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Call Of Duty – By The Numbers Infographic


50 thoughts on “Call Of Duty – By The Numbers Infographic”

  1. This is a real bad infographic. Numbers of cars exploded? Yeah let’s count how many times a car that always will be brand new when a new session begins. Then hours played. That’s just wrong. How can something been out for around ten years has more hours played then mankind on earth. Obviously they are counting each players time and adding it. Which means they’re counting several hours multiple times.

    1. Yes, they obviously are counting each player’s time. Because that’s basically what “total hours Call of Duty has been played” means.
      And no, cars don’t explode whenever a round begins. Players actually have to blow them up themselves.
      It is not a bad infographic. Actually, I find it quite interesting and even impressing, even though I’m not even a fan of the series.

    1. Being proud of it, yeah, dumb! I would say that you are also assuming that all CoD players are proud of the statistic. Which is not true.

    1. It is prolly a waste of time to you!

      Actually a lot of stuff is a waste of time. Watching movies, reading comic books, playing card games, playing games that don’t have a puzzle factor to them, is an ultimate waste!

      We agree there, CoD is a waste of time in the long run!

  2. For the last one, if you reverse it you get what CoD does to you after extended exposures to the game. all that needs to be added is a w liter of Gatorade and some racism.

    1. It’s not about whether the game sucks or not… it’s about what it represents. Namely, the fallacy of humanity.

  3. All thoses facts are great … but even if I have Ghost on my Wii U …I will play it until super smash bros come out. After SSB comes out .. the earth and time stop for me. Its the end and the begining .. the alpha and omega. no other fucking game count.

  4. All the butthurt.
    I don’t think any of you would go “OMG SHOWS HOW SICK COD PLAYERS ARE” “ARE THEY PROUD OF THIS??????” “SHOWS HOW RETARDED COD MAKES PPL” if this inforgraphic would show, idk, how many goombas were killed in total or how many hours have been spent in the Mushroom Kingdom until this day. You’re all pathetic assholes.

    1. im pretty sure that if it had how many hours of Smash have been played, How many times a nerd had tried looking up peaches dress, or how many pictures were taking with Smash Characters doing sexual poses. It would pretty much amount to this, and no one would give a fuck or have anything negative to say about it.

      1. You know, I just want to state that I did that with peach and Zelda. It was a challenge I simply had to accept. And I have 350+ hours on that game… yeahh… Its usually when family is over and stuff… And each of my Pokémon games have 250+ hours as well…. Damn. Time really adds up.

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