Nintendo Hopes It Can Target New Audience With The Wonderful 101


Nintendo UK hopes it can draw in a new audience with Wii U exclusive, The Wonderful 101.  Nintendo UK product manager Danielle Robinson believes that the game isn’t a niche title and could well appeal to a broad audience. The Wonderful 101 is developed by acclaimed developer, Platinum Games. A demo for the fast-paced action title is available to download on the Wii U eShop.

“It’s not a niche game and so it has the potential to transcend to a wider audience, which I think is an opportunity for both console and the game brand.”


  1. This is one of the the few games where playing the demo actually turned me off from wanting to buy the game. It just seems hallow and thrown together IMHO.

    1. Have you played the demo more than once? Because myself along with other members of this site didn’t enjoy the demo until they played again and then they got really into it.

    2. The game has an intense learning curve. You need to fully get the controls before you can enjoy the game. So usually this means playing a few times.

  2. It’s not niche in style, but niche in gameplay and difficulty.

    Because it’s actually doing something unique.
    And it’s hard.
    Frankly, more games should be niche.

    1. I find it weird how people complain about games being too easy, but when they get thrown a difficult game that’s exceptionally challenging they sit back and complain about how much effort they have to put into it. I mostly hear that about Nintendo games.

      1. Well it’s fine to complain about difficulty if it isn’t fair. Some games are difficult just because the’re broken or just way to insane that the’re next to impossible and that’s just not good game design. Games like Wonderful 101, Megaman, Demon Souls are hard but fair because the’re designed really well and the controls are so refined that when you die it’s your fault and not the game.

      2. Nintendo games are usually far more difficult than games on Playstation and xBox.

        Nintendo usually designs their games that start off easy, but half way through they ramp the difficulty up.

        Compare that to xbox and playstation where health regeneration is the norm…. in fact you are not even playing half the time, you are watching cut scenes and asked to press a button to awesome in QTE events 40% of the time.

        I’m sorry, but Donkey Kong Country Returns is easily far more difficult than any first party title on x360 or ps3…..

        When companies target the largest amount of gamers, they have to tone down the difficulty otherwise it wont sell. Look at Call of Duty they programmed in aiming assistance to their game to make people feel like they are good at shooters…. Cover shooters, you get hit, just sit in cover for a few seconds, voila good as new.

        How about games that save your progress just before you are about to get to a difficult spot, so soon as you die, you restart just before that point again so you can try it over and over and over again until you get it right. Assassins Creed is super guilty of this.

  3. Yes lets hope this game attracts the smart gamer. I’m tire of retards specially on Xbox and PS.

    1. I hate xbox and ps gamers as well. I find it funny how ps gamers always mocked xbox players of paying for online but now that ps does it they are just silent and fine with it. They mocked xbox with those drm thing but forget that ps was going to do the same thing but quickly after seeing all the negativity they turned around and got good press in media by not doing one lol. Nintendo just did their own thing and didnt care, which is the reason why N is the best and dont do like the rest.

      1. It’s because PS gamers use PlayStation Plus as a subscription service. PlayStation Plus is absolutely amazing in every single way. Xbox Live Gold is a rip off in my opinion. Why would you pay to access Netflix, only to pay again to have a Netflix membership?

        1. Are you kidding?? PS + is nothing compared to XBL. Now sticking to topic. .W101 is amazing, and a must buy.

          1. Xbox Live Gold gives you access to things that should have been there in the first place, like Netflix. PS+ gives you free games, free themes, free avatars, timed trials, and more.

  4. I am bad at video games, that is why I love demos. I have bought games that I never thought I would like because I could play the demo. And I’ve skipped quite a few I thought that I would like. Downloading my demo now. This game sounded good, now I will know if I should drop $60 for it.

  5. the wii u is a fail…… dont even say its good. last gen systems are kicking its dusty ass. what was nintendo thinking!!!!!! who were they trying to target!!!!! if 2014 doesnt pick up even after all their games come out….. then they really fucked up. if it does pick up when is the next drought, never before have i hated a brand new console!!!!!

      1. you know what, you need to look at reality bitch. the wii u is one of the biggest fails ever, its going to saturn status. look at all the games out. look at last gen, probably 50 games, and decent to really good games not on them but not wii u. the gamepad, wtf was that expensive useless turd for, ive seen dog shit more pretty than that. a touch screen controller, “lets scrape in the casuals again” well they’re already on phones!!!!! they dont even know the wii u exists!!!!! the wii u is shit.

        1. Have you never seen a console launch or just not remember? Because this happens to every console xbox360 ps4 wii ds every thing dude and i promiseyou it will happen again with ps4 and xboone

          1. Don’t worry. You will see me less frequently in the future. Will you not seeing me make you happy (:? Bye take care :)

            1. Yes, Anubis, specially cos yo’re a two-sided turd. And also yo’re giving a bad name to Megaman

      1. I have a feeling that Wii U is going to become 2nd or a healthy 3rd because Nintendo systems ALWAYS make a great secondary console. Sure you may play Xbox or Playstation more but it’s always great to have that Wii on standby because you don’t ever want to miss the great Nintendo games. So whether it may not sell as much as Playstation and Xbox, I think it will still well and will be profitable for Nintendo.

