Sega Customer Support Thinks Bayonetta 1 And 2 Are Basically The Same Game


A NeoGAF user has asked Sega of America whether the original Bayonetta will be ported to Wii U. A customer support representative replied by saying Bayonetta and its sequel are practically the same game. According to the rep, what differentiates Bayonetta 2 from its predecessor are its two-player mode, Bayonetta’s new hairdo and costume. Read what the rep had to say below:

The second Bayonetta as you well know is being published by Nintendo exclusively for the WiiU. Both games have been developed by Platinum games. That said, the decision on which version to purchase is really up to you. The games are exactly the same except the WiiU version has a two player mode and the Bayonetta character has different hair and her costume is different.

If those additional features are not important to you, then by all means don’t hesitate to pick up the PS3 or Xbox version.

Good Luck and we hope you enjoy whatever version you decide on.


    1. They’re a bunch of shitty mother fuckers.

      Dude these are two totally different fucking games dont give me that bullshit,

      1. Must be fun for Platinum games to have SEGA openly announcing this after all the hard work they are putting in Bayo 2. “It’s the same game. All the time they spend in it? Worthless, it’s just a copy. They just doing the same thing but now trying to run it on the Wii U. Waste of time if you ask me. Just buy nr.1 if you want the same full experience and don’t have a Wii U” is what they practically say.

    2. You’d have to be pretty dumb to think this is true. It’s as simple as Sega makes money off of one of the games and not the other.

      1. This. Sega is greedy as hell first they dont publish bayo2 then Nintendo does it and they shit their pants and try to get more money from their published one. I used to respect Sega but they are really out of the touch after they becamed 3rd party.

    3. It’s just some idiot at Sega customer support who is A) Lazy or B) Butthurt that it’s a Wii U exclusive.

    1. It’s not, we’ve already seen new stuff. This might be just Sega trying to get more of the first game to sell.

    2. No this guy is pulling some bullshit to draw attention away from the game since he works at Sega (Who was the previous the Publisher of Bayonette) Now Nintendo is publishing the sequel he wants it to seem like there not getting anything new even the its completely new game with completly new content

  1. How horribly humorous would it be if one of Nintendo’s few hardcore games was just a flop. That’d be awful for them.

  2. Really alba? U delete my comment that actually has something to do with the article but u don’t delete the fake Why u mad?’s first comment?

  3. Maybe the gameplay is similar but they’re two totally different games.

    By this standard, you could substitute any CoD or Mario game for any other.

    1. well actually COD is the same game over and over. I mean each new cod is just a glorified map pack.

        1. No It can’t. Mario has been in a greater variety of genres than any other IP in existence. 2D-Platformers, 3D-Platformers, RPGs, racing/kart, art/music, fighting, sports, and party games. All the games of those different genres can’t be “glorified map pack changes”. Mario has some “rehashes”, but it’s far from a rehash machine like Call of Duty.

  4. He is lying. Nintendo should answer this customer service liar. If Platinum games put a “2” on it, it is a legit sequel.

  5. Is Sega trying to Kill this game so bad? Or is it just a Butthurt fan that is mad because it’s not on other consoles?

    *Le Gasp*
    Sega is trying to kill Nintendo from the Inside o.o

  6. is this actually true?? is it………. negaf nerd supposively asked sega of america about bayonetta and is just being a bitch about it being on wii u.

  7. So because Bayonetta 2 is a Wii u excluidive it gets criticized for being the same game and because Halo, God of War, GTA are on Sony and Microsoft that makes it OK.

  8. Even though this is a bit stupid and may be Sega trying to make money on the version they owned.
    We should know that this will be even more fuel for hate and trolling on Nintendo.
    Even though its not too much… Trolls and haters will find a way

      1. No no no…

        Slowly and painfully…

        Making him play the Xbox Done as punishment using Kinect Voice only…

  9. As funny as it is, i hope this article was not published in this site as it will only discourage people from buying the game UNLESS its really true. =(

  10. Since B2 isn’t their game why wouldn’t they say shit like that. Sega only makes money off B1. |That customer service rep should be FIRED

  11. lol, wasnt sega the publisher of the first game? of course they say that….thats ultra lame sega and thats why u can keeep your shitty sonic…its the samde game, you know

    1. People here is realy stupid to belive that Sega will bash a game that they will receive money from. Sega will earn money from B2 just from watching.

  12. it cant be, by the look of the E3 trailer it has a completely different story(even if the first story was confusing)

  13. Ooo! A customer support agent said something? Well it must be true.
    He’s probably butthurt cause it’s not gonna be on PS3/Xbox. Jesus I hope he gets AIDS.

  14. That’s good to hear. I love the first game so I’m glad there will be similarities. For those of you that haven’t played the first game, I would recommend you go and buy it.

    However, if you don’t have either a PS3 or 360 in order to play it… you fucked up; and missed out on some of the finest games from the last few years.

  15. I have a very hard time believing that neogaf user is telling the truth. When he asked Nintendo if Bayo1 was coming to Wii U they apparently said to “”Ask Sega, since Sega published it”, rather than their usual line of “We do not comment on rumors or speculation.” Secondly, unless that Sega representative was just extremely misinformed (or just didn’t exist) any idiot can tell Bayo2 is a proper sequel to the original.

    1. “I have a hard time believing that neogaf user is telling the truth”

      This was my original response from Nintendo

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I apologize for the delayed response. I can see why you want to see Bayonetta appear on one of our systems, and want to assure you that your comments have been documented and made available for other departments here to use as they see fit.

      However, since that game is published by Sega of America (an independent company which makes games not only for our systems but for our competitors, too) they make the decision whether to release it for any of our systems. To get their contact information, please visit the following link on our website:

      Thank you again for writing.


      Nintendo of America, Inc.”

      Basically, ask saga not us.

  16. Neogaf is such a cancerous place, why do they even take comments on there seriously when nothing but shit comes out of them?

  17. Now. now, the customer support did not say that they were both bad. Perhaps what he or she meant was that the core game play might be the same and that both games are great. Bayonetta was pretty awesome, at least to me, so, personally I’m not too worried if the second one will be the same… But Bayonetta 2 could have been promoted a bit more.

  18. 1) Sega is NOT trying to milk Bayonetta 1. That game is ancient and they wont’ benefit from any additional sales.
    2) Sega likes Nintendo. They kinda LOVE Nintendo! (remember Sonic: Lost World, Yakuza 1+2 HD)

  19. Maybe what they meant was that they don’t be put in the same packaging Bayonetta 1 and 2 are being packaged together for us

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