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When Will The Wii U Strike Back?

After seeing the poor sales of the 3DS, then seeing it rise to become one of Nintendo’s best-selling handhelds, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s President, said that the company learned a lot from its launch. Regarding the upcoming Wii U, Iwata stated that Nintendo
“won’t make the same mistake that [they] did with the 3DS, which was considered a relatively high [price] by consumers.” Unfortunately though, the reality is that they’ve gotten themselves into an all-too similar situation. The Wii U’s sales are abysmal, even being outsold by its predecessor. The price point is high considering that the PS4 (a system significantly more powerful) will be a mere $100 more at launch. But what’s most important is that the Wii U is lacking something. It’s obvious to consumers as well, given the poor sales:

Where are the games?

Right now, we’ve got a few fun games, a couple “must-haves” with Pikmin 3 having just launched, but that isn’t nearly enough. The Wii U is in a dangerous place with its price point. When coupled with the lack of games, this is what happens: Awful sales. Consumers aren’t interested in buying one, obviously, and it’s because of the things listed above. And not to mention, the confusing name: Wii U. Too many consumers just aren’t aware of exactly what the Wii U is and the fact that it’s available. But, we already know these things- they’ve been discussed many times by bloggers, and critics, and analysts. The question we’re discussing is this:

What will save the Wii U?

Does Nintendo need a price cut to  remain competitive? If there isn’t one, the PS4 will only be $50 more later this year. Does Nintendo need to advertise to their consumers just what the Wii U is? Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Wii U on a commercial or ad. Most importantly, how will Nintendo survive the onslaught that will be the holidays? Will their first party lineup be enough, or does the suffering Wii U need more?

What do you all think? What will save the Wii U? Does it have the ability to come out on top this holiday season without a price cut? Sound off in the comments!

312 thoughts on “When Will The Wii U Strike Back?”

        1. It doesn’t matter. It’s still the starting price. It’s not fair to compare the highest price Wii U, to the cheapest PS4.

          1. It is and it isn’t. At this moment, there’s only one version of the PS4 although some retailers are putting together different bundles. As for Sony, it’s just the $399 basic.

            But the PS4 has a 500GB internal HDD. The Wii U on the other hand has two models, the cheaper one is 8GB but the one for $350 is 32GB. I assume it is taking the internal storage into consideration why people compare the Deluxe bundle to the PS4.

            When it boils down to it, the two machines feature different specs and functions so there’s no real way to compare their prices fairly. It’s not like the Xbox One and the PS4 which are pretty much the same thing save for a few specs.

            With that said, your average consumer won’t be looking at much more than price this holiday. Which system will they get more bang for their buck? Or which one is cheaper? Which is newer? Which is more popular? These are the determining factors that we really can’t predict the outcome of too much at the moment.

        2. Um, I think it would be more intelligent to buy a Basic Bundle. Nintendoland isn’t worth owning (in my opinion, I got a deluxe and ended up selling Nintendoland) and you can easily buy external drives. You can get a 16GB flashdrive for $15 and triple it’s storage space. Especially when you can get a basic for $150 in Canada, it would be foolish to get a deluxe.

            1. Not everyone downloads a ton of games, including me. I only download VC and a rare indie game that will fit nicely on external storage. I.e. I don’t download enough content to warrant spending extra money.

        3. Their whole console is way too poor: with Ps4 you have a HD, you have a blu ray player for 4K tv, you still have dolby digital via optical out and a more powerful console. A lot for approx 50$ difference and a much larger community. Nintendo goes the way of sega: next games for xbox one and ps4 developed by nintendo an no more consoles.

            1. the first is reading the spex of the PS4, alvailable on the internet. The second is just a logical conclusion. Nintendo has let it slip away and there is no way back. This is marketing, not more or less. If you look at the”machinery” Sony and Microsoft can put up against a player only producing consoles, it is a lost battle.

            1. Wrong. That same shitload of people thinking of planning to buy the One was already scared to Pre-order PS4s after the whole DRM mess. Even the Wii U has a better shot for redemption than Xbox One.

              1. Even with the DRM and bad publicity, a lot of people are still pre-ordering the Xbox One. You’d be surprised at how popular the brand is and how strong of a hold it has on people, especially in America (which happens to be the largest gaming market).

                  1. Lets reword that to see how much sense you actually made…

                    “That’s true because I’m going to [that restaurant] soon and will join my brother on select dishes he will eat. I really don’t care much for what food is he’ll eat, I’m just there to eat with my younger brother.”

  1. Well super mario 3d world, mario kart 8, wonderful 101 and windwaker hd should encourage people to buy the wii u

                    1. Well im pretty sure, knowing iceazeama on this site for months, that he isn’t infact ben sanders.

  2. What Nintendo should have done was make the console more powerful and planned earlier on launch titles. I think Nintendo was trusting 3rd Parties to support the console while Nintendo was making it’s own games………Yeah that didn’t work out. I like to blame Rayman Legends for the drought personally.

      1. Exactly. Its never about the specs. They have a clear vendetta against them because of their past business decisions and what they represent such as being a “kiddy company” which isn’t always the case.

        Even if the Wii U has 4GB and slightly more powerful GPU/CPU (which I bet they already do), 3rd party will still likely shaft them and then BS their way around the fact by spitting white lies about Wii U’s true potential.

        They’ve came back for them and they’re giving Nintendo the finger because of their old grudge.

        Well, Nintendo has survived on their own many times before so this is no different..yet.

      1. Wii U probably won’t get support from 3rd Parties later in 8th gen because the PS4 and Xbox One is more powerful.

        1. In this generation we’ve reached a plateau with all three consoles. It isn’t so much hardware as it is software compatibility and politics.

          Later in 8th generation, there is always that possiblility of hardware, however, then it becomes an issue of production cost and time against the capabilities of the hardware. Will developers be able to afford producing games so advanced that the Wii U cannot play it? I doubt it.

          I recall an article regarding Ubisoft requiring upwards of 600 employees to develop just for the PS4. ( The costs alone just to pay those people is huge. In 6+ years I wouldn’t be surprised to see them still porting for Wii U let alone a few of our current large developers either in financial meltdown or bought out by a publisher.

          Now they do state not every game requires an exorbitant amount of employees, however they stated recently that they prefer to play it safe with recurring AAA titles than newer projects. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. Yeah because wii sold shit compared to ps3 and xbox. Developers are bitchin on the wii u because its the third console they have to waste money on. They just dont give a crap about us enymore.

      1. You do realize Wii sold the best last gen, right? Developers’ only reasons for not developing for Wii U now is 1st: sales, 2nd: laziness.

  3. I feel that the Basic Set should be discontinued, and release a white Wii U deluxe set. Also, the Deluxe set should be priced at $300, so that it will be $100 cheaper than the PS4. Many parents will choose a $100 cheaper console that comes with a game and that hopefully, in the future will have at least half the third party support of the PS4/XB1.
    In the game department, I’m happy with the announced upcoming games. I just wish that they were announced before launch, not at E3 2013 ¬¬

    1. I think you described exactly what I think they should do! Great idea. The main problem is that it’s too expensive to be considered the “inexpensive console” It’ll be the “overpriced” console if it keeps it’s price point.

      1. Value is the key word you’re missing out on. If a PS4 would cost $21,000, you’d say that’s too expensive, but if a car were to cost that much, you’d call that affordable. If I car would cost $399.99, you’d call that giving the car away. Why? Because a car holds more value. A 14k gold diamond ring can cost $1000 dollars, but if it cost $299.99, you’d think something would be wrong with it because it’s so cheap. Now, apply this to the Wii U. Dropping the price of the Wii U may not help it, but in fact, damage it in the consumer’s eyes. People will pay any price if they can see the value in it. What Nintendo needs to do is not drop the price, but release more games to add more value to the Wii U.

        1. I never once said it needed a price drop in my article, but I do think that they can simultaneously advertise it as powerful and affordable.

          They need MANY things. Not just a lowering of its price.

          Advertise the goddamn thing for one. Secondly, as you said, get some games made for it- the lack of games as of yet has been absolutely ridiculous. And lastly, a small price cut of $50 makes it $299. That sounds a lot better than $349 to people. I don’t think it needs a price cut because it’s not selling, I think it needs one because the PS4 will be aggressive in their advertising and will likely have a lot of games available (shitty 3rd party games probably, but games no less)

          I don’t think it needs a drastic price cut, but just one that will allow for Nintendo to advertise it. It’ll be the “main attraction” this holiday if they do all these things. Not JUST a price cut, but all of them. A single one will not mean excellent sales.

          And I can totally see your point- of the Wii U being seen as “cheap,” but that’s where advertisements have to step in and fix that problem.

  4. Nintendo has a big advantage this holiday season. They will have more first party exclusives and some games that consumers would be interested in. They need to do a re-launch. I know they have a big trick up their sleeves. My opinion they are removing out the basic model. There will be a black and white 32BG and they will reduce to $299. They will begin the advertisements.

    Remember their is a reason Nintendo like to target kids and parents. Just like the 3DS. They can back in the game!!

    1. Did you see the launch line-up of the PS4 though ? Not trying to be a fangirl or anything, but it’s quite impressive, if you ask me. So I wouldn’t really speak of a -big- advantage for Nintendo.

      1. You mean the same titles that are coming to this Gen consoles? Tue only good game at launch for PS4 is injustice second son.

        1. Just because they launch on other platforms as well, doesn’t mean they’re not good. Besides, there are two great exclusives in the launch line-up, Knack and Killzone. Whereas Knack might not look like a super fantastic title, I’ve heard suprisingly good things about it. And Killzone looks pretty damn neat, in my opinion and I’m sure it’s gonna help the sales a lot. And to come back to the multiplatform games, significantly better graphics are a good reason for many people to prefer one platform over another (not saying that goes for me too).So even in respect of multiplatforms, both the PS4 and XboxOne are in advantage.

