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The Pokémon Company Reveals Three New Mega Pokémon

The Pokémon Company has revealed three new Mega Pokémon. Dark-type Absol, Electric-type Ampharos and Steel/Fairy-type Mawhile will be able to undergo a Mega Evolution in Pokémon X and Y. The Pokémon’s new forms, which can only be achieved during battle, may change their ability or type. After a battle in which a Pokémon Mega-Evolves, it will return to its usual state. A couple days ago, Mega Kangaskhan was revealed. Pokémon X and Y will be released worldwide on October 12th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

101 thoughts on “The Pokémon Company Reveals Three New Mega Pokémon”

      1. the hell? kinda Digimon? but what a full of bullshit is pokemon nowadays. i think 5 or maybe 3 years hence pokemon go to fail. Sorry.

        1. I disagree, I think Pokemon’s steadily improved.
          People that say Gen 1 or gtfo are newbs. They only think that because they played Red or Blue as a kid and never played anything later. It’s all just nostalgia.

          1. meh! all the generations of pokemon are bullshit but pokemonXY is the worst shit. R.I.P pokemo… it’s about time!

            1. Lol you make me laugh. Pokemon hasn’t looked as good since 3rd gen. 5th and 6th are the good ones of the series. And to be honest, Pokemon did the whole evolution thing before Digimon so I don’t know WHAT THE FUCK your goin on about.

              1. If we’re going by that logic dragon quest came out before pokemon and can take credit for the entire concept of traveling with,battling and training monsters and other games like Pokemon would be a copy by default regardless of unique concepts.

            2. Why do you say such things about a game you haven’t even played yet?

              Besides, Pokémon has come along way since the old days. I would rather look forward to new features and innovations than go back to the clunky, broken, glitch gameplay of Red and Blue…

          2. Define “improved.”
            >Taking the same formula, but adding on to it (8 gym leaders with new names; 8 badges with different shapes, etc.)?
            >Taking a step backwards to past generations & giving a few meaningless, 1-use “evolutions”?

            1. i guess he mean as a whole, no from black 2 to x and white, or what? you are going to tell me that x and y is the same metagame than red and blue?

              1. In terms of starting off in a small town as a mostly fatherless bastard, “Gotta catch ’em all”, collecting eight gym badges, defeating an organization going by Team *insert name*, challenging the Elite Four and making it into the Hall of Fame, yes!

                  1. Veeeeeerrrry big difference.
                    Even though X and Y have some cool ideas, the whole Mega Evolution to make them Mega Powerful is just stupid. I mean, seriously? Ooooooh look how cool he is, he can evolve to become even stronger! Ooooooooh wow look how powerful he is!
                    I know it’s about competing and all, but when they literally hand out SHINY LEGENDARIES, the whole thing gets unbalanced and boring. Literally, they HAND OUT SHINY LEGENDARY POKEMON. Remember when Legendaries were hard to come by, and Shiny Pokemon were so rare you almost never see them? And what do they do?
                    Give out shiny legendaries.

                  2. BW2
                    [N] Starting in a small town
                    [Y] Bastard
                    [Y] Catch ’em all
                    [Y] Evil Orginization
                    [Y] Eight gym leaders/badges
                    [Y] Elite Four
                    [Y] Hall of Fame

                    1. The same is true of any two games in the same series.
                      Zelda, CoD, Fifa, Starfox, Pikmin

                      All games within a series are based on the same concept. That’s what makes them the same series.

          3. >Take the same formula, but remove features to possibly add it again later for a “revolutionary” effect (151new Pkmn135new Pkmn106new Pkmn156NEW PKMN WOW?, -bike hopping,-radio,-night in R/S, -Diving, etc)?
            >Throwing in a new type?

        2. Wake up and smell the roses pokemon has not failed in 10 years so it’s safe to say they will continue to go on.

    1. Emo Absol and Drag Queen Ampharos are new aren’t they?

      They should’ve just given Mawille a proper evolution, it’s a standalone Poke that is way underpowered. Also Mega Evolution is a confusing name. Should’ve been Mega Transformation or MegaMorphisis or something.

