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Hideki Kamiya Wants The Wii U GamePad’s Touch Screen To Support Multi-Touch


Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya was recently asked on Twitter to reveal whether there’s an element he would change in the Wii U hardware. The outspoken designer replied, “I want multi touch.” Rather than allowing for multi-touch gestures, the Wii U GamePad has a resistive touch screen that only supports single-touch input. Kamiya is currently working on the Wii U-exclusive The Wonderful 101, in which players draw shapes on the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen to deliver attacks on enemies. The game is due for release in Europe on August 23rd and in North America on September 15th.

83 thoughts on “Hideki Kamiya Wants The Wii U GamePad’s Touch Screen To Support Multi-Touch”

  1. I agree, not having Multi-Touch was an interesting choice, but you’re already holding it with one hand, assuming that you’re using the pen, you only use one touch input.

    But still, more features never hurt.

    1. But there’s no point of having multi touch if you think about it, because the game pad has many buttons on and that’s enough

      1. Well said. Multi-touch is only really used to simulate buttons… seems a bit pointless with the gamepad having to many. Or to pinch zoom, but that would almost never be implemented in a console game.

        It’s all well and good Lord Kamiya saying that he would change that, but I wish he would explain why.

      2. You can’t just say “it’s enough” just because you can manage without it. If there are more things to add that could enhance the experience than it clearly isn’t “enough.” I mean, enhancing the experience is WHAT NINTENDO DOES. 💋

        1. Havaing a capacitive/”magnetic” screen would give the controller much more precision.

          That type of screen is used in the 2nd generation galaxy note.

          The screen can measure 1024 or more strengths of pressure. It can be used with a pen and fingers, both can be used more accurate.

          1. Actually Capacitive is less accurate in all cases cause it estimates where fingers or other large soft surface. Resolution that makes a input pad more or less accurate. And Wacoms for the most part use a resistive screen with a magnetic layer (for tilting and hovering). They have only recently added a layer that mimics capacitive so you can use both and Galaxy note is using something based on Wacoms technology. For accuracy resistive is always best.

            Did you know the first DS and DS light both had pressure sensitive screens, but didn’t use it cause Nintendo couldn’t get the patent.

    2. there is technology where you can have both, Samsung uses it for their note phone, I say they should of done it, and taken alittle loss but it would give them more of an edge in the future since the wii u is weaker in specs so they need more gimmics

    1. I don’t think that’ll happen since it would change the basic setup of how the system functions. Besides, doing something like that doesn’t seem like what Nintendo would do.

      1. depends multi-touch resistive screen technology is out there but its very un-common but still I dont see a new gamepad being released for awhile.
        ANd no way its gonna be a capactivie touch panel so hopes in dreams for that are out the window for now. unless they make a dedicated nintendo tablet accessory

        1. But Wii motion plus is totally different… It was something you could plug into the Wii remote you already have to make it more precise.

          You can’t do that with the Gamepad and a new screen or buttons because that wouldn’t fit like Wii motion plus fitted the Wii remote.

      2. I think Nintendo will definitely make improvements to the gamepad in the future. They will have to, that’s what makes technology now-a-days successful… UPDATES. 💋

  2. I think that Nintendo would do better if they released a separate Gamepad with this feature and maybe a slightly bigger screen with analog ZL and ZR buttons and better rumble. It would mean the gamepad would be on par with the likes of the Dualshock 4 and the Xbox One Controller (Even though the Dualshock 4 and Wii U gamepad awesome controllers, I think Nintendo could improve the gamepad a bit)

    1. Will never happen.. if they modify the controller , everyone will have to buy the ‘new’ controller for certain multitouch games…
      I dont nintendo will make such decisions.. same way as they didnt add dual analog support for the 3ds xl

      1. Actually, they had an excuse as to why they didn’t add a second circule pad because their wasn’t enough room. Plus, games can be updated to use the new gamepad as well as the old one so really your argument really doesn’t hold much water.

      2. What’s wrong with everyone buying a “new controller?” Also, who’s to say they wouldn’t do a trade in deal where you can trade in your OLD Wii U tablet for a NEW and IMPROVED one??? 💋

    1. I can tell you out of experience that this is nowhere near being true.
      If it works perfectly fine SINGLEHANDEDLY on a 4″ display then it should work on the Wii U controller.

    2. If my friggen iPhone can support multitouch than the Wii U tablet can DEFINITELY support it. The size of the screen isn’t really an issue… also, maybe you have no use for multitouch, but you aren’t a game developer lol! So why would you have a use unless you were designing a Wii U game that utilized multitouch?? 💋

  3. I really don’t mind if they did an upgraded controller with Multi-Touch. But it’s really good that he’s very interested in the WiiU still in a sense.

  4. Honestly not really seeing the point of multi-touch. Nevertheless, I prefer that as an answer to ‘more power’

    1. Well it could make gameplay on the Wii U controller even more strategic than it already is. You could do things like shrink objects to fit a puzzle on say… a puzzle platformer, or you could pick up more than one object with two styluses. Multitouch can really make a game more immersive than singletouch. Singletouch is very limited. 💋

      1. Photoshop/ design software – one mouse, one mouse cursor, yet infinite possibility.

        Clunky, ambidextrous design does not feel intuitive with 6″ screen. One hand has to grasp controller to hold it.

