Wii U Screen Isn’t Multitouch Due To Cost

Nintendo has confirmed on Game Trailers that the Wii U touchscreen isn’t multitouch due to costs. Nintendo believes the Nintendo DS screen was adequate enough for gamers, and they believe the same for the Wii U GamePad controller. Charlie Scibetta says that Nintendo is trying to strike the right balance between the robust set of features and capabilities for the hardware, but also make it affordable to people.

152 thoughts on “Wii U Screen Isn’t Multitouch Due To Cost”

    1. no… game would have to be made with multi touch.. but then those with no multi touch couldn’t play it… no a good idea

    2. Think what problems it would cause if you had a multi touch screen on a game designed for single touch, it would really screw things up.

    1. So apparently, Reggie said in an interview with IGN, that we will be “pleasantly surprised” with the pricing of Wii U. He went on to say that they have the same ideal image to keep that same price over a long period of time, rather than pricing it high, and lowering it over the next few months.
      Source- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKCyhJ1tyXQ

      1. yeah thats what i heard recently too. thank you all for replying. announcing it 2 months before it releases is stupid imo ( not what you said but what nintendo is doing) they havent layed out a release date yet.

  1. …Unlike a certain game company that’s like, We’re going to be the best ever and charge $600 a console because we can.
    Bravo, Nintendo, keeping things affordable and still fun. :) Anyone with a great imagination will tell you you don’t need all the bells and whistles to have fun (even if those bells and whistles are fun sometimes haha :D )

    1. And that certain company had the best games of this generation and more, while the Wii was left in the dust.

      Oh, and my PS3 only cost me $250, kekekeke.

        1. but nobody cares about the wii u, nintendo stocks are dropping and already their conference was declared worst of the three companies at e3.

          People have literally no reason to give a crap about this console. It’s all about the established HD machines with established userbases. No need for an upgrade, because Ninty proved that they clearly weren’t a threat to spook MS/Sony into unleashing their next-gen devices.

              1. Ooooooo you hurt my feelings so much lol, anyway Are you here because you cant afford anymore of Sony’s products?

          1. Keep telling yourself that. Noone was interested in 3DS either. Vita is a complete failure, and PS4 will interest even less. Face it, people buy Nintendo because of its exclusives. For the rest, the PC is the beast (rate we’re going, PCs are gonna be cheaper then ‘some’ consoles)

            1. >PS4 will interest even less.

              Bwahahaha, if you believe that shit.

              People ain’t buying Wii U. They have no reason to. It’s more of the same shovelware shit the Wii was and absolutely no game looks “next gen”. In fact, many of them don’t even look current gen. LOL.

              1. PS move has more shovel ware then the Nintendo Wii did. They have more software. Also Sony lost the most money out of all Big 3 last year. Sony’s 4 system will be a bust like Nintendo did. Then by the 5th system they will do ok again. Ps3 was not as successful as PS1 or Ps2. Wii was like the Nes but sold more 100 Million + world wide. It’s software base was bad. Wii U is like the Super Nintendo, it will sell ok but not as much as Wii did. History always repeats. Wii U will be a great system. Ps4 is going to struggle more then Ps3 did. Especially since they are going to make a system people can’t afford. Obama wins again, this country is screwed. Not that Mitt is any better, the lesser of two evils. People don’t have the kind of money Sony thinks consumers do. All their appliance, Tv and electronics sales are dropping at an alarming rate. Stocks are down and they are losing Billions! Not the millions Nintendo did. You Sony Fanboys are blind. Then again the author of this website, keeps posting articles to bring you new gen fags to this Nintendo blog site.You folks know nothing about gaming or the industry past or present. Only IGN is singing Ps3’s praises this week. Yes Nintendo’s show was ruined by Nintendo Land. Still nothing was more of a Joke then Wonderbook by Sony. Seriously play what you like and stop messing with Nintendo fans. Sega fans had more class then you Noobs back in the 90s. System wars are lame and pointless, only kids worry about that crap.

          2. way to troll… since sony stocks has been dropping way lower since PS3 launch, and even more so now that the VITa its a complete failure

            and M$ yeah, because those 3 years of RRoD wasnt a big hit to their economy

                1. So has Nintendo, so what’s your point

                  Sony even has more value in their gaming division than Nintendo, so I’m waiting to hear the punchline here.

                  1. You dumb dick, Nintendo posted their FIRST EVER losses recently which was in the millions not billions. Dont you know how to count? And Sony has like 3 first party titles and I cant comment if they suck or not because I do not think ive ever played any of theirs.

