Shin’en Says They Are Working On Second Generation Wii U Engine


Nintendo centric developers Shin’en have revealed via Twitter that they are currently working on their second generation Wii U engine. The development studio says that will showcase the new engine when they are ready to reveal the unannounced games that they are currently working on. The developer previously said that they plan to announce new Wii U titles this fall.

Shin’en, huge fan of you guys here. What exact month can we expect your guy’s new game announcements this Fall?

Well, we would love to show first images along with the announcements. So as soon our 2nd gen Wii U engine is ready.

Thanks, Sam N


    1. Nano Assault for the 3DS was mine…

      I so appreciate the support and alliegiance we are fetting from the Shin’en Tribe…

      They could become or next Rare/Retro Studios…

      And unlike the N64 era, the Wii U will have 2 of them ahahahahahah…

    2. Yeah mine too. Two player mode is a blast. The game is beautiful even more so than whatever nintendo has out.

      1. Better looking than Pikmin 3? You need to get your eyes checked…. I love Shin’en, but come on, P3 is easily the best looking console game you can purchase today on store shelves, yes even better looking than the janky looking hot mess TLOU.

  1. If Ninty is not quite ready to develop HD games at a fast rate and understaffed…Hire these guys ASAP!

    1. Nintendo is fine. Just have them buy Atlus and get more devs

      They really should hobnob with silicone studio and shinen more though

    1. The bad press the wiiu has gotten because of the name will be very productive when they start to rise again.

      1. Indeed, once those brilliant Pikmin 3 titles are released, wait! Pikmin 3 is already out, the first AAA or AAAA title of the home consoles of this next generation. Wonderful 101 is next then Sonic lost world. Super Mario 3D world, great indie titles, the relevant third party offerings :). EA putting FIFA 14 on the 3DS, the turncoats are crawling back lol.

  2. 2014 I’m guessing. The wait shouldn’t be too hard with all the epicness coming to Wii U in the fall. Idk the name of the guy who 1st posted this [thank you, nameless one], but I’m sharing it cuz it makes the Wii U look fantastic-

      1. Wow this is a good clip. I knew about all the games but this video really shows that are many games and exclusives none the less to come. Really cool. It is quite a bit too lengthy for a actual commercial though. It could play at like the Superbowl albeit a shorter version.

  3. Every Nintendo Gamer should purchase a Shin’ en game. I have nano assault Neo :), the Nintendo commander has nano assault ultra vector. NINTENDO Domination started with monster hunter 3 Ultimate on the WiiU. This Christmas shall not be an easy takeover story for the PS4 as people once thought. 3.5 gigs of RAM for use by developers, down significantly from the 6 to 7 gigs most sonydrones thought was to be used for games. Let us smile with joy.

    1. Indeed…

      Imagine the massacre Pokemon X and Y will cause in 2 months…

      And that’s just the beginning of the true Nintendomination!

      No Xbot is safe ahahahahahahah!

      1. They have Halo 5 being made by 343, former retro programmers using Samu’s old prime visor technology.

    2. Still more than 1 Gig for games that Wii U has. Nintendo was cheap, Wii U should have 6-8 Gigs RAM too.

      1. How do you even know how much RAM the WiiU has? Nintendo hasn’t OFFICIALLY released system specifications since GameCube. Before the GameCube was even released, they stated that it’d have a 405 MHz IBM CPU and they gave their polygons per second in actual GAME type polygons with 6 light sources. XBOX stated that it’d have an 800 MHz Intel CPU and gave their polygons per second as triangles per second (yes, a triangle is technically a polygon but, not many games use only triangles as their polygons). People compared the MHz to MHz – not factoring in that IBM CPU’s handled graphics BETTER than Intel and Intel chips handled Office documents faster (at that time). And, they compared the two numbers – not looking at the fact that they were not triangles to triangles without light sources. XBOX was declared winner before it even came out. Other factors were left out of the deciding process as well, Microsoft and Sony used regular board connectors to connect their CPU’s to their boards. Nintendo used GOLD and, if you remember your VERY basic science, gold is a better conductor. Also, with the disc’s physical size being about half of Sony’s or Microsoft’s, the laser would read the entire disc in about half of the time. What does that mean? Shorter load times. Also, GameCube could compress and decompress data through its hardware (not software). And, if you have ANY comprehension, you’d know that THAT would increase the disc read speed even further. However, XBOX and Playstation fanboys believed that their favorite system was superior.
        Anyway, my point is that you are NOT getting your information from Nintendo’s website so, it IS speculation… maybe not speculation by YOU but, by whomever you got your “information” from. On Nintendo’s website, you get:
        CPU (type only, no number of cycles per second or anything)
        GPU (again, type only – no numbers)
        Storage (no mention of RAM here)
        Video Output
        Audio Output
        …and other things that I wouldn’t put under Tech Specs
        For tech specs, I go to the companies’ official sites. All other sites seem to want to either hype them up or belittle them.
        I am excited about PS4 having an 8-core CPU but, I’m kind of worried about it being “low power” (as stated on Sony’s website). And, the RAM being GDDR5 means it’ll be fast.
        I’m also excited about an HD Kinect that “understands” movement MUCH better than this generation’s Kinect.
        I guess my main point is this: don’t deny yourself from playing a GREAT game just because it’s not on your favorite console. I own almost all the systems made since SNES and I got a FANTASTIC collection of games that I enjoy.
        My secondary point is: history seems to be getting rewritten more and more each day.
        My tertiary point is: don’t fall for HYPE or SYSTEM BASHING.