  5. Am I really the only one who really doesnt like the multi touch technology? Its okay on my phone, since the touching is the only input and it gives some neat possibilities using gestures.
    But its so unprecise. I really like the possibility to control my Nintendo devices with a pen. Using fingers alone its more precise.

    1. I hear ya. I’m currently playing The Simpsons Tapped Out on my wife’s GalaxyS2 and it feels very awkward using my finger and not a stylus. Even my wife says she prefers the touchscreen controls on our 3DS.

    2. Why can’t Nintendo do multitouch AND have it be precise?? It’s not like you have to lose one of the other. Use two styluses instead of your fingers. 💋

  6. Nintendo said that the gamepad costs around 150 bucks to make. Meaning they just can afford to make a “gamepad plus”, since for people to buy a new gamepad their’s has to be already broken or it has to include a postal bride ready with papers and all.
    This isn’t like a wii mote where the upgrade costs €15 or a whole new wiimote with plus costs €50…

  7. What is for the lesser forces in the gaming universe to stop lying and bashing our machines…

    I could not care less about multitouch if the games are not great…

    Many can not even make great games taking advantage of the Wii and Wii U controllers today and before, why would be need extra functions when they can’t even use current ones?…

    1. What bugs me is that Ubisoft showed some amazing uses for the gamepad. Why can’t others follow their example? The Pikmin 3 map is also incredibly intuitive to use. Much better than if it were on the big screen. The issue, as always, is the limited imagination of most devs.

      1. Agreed, with ZombiU being the best example…

        Remember when they first showed the trailers for all those third party games at E3 in 2011?…

        When they showed the short clip of Aliens Colonial Marines as the alien jumped towards the marine and you got this close up scene…

        I just had all these images in my head to what the Wii U would do…

        I imagined that while the tv screen showed the game as it should, the Gamepad would show another view like the Panorama View app for Wii U…

        Meaning that if you turn the Gamepad 180 degrees, you could see the environment both behind you and infront of you all at the same time using both screen…

        But ofcourse the only game coming close to that is ZombiU to my knowledge and Batman to some extent…

        1. Ign has the WiiU pad introductory thing from 2011 that really is what originally sold people on it.

          I have some great Co-Op/VS online multiplayer applications for the gamepad. (Alot of it is strategy based, kinda warriors orochi styled applications when it comes to management)

    2. HAHA I love that comment, because you are so right. Many devs who make fps games cant realize how superior its to play those kind of games with Wiimote and nunchuck, only few use that feature, which is shame.

      1. Indeed, Metroid Prime Corruption, Resident Evil 4 and GoldenEye are probably the best games with the Wiimotes…

  8. Nintendo Wii U should be abolished, while still time to make a new console, new Wii U, and people who bought the Wii U to give a 50% discount + 1 game ..
    It would be best jim! This makes no sense, they would not like to sell or 10th Millions of Wii U in the 7th years .. Is that?????????

    1. Let’s wait to the end of 2014 before deciding anything…

      If Wii U sales have not improved atleast to 15.000-20.000 sold units in average for atleast a few months then I think High Command should abandon the system and make a new similar one but with a different name and more power…

      1. This is actually both good and bad… good because the Wii u 2 (lets just say that) would actually compete with ps4 and Xbone, but bad cause itll cost nintendo a shit load of money for added power and specs

  9. they (nintendo) are not going to update the gamepad, the WiiU cannot receive two gampads connected yet, if it were to be redesigned it should have analogue triggers as well, but as the WiiU can only receive digital inputs i don’t see how this can be changed the same for the multi-touch.

  10. Imagine multi-touch with a Metroid game. You could hold the gameplad vertically with your right hand, resting it on your right forearm, then do gun gestures and combos with multi touch, just like Samus does in some cutscenes of the Prime games.

    1. No, that would be VERY uncomfortable to play and shitty.. In fact that idea reminds me of playing games with the Power Glove!

      1. I wouldn’t want it for the whole entire game. I just think it’s an interesting concept that I would love to play

              1. Simply put, it’s what I would like to see and experience. I would love multi-touch. Obviously, you aren’t too happy about the idea

                1. But why would you need multi touch for that particular example? You say you want it, but you don’t even know why… -_-;

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  12. Nah, resistive is more accurate than capacitive (multi-touch). You can draw pictures and design levels, do RTS-gameplay better with a resistive screen.

  13. Yeah resistive is way better imo. Try drawing on a capacative screen. I tried playing Draw Something on my wife’s phone, and it aggravated the hell out of me. Screw multi-touch, it’s not worth it.

  14. This is me typing perfectly fine using the GamePad…. I’m just using my fingertips. It really doesn’t feel any less responsive than using a tablet. In fact, I prefer the texture of the Wii U screen compared to a glassy tablet screen.

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