          3. SONY’s stock is worth *half* what it was, right now ,at its 52-week high.

            Furthermore, their stock is down about ~75% over the past five years.

            It was over $140/share as recently as 2001…it’s trading right now at…$13/share.

            Who’s portable game machine has, for all intents and purposes, tanked so badly that they didn’t even bother *talking about* their *brand-new* hardware that came out mere months ago at E3?

            Whose TV business is DOA?

            Whose cell phone and music player hardware is a non-entity in their respective categories?

            What gaming company is most likely to not be in business, at all, within five-years?

            So, now that we understand this, who is it again that’s in serious trouble?

            1. I’m waiting to hear what this possibly has to with SCE’s status right now.

              Because nobody, and I mean -nobody- was talking about Sony as a whole. :P

        1. Many of the highest rating games this generation were on the PS3, and the PS3 has far more exclusives than the 360 – fact.

          So it isn’t acting, it’s basically the truth.

          1. Yeah and just as you pointed out earlier in terms of sales, Reviewer scores dont mean shit, For example say a game like Metroid or Halo got great scores yet some people think it isnt that great, same goes for casual games someone could have something like 1001 games in 1 for Wii and they think it should be highly rated other people would not think that.

            1. Reviewer scores don’t mean shit? You couldn’t be anymore ignorant. I guess that explains why gaming reviews have existed since practically the beginning of mainstream videogames. But i’m sure your stupidity will want to cloud up the truth in favor of supporting shitty games.

              1. theres actually a study that shows that reviews dont mean anything when it comes to sell a game… FAIL

              2. Gaming reviews are there to review the game and, how good it is in the reviewers eyes, What they say is not fact, you must believe that it is fact which explains why you are an ignorant fanboy, and yes I am a Nintendo fanboy, but I dont go around bashing games and systems like you do, all systems have bad games.

                1. Exactly. Reviews are not meant to rank games, they are designed so that if there’s a game you’re thinking about buying, you can get a better understanding whether it’s right for you. The final score given by the reviewer is the least important part.

                1. There weren’t 3,000,000 early adopters. In fact, there were barely over a million during that price drop. So they don’t shit up false numbers.

                  1. In its first week on sale in Japan in Febuary it sold its entire 400,000 stock and in its first week in North America it sold 440,000 systems, also Nintendo stated that they missed its target of 4 million 3DS units sold, hitting only 3.61 million units by the end of March. Its in a news article on gamespot, dating April 25, 2011. Go look for it.

      1. please, stop the fanboy-ism, both of you… both are great consoles, and it’s your own choice to leave the Wii to dust.

      2. yes the PS3 had the best games of the generation, which is why so few people bought the systems to play them. they’re in last place in total overall sales in both home consoles and handhelds. troll harder

        1. >So few people.

          Yet it’s at 65 million units sold.

          Also, what do sales have to do with great games? Wii Fit Sold 43 million copies, have fun telling me that’s a great game against the likes of Uncharted, Halo, etc.

          1. :Bitch please: Wii:95.85 million winner of the seventh console wars enough said

            Together Wii U.

              1. You’re the living parody of a Sony fanboy. Even your username says it all.

                See I can say it too, so what is your stupid point.

                1. Ahaha! Mr-Joker, SO right! Sony still sucks ass in my opinion and will always be the crappy imitator. Aelous, your not changing ANYONES mind here, scatter along now! xD

                2. My username has nothing to do with Sony.

                  And your lack of proper punctuation makes you look like a retard, just saying.

              2. If you think you had a point when you stated that the PS3 sold a lot, then it’s perfectly reasonable that he states that Nintendo def. beat the competition with the Wii (saleswise).
                PS3 is a great console, with beatiful exclusives, but started WAAAY too expensive. Wii not powerful, but had enjoyable games. People made their own choice. For fuck sake, just respect that already.

          2. >Uncharted, Halo.

            yet most fans overhype new halo games and later complain it’s not as good as an older one. they’re like sonic fans with that junk. then there’s uncharted, who had a new game at the vita’s launch, and yet that brand-new system continues to sell less than the Wii, which on its way out the door. shows how much people want that game.

            but whatever, you’ll continue to see nintendo as failures for trying to appeal to wider ranges of people as good businessmen do and think sony are gods because you’re part of their overspecialized target audience

            1. Overhype? Halo is hyped for a reason. You’re jealous because Nintendo has no game that generates the same scale of hype as those series do. Hell even Skyrim managed to get more hype *and lived up to every bit of it* compared to SS.