          1. That’s Sony’s problem. They release games on all their platforms for it to be shunned away. An example is how the PSVita has a lot of Ps3 games but doesn’t sell because people can already get those games on the Ps3. And the Vita doesn’t have a lot of game selections of its own IMO.

            1. Honestly, the Vita has some pretty great games. That “the Vita lacks games duh” is just an excuse people who don’t even care to look games up use. In fact, I have more Vita games than 3DS games. This is completely a question of taste. Just because you don’t like the types of games a platform offers, doesn’t mean that platform doesn’t have good games.
              But it’s true that Sony tends to release the same game on other platforms of theirs alongside the Vita, especially on the PSP. So many people have a PSP already (in Japan, mostly) so releasing their games on both the PSP and the Vita isn’t really the smartest decision to make if their aiming for high sales for the Vita.

              1. But the problem is that most of those “pretty great games” were already great on another console, so the fact that they were not native to the Vita to begin with negates their value as “pretty great games” on the Vita. I want to say for example that Persona 4 The Golden is a really good game on the Vita…except it was already released on the PS2, meaning its value on the Vita was inherited, not created.

          2. Graphics has never, in the history of video games, sold a video game console… ever. The arcade scene died here in the US. Arcades had better controls and better graphics, but that did not sell them. The Xbox had better graphics than the PS2, yet that did not sell the Xbox. The Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear, Sega Nomad, Neogeo Pocket Color, PSP and now the PS Vita all have better graphics than the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and 3DS. Yet and still, the Nintendo handhelds have won over and over and over. Graphics mean _nothing_ if the games are boring.

      2. Not really Sony lacked heavy hitters. Infamous has always been a good game but a system seller. And all the games they have attract hard core gamers already buying the console. Nintendo has the potential to capture the main stream with a plumber named mario and his crew.

          1. You both mean “wanna-bes” hardcore gamers. Yeah, I wouldn’t call them “hardcore” at all because they can shoot your head off. No, no, the definition of hardcore is greatly misplaced for that category. All because you can shoot and dodge and play another game that resembles the same fucking thing over with a slightly different game play doesn’t make you a hardcore. All true gamers know this, because true gamers ARE hardcore gamers. There is a big difference there. Wanna-bes vs. true gamers, WHO WILL WIN? Duh, true gamers will. Sorry Simply G. I just can’t stand it when “hardcore, talk about how crappy other games are or say some games like nintendo has are kiddy”. UGH, if you can’t really play on multiple systems and have fun doing so, then your not a hardcore gamer at all in my book! If YOU TROLL about how other systems are better and how crappy your is…and I’m looking at blackBond, XOXO, and whoever the fuck says…then your not a hardcore gamer. Simple as that.

            1. There’s a reason I put “hardcore” in quotation marks. And you’re assuming that I was speaking about shooters. Sony probably has the most diverse portfolio of games out of any of the console manufacturers.

              I don’t know why you picked my comment to go off on your rant though. I play on all systems and I play all types of games.

              I wasn’t turning this into any console wars, fanboy wars; I don’t play that petty stuff. I was simply replying to the statement that was made prior, “And all the games [Sony] have attract hard core gamers already buying the console.”

              It’s a fact that Nintendo and Sony both tend to cater to different demographics of gamers. That’s all.


                Then it was a misunderstanding that triggered my rage. I can’t stand it when I hear “hardcore” on one system and people think they are hardcore because of one or two games that just shoot or otherwise kinda different. I drives me nuts! Again, I apologize. It really pisses me off when fanboys/fangirls talk bad about other systems gnd the consider themselves “hardcore” because they never leave the system they are on and only play shooting games to fighting games only. That really illiterates me to no end so I’m sorry that I misunderstood your point. I should have saw your point more clearly my friend, that was very foolish of me and I rushed to conclusions.

    2. I don’t think their advantage will be that big this year, but in 2014 it will be. With the Xbox One and PS4 releasing this year, a lot more people are going to be excited about the new, new tech; not last year’s.

      In 2014 though, the Wii U will have a great library of games, more than the PS4/Xbox One, and will have some heavy hitting titles too; system sellers. Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., etc. Those type of titles will move more systems than any titles coming out for the Wii U this year.

      At the same time, I don’t expect a price cut for the Wii U to happen this year (I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they do), but if it happens next year, that will be perfect for Nintendo. Price cut, large titles, larger library of games… this will give the system a clear advantage in 2014’s holiday season.

    1. I would agree that it will sell a lot through this way. But the problem is that Nintendo is selling the hardware for the loss. I do not know how much they are losing for every Wii U they are making.

      Perhaps Nintendo should have the price drop then sell the softwares for the return. Would they make a profits for Christmas? They will with the 3DS but I do not think they will with the Wii U sales.

      Beside most parents just buy the “cheapest” console on the market for kids even the kids want a Xbox One or PS4 instead. I can see Wii U selling a lot compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

      And I think OUYA might sell well as well. I wish I was kidding for this statement.

      1. No. Parents who purchase video games for their children don’t buy systems and look for games for those systems. It’s the opposite. They look for games and which system those games are for. A parent can find a game called “Mario” and look for the system to play Mario on. If Mario is on a Nintendo console, then the parent will buy a Nintendo system. The _price_ is a small factor to the parent as long as it’s reasonable. Look at mobile gaming on Smart Phones and Tablets. Tablets are hundreds of dollars, and yet people buy them for their children.Look at the iPad. People have been buying the iPad over the cheaper Android variants. Android is starting to win over the tablet market how that it’s increasing in quality, but as you can see, people (parents especially) don’t always look to buy the cheapest product.

    2. I don’t think they should keep relying on the holidays to pull them through. Makes for a lot of waiting for everybody, even for Nintendo.

  5. Guaranteed, the only things that will make this thing sell is Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. 4. Both being released in 2014. And for sure, it won’t be Q1, but rather Q3 or Q4. They’re going to be selling this thing at a loss for a bout another year.

    Either they abandon hardware, or make another one that isn’t what they “think” people want. I mean, I love Nintendo, but I don’t love the Wii U.

    1. “I love Nintendo, but I don’t love the Wii U.”
      The best thing I’ve read on here in a while. Couldn’t agree more.

      1. Trust me, you will learn to love the Wii U, I know they are saying that there won’t be a price drop, but there will. I just don’t believe that. And when all of the games they have scheduled come out, it will be ridiculous. I look back at the Wii as an awesome system, and at first, it was like… Mario Party and Wii Sports…. *yawn*
        You will love it eventually, I pinky promise

        1. Yes, I’m quite sure that the price will be dropped eventually. I’m not really sure if that will convince me to buy the WiiU though. So far, there are only like 2 games I am interested in and that, unfortunately, isn’t enough to make me spend 350€ (that equals ~$465. Yes, Europe is quite expensive, as you can see) on a new system. Additionally, the WiiU itself couldn’t convince me either, for some reason. I have tried it out for a couple of hours and I don’t know, I couldn’t really find a liking for the controller. Yes, I am aware of the fact that there’s the Pro controller as well, but it isn’t compatible with every title, is it.
          So yea, I don’t think I’ll ever be the owner of a WiiU, which is sorta saddening in some respect since that would be the first Nintendo platform I decided to miss out on. But who knows, maybe there will be convincing titles a few years later.

          1. then perhaps stick to 3ds articles as Wii U is lost on you. If you are never going to get it, and therefore have a less informed opinion on it,..stop commenting about it. Save the space on these sites for people who do own, or may own, or are waiting for games to come out on it to own. I mean, really!!

            And if you aren’t convinced to buy a Wii U because you don’t feel Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3d World, Monster Hunter Tri U, LegoCity, all which will have come out within a year give or take a month..then you either are a Sony fanboy troll, or are full of shite about liking Nintendo.

            1. Tell me more about full of shit. (:
              Since I’m in a good mood, I will actually care to write you an answer. Here goes:
              First of all, sorry, but I won’t let someone like you tell me what to do or which articles to read/comment on.
              Then, you’re basically telling me that just because I’m not interested in buying a certain console, it means I’m not allowed to stay all informed about it ? Interesting to see how you handle things. I am a passionate gamer, therefore I will try to stay as up to date as possible about video games, no matter which company name a console has written on it or whether I own it or not. I’m sorry that you restrict yourself on systems you actually own or plan to own only in respect of informing yourself about them, but that is not how I do it. And I don’t know how not planning to buy a certain console means I am less informed about it. Please care to explain because that’s the most incoherent thing I have heard today.
              You also have to learn that different people have different tastes in games. Just because you do like those games doesn’t mean others have to like them as well. Another thing that you need to learn is that criticizing something about Nintendo does NOT automatically make someone a Nintendo hater, a troll or a fanboy of another company. Besides, I am a girl, therefore being a fan/boy/ is out of question for me anyway.
              Oh, and I am definitely not going to let people of the likes of you question my being as a Nintendo fan.
              Maybe you should consider yourself whether it’s right or not to to come to the comments section of articles on blogs if you can’t even cope with simple comments like mine before telling others to leave.

            2. lol i agree i owned the wiiu since nov and i admit there wasnt alot of games but now so many are coming this year. i bought the wiiu because its very creative,fun,the gamepad is the best controller ever and playing the game with no tv is amazing. the wiiu has titles for everybody not just kids.

  6. I don’t really think a price drop is necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt.
    The games are coming we just need to wait a little more. Sadly, but it is what it is.

    And I mean if it does come down to the games then what games are people really looking forward to play on the PS4? I can only name two at most, and one of them is not an exclusive.

    1. Killzone and inFamous is the most what people look forward to for PS4. There will be a lot of PS4 consoles selling well even with the price set high for a couple of months. But just wait until after three or four months later then check the PS4 sales. I can’t see many people will afford those consoles.

