Platinum Games Teasing ‘A Little Something Extra’ After Wonderful 101 Direct

the wonderful 101

Revered development studio Platinum Games has said on their official blog that they are planning to tease something a little extra after today’s Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct. The announcement will come shortly after the Nintendo Direct presentation has finished. The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct airs at 7:00 AM Pacific in Northern America, 4:00 PM CEST in Europe (3PM BST) on August 9th and 12:00 AM AEDT in Australia on August 10th.


    1. I would actually like this more than a Bayonetta 1 port, or Bayonetta in smash bros, or a Wonderful 101 demo, or pretty much anything else really.

      The only thing I might want more than a new Madworld, would be a new Viewtiful Joe on Wii U.

        1. Because Nintendo is like the only one funding them? Money will make any developer love the system.

    1. Neogaf is anticipating this news with wound lol. What would happen if it was announced that vanquish 2 would be WiiU exclusive?

      1. We are already at war…

        We have to acquire every available weaponry at all costs!

        1. I just remembered we already won the war, this is but a battle. Our ancient enemies the SEGANs are our warrior brethren now. Sony is a bitter relative, while Microsoft and xbox line are an enemy that always attacks itself lol. Every bumbling e3 they have ever had. Releasing an inferior machine to Sony at the exact same time lol.

        2. The 3DS has won it for us even without Sony or Microsoft realizing it. Did you see the 5th monster hunter 4 trailer? Wonder eyes Rathian :).

    1. Then announce Vanquish 1 and Bayonetta 1 For e-shop. I would personally go to MiiVerse and advertise those games for nintendo.

  1. If Sakurai added Wonder Red or Bayonetta (the new look) in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, imagine the excitement in the air for all Smash fanatics. It may not happen and I’m still keeping my expectations on the down low.

    1. trust me, you don’t want them here now. If you seen miiverse in the smash section, all stupid. Then there is the fact of morons on ridley. “Ridley can fight, he was on the melee trailer, they can shrink him, blah blah blah”! Idiots, all of them! They don’t take it into account that ridley was in brawl and was big and the fact that the devs don’t want to shrink him because it wouldn’t make sence for a dragon with no magical properties.

      Oh, sorry…its just that you got a spark of the insane, dumb, people on Smash bros. I wouldn’t mind seeing beyonetta though or Krystal…

      1. Smash brothers “fans” are most of the time non Nintendo fans that gives these blatant suggestions…

        I want to see Black Shadow and Sylux…

        1. oh yeah, wanna know what was dumber? I had an idiot argue me down on how game character’s are anime characters and it didn’t make no sence on why Sakurai said “no anime characters for smash” as well as “no fighting characters for smash”. Me and 3 others told him that there is a big difference in between anime characters and game characters, both use the same thing but one is tv and the other is not. He brough pit…PIT up and called him an anime character because of the mini shorts of kid icras. Then he had the nerve to say my argument was invalid because of that statement. I don’t know who was dumber…the idiots on the smash miiverse, ridleytards, or this fool. his miiverse mii name is blue.

          1. yeah what do they not understand that only VIDEOGAME characters go in FROM nintendo games!!!!! ones that FIT not huge fucking monsters like ridley!!!!! also ive seen that you said you never want to plat MM, why??

            1. well…there is a song that we all know well. If I hear it good but painful memories come to me. There is a cause for this. The song of healing was posted as a memorial song when my uncle passed away…it’s in one of my youtube videos. It’s painful enough to admit but…I miss my uncle, he was my father’s closest friend and my uncle promised my father before he died that he would take care of me when I was little…so he was like a father to me. This is the video I made as a memorial to him.

                1. well, when its hard to forget when you post it as a family member’s death. To me, that’s his gravestone. As I said before, “only if a remake comes is when I’ll touch majora’s mask”. Maybe it would be easier to understand if you did the same to the person you care the most…in this case, the song of healing. *tear falls from my eye* Rest inpeace…uncle.

  2. Since I’m unfamiliar with Platinum Games, I have no clue. But I’ll go with some others here and say, Bayonetta 1.

    1. I’m so proud of you for saying it out loud, and not being scared of what people might think of you.

  3. Given that it’s taking place AFTER the Wonderful 101 direct makes me think it’s unlikely to be Wonderful 101 related. Otherwise they’d just announce it during the direct surely.

    But, the fact that it’s happening after the direct also implies it’s still something to do with Nintendo. But I can’t see us getting any meaningful new information on Bayonetta 2. The best we might get is a new trailer. I don’t think we’ll get a release date yet. I also think a port of the original Bayonetta is unlikely.

    Possibly, a Platinum character in Smash Bros.

    Only 2 hours until the direct!

  4. Wonder red for smash bros, but i doubt It but I will try and have hope. unless its a Metal Gear Rising and Bayonetta HD 2 disc in 1 set for the WiiU…

    1. Just imagine they announced that Wonderful 101 was going to be released on PS4 and XB1

          1. It’s a joke. I already know Platinum can’t put TW101 on other consoles (same with Bayonetta 2).

  5. Wasn’t planning of watching but now I need to. Wonderful 101 characters as a assist trophy in smash I called it!

            1. 1 million over like 4 years isn’t good.