              Nintendo is a fucking failure, only mindless fanboys continue supporting them. Their conference are shit and their games are casual reskinned shit. Wow, 2 NSMB games shown in a SINGLE E3.

              And another 4 games either involving Mario, or the characters, LOL.

              1. Are you shitting me? Skyrim lived up to it’s hype?! It’s a great game but that game was so buggy and glitchy I don’t see how anyone could’ve possibly played it.

                    1. You can build a budget gaming PC for $400.

                      Hell, I upgraded mines with a mere $250 and can run the latest games at MAX settings. Money isn’t an excuse when you can dish out hundreds of dollars on every Nintenshit that comes out which doesn’t even match up to current PC cards like the 360 did when it was released.

                    2. Nobody cares except you, so you can take your 250-400$ PC system and shove it up your ass, which you probably already did.

              2. >lived up to every bit of it

                skyrim had more bugs than the amazon rainforest. one of my friends maxed out a bunch of stats just by repeatedly hitting the tutorial guy. also, “only mindless fanboys continue supporting them [nintendo]“? HA. sega was the only one to fit in that statement and now they don’t make consoles and whore out their most popular character to any system it can get.

                by the way, i find it hilarious how fanboys always point to mario for insult purposes. it’s like all they have to go on. perhaps 2 2D mario games is a little much for one year, but it’s not ALL they had. the biggest source of excitement at their conference was pikmin 3, a game from a series containing only two other games, the last of which being released eight years ago. there was also ZomiU and rayman legends but lolsure, because you’re a fanboy let’s just call EVERYTHING nintendo does “casual reskinned shit”. seeing you grasping at straws is a sign that this is going nowhere. i have nothing more to say to you

      3. Funny, a TRUE Sony fan would’ve gotten the $600 PS3 Fat. That’s what I have. Oh and the Wii costs a $100 so what’s your point?

        1. The PS3 fat was actually worth it even at that price, considering it contained PS2 backwards compatibility and had more features than the later models. Expensive yes, doesn’t mean the price made it less worth it.

          However, why did 3DS cost $250, yet $101 to manufacture?

          Oh, I know why. Because Nintendo ripped off their fanboys.

          1. You are an idiot.

            The Vita is a rip off since you have high prices for the memory cards.

            Now add the cost of the game and the Vita itself and it becomes clear that Sony is actually the one trying to rip you off.

            1. I got my Vita for $254 (3G version) with an 8GB memory card, free game offer and month of 3G as well, 3DS came with AR shit and nothing else lol.

                1. Lockerz, Amazon, Ebay. All brand new and not used. The former had those prices.

                  The smart gamer shops around for the best prices.

                  And even at normal prices, you still get a memory card in the 3G versions and deals from various retailers. Like the $50 gift card from Walmart for any Vita purchased.

                  1. Im sure you are. Hey if your such a “smart gamer” then why are you on a nintendo site? Since you obviously dont like them, are you stupid, do you think that the site is called MyPC, MyMicrosoft, or MySony?


      4. OH, boy thats a stupid comment, so that means if i wait long enough i could get a great console with great games for less than a third of its original price ? THATS FOR EVERY CONSOLE

        so that means those 600 dollars the PS3 cost in its first year and 500-400 for a year or two more, wasnt part of the PS3 life ? youre so stupid…

        and truth its that if you waited that long to get your PS3 at 250 than youre not the “hardcore” gamer you think you are, you are just a little kid that they parents tell “no” when you asked for a console

        1. I waited because none of the games interested me at launch. And I still got it in 2008 for that price when MGS4 came out.

          So now your foot is right back into your mouth, you probably don’t even have a job nor a life.

          1. Apparently you dont either since your on a site about a company that you hate. Hey wait i know why your mad at nintendo, must be because they make games for a systems that you have but you cant play their games on them, must make you pretty mad to know you cant play Mario or Metroid, etc.

          2. i study & work, and i do have a life, i have a gf and everything… so you argument its invalid, and i make enough to get a console on launch, i just i dont because most of the time (every console) launch games sucks…

            1. and for the record i do have a 360 and a PS3 and i enjoy them a lot… and i want a WiiU to enjoy it just like i do with the 360 and PS3

    2. On the gods you guys, I was not hoping my silly comment would spark a massive argument ^__^;;;

      For the record, I bought my PS3 at the $300 price, and my Wii at launch. I’m a fan of both Sony and Nintendo, and I believe each have their strengths and weaknesses. So that’s my two cents… >__>

  2. I knew it was something like that. But a multi touch screen wouldn’t be good for what the Wii U want so do anyway. Single touch should work just fine. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. So basically, you don’t use your smartphone or tablet.