    2. For me:

      Killzone Shadow Fall (exclusive – Love the series and other than inFAMOUS, it’s one of the best looking next-gen games so far)
      The Witness (timed exclusive)
      Knack (exclusive – and yes, I am all about having some old-school fun)
      DriveClub (exclusive – Love racing games)
      Basement Crawl (exclusive)
      GALAK-Z (exclusive)
      inFAMOUS Second Son (exclusive)
      Blacklight Retribution (console exclusive for now)
      Dark Sorcerer (exclusive – haven’t seen much but what I know about it is interesting so far)
      Daylight (console exclusive)
      Don’t Starve (console exclusive)
      The Order 1886 (exclusive – From what I know about the game, sounds pretty cool)
      Planetside 2 (console exclusive)
      Primal Carnage Genesis (console exclusive)
      Warframe (console exclusive)
      Assassin’s Creed IV
      MGS V
      Final Fantasy XV
      Kingdom Hearts III

      The list could go on, but I think you get the point. =p

      1. Believe it or not but Warframe is on Steam right now if you want to play it. But other than that, a very good list.

        (I totally forgot about MGS 5 and I have to thank you for this. :D )

        1. Yeah. A few games are already out on PC, that’s why I said “console exclusive” beside those. =p

          And they may even put it on other consoles, but for now, just the PS4.

  7. watch, 8 wonderful games will smash the freeze the wii u has all over the world. winds of success will blow once more!

    (Watch_Dogs, Mario Kart 8, Wonderful 101, Super Smash Bros, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, and Wind Waker HD were used in that pun.)

  8. To be honest, I do not think that the upcoming titles that will be released in the next few months will be enough. What will happen after those few titles are out ? As far as I know, there aren’t really any more titles announced for 2014 after Mario Kart, Super Mario World, X, Windwaker HD and Super Smash Bros. later on. If I’m not mistaken, the release dates of those games (except SSB) are sorta close to each other. So what I believe will happen is that the sales will raise in the launch window of those few games but after that, the WiiU will probably experience another decrease in sales. This is mere speculation though, but this is what I believe will happen because all the first party titles are coming at once. What will they release after those games are out ? Mario Party maybe, but what else ? There aren’t many other Mario series or other franchises they can make use of. And since developing games isn’t a matter of a few months only, I believe that 2014 isn’t going to be that much of a good year for the WiiU.

    1. I don’t think they’ll be doing that bad, if you look at the games that are coming then they have a decent amount of games placed pretty well. just look:

      pikmin 3 came out this month
      wonderful 101 is coming out September 15th
      windwaker wii u is coming out in October as well as sonic lost world
      donkey kong tropical freeze is planned to release in november
      super mario 3d world is for december.

      That pretty much sums it up for 2013, which looks pretty alright, a game a month seems pretty good to me.

      Now for 2014 we have these games to look forward to:

      bayonetta 2
      fire emblem x shin megami tensei
      mario kart 8
      super smash bros
      yarn yoshi

      That’s 6 games that are currently known to be in development for a 2014 release. If they space out the release dates of those games,they could have a game come out every other month, though I’m pretty sure there are more games to be expected from them, they must have a couple things they are working on that they’ve yet to announce.

        1. The new title of zelda for the wii u is supposed to be a 2015 release (i think), that’s why I didn’t mention it. Also, zelda seems like one of those games that they’ll push back the release date of, since they tend to do that for zelda.

  9. Re-launch to make people aware of what Wii U is and the fact that it is available.
    More first party titles that make good use of the gamepad.
    The first party titles wil encourage people to buy the console and that will encourage developers to make Wii U games. A price cut could be a possibility but only 50 bucks otherwise Nintendo will never be able to make profit.

  10. Drop the Deluxe price by 50$. Bundle windwaker HD with it. Shoot make several bundles get with UBI about maybe a AC4 or watch dogs bundle.

  11. If it were up to me, I’d save it with 3 different decisions.

    1: Cut the price. Maybe by about half.

    2: Stop production of the Wii and recall all the unsold consoles. As long as the Wii is still an option, people won’t even look at the Wii U.

    3: Make a limited time only “Holiday bundle” With a Wii U premium, and Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D Land, and Wind Waker HD.

    1. 2 and 3.

      also, I have good faith in Nintendo. once the E3 releases are all out, the Wii U will be doing great again!

      Nintendo just seems to be having a hard time getting systems UP. but ONCE they’re up, they zoom at supersonic speeds!

    2. Are you serious? Cut the price in half? Just like that… With a big karate chop from your CEO hand. And all of a sudden your losing more money then you would make on possible game sales?

  12. With a hardware that is not the most powerful, the lack of big name among third party developers, Nintendo is in a very difficult position.

    Creating new version of older games can help a little bit in my opinion, but it won’t be enough.

    I guess Nintendo needs to create a lot a very original games and possibly 1 or 2 new licenses that would have to be as successful as Pokemon or Animal Crossing.

    At one point I thought “Hey, why doesn’t Nintendo revive the Killer Instinct license ?”, but I forgot that Rare studio was bought my M$.

    They have to target young players as well as mature players.

    That will be quite a challenge. Especially considering that some hardware suppliers are closing some of their factories.

    I strongly doubt that Nintendo will be able to “strike back” with the Wii U. Maybe they will be able to limit the damage.

    1. 1) Graphical power has never been the determining factor to a successful console ever. There’s far too many examples for me to list here.

      2) Nintendo has always targeted both young players and older players. Remember, Metroid is a game geared toward older gamers. Nintendo even owns Sin and Punishment. They also own Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower. Those games are geared toward the older player. You’re talking about issues that don’t exist.

      1. 1) Agreed. But some brands choose this as an argument to sell their machines. Nintendo can’t play on the same field. They need something else to differentiate themselves from the others. That was actually my original point.

        2) I agree with you on these. But it seems to me that Wii U’s current line-up of interesting game is more young players-oriented (I may be wrong). For now, none of the games you quote have been planned on Wii U yet. But these games are good, no argument here. They are targeting older players: agreed.

    1. it is the dreamcast, to the screen, to the weakest console to an exclusive xonix game. all there. GET THE AMBULANCE!!!!! *wii u wii u wii u wii u* (takes wii u away)

      1. I dont mind Wii U being next Dreamcast, because it was/is best 6th gen console imo. But if you mean that Wii U will be discontinued after 2 years on market i doubt it, Nintendo has lots more money than Sega had back in the day. Let me tell you what happened to Dreamcast.

        First of all Sega wasnt doing good financially Sega cd,32x and saturn were all fail. Now Sega needed a good comeback and Dreamcast was an awesome console but people didnt trust the Sega brand anymore after rapid harware releases, there was also lots of hype for upcomin pieceofshit2. After that Segas chairman the heart of Sega Isao Okinawa died, before his dead he paid lots of Segas debts, so Sega would stay in console business. Now when Okinawa was dead peter asshole moore got in charge of Sega. He fired lots of Sega key members and decided Sega to go 3rd party. Sega had already Dreamcast successor in development at that time but it was scrapped thanks to asshole moore. After that asshole moore went on Microshit to help them with xsux(im sure ms paid him to take Sega out of console market). Sega never helped with the development of xbox, those are false claims they had their own system in development which was scrapped sadly. Now Sega was on sale and ms tried to buy them (this was ms plan all along) but Sega sold themself to a japanese company called Sammy so they could make games for all platforms. Sega Sammy holdings was born. Assmole was pissed off after that.

        Ironically Asshole moore works in Eass right now, who knows maybe microshit has paid him to sabotage Nintendo. And yes i love conspiracy theories!

    1. I agree
      anyway the fact is that Nintendo isn’t making any ad on tv, while the Wii was everyday on tv(s). No ad no sales

      1. When I was on Hulu a while ago… All of the ads i saw was the wii u. People coming into nintendos hq and having fun but with different families…

  13. I’ve asked many friends about the Wii U, and every person that I have talked to who doesn’t own a Wii U said one of two things:

    “I didn’t even know they had a new console”


    “I’m waiting for more first-party games to release. I’ll be getting it soon.”

    No one I’ve spoken to has ever said that the price is too high, that the console isn’t powerful enough, or that they flat-out aren’t interested.

    I don’t think Nintendo needs a price cut, just first-party games (of which there are lots to be seen this fall, finally) and better advertising/marketing efforts.

    My prediction for it’s comeback: It will happen gradually between September and December.

    1. Yea majority of us waiting for Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, and etc. None of them really want another 2D Mario games. They like it better for the portable device than on the home console.

  14. There is the potential for a comeback, but Nintendo will have to do almost exactly what it did with the 3DS and that’s, drop the price and pump out lots of high quality titles. It worked for the 3DS it could possibly work or the Wii U… It also wouldn’t hurt to rebrand the thing as the Wii 2. The name is horrible and doesn’t convey the fact that it is a new console and not an add-on for the Wii!

  15. The Wii U needs those two things: a clear and great marketing, that shows off what the product actually is, and make it clear that it has lots of features that you can’t find in any other console, like the Virtual Console, Off-TV Play features, Miiverse, and so on; and more games, both from first and third parties, which Nintendo seems to be solving with their games coming to push the sales forward at the end of this year, leaving Third Parties to realize the console is a great machine with lots of potential on sales.

    Basically, what’s left now is advertising. The Wii U hasn’t even been officially launched in Brazil, one of the biggest markets for video games. TV or Internet ads on the Wii U are virtually nonexistent, and people thinking the Wii U is a peripheral or not even knowing what the name is about are not uncommon.

    If they made it clear by comparing the Wii U to the SNES (something like “The Wii U is for the Wii what the Super Nintendo was for the Nintendo 8-bits: a revolution in graphics and gameplay experience”), or had ads showing first the console and then the Gamepad, instead of showing only the controller, people would be seeing we’re talking about a machine here, not just the tablet with buttons.