      2. that gamepad is the problem, they need to compete with the others. that gamepad isnt going to do shit and its killing them. reality check nintendo the casuals are gone, on their phones, never coming back.

        no instead we get a weak console with a huge turd for a controller that costs just as much as the console.

        the wii u is so bad i dont even want to turn it on. the same with the wii but atleast that horrible no game mess had some cool games in its first year.

        1. “no instead we get a weak console with a huge turd for a controller that costs just as much as the console.”
          If anything’s a turd,it’s you.

        2. I have noticed your once semi-constructive comments have turned very sour. Your feelings about the Wii U and how fail it is seem to have no real basis. The gamepad is large and very different from controllers we are used to. But it is not too large to be useful and/or fun. My 2.5 year old plays Mario with the gamepad all the time and just completed his first level this past week. The second screen capability is awesome, especially when you want to play or have your children play and the TV is being used for it’s most typical purpose. The fact that the Wii U had almost all of its best launch titles delayed and delayed for an excusably long time is a huge black eye but no reason to declare this console a failure. All the games I have played on the system except a couple have been very entertaining. It’s just the fact that the ones I have wanted the most are still off in the future that’s got me irked at all about the system.

          1. oh hahah yeah now i see. to bad the xbox one will still sell, even the kinect isnt mandatory for the console anymore but they still make you buy it……

  6. Hope so too. Remember back in the day when i saw this thing called project- p 100 i said to myself “and let the sholveware crap begin” … I was so wrong, this is the game i been waiting to play and its almost here.
    And i dont know if its just me but i was so hyped for rayman and i dont know what happend but i almost forgot that the game still existed. I dont really care anymore. I probably would get it when it hits the rayman origins price which is like 10 bucks. Im all about 101 now

    1. Commander… I assure you that the USS Virgin Victory have informed us that both Nintendo and PlatinumGames will receive rave reviews of The Wonderful 101 when it releases in Europe this month and Japan the day after… and then, the United States and Canada next month.

      1. Excellent…

        Anyone giving this game below 9 must be Re-Nintendofied…

        USS Virgin Victory?…

        I didn’t know our american comrades had such ship…

        1. It’s true that Commander Laurence Nelson and his “number two” Alice MacGregor have done a wonderful job of recruiting 100 of the world’s finest to give each and every Wii U owner the fun, unique and challenge this game truly deserves.

          1. Indeed…

            When the long trailer was shown at the TW101 Nintendo Direct, it got like 3 times better than I previously thought and it has 100% from me as soon as I can…

  7. I don’t see it bringing in new folks and I don’t see many fucking Nintendo fans buying it either. It’ll be true gamers like me, that appreciate all games on all platforms, that’ll buy it. And unfortunately we are few in number.

  8. Agreed Phil , Nintendo fans scream for support but they will not support this game. Then they get annoyed when games don’t come out on the system. Splinter Cell might be another example going to be a quality game but fail on Wii U. Same situation with Rayman I hope it does well, but Nintendo fans dont put there money where there mouths are.

    I can sense the sales figures being very low and Platinum saying they tried to help but if know one wants to buy back to Sony and Microsoft.

    1. This is very true. I quizzed 20 Wii U owners on Miiverse and 80% of them were only interested in first party games. The other 20% were additionally interested in various third party games, but not the same ones. Only one was interested in the W101.

      This is the blight on Nintendo consoles, the Nintendo fan. As I’ve said before, they are responsible for killing off Nintendo’s third party support.

    2. well you can’t blame them for the most part, most of the third party games keep taking away things from the wii u versions and expecting them to sell at a higher price, chances are they probbly just bought the complete versions for other consoles(why buy batman or me3 for wii u when me3 is in a trilogy for the same price on other consoles and most have already played batman).

      it’s true though we need games like bayonetta and 101 to sell. I really hope nintendo really try to advertise the two but even then I think 101 is gonna be a niche game regardless of what console it’d be released on.
      gamers in general complain about lack of innovation and somethign differnet but 99% of the time when something different comes they won’t buy it.

      1. We definitely won’t defend the lousy ports that third parties tried to fob us off with on Wii U. What we are referring to are the exclusives that have made it to Nintendo consoles. Many of these were exceptional and deserved just as much attention, from consumers, as first party games.

        And yes, I very much agree with your second paragraph.

  9. I have play it and I can say, this game is like Pikmin on steroids, Like a real hardcore RTS game.

  10. It sure isn’t targeting me. I HATE the looks of this game. And I can’t understand why so many people are going bananas over it.

  11. lol I would never put this in the RTS category as it clearly is an action game, its odd game in a lot of senses as it looks cute and easy but its actually quite challenging and people were expecting a really really short game as well due to the producers twitter comments

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