Newegg Offers The Wonderful 101 At 10% Off Today Only

Right on the heels of Amazon’s Batman: Arkham Origins deal, Newegg is offering a limited time offer for 10% off of The Wonderful 101. Simply type in the promo code GAMEBTS04 at checkout. The game also comes with free shipping and will be released September 15th. This promo is the only known sale offer on The Wonderful 101, and word is that it ends tonight!


      1. Nintendo Commander I am here to report that Newegg is a race that manufactures and sells illegal parts across the galaxy.

        1. I see…

          They must be a part of the “Outlaws” that loves to have slaves as their personal property…

      2. Are you angry or happy that the xbone is not being released in Swiss (chocolate country I don’t know if it is spelled like that.)

        1. Anything/Anyone that rejects the Xbox Done or Xbots deserves my gratitude and I obviously get much happier…

          Their chocolate got even tastier now…

          1. Lol Xbox One will actually provide competition for the PS4. The Wii disaster U will be a push over!

        2. Also no Japan either, and before someone jumps into defend, they don’t sell much in Japan, think about the develpers.

          Also the same goes for most of Asia.

        3. I think it’s spelled Switzerland.
          Also it’s not being released in North Europe until next year either (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland). Not that it bothers me, more people will probably just get the PS4 instead.

    1. This game is amazing. Watch the trailer, go and play viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 then Vanquish: then and only then we shall talk lol.

      1. Too bad GTA V comes out two days later! Can you hear that? It’s the hype train coming to run you and your kiddy game over.

        1. GTAV shall sell and peak, cause it too has a lot of work that was put into it. Difference is nintendo games continue to sell well after release date. Please do not be hurt even Bioshock infinite came, sold and is now forgotten. GTA a grownup game lol, maiming police officers and civilians is mature I see LOL.

          1. Bioshock hasn’t been forgotten and is still getting DLC (Some just released) and people don’t shut up about it. GTA V will sell and continue to sell, and with the PC port growing ever more likely, it will sell massively well.

                1. It’s a Nintendo dedicated site, expect 100% Damage Control from us all real Nintendo fans…

    1. Cannot wait for you to realize nintendo is dominating all regions as always :). 3DS baby! then came Pikmin 3. The WiiU is now sitting on a constant good in Nippon.

    2. Neutron haters like you still exist? I am so happy you showed up today. 3DS has 7 games in the top ten, 4 all in the top 4. WiiU’s Pikmin is at number 10. Wonder eyes Domination :).

  1. Black wii u owners already get $5 back and if u put alaska as yur zip code thats Another $5 off so download only for me

  2. Only known sale? What about the $30 off i get by buying it off the eshop? Gotta love the Pikmin deal!!!

      1. Where’s the information on how Pikmin 3 sold in the US and how many more Wii U’s sold? Obviously it must have sold good since you can’t find that info. If it didn’t sell well it would have been on here and 15 rehashed articles about Pikmin 3 selling bad in the US as well.All you get is Pikmin 3 is no longer top ten in UK. Yet if you Google “PS4”. You have to dig deep to find anything negative on that.

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