    1. I think they should do a Sega ad, like picture this, teen playing knack, tired ansd bored, when all of a sudden iwata comes to the screen and says be prepared, then all of a sudden the kid screams and all of the new games releasing on Wii u show up,then it stop and yarda yards, I miss 90s/80s commmercials

      1. I’ve thought about something a bit different. For Pikmin 3, for example, we could have the Pikmin carring the Wii U to a place close to the TV, plug the cables on the console and on the TV, carry the game disc into the console and insert it. On the table, another group of Pikmin selects the game from the Gamepad menu, put the Gamepad to rest on the stand, and give the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to a player sitting on the couch.

        This way, the ad would’ve shown the Wii U first, making sure to shows the HDMI output and the Wii U logo on the console, to make people understand it’s not the original Wii. It could be emphasized on the game disc as well, by showing the Wii U logo. People know how the Wii game disc logo looks like, so it would make them understand it’s not the Wii we’re talking about here. Then we’d have the Pikmin on the table showing you can control the Wii U with that tablet using the touchscreen to select the game. Lately, we’d have them handing the Wii Remote to the player, showing the Wii u has retro compatibility, and you can use your Wii controllers on the Wii u without the need to buy other ones.

  16. i think Nintendo Wii U can come on top and stay there if Nintendo would

    1-focus more on bringing 3rd party games and 3rd party companies need to stop cutting off features of their games
    2-price cut and bundles
    3-updates should be smaller sized not 1GB
    4-TV adds
    5-focusing more on new games and IP’s instead of Remakes
    6-start using the true power of HD in Wii U

    1. 1) It is not in Nintendo control. It is up to the 3rd party’s Publisher to decide its will come to Wii U or not. The developers can somewhat have to say in this.

      2) I agreed but it is also a risk since they are selling it at the lost. I do not know how much they are losing for making one Wii U console.

      3) I guessing you did not use PC, Xbox 360, or PS3 before. Most updates now a day is usually bigger than 100 MB now a day. Expect the updates to increasing over number of years.

      4) It is on every Canadian Kid Channels. I don’t know about elsewhere.

      5) Its have been proven that remake games sell more than new IP games.

      6) This one is really depend on the developers but I really do agrees.

  17. how can something strike back when its already dead. get the ambulance. *wii u, wii u, wii u, wii u, wii u, wii u, wii u!!!!!*

    how is it doctor, ” its…. dead” (all nintenddrones crying being pathetic as usual as ambulance takes it away) *wii u wii u wii u wii u wii u!!!!!* it didnt stand a chance.

        1. Everyone in this world knows that. That’s why I don’t see the point in keeping repeating it every single day.

          And now even the bloggers started to promote commotion with regard to Wii U.

          Great job! (Irony level 10)

    1. Not to be mean but I seriously wonder when you’ve crossed the brink of insanity. And your jokes have squeezed every ounce of juice they had in them, now there dry. Old and dry. Wii U is gonna be fine, but at the moment.. Ehhh.

  18. I don’t see the point in this article – yes, “article”. My Nintendo News scope should be about “news”, but not “articles”.

    All of those issues raised by the blogger have already been discussed ad nauseum here in My Nintendo News. I would like the bloggers to invest their time to do something better here, like to improve the blog’s interface, to implement moderation in the comments section, and so on.

  19. Oh great another recyled but late ass article!!! Followed by recycled commets after Nintendo announed they are still selling Wii U at a loss. You guys have bad memories. Ignoring the Mini direct 3 weeks ago, a Direct a few days ago and W101 2 days ago!

      1. nobody cares. that still doesn’t deny the fact that wii u is just a vacuum cleaner, a dust machine or a fisher price toy. aka it doesn’t play games, it just cleans my house. stupid scam of a system.

              1. hey it isnt my fault the wii u collects so much dust, im not the only victim either. everywhere wii u’s are collecting dust making everyone dissatisfied with their purchase. where now spiders are laying eggs in there…. only nintendo would have such a dusty new console.

        1. I agree with you.

          Sometimes the thinking of “the bottle is half empty” over the thinking of “the bottle is half filled, and there’s room to add more wine” makes me mad.

          I’m not the most optmistic person in the world, but I can see a great potential in Wii U, regardless all complaints I have about it.

          I’ve been playing Pikmin 3 for a couple of days, and I completely amazed.

          Lego City Undercover is hilarious and captivating. Need for Speed Most Wanted is gorgeous and run smoothly and beautifully on it. See the indie support Wii U is having… W101 is on the way, as well as Bayonetta 2 (I saw it running a couple of weeks ago). Additionaly, much, much more is on the way, like DKRTF, Mario Kart, the new IP from Miyamoto, as you pointed.

          Before making any further statement about Wii U fate, I prefer to wait and see how PS4 and Xbox One will do.

          1. Wiiu biggest problem in my opinion is price. This is Nintendo first console that I rember that is being sold at more than 250 and that turns many families away. Imo

            1. But it has been sold at a loss… How could Nintendo fix it?

              That’s being said, I agree with you that a price cut would be welcome in the sense that we’ve seen that in the past with regard to 3DS.

              1. The price can be put even lower on the black wiiu. Remove the Nintendo land hard copy and give it pre installed that way they can easily take it of 25$ off also we still don’t know how much they are realy losing. It could be anything from 1$ to 150 but I doubt is the later.

    1. No recurring monthly cost to pay for some unneeded internet service with the Wii U is something quickly over looked. I’m not interested in ongoing costs other than games. I do my research before I buy something and make sure to go with facts vs conjecture and future promises. It takes more work, but prevents false expectations. I’ve been very happy with my Wii U and having a riot with people on Miiverse etc. I apologize to all the nay sayings and negative addicted who go to all lengths to convince me I am disappointed with my Wii U, you are the ones who have failed!

    2. Really? I came here for news, not misinformed editorials.
      The Wii U does have a good lineup so far, with Nintendo Land, NSMBU, Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Game & Wario, and Pikmin 3, with a game coming out a month (and I’m just talking exclusives here). The PS4 being only 50$ more argument is ridiculous, considering you’d still have to pay an extra 60$ for a game, so if you factor in that the Deluxe set comes with Nintendo Land, the PS4 costs over 100$ more with a game. Also, Nintendo has said multiple times that there will be no price cut. No means no. Also, why do people honestly think the PS4 will sell out everywhere immediately. If that actually does happen, SONY will lose a ton of money producing the supply to meet demand, but that’s besides the point. The PS4’s launch lineup doesn’t look better than what the Wii U’s was, and you know what else? People were literally saying the exact same thing about the Vita and the 3DS. Now look what happened there. Don’t use the price cut as an excuse, it’s been proven multiple times that the price cut didn’t do much. Also, you’ve never seen a Wii U commercial? Do you live in a cave? They were all over the place at launch and when Pikmin 3 came out. This is one of the most poorly written articles I’ve ever had the displeasure to read. Also, you really didn’t need to bring the PS4 (or its power, WHICH HAS BEEN PROVEN TO NOT BE AS HIGH AS PEOPLE THOUGHT) into this. The 64 was the most powerful system on the market. What happened? The less powerful PSX beat it. The Gamecube was the most powerful system on the market. What happened? The less powerful PS2 beat it. The PS3 was the most powerful system on the market. What happened? The Wii beat it. The only thing Nintendo really needs to do right now is advertise. I’m tired of reading that the PS4 is going to be an amazingly selling miracle machine. It’s not. It’s two biggest games are years off. The launch lineup’s best games are multiplatforms. SONY is still supporting the PS3, meaning until good games come out there’s not a real reason to upgrade. Finally, pre-orders are non-indicative of success. Remember the Wii U’s amazing pre-orders. This article is horrible, and the author should feel bad.

      TL;DR- Read the paragraph I just typed. It’s not that hard.

        1. I’m sorry that you can’t read. Tons of books and news articles have longer paragraphs. Calm down already, there’s no need to curse at me.

        1. Sorry, I’m just tired of always reading those exact same things all over the internet, and I finally lashed out.

          1. That’s ok. The author in fact provoked that kind of reaction. I understand you.

            We’re here for news, not for misinformed editorials – I quoted you here.

      1. I thought there was no such thing as an intelligent person on this site. I agreed with everything you said. People just like to dramatise. When the xbox 360 was released before the other consoles, how well did that do at first? Wasn’t till PS3 came out did it gain a large player base. Once the PS4 and Xbox1 come out, that’s when I think the sales of the WiiU will start to improve as everyone begins upgrading their consoles.

        To everyone who says the wii u is dead and can never come back, it hasn’t even been a full year yet. It takes time for new consoles to get going. Such a silly thing to say this early on.

        1. Thank you. I’m just tired of seeing the PS4 bandwagon all over the internet.
          People tend to forget that the Wii U’s done better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 did in the same amount of time even though the Wii U has to contend with a worse economy. The monthly sales might’ve slowed down, but all I ever see anyone care about is lifetime sales. The PS3 didn’t even pick up for at least 2 years (and now look at it), and Activision (seriously) almost dropped it because of its poor performance.

      2. 3 good games and 3 mediocre games are not enough to count as a good line up. Nintendoland, Game & Wario, and Lego City Undercover are definitely not games to buy a system for, why buy New Super Mario Bros. U if you already have it for the Wii, Most Americans at least don’t even know what the Monster Hunter series is, and Pikmin… well Pikmin is awesome, but most people wouldn’t buy a console with just one awesome game out.
        As for the PS4 being $50 more being a lame arguement… Okay… $100 more. It can play Blu-Ray. For that reason alone it is more cost effective than the Wii U. A Wii U + a Blu-Ray player would cost more than a PlayStation 4.
        And if they sold out of PS4s, they would definitely not lose money. The only possible way (and this isn’t arguable, this is simple logic) that they would lose money from selling out is if they were selling systems for a loss, and SONY is smart enough to sell the PS4 at a price that will make money.
        I live in America, and I’ve never seen a commercial. And believe it or not, I live in a house. In the middle of society. Where most people don’t even know what a Wii U is.
        Power doesn’t matter? Okay, I don’t even think I have to argue this one. Think about the reasons why the PS2 did better than the GameCube and why the Wii did better than the PS3. Advertisements and exclusives. Both of which the Wii U doesn’t have.
        Your reply was horrible and you should feel horrible

        Pull your head out of your ass and stop being a jerk. I was embarrassed for you as a read that. I am a huge Nintendo fan, I own a Wii U, and I believe that it will be successful, yet I could easily counter argue everything you said.