        1. Haha, that’d be amazing. Make it part steel and all armoured up n shit. Like, way over the top.

          Also Luvdisc.

      1. Emo absol and Electric/DRAGON Ampharos (the article didn’t state it’s new type) was revealed way back in the corocoro magazine in Japan, along with the other megas we know. Agree with mawile, but maybe a pre-evo is fine. Mega evolution is confusing tho since it’s not really evolving, only transforming.

  1. To clarify, this is The Pokemon Company saying these are official. We knew about them from CoroCoro, but Pokemon never said anything about them.

  2. I hope they dont put more than one mega pokemon in smash 4. They put too many damn playable pkmn in brawl. Pikachu jigglypuff and one more is fine

    1. How is that different to 4 characters from Zelda, or 4 from Mario or 3 from Star Fox (which where all clones BTW)?

      You are complaining about having 4 characters from a series, even when all of them played very differently from one another, while other series where guilty of being all clones?

  3. I’m glad Gamefreak is specifically giving away Torchic (my favorite starter thanks to its final evo Blaziken; the most badass PKMN out there) just to promote this new sweet gameplay and some PKMN’s killer extreme makeover. :3

    And to those thinking this is ripping off Digimon, I think ya are very moronic and never even heard nor experienced Digimon at all.

      1. xD seeing you trolls fail to do the thing your worst at is HI-LARIOUS. Stick back to cleaning toilets, dumbass. And Pokemon did the whole evolution thing before Digimon, and yes you are a MORON.


            Ahh I love the smell of fail in the morning. Digimon was the first to make a game from evolution but were far from conceptions the idea, and far from turning it into a game franchise like Pokemon excelled to do, because virtual pets are fucking lame. Instead of just searching one thing you should’ve searched up both. LOL. Don’t waste my time with your unresearched links fool.

            1. That garbage link you put just says the tajiri started drawing monsters in 1990 and dragon quest beat him at that they already had a game out wit monsters,training,leveling up, &battling way before tajiri even thought abt making Pokemon into a game FAIL!!

            2. Btw nintendo started off as a card company before making games&cards suck therefor by ur logic ninty’s a copy of odyssey,PC& othrs before! Digi v pet was officially first to make evolutions& linked battles which makes it a game too so fuck u!! FAIL!!!!!!!

              1. tl:dr honestly if it’s this easy to rustle your jimmies, you’ve got self esteem issues. I’m not gonna read some retards poorly written excuse when you yourself failed to give me any knowledge. Fail troll is fail LOL. So glad you care enough to come back and reply to me after this long. It show determination.

                1. tl;dr honestly if its this easy to rustle ur jimmies about failing to me u’ve got self esteem issues. Im not reading some retard’s poor written excuse for a comeback when u urself failed to provide a counter to my pwnage.LOL u still fail. Nice try.

      2. Except, from what I remember, Mega Digimon are an official evo stage of Digimon, and these MPokemon are temporary forms that only activate during battle. O_O Digimon have 5 stages (6 including the baby stage) and Pokemon have three; this 4th stage isn’t an official thing because it only activates during battle.

        Well everyone in this area is trolling anyway; I just wanted to defend both of them because I’m one of the few people who likes both of them, and they’re totally different aside from the “-mon” at the end of the title /lazycry

    1. .. There is so many new things coming from Pokemon, you seem to be completely blind from it. New Megaforms, New graphic styling, New Pokemon, New adventure, New story, New battle system, New Towns/villages/cities/forests, New gym leaders, New trolls to fucking mess this shit up, and New Anti-trolls to put them in there place.

  4. Why would anyone pre-order unless there’s a special pre-order bonus? There’s no way stores will be sold out of a game this popular. I used to pre-order due to fear of stock running out. But that’s never happened. Except when the original Wii first came out.

    1. In my opinion, the 3rd generation is my worst…

      It’s not bad but I somehow just get bored faster with it than all other generations…

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