Zelda Fans Reveal Why They Want The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

At the MCM London Comic-Con 2013, Zelda fans revealed to Nintendo why they are looking forward to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. The game is a remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which was originally released in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube. Some Zelda fans are most excited for the remake’s enhanced visuals and controls; others say they can’t wait to revisit the flooded Hyrule to explore it and interact with its islands’ inhabitants.

It was rumored last month that a Wii U bundled with the remake will launch this year. It was recently revealed that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Collector’s Edition: Prima Official Game Guide is available for pre-order from Amazon. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will be released for Wii U in Europe and North America this October.


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    1. WW’s horrible compared to other Zelda games. It’s 90% water & 10% land. You’d think with all that water you’d at least be able to dive, SMH. Most of my time was consumed on just sailing alone–especially when looking for those blasted Triforce pieces.

    2. Maybe I’d consider buying the remake if the boat included a radio this time, haha, JK. This simplistic title offered no challenge at all, except trying to keep my interest. And the finale showdown was just a disgrace.

    3. On the plus side, WW had a unique artistic sense of style and was a product of much laughter for me. When I first saw what Ganondorf was reduced to, I laughed hard & non-stop for days. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much…

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  1. That is a very fat zelda…..JK But Im looking forward to Wind Waker HD because of the exploration. Its makes me feel like Christopher Linkombus.

  2. I want this game because I like its concept, done, everything else is extra for me, which is even better.

  3. It’s like Nintendo is trying to make the Wii U fail, fans ask for MM remake that would sell a motherfucking lot, but they take the last game that should’ve been remaked and remake it.

    1. First of all, the game has been remade, not “remaked.” Secondly, it’s far more likely for a MM remake to appear on 3DS than on the Wii U, since they’ve already done OoT.

      1. Remade?And everybody is saying “wind waker hd remake”….3ds is selling fine, wii u needed that push, wii u needed a game so desired, not the 3ds, obviously you have no idea about buisness, imbecil

        1. Well a lot of people are clamoring for this so you are mistaken if you think they aren’t. Also it was recreated from the ground up so it isn’t just up-rezed.

          1. Ok, you motherfucking idiots who are so handicaped it’s unbelieveable…I never said people wouldn’t buy WW HD, but there wasn’t a movement for it like it was for MM remake(Operation Moonfall) all the people that were the part of it would buy the Wii U for it, and many more, are all of the people these days just retarded

              1. Ok, I give up, if you want to see it on the 3DS with minor graphical improvements, ok…I know you all are going to defend Nintendo if tommorow they killed your families, because you are retarded….let that just sink in….retaaaaarded and don’t have a clue about marketing, and so doesn’t nintendo

        2. Ignoring Nintendo annouced Zelda U for Wii U, and yet you want to play dumb and pretend they never annouced it.

        3. “Remaked” isn’t a work; ‘remade’ is the past tense of ‘remake,’ hence, you should have said, “last game that should’ve been [remade].” Just for the record, I’d rather see a Wind Waker remake than a Majora’s Mask remake.

          1. Oh, that?if that is your argument, i’m not even gonna waste my brain cells on you, so shut the fuck up, grammar nazi

                    1. “Shakespear had no time for morons, and i don’t have time either”.

                      Then why are you wasting time here? To prove why nintendo gone a quicker route to test the HD properties for the new Zelda? Major’s mask is a better choice yes, but since wind waker was also “what if” part to OoT and MM, I see no reason why they wouldn’t do so for either system. However, I do see why they chosen Wind Waker, its quicker for a test out for the consumers like me and you. Sure, MM would have been more kick ass but there is another reason why they choose WW and its because of the 3 day time limit. People got frustrated easily even for an advanced players. Plus the cele art style is easier to make in HD as well. People don’t think why choose a crappy version instead of an awesome version remade games. Maybe that’s why you stuck around but if you truely don’t have “time to dumbshits”, then you wouldn’t have came back just to prove a point. You sir have just been pro trolled.


                    2. My god, people really are Nintendo Drones on this site, ok there be happy with the game that didn’t even need a remake

        4. First of all, how about you try to be less of a cunt ?
          Second, Zelda-WW sold about 40% more than Zelda-MM did, keep.

          Keep in mind that when Zelda-WW was released, the GameCube had sold around 9.5m units.
          At the time of release for Zelda-MM, the N64 had sold around 31m units.

          You clearly don’t know what you are talking about, and know nothing about business, leave it to the people who can actually do it,

          “Imbecile” ….

          1. Keep in mind it was overshadowed by ocarina of time, and was released along with many good games, wind waker was a bundle, and the first next gen zelda game, so shut the motherfucking fuck up

              1. Oh, well i guess wii sports sold so much because everyone wanted it…imbecile, and 2. Then why are people waiting for the wii u zelda saying “i can’t wait for the hd zelda” retarded dk

        1. I’m not asking for it. I have it on my Wii VC so I’m good. I’d rather much play ww HD. It’s more deserving of the HD upgrade… But po-tay-toes, po-tot-toes….

      1. Because then Wii U wasn’t announced and the 3DS was selling like Wii U now, you monkey, you fucking camel

        1. Hey bro. What is wrong with you? Stop insulting people. Nobody is insulting you. You have your opinion and they have theirs and that is not a reason to just slam them with insults. Dude get over yourself and that’s it. Besides we all love Nintendo. That should unite us like a nation. Not separate us, that is where trolls come in.