      3. PS. “Read the paragraph I just typed. It’s not that hard.”

        That is literally the douchiest thing I’ve ever read

        1. Considering what he had just said to me, it’s warranted. If that’s really the worst, you haven’t been around this website for a long time.

    3. I try selling my friends on the console constantly but there are no cant miss games.People want whats hip and trendy cod, gta…Pikmin is great but doesnt appeal to the masses.N needs to release a big title every 2 months or less to pick up steam and keep momentum.N needs to discontinue the wii,you cant have your cake and eat it too. The price drop is needed.But timing is everything. It will come when there are heavy hitter titles available to go with it,maybe in december.

    4. You are late the Nintendo is “doom “party alexanderquin. Most of the food is gone and the jokes have no backup.

    5. People like to ignore the fact that Nintendo systems/handhelds always have a rough first year. After that, they skyrocket. The Wii U’s gonna be fine. Saying otherwise is a perfect example of denial.
      Nintendo’s still stupid for not cutting the price at this point though.

      1. People seem to forget. PS4 maybe $100 more but if you want it to do what the Wii U can do, you are looking to spend $800 including buying a $60 or $70 game. No they don’t need to cut the price because quality games for Wii U are arriving!!! Personally PS4 has not done anything to make me buy a PS4 ánd trade a PS3 yet. This holiday season, GTA V sales will skyrocket…….including PS3 consoles.

    6. 1) Ads! Preferably of families playing together! A mom who knows nothing about gaming has 3 reasons to buy a system for her little boy; it’s family friendly and it’s cheap. Use TV to show people these attributes.
      2) Price drop. Basic should be at most $250, and start replacing the deluxe with some limited edition consoles. Again, uninformed parents looking for a console to buy their seven year old will only see one thing, and that is price. If they can get a Wii U for $250 instead of a PS4 for $400 or an X-Box One for $500, they will.
      3) Show the hard core fans why the Wii U is competitive with the other consoles. Emphasize how Nintendo Network is free! Show them that there are awesome games coming up.

      We’ve seen Nintendo turn their console around all too many times (you’d think they would have learned by now), so in my eyes, it’s just a question of when.

    7. 1) The Wii U should’ve struck back had Ubisoft not delayed a highly-anticipated game and made it multi platform. They’re one of the few factors why the Wii U is doing poor. I don’t care what anyone else says. Screw Ubisoft.

      2) These 3rd party companies like Bethesda, Konami, Deep Silver, etc. needs to stop being lazy cowards and make games for the Wii U regardless. If they put games on the console, I guarantee the install base for the Wii U will grow. Except EA because they’re still butthurt that Origins isn’t on the console.

      3) The Wii U price should be lowered to those of the PS Vita’s prices. Though I don’t think it should be $199 right now.

      4) Maybe rename the console so that it sets itself apart from the Wii. Maybe Nintendo HD. Doesn’t really matter to me though.

      5) Remove region locks for the Wii U and 3DS. Just do it. Bottom Line. Nintendo can still keep the parental controls.

      6) Maybe release a Wii U with more than 32 GB storage. And a battery for the Wii U that lasts longer.

      7) Create updates that’ll increase the Wii U’s tech power. Or release a free expansion pack like they did with the N64 that plugs into the system.

      8) Nintendo should bribe the 3rd party companies to make games for the Wii U. Just threw it in there.

      1. We all know that region locking will never be undone. Believe me when I say it.. I’ve been grinding my teeth over it alot in the past. It’s a shame really that Nintendo is so backwards with some of their policies…

        I think if they actually advertise the console and the games, other than in the Direct videos things will actually pick up.

        For the entire year so far I have only seen one Wii U related ad and that was for New Super Mario Bros U and as we can see, that one game didn’t help out as much as they would’ve thought (Mario usually being a system seller.)

        2014 looks bright though.. That’s if awareness doesn’t drown in the release of the Xbox1 and PS4.

        1. I don’t know about the PS4 and Xbone. I went with the Wii U because 1) they had games appealing to me and 2) I’m not buying anymore consoles after this regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.

          The PS4 doesn’t appeal to me because the graphics look the same as the ps3 IMO. Not to mention that you can’t transfer your PSN purchases or play any of your ps1 ps2 and ps3 games. And you have to pay for PS+ to play online which I think is stupid. And I still don’t trust Sony regarding used games and DRM. Anyone remember the patent they filed back in January?

          All I can say about the Xbone is, based on everything that’s happened recently: screw microsoft and the xbox.

          As for region locking, it’s only a matter of time before somebody hacks the Wii U and removes the locks themselves.

            1. No. Not yet at least. The PS4 isn’t backwards compatible with discs or digital downloads, unfortunately. However, through the Gaikai “cloud” they are hoping to make a library of PS3 games playable on the PS4 in the future.

    8. The only reason the PS4 is $400 is cause they are taking a huge loss on each system. So quiet frankly it really doesnt matter. If Sony doesnt start getting money soon then good bye Sony. Which leaves Nintendo and Microsoft. Now Xbox One is just a fail right off the bat. Nintendo doesnt even need the Wii U. They could disappear off the planet till 2018 and just give up on the Wii U. Wouldnt do much.

      1. lol Sony’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And where do you get your info regarding Sony “taking a huge loss on each” PS4?

        They take a bit of a loss on all of their products, but a “huge” loss? Do you know how much it costs to manufacture a PS4 at the moment?

    9. Another thing: I came across this video on YouTube back in May regarding a rumor that Nintendo is developing a new console with better specs as a “Plan B” in case the Wii U fails. I don’t know if it’s fake because the guy didn’t reveal the website and just says a “certain particular website” Just putting it out there anyways.

    10. they have themselves to blame. they didn’t plan or think ahead and tried to ride off the success of the wii and failed. hopefully the console pulls a 3ds and comes back strong with the upcoming titles. it’s not too late to make a more powerful console with a different name.

        1. People have been on Sony’s back about everything for years. It’s only since the PS4 has been announced that more positive articles (about the PS4, mind you) are being published (it gets the hits). At the same time, while Sony isn’t doing as well as they have in the past as a whole, they are still not going anywhere for a long time and they are adamant about keeping their entertainment divisions going realizing that these subsidiaries are the ones that the company makes the most money from.

          People still are all about doom and gloom with the Vita, Sony’s finances, and people still trash the PlayStation network and lineup of titles though. If you don’t see them, then you probably aren’t visiting many sites that write about Sony much.

          1. Still, despite all of that, it seems the this guy did guess the rumors about nintendo making another system…this is somehow releated to the second engien nintendo is making for the wii u. It might indicate that nintendo is planning a new hardware to counter act with the competition of the other two companies. My question is…”will it be a new name for nintendo system or not”? Another question is…”can we aford it if the price is too high”? I got lucky with the wii u because of my unemployment and the gamestop reservations of the console.

          1. What does Sony have to do with this? I’ll tell you: Everyone is pretending Sony is the king and easily forget about Sony struggling laying off and forgetting the PS2 outsold the PS3. And forgetting Wii U is at least selling better compated to when PS3 launch. Yet when it comes to Nintendo the media, journalist and even the commets want to play dumb in acting like y’all did not see a Nintendo Direct a few days ago. Talking about bring the games and lower the price. Ignoring that retailers lowered the price and it still didn’t work. Hell Pikmin 3 did better selling Wii Us then retailers lowering the price.

      1. It is too late, making a console costs tons of money.

        They should however make a Wii U+ peripheral, that gives the U more power (and maybe package it with the console).

        They should also bribe 3rd party devs, as well as better marketing for the system, and not just it’s games.

      1. Ofcourse it isn’t…

        This is merely a testing thread that the Nintendo Triforce Ambassadors N-46M Sickr/Alba/SilverShadowFly created to observe the recycled ramblings made by both Nintendo haters and our Nintendo Inglets…

        1. I’m not worried…
        2. I’m still not worried…
        3. I’m not worried at all…

        The Wii U and our Empire will be fine…

        Because there are many in here with a short-term memory…

        I’d like to point out that Lord Iwata said weeks ago that they have several UNANNOUNCED games for the Wii U which they will start to reveal in a near future…

        And like High Command, I couldn’t care less about how powerful the Sonyans machine is or the Xbot Media Gimmicks Betamax NSA Spybox machine is…

        I only care about the REAL games made by our Empire and the few other great games made by our new Indie Tribes allies and occasional great games from those Third Class Empires like the Ubisoftians…

        1. Amen Nintendo Commander short term memory indeed!!!!!! And they also forget that Pikmin 3 sold more consoles than retailers lowering the price!!!! That’s why I’m against lowering the price!!!

          1. They will make up with whatever excuse they can find, just like the Conservatives all around the world…

        2. Its funny that sony fans ignore that sony is releasin game on ios, not for vita but for a fuckin ios!??? Its minigame based on that shitty smash ripoff. That for me tells that sony is in trouble with their consoles. Its only matter of time when sony becames 3rd party, but even then i wouldnt touch their lame godofwar and indiana wannabe games.

    11. 3DS strated to sell after the remake of Oot, Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart comes out. Same thing will happen to the Wii U.

    12. I must admit this article doesn’t make sense as wii u sales are on the up from pikmin3 release.They is no doubt the sales will keep pushing,we have wonderful 101 out soon which I found demo pretty fantastic,splinter cell and rayman.Then oct we have massive games Including Ww hd which is massive selling game itself.As for ps4 the launch line up is not bad,am certainly waiting bit longer down the line for Kh3,Final fantasy15 and uncharted4.Wii u will be fine the line up from wonderful 101 untill holidays is pretty great with lots indie titles coming.

