    2012 – 2015


    1. There’s probably hundreds of alternatives they can use to produce such a small part… people making a fuss over nothing.

      1. there aren’t hundreds of alternatives unfortunately, this is not a normal (widely used) ram module

        a lot of expertise and technology is required to build eDRAM,.

        with IBM already producing cpu, it wouldn’t be unthinkable to leave this to them.

  6. Perhaps, this is for the better, maybe Nintendo will find a better edram factory, that makes better chips, evn though I have no idea what they do,

    1. Dont worry i paid $350 plus $50 pro controller. And over 12 brand new wii u games. $60 each lmfao. Oh well

      1. Don’t worry my dumbass bought a Wii U from an eBay price gouger for $450 then a Wiimotion Plus for $60 and Wii U Pro Controller for $50. I still only own one game.. :(

  7. ohh Wii U every fucking day its getting worse and worse. Cant wait to see if this thing will pick up sales by holiday. Bayo and 101 is the only thing keeping me from sellin this console

  8. Nintendo needs to give them the required funds. Confirmed ?

    One of the possible scenarios could be a drastic price increase of the console.

    1. you can read right? they closed down 4 fabs.. only one of them actually produced parts for the wii U
      so the reasons involved are not quite as shallow as you make em out to be

  9. I just don’t get why you would originally state it would have impact on the production as if Renesas is the only company to produce edram…. Of Nintendo can ALWAYS find someone else to do it which they have. You seriously think thy would sit on their butts and just let it slow production?!! Shows how ignorant some of the posts on this blog are! Well no freakin crap they’re gonna find another company. You guys are trying to spell doom and gloom where there is no reason to.

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  11. I suggest to the bloggers of this site to write the news in a much more optimistic approach since this a blog to support Nintendo e not to make the fans sad! I really do not believe that Nintendo (or any other company) would not be able to solve that problem. I’m sure there are other companies that would be interested in manufacturing Nintendo consoles parts. Maybe they will need to redesign the chip and that would mean an even better system. The sales are starting to grow again, so till now I do not see a real end for the Wii U.

  12. I don’t even know why y’all complain about the lack of games on the Wii U. They will come out eventually, what’s the matter? waiting a few months? It’s not like they’re not making games for it.

    1. we’ve been waiting for 9 months…how can you say this..

      maybe you’re not one of the people who has spent 400-500 last year at launch, and if you are.. you’re blowing my mind even more.

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