Smash Bros. Creator Says 3DS Version Will Look Better In Person


The creator of Smash Bros. has recently made the following statement about the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the long-awaited game.

The Wii U version will have more detail and “bigger stages as seen on previous home consoles”- which is to be expected. And regarding the 3DS version, he highlights the fact that the 3DS version, though displayed through screenshots, really has to be played to be appreciated. He points out the fact “that everything on 3DS is designed for that screen, and that’s where they look the best.” He then went on to say “Too bad we can’t show everybody what it looks like on the system.” Well Sakurai, too bad you aren’t familiar with the eShop where developers have allowed demos of their games to be played (and seen in person) for years!

What do you guys think? Should a downloadable demo version of Smash Bros be available so that people can “appreciate” its graphics? Also, what sort of ‘connectivity’ do you expect from the 3DS and Wii U versions as he had previously mentioned? Sound off in the comments!


    1. Which is why we need a video or demo on the eShop! Though I’m very aware of how unlikely that is. Though NOT impossible- even if the game’s still in development.

      1. That’s not unlikely at all. It’s just currently untimely. A video is much more likely than a demo but I don’t see reason why they could put together a 4-character, one stage, demo for people to try themselves.

        1. Everyone would play that for fucking hours and then when the game is released everyone is bored of it

  1. Dude, I feel like you just gave a big slap in the face to Sakurai. But I do agree with your point, a demo should be released on the eShops. I don’t care if we are limited to 5 uses.

        1. You are right, Technically they can’t but they probably wont since things are subject to change.

              1. They can, but there are certain things that won’t allow them to do so. Since you dont get it, example: You CAN slap your parents in the face but You SHOULDN’T. You CAN become the best SSB player in the world but it takes time and practice. Saying you CAN’T do something implicates that there is no possible way that you can do it. There is a difference between CAN’T and SHOULD’NT.

                So back to the topic: They CAN release a demo but they SHOULDN’T as they are under NDA or contents in the game are subject to change.

                  1. technically they can. 4 characters to choose from (Mario, Link,Pikachu,kirby) or characters who are finished being developed for as far as moves and stuff. one stage. 5 uses and 3 minutes per match. that could be worked from what we have seen of the trailer and the stages that have been shown that should not be a problem for the demo. but probably wont happen til further release lik most demo’s

  2. we’re not going to get a demo of SSB3DS until there’s more information on the game besides “woah!! characters! stages!”.

    and plus, the game comes out next year. why expect a demo now?

    1. THANK YOU! To say Sakurai isn’t aware of the eShop demos because he hasn’t released a demo a year early was kinda’ harsh of MNN in my opinion.

      1. Some demos come out 6 months before a game. Or more like a Beta. The Halo Reach beta for example. Screw a demo. Let us download a public beta even if we only got 4-5 characters to use lol.

        1. Basicly the best idea. This way pro players can get into the game, maybe find some glitches and help balance the game.

  3. Couldn’t agree with them more!! It would be nice if they posted the E3 videos on the eshop like they did a year ago. Heck even a gameplay video would be nice but I guess we’ll see some of those closer to release date

    1. I couldn’t agree even more. I wish they released gameplay (MK8 and SSB4) videos trimonthly just to ease the wait. It hurts when you are excited but the game is 6 months away.

  4. Unless there are some truly amazing features on the 3DS version i’ll be sticking with the Wii U. They’ll both have the same roster anyway so I won’t really be missing out on anything.

    1. You will be missing fighting in the gamestop line when you are going to pic metroid for wiiu.

        1. I mean by the time smash comes out and a few months have pass nintendo will anouce metroid for wiiu the wen it realeses I will get my 3ds wait in line to pick it up and have a few fights while I wait. Something the wiiu can’t.

  5. Either Sakurai is seriously out of the loop or he is playing coy and hinting at something. I mean even a downloadable trailer would be appreciated. In fact he has to be playing coy because his own game, Kid Icarus: Uprising, had a downloadable trailer.

        1. I think you are both right. I believe there was one that came out the E3 before it came out and one that came out after the game was released.

  6. Ok, what was that about eShop demos being bad? What about the Project X Zone demo? The Rhythm thief demo? The theatrythm demo? The RhythmKnight demo? The Monster Hunter 3 demo? Enough examples I think

  7. I like this new writer. he says how it is :)

    i think they should at least have a video available on eshop already! why not?

