Wii U Vs PC Multiplayer Featured On Nnooo’s Cubemen 2


Joystiq is reporting that the Wii U eShop game, Cubemen 2, will feature online multiplayer as a few eShop games have already. What makes this particular game unique is that it will be the first game to allow Wii U owners to also play against people playing on PC, Mac, and Linux as well. This is an interesting breakthrough, especially for Nintendo, who is notorious for lacking online support a lot of the time. The game has no price yet on the Wii U’s eShop, but on Steam it’s already available for $7.99.

This isn’t the first game to feature cross-platform play as Monster Hunter 3 allowed for 3DS and Wii U owners to battle it out. But it is the first to allow for multiplayer gaming against non-Nintendo systems. Could this be the start of a new trend this generation? Would you like to see more eShop games with this feature? Or better yet, full games with cross-platform multiplayer? Sound off in the comments!


  1. I remember console fags bitching in Shadowrun when going up against PC users. Good times even if the game was ass.

  2. Uhh hello! this look really cool and now mother cud play on wii u wile i play on pc and wii both be happy and smiling and laghing together because i love her. :)

          1. Uhh hello! i love my nintendo news! every1 on here is like familie to mii. even tho wii fite sum times and have disagreements wii stil love each other so much and were their to give each other a lending hand because wii love one another and every one hear is like my best frend, brother, sister, and uncle. <3 :)

    1. I have the first one and it is a good but hard tower defense (more like the original flash ones, not like Orcs Must Die) game. If you like that type of

    1. Microsoft is the only one who has a problem allowing it beyond Final Fantasy XI and one other game, I think.

      This is why we see cross-platform functionality between PC and PlayStation, mainly. Good to see that Nintendo platforms are getting in on it too.

      I doubt we’ll see a day when Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will allow cross-play between the three of them though. At least, not any time soon.

      1. As far as I know, it has to do with some type of fee to get a service on Xbox Live (the same reason why you need and Xbox Live Gold account to use stuff like Netflix and Facebook).

        I believe that is why PS3 players got a Steam code for Portal 2 when they bought that version, but not Xbox users.

        1. It’s not so much the fees (which are also a factor) but the fact that Microsoft likes to have a closed network, strictly controlled or lorded over by them.

          Third party games with cross-play, or MMO’s can’t really have all that going on to be efficient, so Microsoft doesn’t like to work with them. It’s why we see more MMO’s, games with cross-play, and free to play games going to other platforms.

          1. Yes microsoft has a closed network with live but its weird for a company that has an OS widely used by computer company to have such a network. Seems like something apple would have.

      2. Sorry I meant whenever Simply G is playing the game then I can play with him regardless which console he is playing on since I love him, I mean like a friend you know. (Whew, that was a close one.)

        1. Problem is they had to pay to get the game to cross platform play on the Xbox 360 while on Wii U and PS4 its free.

  3. Neat,Ive never heard of this feature.If an indi company can do this why not big publishers?

    1. Valve was gonna do it with counter strike go but microsoft refused if i could recall. So then it dropped the cross play with xbox/ps3/pc.

  4. OK! Now bring Pso2 to WiiU using this feature, if they do that i throw my Vita into trash can.

      1. I do, it’s great.

        English release is in the making now too I believe. This is why I love Sony, none of this crappy region locking :D

        1. I dont have it im waiting english release, i dont understand japanese other than subarashi chin chin mono and btw sony sucks almost like microshit, the only reason why i bought vita was english release of pso2. I wanna throw my vita to trash can.

          1. Oh, you’re a nintendork too. That’s no good. Well I hope Wii U never see’s PSO2 then :D

  5. So both the PS4 (the most awesome and Powerful gaming console) and the Wii U ( the most epic and innovative console) can do Cross-Platform Play yet the Xbox One can’t?… Microsoft is the next Sega ;)

    1. PS4 players vs WiiU or co-op play in monster hunter 5, now that would be epic. Leave the Betamax, VCR cable box out of this. They xboxone owners will have to pay again just to multi-console game with us lol.

      1. everyone says the wii u is dead and nintendo is dead but really, microdick is doomed. they are already in a pit

    2. Is there actually any cross-platform game coming to PS4 neither? If you have to pay for online gaming it’s propably more closed than it was on PS3.

      I’m very happy about cross-platform between Wii U and PC for this game because then there can actually be players online.

      1. Why does the Dragon’s Crown cannot do this from the technical standpoint? Is the protocol different from the PS Vita version and the PS3 version?

    1. The problem is Microsoft has some type of fee to allow their service on their console, (think about why you need a Gold account to use Facebook or Netflix with your Xbox)

    1. Well I say it is genius for gamers but from the business point, probably not. Think about it. Everyone will be buying games for console with free online than the online that required a fee.

      1. That doesnt make any sense though. Whats stopping them from buying a console with free online right now? Because the games dont have cross play? They’ll just have their own matchmaking pool, is all.

  6. Oh yeah i’ve had this idea and talked about it for years with friends. Never thought it would happen.

  7. Yes, I think it would be an excellent idea if all game’s multi-player servers could be connected together. It would certainly make for some amusing situations; Nintendo fans vs Playstation vs Xbox vs PC….. charge! :D

  8. First off somebody please ban bensanders! Second this is great news and will hopefully open the doors for some more interesting ways to play in the future.

      1. When you say he has “Nerv” are you referring to N.E.R.V. Head quarters where they keep Adam and are using Evangelions to initiate the Third Impact?!

          1. This is a reference to an anime that have reference to the bible. The anime is called Neon Genesis Evangelion and the name is basically sum up the the bible references. It is a sci-fic anime show. I don’t want to spoil what it is about.

  9. It’s calling all major developers bluff who consistently disappoint where their minimalist or non-existent support for the Wii U.

  10. As long as am playing with the Sonyans, PC orcs, Linux hipsters and Mac Druids it’s all good. Xbots are 12 or grown and sheeples.

  11. This is awesome. Some big publisher like Activision should do this. Call of Duty’s multiplayer would be a fricking battle for SUPREMECY OF THE CONSOLES!!!! Wii U will win. but Microsoft don’t want so….. SONY VS NINTENDO AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    1. I think they’ve tried this before with Xbox & PC, but I think the Xbox community complained when they got there asses kicked. Quite sad really.

      1. Obviously, no way the Xbots who are a Subspecies of the PC “Master Race” can even imagine to beat them on their battlefield…





  13. This is BIG news. Almost revolutionary. Wii U x PC cross play! It could potentially serve as a new model for cross-platform gaming…

    1. It’s been done before on PS3 and was already announced for PS4 …. Oh wait, going to say Sony copied Nintendo now?

  14. I’d like for this to be a continuing trend for the future. Think about it, it’d be pretty interesting if they did COD Ghosts like that

    1. Except PC side gets filled with cheaters in no time.
      Even though I enjoy wii mote more, mouse is still too overpowered for fps games.

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