              I’m not even being a sheep, i bought the original Bayo on my PS3 (along the kinda lame framerate issues), but Platinum’s games never sell that well. MGR was probably the only genuinely successful game they released.

              1. yeah well to me for that kind of game seems kind of successful for that kind of sales, a lot of games would be lucky to sell anything after the first year.

                  1. they said it themselves that it was sorta successful retard, why do you think it got such a big fan following now!!!!! yeah the sals bitch.

                1. The development cost and the amount sold determine whether or not it was successful. But doesn’t change the fact their games dont sell well.

  6. Guys if there making a vanquished 2 after this, Holy shit will our mind be blown. It would be sick if it had s co-op and multiplayer mode. With good marketing it could become our go to shooter/action game

    1. Bro, i fucking LOVE Vanquish. But i duno if multiplayer would work with the whole ARS suit slo-mo.

  7. Platinum, take all my money, you glorious bastards.

    I hope it’s something new, like a sequel to Vanquish.

  8. metal gear rising would be nice or some game coming to the vacuum cleaner. we dont even get killer is dead by grasshopper which is like no more heroes 3. nothing.

      1. sadly that stupid water cooler is getting more games than the vacuum cleaner. why its even selling good too, its a spy box why would anybody want to have that in there house!!!!!!

        1. Their minds are so corrupted that they are beyond redemption…

          Hopefully both our Empire and the Sonyans can attract most gamers out there to real gaming and not surveillance boxes…

          1. also they destroyed the gamecube from being possibly the best nintendo console out there. all those rareware games hhuuuuhhhh fucktards!!!!!!!

              1. that was nintendos fault, it was supposed to be an n64 game called dinosaur planet and i think of it didnt turn into starfox the game would have been great. sometimes nintendo needs to stay away from things.

                1. Well I love Starfox Adventures anyway but I’m sure I would the original idea aswell…

                  But what if Rare did Dinosaur Planet and then just like Perfect Dark, Banjo it would have been desecrated just like them by the Microsoft Realm…

                  1. nintendo wont ever be the same without rare, their franchises were golden just like nintendos, the only ones that ever felt magic to me and were cool. all exclusive to nintendo too. seriously even sega hasnt created so many awesome characters and franchises like them. well microshit you fucking succeeded in destroy a huge part of nintendo. that had to be a part of there shitty plan.

        2. Selling good in preorders yes. After release all those numbskulls that rushed shall realize the sheer power and technical marvels that are the PS4 and WiiU. The PS4 and xboxdone are two girls that showed up at two parties twice wearing the same dresses. First time the better girl the PS3 was overlooked for the xbox360 glittering makeup. Second time around they both show up again and the better one with the great qualities, can dance and is not a snob ( PS4 ) is being appreciated for her true self and is getting the attention. The real owner of the the formal party and house ( WiiU ) gets to own the show once every realizes she has always been beautifully gorgeous :). Give us Bayonetta 1, Vanquish and STARFOX platinum in the making and all shall shut up.

          1. nintendo needs platinum, thats where starfox wii u comes from and once something is first party to nintendo, nintendo fans it seems like then buy into there stuff more.


    2. It’s actually not like No More Heroes 3 at all. It’s more like Killer 7 if anything.
      NMH is totally different.

      1. yeah but it reminds me of it, grasshopper games are awesome. so it sucks that it isnt coming to wii u, like i could get it for ps3 but the controller sucks……… my xbox is gone too.

        1. How does the controller “suck”?
          It’s a controller. It does it’s job. The L/R2 triggers are stupid and the analogs are a little inaccurate but that’s it.
          Better than the 360 with it’s terrible dpad, bumpers and analogs that ruin quick, squeaky triggers, and sticky face buttons. The only way it’s “better” is it’s most ergonomic and the “shell” is most sturdy where the Dualshock feels flimsy.

          1. well to be fair the ps4 controller fixes everything about what i dislike about the ps3. like its sad but that classic controller pro for wii feels more comfortable to hold, less cramped everything, but the ps3 has way more quality than that thing, it just never was my controller since ps2.

            1. Yeah but aside for the ergonomics of the classic pro for the Wii, everything else on it aside from the dpad is awful….

              1. yeah it is pretty cheap, it is a really good rpg controller though and thats it. cant imagine playing xenoblade or the last story without that thing!!!!! stupid wii mote.

    3. But a sequel to MGR would make my year. Long as Sam and Bladewolf are both playable (Sam isn’t dead, he didn’t exploded or get cut into chunks, he’ll walk it off)

        1. I’ve seen enough anime to know he’s alive. He’ll come back with some OTT jacket and exo-suit that shows off his giant scar down his chest.

          1. Now that you say anime PTG tends to always go the anime route of this so maybe he might be back…

            1. MGR was basically an anime. Which is why i loved it.
              I suspect the Sam and Bladewolf DLC wasn’t just “here’s something”, it’s a plan for something bigger. They probably released those to test the waters to see if Sam and Baldewolf both feel different enough to Raiden but still enjoyable, which they were.

      1. If its MGR dont u think its konami right to announce the game. And i think PG needs permision to use MG name.

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