    1. Because the game is far from a complete stage, anything we see or play could be extremely off from how it is in gameplay, and plain doesn’t make sense to release it from such an early stage. As this has been very much pointed out repeatedly.

  8. Alexander, don’t be a dick. This game isn’t coming out for 2 years, so there is no way we will see a demo for a long time.

    1. Unlikely? Very much so. Impossible? Absolutely not. If the games already far along in development enough, they could at least put together a nice 3D trailer or small demo to whet our appetites. Even if you can only play as Mario and Luigi.

  9. “Well Sakurai, too bad you aren’t familiar with the eShop where developers have allowed demos of their games to be played (and seen in person) for years!”

    maybe he was referring to the fact that someone without a 3DS cannot see the footage as it was intended to be seen?
    with wii U footage it’s easy.. my screen outputs it the exact same way a wii U would on a TV set

  10. I honestly don’t like this writer. He’s nowhere near as good as Sickr and alba. The title of the article is lazy, and so is the actual Content.

  11. Here is the thing, while there is the eShop to show stuff about the game, it is not as seamless to do with screenshots as it is for videos and demos (At this moment in time).

    If at any point in time they end up adding Miiverse to the 3DS, they could show the screenshots over there for them to be apreciated as needed.

  12. I don’t think it was a serious insult. Just a playful, play on words type of insult that made me chuckle. But I agree, they should definitely release a demo when they feel fit! It’s tough to say whether the WiiU or 3DS will surpass in sales considering there are a lot more 3DS owners than WiiU but I feel like the WiiU version is more anticipated naturally. A demo would certainly help boost the sales when the time is right.

  13. well if sakurai wants to prove he’s not a complete retard, then he should embrace the modern factors in gaming.

    Demos (Not just for 3DS, Wii U too)
    DLC (Expand the game you know people will be playing many years from now)
    Weatlh of Online features (No Lag, multiple modes, fair)

    1. well my look on DLC is that :/
      if ur gonna put stuff in the game then put it in before release.
      Besides DLC is just used for extra cash for companies like EA, Capcom and etc. Thats why its got a bad wrap.
      Smash doesnt need DLC, a good online yea… But not DLC. Thats not a modern faction of gaming

  14. this writer ohh kknnoowwwww!!!!! why you not ride nintendo. praise them like your own child or possibly a cat that doesnt love me.

    how about shut up bitch, this writer rights a semi joke and you take it as an insult…… also nintendo doesnt care about you find a real thing that gives a crap about you to be loyal to or in your case worship.

  15. This writer is an idiot. Creating a demo that ISN’T buggy (one that WOULDN’T potentially brick the system) would take extra time away from Smash Bros. development. That’s why Nintendo doesn’t allow the E3 demos to be played on people’s systems.

    Spouting out bullshit like this… you have no right to an opinion with such ignorance.

    1. You should see the rest of their articles. I enjoy reading what’s posted by Alba and Silvershadowfly, and to a lesser extent Sickr, but I just hate everything Alexanderquin has posted so far.

    2. All I heard was “since you don’t ride Nintendo, you’re not allowed to an opinion!”

      Sakurai has Namco working with him. They sure as hell would be able to release a demo. They’re just lazy and Sakurai is just a whinger. Sore wrist? Boohoo take some fucking medical leave, I’ve gone to work with a broken neck before and I don’t bitch.

      1. Sore wrist?? Dude you must be drowning in a pool of ignorance. The pain he has is not as simple as a sore wrist. He has RSI which you just don’t cure that with a visit to the hospital. Let me save you by posting this:

        The fact that you went to work with a neck injury doesnt make you a hero. Thousands of people do it. Mr.Sakurai has to work with a trackball which can slow down the development process instead of using a mouse.

        This is why I don’t like people who just worry about getting the game and not worrying about him. He wishes he had sore wrist. And for once in your life, dont be selfish.

        1. Don’t be selfish? If he’s in so much pain, take fucking medical leave and not whinge! THERE ARE THOUSANDS WORSE OFF than him. He can easily just get someone to do the work for him while he overlooks it. If he chooses to go on, he has no right to whinge. I don’t want to sound like a hero, I just do heavy lifting for my job and with a neck injury that isn’t so easy … but I couldn’t take medical leave because I couldn’t afford too.