          1. I love nintendo, yes, but some of their actions are questionable, and i can’t stand the stupidity of the people, and here nobody is thinking rationally

            1. I know there are some questionable decisions. I agree. But that is not going to downgrade the level of polish we are accustomed in nintendo games nor the quantity of games we are going to get from them. We aARE going to get a MM remake. Trust me. They know that fans are dying to see that game again including me. They are just waiting for the right moment. In this precise moment, it is easier to remake it for the 3ds because, as 13 years ago, MM would use the same engine and graphics with minor improvements as OoT3D. I agree that on the wii unit would be simply mindblowing (just watch the fanmade trailer) and I know the wii u needs it more, but I think it would be to time consuming and would be to taxing. And nintendo isn’t on a position that allows them to afford that. Maybe there is a nod to it in SSB4 where young link has the power to change masks and have completely different attacks, as pokemon trainers. What I’m trying to say is that there is a lot of time. The console just launched. The GameCube and the N64 for example, didn’t sell too much, and there are GEMS and CLASSICS in those platforms. Indicating that nintendo WON’T downgrade their games for the platform whether that be qualitywise or quantity wise. Just wait and see. We are going to get the gAme, but not yet.

    2. Those fans that ask for a MM remake are a loud minority.
      Just look at the abysmal sales of the original MM.

        1. At least you make a good point. I guess you could call it a calm before the very important part of the game. Very similar to TV shows. Yea I starting to have second opinion on sailing all day. Not yet but I might have a second opinion.

  4. I for one am disappointed about the HD remake, as great of a game that Wind Waker is… looking back at its graphical style of the game for the time was a smart move as it is a cartoony styled game that is meant to look like that, kinda eliminating the need for an HD remake. To me this just feels like a filler game before the next new Zelda adventure on WiiU. Having said that, I love the game to bits but would have much preferred a brand new Zelda game to make its debut on WiiU rather than a game I literally can right NOW but with up rez’d graphics.

    1. Nintendo has already stated that they’re remaking WW so fans would have something to play during the wait for Zelda U.

    2. Nintendo basically admited was just a filler to hold us over untill the next gen Zelda was done. Personally i wouldve prefer that MM was remade, but hey, this one is also great.

  5. Link, Zelda, Fi, Link, Song of storms dude, Link, Link, Fourswords Links, Fierce Ditey Link, (did I spell that right? Oh well.) Link, Zelda, Link, Zelda, Midna, Link, and Ice King because fuck you.

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  6. I’m excited for this game. But the graphics don’t really look all that different from the already amazing Gamecube original in my opinion.

  7. I’m already sold on this game because it’s solving the issues I had with the GC version.
    Sailing is faster and the Triforce Piece hunt has been readjusted to be less tedious.
    That’s more than enough for me to love this and want it.

    1. am i the the only one that actually enjoyed everything about the game? i loved the sailing it was peaceful and calm, the triforce part i enjoyed too.

      1. Same. I loved the sailing and treasure hunting. I never had any issues with it. My only complaint was that there was far too many treasure chests out in the ocean with basic rupees etc. in them. But it’s no biggie.

  8. Interesting. I never realized people from the UK pronounced the letter H different from those in the US….”hhaytch”

    1. Yeah…I am not a fan of the “English” accent myself. It bothers me sooo much. Like how some people are bothered and annoyed by the Indian accent.

      1. I heard some people are annoyed by racists. Aren’t you late for a Klan meeting? The Grand Dragon is going to be upset…

        1. Oh I didn’t know it was racist to “dislike” something… When are you living, the 1950’s?

    1. Wow….this kinda makes me worry for the future of the video game industry. Sounds like Nintendo is actually smarter than anyone ever thought. Nintendo will rule the video game industry and very soon at that, only a couple years.

    2. I watched every bit of that video. It was awesome. The blog he was reading from brought up some really good points and got my brains cogs churning. Everything but the numbers at the end sounded plausible. Thanks for sharing this and why in the world have I not heard of this guy till now?!

  9. I bought a Wii U and i am just floored. What a waste of my money which i slave away for. I just don’t think these Jappos can swindle another crispy frogskin out of me after a bamboozle of this character. They must take me for a fool! Not johnny boy, and i’m sounding off with a vengeance for all you crab sucking nancy boys out there. Don’t let these hustlers push their crooked goods on you anymore.

    1. If it was a waste of money, then why did you buy it in the first place? If you really did buy one, that is.

            1. Yes, however it isn’t possible with the website and I doubt Sickr wants to lose hits on the website either.

    2. The conspiracy goes on… hey, Illuminati guys, we know you want to dumb down people with your Xboxes or whatever, but you’re kinda wasting effort when there’s a bigger problem–the very existence of console gaming–afoot.

  10. I want to be awarded miss sizzling hot because its so fucking hot in here

    ohhhh zelda i thought it was about that 80s porn film i watched at 13

    i wish they would remake that….lol

    cannot wait for this on my 42 inch cock i mean tv…

  11. I think I would fall into a coma of pure nerdy bliss if they announced a full 3D HD version of A Link To The Past. You know, in a 3D world like Ocarina Of Time, Wow!

    1. That’d almost be worth it if you never posted here again, never waking up from the coma and all…

  12. I’ve been playing WW on the Gamecube recently and you can really see how good these new additions to the game are looking :D It’s truly exciting for me. I think this Christmas I’ll be getting the Wii U ;)

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