  4. I said while ago new ip’s coming holidays via update as am pretty sure one is fps that from what I heard.These new ip’s in terms of graphics and gameplay going up level or two.Wait till this update kicks in we see little more what wii u is capable.

    1. Lauch titles games use first engine cuz few things are still unknown. Now second engine means that new features have been found and coded to the system. Making it better.

    2. Nano Assault Neo their e-shop masterpiece is running at 720-1080P mark up shaders, resoluting at 60fps while only using barely 2 of the WiiU’s 3 cores. This they put on the WiiU with I presume generation 3 WiiU development kits. Nintendo sent out generation 5 development kits last September-October; yes dare to imagine the wonders landing on the WiiU soon.

  5. 3ds overload and wiiu incoming games. What else a true gamer needs? Boobs and blood -___-

    1. Hurrah for the boobs, by blood I hope you mean green blood, imagine a Hulk-Black Panther-Spiderman-Ms marvel game on the WiiU :).

  6. Ok i don’t get it. Are they making a new Wii U engine like for the console? Or just the a games new engine? (for an example the hedgehog engine that 3d sonic games run on, like one of those engines?)

      1. Anything Nintendo related would blow you away. They could announce they’re selling manure tomorrow and your mind would be blown away in excitement.

    1. Shin’en may be making a racer game, perhaps F-zeo for the Wii U? Whatever they do you can pretty much guarantee that the engine will really make good use of the hardware and they will settle for nothing less than 60fps.

  7. second gen engine uses 2 cpu cores not 1 and game is a gig in size not 100mb lol….



    1. Who wants to bet by tomorrow trolls will forget alll about this and go back to acting like Wii U has no upcoming gaming announcements?

      1. Awww what wrong Nintenlord? I hit a nerve because you know I’m right that tomorrow Sonydrones will forget about this good news?

    2. the game was so small because they used procedural generation executed on your machine when you start the machine (i.e. code is used at startup to generate part of the assets -> the assets are not stored on disk -> the game is very small)

      there are extreme examples of that technique being applied.. i can recommend downloading the experimental game “kkrieger”
      it’s only 100kb in size but trust me you’ll be amazed what can be crammed into those 100kb if it’s nothing but code ;)
      that game generates *all* of its assets (textures, models, effects, sounds) from code

  8. so the games are just a few months to come out for nintendos latest dust machine. if only like 3 exclusives and some ubisoft games for 2013, it still has some time to wait but at least not months on end. the real question is….. when is all the games that are coming out in 2014 actually coming out?????

    1. Ignoring that at E3 it was announced that 18 exclusive s are coming but you prefer to play dumb in acting like W101 is the last game until next year.

  9. Nintendo needs to make an engine for the Wii U that kicks Frostbite, Unreal and Crytek’s asses.

    1. Which will never happen because that would be a smart idea. Nintendo doesn’t like them …

      1. REALITY CHECK: Nintendo’s development team have already gotten an engine for the Wii U. Secondly, Nintendo have signed with Unity in creating an engine for indie developers.

        1. Don’t waste your breath N-dub. By tomorrow they are going to play dumb and forget about what you just said about the Wii U’s engine. Yet they rember all the good annoucments from Sony and Xbone.

        2. you do realize that you can have more than 1 or just a couple game engines for a platform right?
          gosh i’m not even sure people here have any idea what a game engine is judging by all the comments…

      2. Is that why Nintendo is the ONLY of the 3 to make millions of pure profit? While Sony just barely started making profit on the ps3, at the end of its life lol… While xbox division has not made ANY profit, and Investors want to sell it off? Losing millions upon millions? Yeah if those are “Good Ideas” then sony/ms can keep’em!

    2. shin’en is a team of about half a dozen people.. are you for real now? it will be impossible for them to achieve that

  10. What exactly does he mean by “second generation Wii U engine”? You mean, the Wii U will eventually have a more powerful engine than the one currently available? Or does it mean he’s just working on the successor to the Wii U, which will be released in 5 or 6 years?

    1. engine in this context = foundation of their game
      it has nothing to do with a new version of the wii U or whatever

      it’s their 2nd generation of games on the wii U

  11. well they’ve already hinted at that before, saying that their next game would feature tesselation and whatnot.. so they kinda had to create a new engine :P

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