Nintendo GDC Booth And Sessions Announced For Wii U Indie Developers


Nintendo of Europe announces today its first attendance as a Platinum Sponsor at the Game Developers Conference (GDC Europe) 2013 from 19th – 21st August, in Cologne, Germany. Developers will be able to interact with members of Nintendo to learn about self-publishing on Nintendo eShop, and attend sessions that detail the Nintendo Web Framework and Unity tools that facilitate developing software for Wii U.

Nintendo is giving independent developers the opportunity to publish games on Wii U via Nintendo eShop, opening up a platform to make their games available to owners of the system, as well as create unique gaming experiences only possible on Wii U. Registered Nintendo developers will benefit from the freedom to sell their games in a way that suits their business, with no concept approval process, the freedom to set the price and release date, and without a sales threshold.

Nintendo will host two different sessions:

Application Development with HTML and Java Script for Wii U:

Monday 19th August, from 13:00 – 14:00

Speakers: Martin Buchholz (NOE), Svyetoslav Pidgornyy (NOE)

Highlighting the way that developers can quickly develop Wii U software using Nintendo Web Framework.

Unity, Wii U and You:

Tuesday 20th August, 13:00 – 14:00

Speakers: Wayne Johnson (Unity), James Steele (NOE)

Focusing on the benefits for developers through Nintendo’s collaboration with Unity, demonstrating the technical advantages of using Unity and the process of getting your title published on Wii U.

Developers who visit the stand will also be able to learn about how to develop using the libraries available to them as registered developers for Wii U, such as Nintendo Web Framework, which allows software to be developed through common Web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. In addition there is Unity, which is a fast and easy-to-use development environment that is used by over 2 million developers, and features sophisticated technology including 3D graphic functionality, animation, AI, scripts and FX. Both libraries give indie developers the chance to utilise Wii U features such as the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote controllers for a unique gameplay experience.


  1. Nintendo should do a best seller of the year of Indie games in retail form too. It would be awesome for both Indies and ninty.

    1. I’d definitely second Nintendo doing something like Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged – offering a compilation (3-5) of eShop titles on disc for $30-$40. It’d take some licensing, but I believe it’s doable.

      For instance, for 2013 you could have Puddle, Nano Assault Neo, Trine 2 and Cloudberry Kingdom.

      I’d also support having another compilation for Virtual Console titles, with up to 10 best-selling titles for $30-$40. You could have EarthBound, Donkey Kong, Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Kid Icarus and Super Metroid for 2013.

    1. That was stupid Moronic and idiotic all in one. As much as I detest Sony and Microsoft, ignorant words and insults are not becoming of a nintendo or gaming fan. Leave that for myopic and morons.

  2. Im sick of hearing indies this indies that blah blah blah. Ok its nice that indies support but it would be nice if Nintendo would try to get more “Big” devs on board too. Im not hating, just sayin…

    1. I agree. There’s gonna be a flood of casual crap on the Wii U (just like on the Wii) with all of these indie developers. Lets hope that some of their games make it big, and are actually really good.

    1. The Indie Tribes are the great powers of the future and so our Empire is reaching out to them to form alliances…

      When the current Third Class Powers like the Electron Army falls, eventually thhe Xbots will be destroyed automatically and the Sonyans will be weakened…

      Thus our Empire will restore the true purpose of gaming…

      1. Nintendo Commander, last week a Disney game sold 150 000 copies on the 3DS in Japan. That is not even a nintendo ip, when Pokemon X and Y release, all systems, home console or handheld shall be outsold in consoles and games by the 3DS. Haters don’t even mention the 3DS anymore. This generation no amount of power of the PS4, or sheer technological and intellectual might of the WiiU will match the 3DSs great gaming and scientific marvels it contains; the xboxone’s 1 billion dollar marketing pales to the 3DS’s self selling appeal and wonder.

        1. That’s good news indeed…

          Once Pokemon X and Y are unleashed, total Nintendomination shall be achieved globally…

          Indeed, once the games start to flood the Wii U, history will repeat itself leaving the Xbots in fear of going down as both our Empire and the Sonyan Legion are attacking them at the same time on different areas ahahahahahah…

  3. Nintendo of Europe is doing a commendable job of advertising and getting necessary small business indies on board. A Swedish legend, made an indie classic gunman on 3DS. Wonderful game. All nintendo needs now, is to make a business push for 5 of the 7 real big third party games of 2014 and we shall all be good.

    1. Main Base in EU Territory gave orders for an Operation Blitzkrieg Advertisement and Information or (O.B.A.I) to spread the word in this corrupted Xbot infected territory…

      Lord Shibata has increased his powers and is possibly trying to expand High Command’s influence in EU alot more aswell…

      1. Indeed Nintendo Commander, Satoru Shibata San has set up an offensive of the great kind. Not only is Europe getting great release deals, but also the rare nintendo IPs that usually release in Japan alone. Though it took nintendo being humbled, it has allowed for games that would need make it out of Japan to finally grace Europe and the entire world :).

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