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The recent Nintendo Direct confirmed that  Atlus’ title Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan would have a European release of  August 30th, but today, we’ve got news on the other Etrian Odyssey title, The Millenium Girl which will be releasing on October 1st in North America.

Just revealed earlier today was the limited edition, “first-run” version of Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, pictured above. The set will officially be titled “Etrian Untold, Unseen, Unheard”. The set will include a bonus CD soundtrack and a bonus art book featuring characters, comics, and more. It’s not known just how many will be available, but if you’re interested in receiving this bonus content, apparently all you need to do is get the game early! Does anyone plan on reserving or getting this game early?


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      1. Yeah I love Atlus to death! Persona 3&4 are my favourite RPG’s of all time and I love other Atlus games like Code of Princess, Dragon’s Crown, Run Saber, e.t.c. However I really can’t get into the Etrian Oddysey at all. I hated them from the beginning and still hate the games now.

  1. Im not gonna boter with this game. I like Jrpgs but im too tired of this anime style in them. Is it really hard to make realistic lookin Jrpgs nowadays. I dont usually complain about art styles because WW is one of my favorite games but this anime style in Jrpgs is generic as hell. Not everyone likes anime/manga stuff. No offence.

        1. Well… excuse my colleague’s terrible example, but writing off all western RPGs is stupid when there’s many great ones, like, err… help me out here, guys. I got nothing.

          1. The Witcher Series, Dragon Age Series, Kingdom of Amalur, whether you like it or not The Elder Scrolls series was amazing. And that is just some. There are many talented developers out there. And there are many talented western developers too.

            1. Don’t forget Borderlands! Sure, it’s a FPS but also an RPG, so it’s basically an RPGFPS/FPSRPG

      1. Western junk? So are you saying that Retro studios makes junk games because they are western? Fuck you! Retro Studios is the best dev out there, just because i dont like anime style doesnt make western devs bad. And yes i like Jrpgs im excited about X. I just dont like that stupid anime style when characters have small body and big head sorry if it hurts you.

          1. My wife Sully goes, “Get your ass back to bed!” and then all the sudden my children came from the future the next day. And… she goes “Where the hell the day goes?”

            That is my Fire Emblem experience.

        1. Retro Studios doesn’t make RPG’s. Also small body and big head? Show me an anime-style JRPG that has characters like that because I’ve honestly never seen something like that unless your referring to “Chibi”.

          1. I didnt say that Retro makes rpgs i simply stated that they are best dev out there after he called western developed games junk.

  2. You know what… maybe I will. I’m a sucker for bonus content, plus I haven’t played a really good RPG in awhile. I’m not a fan of anime-styled games (or anything, really), but I’m looking to expand my 3DS library. I don’t think I’m going to let an art style stop me from getting a good game.

    1. Personally the art style of this game is quite stunning. Anime or not you have to agree it is beautiful. :) 💋

        1. *Feels a little awkwards*…uhhh, no thanks ben. That….just didn’t sound right at all. What I feel wierd about is one thing I’ll never do…or touch in that manner…specially with my little nephew around. *feels even more awkwards* Sorry man, but no.

  3. Pikmin 3 is one hell of a game. It’s hard as hell. Pretty as hell and I left behind 35 pikmin. I just got Captain Charlie and I sure as hell won’t reply the day because that beast he was in caused me to waste a day and lose fruit without restoring. Also I love the new experience with the GamePad!

  4. So far Pikmin 3 is my favorite Wii U game. I really can’t see a young child geing successful playing this.

      1. I can’t figure out if I like Pikmin 2 or 3 better because Pikmin 2 had the underground tunnels. Yet Pikmin 3 has the best surfaces because many things from Pikmin 1 are back. Such as bombs and those sticks to allow Pikmin to climb. This is no rehash like COD, Halo, GTA or even Mario games. When getting grapes or building a bridge, I sort of wish they stop returning back to the location where they collected those pieces it’s stressful enough as it is.

    1. Dang! Since you say have craving for those then I have craving for candies! Hopefully a nice friendly stranger will offer me candy from his van anytime soon.

  5. I had no interest in this game. But after seeing this limited edition, my inner nerd wants me to get it.

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