Shovel Knight Will Feature In Two Brothers


Ackk Studios, the development team behind Kickstarter title Two Brothers have announced via Facebook that Shovel Knight will be making an appearance in the game. For those not in the know, Shovel Knight is a side-scrolling platformer similar in style to Mega Man and DuckTales. The main character, also named Shovel Knight, must defeat the Black Knight, the eight members of “The Order of No Quarter,” and The Enchantress, their leader.

“We are proud to announce that when Two Brothers launches in a few weeks.. Roy and Bivare will be getting help from the one and only SHOVEL KNIGHT!!!”

“If you’re not familiar with Shovel Knight head over to Yacht Club Games for some details on their side scrolling masterpiece!”

Thanks,  iceazeama




      1. Not even Shovel Knight looks like Shovelware, really.
        It’s a unique concept. My only concern is the game’s length.
        It’ll be getting my money regardless, though.


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