      1. PSU(Playstations+WiiU)

        IMO I thank Nintendo need to do a 50 dollar or 100 dollar price drop secondly they need to bundle some of these upcoming games with Wii u this holiday and last but not least they need give us more games to play on eshop maybe throw in a few free game every now and then after we purchase like 2 or more games or start doing a montly thang like playstation plus

    13. I think Nintendo needs to cut the price by Christmas time, that’s when parents buy their kids something new, plus, good games will already be out.

    14. I like you, Honestly. Lol! Anywho, I believe Wii U will succeed, but it does need more first party games as well as some more third party support. Also I’m still waiting for Metroid!!!!!!

    15. For one month after Pikmin 3’s release in Japan th WiiU has sold 10 000 on average :). That is beautiful. Nintendo sells in all regions remember that. All is well now, also the love being shown to wonderful 101 everywhere is great.

    16. PSU(Playstations+WiiU)

      IMO I thank Nintendo need to do a 50 dollar or 100 dollar price drop secondly they need to bundle some of these upcoming games with Wii u this holiday and last but not least they need give us more games to play on eshop maybe throw in a few free game every now and then after we purchase like 2 or more games or start doing a montly thang like playstation plus

    17. I would like to see a price cut on the Wii U. I think this is just like the 3DS where people aren’t noticing it because of the high price. And yes there aren’t many great games out right now but I’ve got myself a list of games I’d love to have on my Wii U when ever I get one.

    18. I think the Christmas period this year then maybe Spring too, what with the release of Wind Waker, and Mario 3D World. As well as Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. early 2014. Also the current games that are out are pretty good, I would say Pikmin 3 is the best game on the Wii U right now!

    19. Nintendo needs to realize that advertising the Wii U as a “happy fun for the whole family” console will not work the same way as the Wii did. Kid’s nowadays don’t want that. They want a console that makes them feel “mature” or “hardcore” which explains the popularity of Call of Duty among 12 years old. Nintendo needs to advertise the Wii U’s cool real video games in a cool badass way instead of using a commercial where a happy family plays games happily together. That’ll boost sales for sure.

      1. They also need to stop catering so much to the casual market and start catering more to the people who are already interested or at least somewhat interested in the console. They gotta realize they can’t satisfy everyone

    20. Nintendo will fail when it hires one of these guys as a marketing expert. Lets make that anyone in all nintendo forums or blogs.

    21. Achievements Nintendo style, Metroid, cheaper Wind Waker HD, price cut, twitter app? That’s all I can think of.

    22. That Off Screen play feature was a system seller for me. Honestly how amazing is it that you can still play your game while doing something else on the TV. I personally thought that was beyond amazing and if I were to market it I’d definitely make that one of my strongest point along with backwards compatibility and whatnot

      1. Console Wars Episode 1:
        The Segan Menace

        Console Wars Episode 2:
        The Sonyan Clone Wars

        Console Wars Episode 3:
        Revenge of the Xbots

        Console Wars Episode 4:
        Wii, A New Hope

        Console Wars Episode 5:
        Our Empire Strikes Back

        Console Wars Episode 6:
        Return of Nintendo

        Yes, very promising indeed…

    23. the wiiu cost 350 with a extra controller and a game…the ps4 cost 400 without no games and no extra must pay 60 dollars for online on the ps4,controller i think about 60, a game about 60. 580 for a ps4,and for the wiiu just 350 and you got a game,a controller and free online. this make the wiiu 200 cheaper……

    24. Nintendo’s current situation isn’t unexpected. The Wii broke what was a continuing decline in the sales of each subsequent Nintendo console. It delayed the inevitable. As gamers, we should just enjoy the time that Wii U has. Leave the issue of sales and success to Nintendo. Sure, decent software is always going to be thin on the ground. But that’s no different than with the N64, Gamecube and Wii. We should be used to it by now.

    25. I personally believe a price cut could help eventually (but they said they’re still selling it near a break-even point or even at a slight loss, so it might not be happening anytime soon). I think once more games start coming out for it it’s going to pick up. It has a good fall and holiday line-up of games. I wouldn’t write the Wii U off until SmashU and Mario Kart 8 release for it.

      Those will be the heavy hitters. If the Wii U isn’t selling after those releases, then there is reason to worry. Only thing that might save them then is maybe a good, solid Pokemon game for Wii U. And if that fails, yeah…. the next console Zelda could help sell systems maybe. They should completely develop Wii Sports 2 and market it heavily as well, making it clear to consumers that the next Wii Sports is here (Nintendo Land did not fill that purpose).

      Though at this point I think they should be happy if they can end this console lfecycle with 25-30 million systems sold. That should be now considered a success, because so far it’s looking like it’s not even going to reach Gamecube level sales (22 million).

    26. Simple solution: Marketing+Games.
      Let me make some guess-work: Let’s say WiiU reaches 100 million lifetime.
      Nintendo games: 20 m Nintendo-fans (like GC)
      Weird exclusives (like W101, Bayo, X): 20m Hardcores
      Marketing their family friendly image: 40m families
      Doing something for their image regarding AAA games+smaller multiplats: 20m of Sony’s/Microsofts fanbase.
      They need to do something for Third party support, both in terms of AAA and small multiplats/japanese niche multiplats (like if Bayo1 was multiplat on Nintendo’s platform) and then get tons of exclusives, but the most important thing: market their plethora of games to the general public (basically everybody: hardcores, dudebros, families, kids)

    27. This is becoming WiiuDaily more and more everyday, authors craving for views and clicks…anyway…what does the Wii U need? Needs you to shut the fuck up and bring up NEWS not this rethoric everyday. Wii U is THE BEST Nintendo console ever. Period

        1. :) I really think it´s the best, though. Backwards compatibility, offtv, VC, Indie support, all the Nintendo goodies. Count me in. The ones losing are the ones that didn´t buy it yet. Oh and it´s getting faster and more reliable with the updates

          1. Indeed…

            What do the others have?…

            Exactly the same thing as their predecessors…

            Well PS4 anyway while the 80s Betamax has more Media Gimmicks than the Karaoke Bar…

          2. I love my Wii U, bud. Pikmin 3 is probably one of my fave games ever! But that doesn’t mean that Nintendo has posted some of their worst profits ever with this console either. Something needs to be done differently so that this console can not only exists for hardcore Nintendo fans like you and I, but so that this console can sell well to many more people.

            As of now it is only the Nintendo fans on board. And that has to change.

    28. Pikmin is doing very well. The WiiU is now fine. Games have arrived and all the noise is just that noise. PS 4 is the WiiU’s real competition. The xboxone has lost it’s market share to the PS4. With nintendo’s first party IPs, they are sitting comfortably. When the other two consoles release then all shall settle and people will realize the FPS games releasing are just that rehashed FPSs.

      1. Kids and teens buy games nowadays for social reasons, not gaming reasons. Gaming has become a Facebook of epic proportions. Who benefits? Greedy developers, not the artists. The artists we, from the Spectrum-NES-Mega Drive era, were used to benefit from. On my days no one bashed Sega or Nintendo, we´d eventually get both to play all those amazing exclusives. Now it´s only dick-measuring and taking sides. It´s getting boring. Thank god Nintendo is still here defendind those artistic values. Pikmin 3, while a tad short, in nothing but a tremendous masterpiece of level design and gameplay, and this is just the beggining. Bring them on, Nintendo ;)

    29. what nintendo should of done was advertise better and bring the hit titles out with it not wait until ps4 came out they should of hit with a new zelda game smash bro’s straight out the park maybe even pokemon wii u something like tht the fans would of gone mental for !!!i dnt know how nintendo’s gonna get out this ditch might just be looking at the next sega scenario !

    30. There’s nothing wrong with the name. Anyone who is a gamer and especially those with a Wii know the Wii U is a totally separate entity. People who owned a NES wasn’t confused when Super NES came out. I remember its launch clearly. If the Wii U turns out to be another GameCube then so be it. It’s everyone else that will be missing out. The Wii U isn’t gonna make or break Nintendo so fools need to stop doomin’ and gloomin’. I’m happy with the line-up coming and been enjoying the heck out o Pikmin 3 and Art Academy: Sketchpad. What other system can you draw on?! Next month is Wonderful 101, October is Wind Waker and Sonic Lost World, November is DKC: Tropical Freeze, and December will see Super Mario 3D World. Early next year we have Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros so what’s all the complaining about?!!! I you have a Wii U then you should be proud and happy that you’re getting all these great titles that everyone else is missing out on and stop worrying about Nintendo! They’ve been around for over 100 years so the Wii U is far from being the nail in the coffin. If you really want to know how much money Nintendo has I recommend reading Nintendo Magic.

      1. great point at the beginning. If people are confused about the Wii U being a new console/addition to the Wii, i don’t understand how they got Xbox and Xbox 360.

    31. I think they may have tried to entice 3’rd party developers by not releasing 1’st party games in hopes that people who had the console would just go on a 3’rd party buying binge, but it just didn’t happen. All of the same games were available on other consoles that people already had and the little bit of extra content on the wii u version just wasn’t enough. I think that their 1st party titles will save them, I do, but I don’t see this console as being the 3’rd party friendly, core gamer’s console it was supposed to be. Nintendo seems to almost be doomed to their fan base and them alone. If anything them may need to slow the pace of nintendo titles to allow for people to actually want 3rd party games, because they send out so many nintendo titles at once that they almost always take priority over their partner’s titles. Thus, the 3’rd parties never end up profiting from their ports.

    32. The problem is not the cut price but the lack of games. They missed the big advantage of one year before Microsoft and Sony. So, simply said, they missed the train. Now, what to do?
      They can’t speed up the 2014 line up for this year, so they just have to survive with what they already showed this E3. They can’t form new teams from thin air, it’s something that needs time. Now the only thing they can really do, it’s to support the Wii U buying some strong exclusives one after the other. They already did it with Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101, and I’m sure this is the only way to pump up the Nintendo console and give it a future. In this moment they have a chance to buy Atlus with more nice exclusives with it, I wouldn’t miss the chance if I were in their shoes.