          “This is why I don’t like people who just worry about getting the game and not worrying about him. He wishes he had sore wrist. And for once in your life, dont be selfish.”

          It’s funny you say that. Do you care about the farmers suffering to bring you food and the workers bringing you the bare necessities of life? Nah, they’re not making games … you probably don’t care.

          1. “take fucking medical leave”
            >assuming he has the time and privilege to do so

            also, re your final paragraph, as inauspicious that aspect of that field of work is, you’re straying way from the topic at hand ??

  16. A demo is a smart idea to show these skeptical people the port’s potential. But only when the time is right. I’m gonna buy it regardless because..hello? Its Super Smash Bros. Has never failed me before.

  17. I dont think Smash demo from this far away from its release would make any sense. Maybe few weeks before day1 but not almost year before lol.

  18. We might see a demo later but anytime soon, they have do more with the game, mario and luigi got a demo just today after all and the wonderful 101 got a demo on friday

  19. “He then went on to say “Too bad we can’t show everybody what it looks like on the system.” Well Sakurai, too bad you aren’t familiar with the eShop where developers have allowed demos of their games to be played (and seen in person) for years!”


  20. Nintendo surprised me with a 101 demo and mario and luigi. Thats what they need to do. I was so tired of all there demos being in stores only. I hope we get more

    1. Well, them demos are parts of the full game; not beta stuff. And they’re both games which people aren’t too sure on. It’s fully worth having them demos.

  21. I like this writer. He doesn’t ride Nintendo like so many fanbots do. Keep up the good work Alexander! You’re spot on!

  22. The reason they don’ have a demo on the eShop is because it’s still under heavy active development and isn’t due for release until next year. Quit stirring shit.

  23. he’s trying to get motherfuckers to get both games. not happening bruh. only getting the wiiu version.

      1. If money isnt tight I just might get my nephews all a 3DS XL and a Smash Bros. 3DS And game all night. Or a wii u version would just fine.

  24. I don’t think a demo is out of the question I mean he played a wiiu demo at E3 and he played the 3ds version at the delveloper direct he could just put up a demo for 5 turns and then ur done for now I mean people would be happy even if u could only play as Mario and bowser it’s still something small but gives us something to look forward to :) come on let’s get a 5 turn smash bros demo then release a bigger one in 2014 b4 the game comes out :)

  25. It’s still looks pretty bad on 3DS. If only they screen resolution was just a bit higher…

  26. Is the author of this post a fool? Post a demo? The game is neck-deep in dev, and you want them to what? Take valuable time away from developing the game to post a demo?? Do you realize that putting out a demo is no trivial task, and this early in dev would be sheer stupidity? No? Well now you do.

  27. I think Smash Bros. isn’t worth having a demo for. Even though the series is great, I don’t see a demo for it anytime soon. If there is in the future, cool. Good for you guys.

  28. Most 3DS screenshots look terrible but when seeing them on an actual 3DS or 3DS XL, they look great. So yeah, I’m positive Smash will look amazing. Still, a demo would be nice to have. For the first time, a Smash Bros. demo. That would rock.

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  30. With a game as highly anticipated as smash bros, why would Namco and Sakuri put the work into a demo? We’re all gonna buy it anyway… That is just extra work that would keep them from finishing development on schedule, and it is doubtful it would help push ppl off the fence, since its the gamers who dont yet own nintendo consoles that they are trying to convice. Unless you think ppl would go buy a 3ds just for the demo, I doubt it would be effective in anyway, other than giving us a little fan appreciation. A demo is not gonna happen. No amount of kicking and screaming will change that. We will just have to wait and pay 40 bucks like everyone else.

  31. As far as interconnectivity, it was announced last week (off the record) by an employee of nintendo of europe that smash bros for wii u would harness nfc tecnology, which means somehow, someway you will be able to use figurines. During the smash bros direct Sakuri mentioned and showed off various character customizations, like alternate move sets… my guess is that when the 3ds version comes out, and we start customizing our characters, we are going to want to retain the experience and feel of that individualized character we made, and carry it over somehow into the wii u version as it becomes available. That is where the nfc figurines will come into play. They will act as wireless memory cards, transfering your unique attributes from the 3ds characters youve made to the wii u version. Satisfied?

  32. Thats why the 3ds nfc scanner will come out this winter. It will correlate with the release of smash wii u.

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