New Mario Kart 7 Facebook Application To Be Released On 13 August


If you know your way around the racetracks of the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll want to set up your karts and load up on Bananas as the MK7 Community Application hits Facebook on 13th August.

As well as battling it out to be immortalised in the Mario Kart 7 Hall of Fame, you will be able to compete in Weekly Races and Time Trial leaderboards, get special event notifications and chat on the Community Page. So whether you like to race against other players, compete for the fastest possible lap times or just meet other fans to play and chat with – the new Facebook app for Mario Kart 7 has something for you.

Hall of Fame

Race your way to the top and get immortalised in the Hall of Fame. Every month, the app will keep track of the best racers across theNintendo UK Mario Kart 7 Community and induct someone permanently into the Hall of Fame.


  • Event Races – Get bragging rights by beating your friends and other Mario Kart 7 players from across the UK in community races every week and special monthly event races. The most recent race leaderboards will also be showcased on the community page.
  • Time Trials – Think you can’t be beaten on Melody Motorway or Rainbow Road? Prove it with the Time Trial leaderboards. Each track will have its own permanent leaderboard so you can show off your skills on your favourite tracks and battle it out for the record times.


Join in the fun with other Mario Kart 7 fans online. Swap community codes, set up races with other players and participate in Mario Kart discussion on the community page.

By entering your Mii name into the MK7 Community Application, you can link to your Facebook profile and start submitting race times as well as competing in weekly and special UK events. The application will even link in with your Facebook events to notify you of upcoming races and let you see how many of your friends you’ll be competing against.

There will be more reasons than ever for Mario Kart 7 players to keep competing when the MK7 Community Application hits Facebook on13th August. To find out more, go to


    1. It’s a place where you give your information to:
      Murderers, depraved, thieves, and … THE GOVERNMENT

      And they give you a “like” in exchange.

    1. Facebook is useful for quick news and it has the best online chat that most people use.

  1. I can only hope for something like this with Mario Kart 8. This would be 10 times more exciting than achievements or trophies!

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