    33. the answer to the price cut is already here and confirmed.. no

      a price cut alone will not help the system… the price has already been cut in some european countries by as much as 40% and sales are still abysmal.. so yeah bring on the games.. anything else is pointless

      regarding commercials: i’m seeing a lot of them in my country.. but i don’t know about the situation elsewhere

      anywho with the release of pikmin and the upcoming releases of 101 and rayman sales seem to slowly pick up again (and prices are again increasing) so i think here at least the wii U is out of the woods

    34. People don’t forget that the Wii also did’nt have specs to compare with the PS3 and 360… But did Activision brought Call of Duty to the Wii?? YES Did EA brought FIFA to the Wii?? YES. If Nintendo can figure out a way to sell more units, 3th parties will bring there games to Wii U just because they can sell a lot of them! Sega and Ubisoft already do believe Nintendo will do better. Does AC4 come to Wii U? YES Does COD Ghosts come to Wii U? YES And of they did’nt Nintendo always has own games!

    35. some have said it but i will say it if no one is even listening after this has been said over 9000 times, wii u does not need a price cut, it need games which is why wii u is struggling, if nintendo had released wii u about now then wii u wont struggle as much as it is now but give it time like with the ps3, did it flop? no. will the wii u flop, not by a long shot, in short the wii u will find its way and be in league with ps4 (or as close) and xbone will struggle because of how micro poorly executed it, while it wont flop it will struggle

    36. Well I got my Wii U, so don’t look at me. I wouldn’t wanna miss out on the next big Zeldas for anything in the world. I have no idea what others are thinking. I think that people are just graphics snobs. They also want their Call of doodies. Many also don’t even know the Wii U is a new console.

      1. i feel they should’ve named it something different. adding a U next to wii was not smart on there part .i know for a fact last christmas people got wii’s with u-draw instead of wii-u’s.

    37. 1. Advertise the Wii U with it’s games
      2. Price cut the Deluxe to 299.99
      3.Make a SM3DW bundle and a WWHD bundle that comes with everything the Deluxe had (except Nintendo Land) and price it at 349.99

      Congrats Nintendo your console is now irresistible.

    38. what will help wiiu sales is not a price cut on the consoles but on the games themselves if the games where like 40 or 50 u.s bucks. 10 to 20 dollars cheaper then the competition they’ll fly off the shelves but its the $60 a game that hurts and some times your paying full price for a watered down port with less content.

    39. Nintendo. Use this fan made commercial from DaKidWiiTrailer to spread awarness and let people that doesn’t know about the Wii u yet, and the people that think the gamepad is a controller for the old wii know about your next gen console. Get still asked about if I have the gamepad for wii at work. I’m a salesman, so please bring this up on tv and net so I finally can get peace from explaining this over and over again.

      1. and when do you want to broadcast that commercial? at 4 a.m. when nintendo can actually pay for a 4 minute ad that has to run over and over again?
        don’t be ridiculous this “commercial” is way too long…. people would get bored before they’re halfway through
        also it’s doing a very bad job of explaining
        it’s only showing a lot of games but it’s not explaining what people are so confused about.. what the wii U actually is.. and what that controller is for and what it can do

        nintendo are already making a good marketing effort.. at least where i live, i see a lot of commercials on TV nowadays (they’re not terribly good but still better than this 4 minute moloch up there)
        and they did understand that they have to explain the concept

    40. What the Wii U needs is a solid library and a cheaper price. i know nintendo is reluctant to drop the price because they are already selling it at a loss, but with the xbone and ps4 coming out soon they really would be stupid not to drop the price.
      Luckily the upcoming lineup looks amazing with sonic, 3d mario, donkey kong, and big sellers in 2014 like mario kart, smash bros and more for the hardcore gamer like bayonetta and X. The library is a done deal even if it was just purely 1st party games, what nintendo need to focus on is the price.

    41. If Nintendo offer a rebate to Wii owners for changing their console for a new Wii U, no other console will be able to outsell Wii U.

    42. There’s a lot of things wrong with the Wii U, but what would really help the Wii U is better games. It’s not enough for them to just bring back the usual suspects in the same way we’ve seen before, that’s boring. So stuff like Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, and Mario Kart 8 probably isn’t going to help the situation that much (yeah, the most devoted of Nintendo fans will jump on these games, but that won’t give the Wii U the amount of sales it needs to be competitive). They need something new and more innovative, if not a new IP, then do something new with an existing IP.

      Related to this issue, I haven’t seen a lot of Wii U games take advantage of the Wii U’s unique features. They act like the Gamepad is a revolution in gaming, and then they turn around and don’t do anything interesting with it. It would help make their games and the console in general a lot more worth buying if they used those features in ways that create unique gameplay. Mario Galaxy didn’t sell well simply because it was a Mario game on the Wii, it was because it was an innovative twist on the Mario gameplay and used the Wii remote to create a new experience. I haven’t really seen any games that do this for the Wii U, hence why sales are currently sucking.

    43. I think we need more games to accommodate the lack of sales. And they have to be good games that’ll also help show the consumers what the Wii U is and what it does. Things like that.

    44. At this point, as much as I would like a price drop a price drop its just not going to work. What it needs is GAMES. I don’t care how much some of you fanboys think otherwise, the Wii U needs solid third party support, something we CAN agree on though, is that Nintendo needs to start going all out on the first party. Right now we are getting excellent first party titles, but none of them are innovative or amazing, none of them really stand out and gve you a real reason to buy the Wii U. They, to me seem as if they could have all been done on the Wii minus the graphics,none are using the controller in a new and innovative way, It just seems like a giant DS. Something the Wii U also needs to do, is DO MORE THINGS! Have more apps, more features besised gaming, I’m not talking about making it the focus like what’s happening with the poor Xbox ONE, I’m talking about xbox 360, and PS3 level of choices at the LEAST! The system needs to feel modern, and it needs to be full of amazing games, and it needs to be supported, if Nintendo can achieve this, I believe they can perform the same miracle they did with the 3DS, but without a pice drop.

    45. Yea, the Wii U is overpriced and you know what you’re a freaking moron. The reason why sales are the way they are now are because games like Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U & W101 were suppose to be out in Q2 2013, but were delayed to be improved for the purpose of quality. Nintendo was thinking about the consumer first and not releasing glitchy buggy trash like other companies like to do. Also, because the tsunami in Japan like Nintendo explained. Wii U is not overpriced. It will be the cheapest next gen console on the market. You cannot twist that no matter how much you try. Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 & X360. FACT! Wii U has the gamepad. FACT! Nintendo learn their lesson from 3DS. The Wii U sold 3.4 million in the first 4 months with a ton of games in it’s launch line up. Lack of 1st & 2nd party new releases is Wii U’s problem which is being fixed with the start of Pikmin to other games throughout the year.

    46. If they had more good games, better advertising on tv AND in stores, playable kiosks in every store, a price cut AND some different colors besides the dull black and white, the Wii U would start selling like hotcakes.

      1. Seriously, it’s been almost a full year since the Wii U launched, and I STILL haven’t seen a single Wii U kiosk ANYWHERE. So I myself have never even got to see what the graphics and games looks like in person.

          1. Wal-Mart? REALLY? Neither Wal-Mart store where I live has Wii U kiosks. Not even Gamestop, Target or Best Buy. Makes no sense.

            1. There is one at the target near my house, but the controller is broken, so of course that isn’t helping the wii U

    47. Obviously it needs the games.

      With games it will sell better, that much is clear, but consoles have become so much more than they used to be. It was a niche market once, and so isn’t anymore. It’s not just the “geeks” sitting in the basement – of course we have those too, but everybody can enjoy gaming in some aspects these days. The Wii did appeal to a wide audience, but was quickly eclipsed by the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of general interest from the core consumers. Nintendo and fanboys can say what they want about the hardware sales, it’s the software that counts, and i won’t even begin to imagine the amount of software sales on the Xbox and PS3 compared to the Wii.

      Of course keytitles sold well on the Wii, but it pretty much saw a drought from 2010, with only few releases since, catching the eyes of the core, titles like Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns and of course the Rainfall titles, in which Xenoblade without a doubt was the most succesful (with reason – it’s a masterpiece!).

      Listen, as a musician you can write a one-hit wonder, or you can make a whole album with a bunch of great songs. If you’re not in it for the money, but for the actual enjoyment, you would want to put out music that people want to listen to for decades, so you can stay in the game! You don’t want to be remembered for one song you once made – every musician would tell you, that the songs they hate the most are those they have to play all the time.

      So while Nintendo can stay proud of the Wii for a little while, it must without doubt sting a little to see that your old stuff is doing better than your new and supposedly improved version of that. To me, the Wii U is a half-assed job. No one asked for the GamePad, in fact every core gamer were outraged at the whole motion shit taking over with Kinect and PS Move (which obviously both failed considering the potential – Move was far surperior to Wii Motion+ even).

      Nintendo has always been about innovation, improving and making things better. They can be thanked for many MANY things with regards to hardware and software, but at the same time, why can’t improved specs not be “innovation” ?

      In any case, i can’t give the right answers, ’cause i have been thinking about the Wii U’s situation many times, and all the wrong things, are all the things that Nintendo does. It’s as if they just don’t care, and it’s so sad to see their pride get in the way of things. It’s nothing but platformers and the same old titles…. I can have fun with that, but it’s not a whole lot of variety, so if you’re not into that, you simply stay away from the Wii U.

    48. The Wii U’s doing bad, but it is not doing horrible. It already has some exclusives on its lineup.

      Also, this is not news…this is an editorial of some sorts.

      Oh, and another thing… Look at the PS3! It did abysmal for 2 years until it started to do fucking decent.