      Assuming you have those, but chances are it’s just your nintentoys.

      1. So a “Nintentoy” as you call the GamePad is a toy, yes the explain why you can do almost everything on the controller and that might also mean that those violent video games such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and ZombiU where made for kids aged 5+

        Yes you really do know what your talking about don’t you?

        Troll Harder next time

          1. Indeed if he worships Sony (and/or MS) then why the fuck is he here? Damn I don’t know why people that bash on Nintendo go in Nintendo-related sites/stuff. ._.

        1. Multiplatform port and a Zombie game (with a cool concept) but shit graphics suddenly means it’s for adults? The Wii U is still a fisher price looking toy and core gamers don’t give a flying fuck about it.

            1. And neither of them are forced onto the user or necessary for the console. Your logic is fucking retarded and full of AIDS.

              But hey, I guess they need something to use for their piece of shit 360 with a Nintendo logo on it and no games.

          1. Seriously. Stop being a major dick. Just stop already. None of your comments are constructive for ANY purpose!!

      2. This is a controller, not a god damn tablet. I don’t need multi-touch for core games. If I wanted a tablet, I would’ve brought one.

        1. But the console has no core games, just a bunch of ports and more of the same shit casual games from the Wii.

          core games are found on real consoles, and this isn’t a real console. it’s a total joke of a next gen device.

          1. I worked at a video game store 2years and constantly check up on video game news also own all current gen portables,current gen consoles gaming pc built myself that’s more powerfull than any current gen console and any future console and new iPad. So basically every gaming platform possible and I can tell u know I play my Microsoft and Sony products less than all the others and u my friend are a idiot troll somewhere else and get ur broke but a better job so u can have more gaming experiences than with one company or even system. Oh and I know allot of hardcore gamers that r very interested in wiiu. And they r rite u don’t need multitouch for gaming even most iOS games don’t use multitouch for other than the onscreen controls. Oh so dude go back under ur sad beaten down bridge u troll.

      3. You do realise that both the playstation and the Xbox are toys as well?

        Also why are you here if you clearly don’t like Nintendo and is a stupid Sony/Xbox fan boy who doesn’t listen to reasoning.

        Either grow up and stop insulting people with your arrogant behaviour or leave and go join a Sony/Xbox website.

        Or were you kick out from those place as well?

            1. Really, my toy has ESPN integration, Netflix, Hulu, Music Unlimited, Nike+, Smartglass, PC functionality and connectivity to Windows, smartphones and tablets? My toy runs Halo 4, Gears of War, Metal Gear Rising, Forza Horizon and a slew of other HardCore games?


  3. Well to be honest, with the wide arrange of buttons on the Wii U you wouldn’t even need multi-touch on the touch screen plus it means using the screen would become a lot more easier to handle.

  4. Games are better with a stylus that has extreme accuracy. Multi touch would not support as accurate of a stylus.

    1. yeah but this is the wii u, not the DS. games with multi touch functionality are significantly better than those without. also the wii u controller has a large screen that should be handles with fingers

      1. Multi touch is ideal for tablets and smartphones, deices with no bottons and controls like the GamePad. Get over it. Get over it please.

  5. Have any of you tried true multi-touch, and if it is not on an Apple product it does not count? I say that because, true multitouch uses a variety of intricate gestures that are more complex than just simply flinging an item across the screen. Seriously? I use it all the time on my mac and other touch based devices. But for gaming it is unnecessary. Gaming should be accessible to all people, not just those with enough hand-eye coordination to perform the multi-touch gestures. Also, for serious gaming, do you want something that sensitive to arbitrary to perform your actions both in and out of the games or would you prefer a more traditional control scheme with buttons, control pads and control sticks to finely control your actions?

    Multi-touch is a great technology, but it is not as exacting as hard controls, and this is one of the reasons I do not see tablets as true gaming devices.



  7. Who needs multitouch?

    Mention ONE GAME, just one, who uses multitouch in a proper, dignified, and relevant to gameplay experience, other than zooming in/out the screen.

    1. Escape Plan uses TWO multitouch surfaces and it is very important in some levels to touch 5 points of the screen AT THE SAME TIME, with LBP Vita we will also see a lot of good stuff, Resistance Burning Skyes uses 2 (auger shield), Touch my katamari, Rayman Origins(to explode 2 enemies), Dynasty Warriors Next, in a free game (Frobisher Says you use at the same time front and rear touch) and an AR free game.

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