      Just because the Wii U is at GameCube and PS3 levels of selling does NOT mean the Wii U is doomed.

      People are just being fucking idiots at thinking that the PS3, Vita, and 3DS suffered through the same thing!

      This is a really bad article, by the way. This is a NEWS site for NEWS, not “lol the wii u is doing crappy OH BAD END BAI WII U”.

    49. I think if Nintendo was on stage at E3 Wii U would have more sales. Best Buy event was great. All Nintendo has to advertising about Wii U now is games, Off-play Tv, backwards compatibility, and Free Internet services (in golden letters)

    50. “This is Nintendo. We are going to keep serving the same Menu over and over and over. We might add a little bit of salt and pepper to change things a bit but it’s basically the same Menu. The same Kids Menu we served you when you was a kid. We are not going to change our dishes into a teenager/adult content Menu. When you finally grow up and get tired of our Kids Menu, we will still be serving it to your kids and then the next and the next.”

      “Actually a few years back we used to have an adult/teenage Menu, we used to own awesome 2nd party developers like Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini), Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), Left Field (Excitebike64,Kobe Bryant NBA Courtside), the special relationship with Factor 5(Battle for Naboo, Rogue Squadron games),Retro Studios (Metroid games). All these amazing and talented western studios used to make dishes for our adult/teenage audience, but we decided to shift our focus on our Kids Menu and sell all these western studios (we only kept one).”

      “You already could see our change in focus on our last product the Wii. It had a lack of more mature/teenage content. We believe there is no audience on our restaurants for these type of dishes. Yet our fans were clamoring for an adult/teenage Menu. It took “Operation Rainfall” to convince us to release Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower on the West, as we know our market and it is centered at kids. We still didn’t bother to release Fatal Frame 2 in the West, we know our audience and this type of dish doesn’t sell well on our systems.”

      “The only western studio we currently have left is Retro Studios and we ordered them to work on another Kids Menu dish (Donkey Kong). We could have given them the freedom to do their own dish but we told them to work on this kids dish instead as it is part of our Kids Menu program. (Obviously if you ask them they will tell you that they wanted to, we own them, they will do and say as we do).”

      “Come an enjoy our Kids Menu. We add new iterations of our popular dishes. Gone is the time when we made other type of Menus for our different audiences. Different people like different things but we aren’t interested in them. Our focus is our Kids Menu.”

    51. I would say that smash bros 4 would save the wii u, but since it’s gonna be on both the wii u and 3ds, a lot of people who would normally buy the system for the game are just gonna get it on the 3ds. I think, to save the wii u, they need to make a ton of fantastic exclusives, because if the system is causing the loss and the games are making up for it, it would be most profitable to get a few consumers that consume a lot, if you know what i mean.

    52. the wiiu wont fail and nintendo definitely wont fail anytime soon. the wiiu is awesome im shocked that its not selling i mean playing with no tv, playing the game in the bathroom,two screen play,all the mario zelda n donkey kong games i mean good shit, hd, some 3rd party games like watch dogs assassin creed splinter cell n more, n mario !!!!!! n mario !!!!!!!! n mario n mario !!! boom boom boom everybody say wiiu! oh n im getting a ps4 soon as ufc comes out lol

    53. bayonetta2, x, watch dogs, splinter cell, assassin creed 4, call of duty ghost!!! im sure they will announce more but dont forget about mario 3d world, donkey kong tropical freeze, the wonderful 101, zelda, pikmin3 which sold a few wiius

    54. Wii U needs a significant price cut. Nintendo has to tap into its beloved characters and make a action adventure RPG that uses figures of Nintendo characters to become alive in game like Skylanders, and it the game and the figures are good quality, it will be a system seller.

    55. The Wii U needs games. Games from third party companies. How many Mario games are there. It needs big games to survive. Games sell consoles. Get rid of the touch screen controller and pack in the pro controller instead. This will lower the coast for Nintendo. It will also make it easier to program or port to. No need to program for 2 screens. Better yet kill the Wii U and build a new system on par with the PS4 and Xbox One. Give it a name that does not use the Wii brand.

    56. Price cut and games like Wii Sports U, which appeal to casual gamers; it needs a lot more casual games if they want it to have large sales.

      In regards to 3rd part hardcore games, they’re never going to have the western support PS4/XOne will have, so just focus on getting more Japanese games for the system, like Monster Hunter, Yakuza, Persona, etc.

    57. Also, it’s time for Nintendo to make an online Pokemon RPG. A lot of people will immediately buy a Wii U simply after seeing the trailer for it.

    58. They need a $50 price cut, announce the price-cut and it’s upcoming games together in all forms of advertisement. They should also have a bundle deal with Super Mario 3D land with a special edition Wii U with a Mario symbol on a red Wii U. And how about a Special Edition Wii U Smash Bros. Bundle next year.

      Just having a decent line-up won’t help at this point with two other consoles right around the corner. They need to not only advertise their product, but find ways (like my special edition bundle) to win over buyers.

      A price cut also is necessary, even if they are already selling it at a loss. If they do everything I mentioned above and put up a price cut, many people on the fence will be more likely to buy one.

      Then they need to have a regular flow of Nintendo titles on Wii U, like: Star Fox, Metroid, Pokemon, F-Zero, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Mario & Luigi RPG, Paper Mario, (a new) Earthbound, (a new) Zelda, Golden Sun, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Mario Baseball, Mario Basketball, Mario Strikers, other gamecube HD remakes (SSB Melee, Starfox Adventures, Mario Sunshine)… so-on. There are so many games they can make, so it should be easy to pick a franchise from their vast list of IPs and it wouldn’t hurt to make a new series too!

      It’s too obvious what they should do! This is how the 3DS picked back up and now it’s sitting at the top and it’s the one thing that keeps Nintendo alive…

      3DS… Price cut, bigger model, special edition bundles, tons of games=success

      Wii U… Crap whadda we do??!!?!

      Me… Retrace your steps, or just follow mine! Make people want a Wii U! Don’t just hope 6 games will fix everything!!

    59. They need to put some major first-party games out for the system. As innovative as nintendo systems go in terms of controls and so forth, and as noble as their goal of delivering hitherto unknown gaming experiences to people is, everyone who buys a Nintendo system buys it for Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, and the other A-list franchises. Right now they’ve got no games featuring their big names to sell the console, so of course it’s not doing well.

      Fortunately, Nintendo is also sitting on a literal Money Bin of cash, so they are pretty confident that they can basically wait it out until their major games hit the market and watch their systems suddenly sell. This strategy really punishes any companies that put games out before this happens (because no one’s playing them), so right now pretty much everyone is waiting on whatever they might want to do on the system until Nintendo’s first-party games come out. Basically, Nintendo’s created a situation where they released a system that no one wants to develop for until it has the games it should have been released with, which are like six months away. Rookie mistakes, seriously.

    60. Dont be an internet retard

      People ( when I say people I mean the Sony/Xbox drones) always doubt Nintendo, they always critizise Nintendo for not following the Norm like Sony and Xbox, all they say is Nintendo doesn’t have graphics like PS4 and Xbox 1, Nintendo games are kiddie crap, Nintendo should just stick to software and also forfeit the gaming industry,

      what No one seems to recall is that gaming today was all because of Nintendo, if it wasn’t for Nintendo, the PS1 would never have been created, (while that would’ve been awesome, it is unfortunate) and therefore Microsoft would have not entered the battle (again unfortunate) Sonic the Hedgehog was a character originally born out of Sega’s desire to rival our friend Mario, and so instead of praising Nintendo, for the successful moments, they kick Nintendo in the throat, I can assume that everyone here loves Nintendo, such as mister noble Nintendo Commander, I myself have Nintendo in my blood, I bleed the awesomeness that is Nintendo, I breath Nintendo, not for the recognition of supporting a console, but for Nintendo and how it created my childhood,

      Long Live Nintendo!

    61. I would hope Nintendo would do a price drop just to make the price look more appealing for those still hesitant to buy a Wii U, but I still don’t think that will happen. I think Nintendo are counting on the next few games from now until Christmas to turn things around. And while I think Rayman Legends, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World & DKC: Tropical Freeze will shift a good few units, I’m not sure it’ll be enough to get those huge numbers that the company so desperately needs.

      Nintendo need to convince people to buy Wii U and that is through software. I think most people are just waiting for Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Now those are system sellers, but that’s all the way in 2014 and Nintendo need more than those two game franchises if it wants to survive in a world with the PS4 & Xbox One. Now I’m not bashing Nintendo, in fact I love them, but they really need to start giving us content to make the system worth buying, I guess we’ll see over the next few months how Wii U fares.

    62. I’ve used to be a die-hard PS fan. We bought 3 PS3, to use for gaming and as dedicated blu-ray players. With new systems coming out, we were not happy with Xbox requiring Kinect. We will get a PS4, because there are a few games there are some games that we want. We already bought a WiiU, DS, DSi, and 3DS in the past year, primarily because of the games available (Over $700 spent on games in the last two years for the Nintendo devices). To be honest, a large part of our decision was based on forum attitudes. Xbox, PC, and PS fanboys can be very insulting, aggressive and trollish. There is far less of the negative fandom who support Nintendo.

      To improve sales, I think the WiiU needs a better ad campaign. The two men bowing advertising for the Wii was iconic and memorable. Many people I talk to think the WiiU is just another add-on. Nintendo needs to improve brand recognition for the WiiU. More of the popular games will help, but the brand needs to be highlighter as being new and different.

    63. They need a price cut of about 100 dollars!
      They also need bundled sets with games, choice games!
      Themed or better colour variety of the Wii-U! Seriously black and white? How boring, where is the colour palette!
      Where are the games? More games please! This is embarassing for a system with a shit load of franchises under its belt and they are having issues putting out games?

      Nintendo made quite a few bad moves this gen!

      They rushed the system out without a game library. How stupid is that and on top of that most of their